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LIGO Successfully Finds Nothing!


For how long is Joe Average going to allow the squandering of millions, even billions of his hard-earned tax dollars, on things which simply - well - don't work, or are not real. And why is it that the modern space age gurus can laud success, out of pure failure! Let's have a look at the latest release from Space Daily Express about the LIGO facility, jokingly (well, they surely aren't serious...) titled "LIGO Sheds Light On Cosmic Event"...

"LIGO's contribution to the study of GRB070201 marks a milestone for the project, says Caltech's Jay Marx, LIGO's executive director: "Having achieved its design goals two years ago, LIGO is now producing significant scientific results. The nondetection of a signal from GRB070201 is an important step toward a very productive synergy between gravitational-wave and other astronomical communities that will contribute to our understanding of the most energetic events in the cosmos.""

Does anyone notice something peculiar about the above quote from Jay Marx? "... LIGO is now producing scientific results. The nondetection of a signal from GRB070201 ... " now, call me cynical if you must, but I can't see how a 'nondetection of a signal' is a scientific result! Woo-hoo! Look! We've found nothing...

Seriously, that's exactly what they've found. Zero, zilch, zip, nada, nought, nil, 0, nothing at all. But I don't only mean from GRB070201, I mean in seven years of looking for gravity waves. That can't be right, they can't have had this thing going for seven years and found absolutely nothing ... Oh yes they can, and they have, you see, the article above 'inspired' me to find out more. So I ripped over to LIGO's website, just to see what they HAVE found. Surely if they've spent quazillions building these huge detectors, they must have detected something... WRONG!

To be fair, the first five years involved commissioning, calibration and testing, you know, all that stuff to make sure it works properly. But even in the last two years, they still have not detected even a ripple of gravity, let alone a whole wave of it. And don't think they haven't tried, the sensitivity of these machines is - well, sensitive. From the LIGO facts page:

"Gravitational waves are ripples in the fabric of space-time. When they pass through LIGO's L-shaped detector they will decrease the distance between the test masses in one arm of the L, while increasing it in the other. These changes are minute: just 10-16 centimeters, or one-hundred-millionth the diameter of a hydrogen atom over the 4 kilometer length of the arm. ... "
[bold emphasis mine DS]

Ok, take the diameter of one hydrogen atom, (already a really really small thing) divide it into one hundred million really really little bits, and one of these bits is the change in length over a 4000m distance that a gravity wave will cause... I bet onions are off the menu in that lab canteen... I can just picture the guys setting it up: " 'chk' just a little to the left 'chk' - 'chk' not that much, a smidgeon to the right now 'chk' - 'chk' I said a smidgeon not a phoofteenth! Back to the left just a 100,000,000th of a hydrogen atom's diameter 'chk' - 'chk' yep, that's perfect, now don't breathe until you're out of there 'chk'."

But even with such - unbelievable accuracy, they still have not detected one gravity wave.

"Gravitational waves are ripples in the fabric of space and time produced by violent events in the distant universe, such as the collision of two black holes or shockwaves from the cores of supernova explosions. Gravitational waves are emitted by accelerating masses much as electromagnetic waves are produced by accelerating charges. These ripples in the space-time fabric travel toward Earth, bringing with them information about their cataclysmic origins, as well as invaluable clues as to the nature of gravity.

Albert Einstein predicted the existence of these gravitational waves in his 1916 general theory of relativity, but only now in the 21st Century has technology advanced to enable their detection and study by science. Although not yet detected directly, the influence of gravitational waves on a binary pulsar (two neutron stars orbiting each other) has been measured accurately, and was found to be in good agreement with original predictions. Scientists therefore have great confidence that gravitational waves do exist. Joseph Taylor and Russel Hulse were awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physics for their studies in this field."
[bold emphasis mine DS]

Seems Nobels are handed out like jelly-beans at the dentist nowdays. So although they have not been detected, their influence has been measured. I believe something was measured, but I'm as sure as apples aren't oranges it wasn't a gravity wave, if they were as abundant throughout the universe as their proponents say, they should be everywhere, and we would have detected at least one with such a fine instrument by now. The whole idea is based on faulty theory built upon faulty theory, yet we spend obscene amounts of money chasing these things around.

It's high time we stopped spending money on projects with established failures to show what they intended to show, and directed the money towards alternate programs with verifiable connections to observed reality, like Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology supply. I also think it's high time some of the theoretical experts got out from behind their computers and went out into the real world to get back in touch with reality.


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