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Sep 06, 2005
Solar Power, Internal or External?

Electric Universe proponents claim that solar radiation energy production is external not internal.  This is one way of clarifying the difference in approach and merit, between the prevailing gravity-only cosmology versus plasma cosmology. 

What's inside the sun? Scientists do not know and can only theorize, but we have significant clues that prevailing theories are misguided.

Major phenomena such as pulsation and periodicity, sunspots and sunspot cycles, variable solar wind, scant neutrino emission, polarity reversal, temperature increase with altitude, slower velocity of an internal shell, increasing rotation rate from poles to equatorial region, non-convective surface features, the toroid hovering over the equator, and the plasma plume being ejected from the poles are just not expected from the internal nuclear furnace model.

Some further examples of features that cause headaches for standard theories are excerpted from Aeon Journal, Vol IV No. 5, p.17:

"Our present Pole Star, so long the epitome of stability, has been found to have brightened by 250 per cent over the past two millennia. And astronomers cannot explain why the anomalously rapid rate of increase. As Edward Guinan, an astronomer at Villanova University in Pennsylvania announced, 'It should not be getting that bright that fast. It's not behaving as expected.  It's kind of scary.'"


"Like our Pole Star, Neptune is not only getting brighter, it is also changing its color.  Like Saturn and Jupiter, it radiates more heat than it receives and, at present, is actually warmer than Uranus which is closer to the Sun."

The above is just a small sampling of the enigmatic phenomena of the sun. Explaining such phenomena is quite a challenge for the currently popular theories in astrophysics: They must generally look for a mysterious internal cause powered ultimately by the weak force of gravity.

The features listed above have rather simple explanations when the energy source is posited to be an external virtual cathode operating on a positively charged body. In the Electric Universe scheme of things, stars (including brown dwarfs and gas-giant planets) are formed and powered by external agencies: electric fields and plasma currents. The sphericity of our sun is also explained by internal electric forces that simply overwhelm gravitational and centrifugal forces that otherwise should make the sun oblate..

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Contributed by Michael Armstrong


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