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International Year of Astronomy 2009 hosts UK Electric Universe Presentation
by Dave Smith

March 20, 2009
We recently received the outstanding news that Electric Universe theory is to receive some acknowledgement from the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009). In the UK on April 1, contemporary artist Paul Malone is to give an hour-long powerpoint presentation titled "The Role of Electricity in the Morphology of the Universe".
Paul Malone presentation
Paul explains the plasma morphologies generated by the Terrella
experiments of Kristian Birkeland from the early 1900's.
[Click to enlarge]
Billed by IYA2009 as "Electric Morphologies" their events calendar (navigate to April 1 and then "+10 more") has this introduction:
This talk at the Better Bankside Centre follows contemporary speculations into the role that electro-dynamics play in forming the objects that we see in modern astronomy. Otherwise known as 'Electric Universe' theory or 'Plasma Cosmology' theory, the talk draws from publications by members of the IEEE and others and traces the history of the study of electricity in Space from Birkeland through Langmuir and Jeugens to today's advocates.
Topics covered in the talk will include:
  • The basic elements of electricity - the filamentary state - Birkeland currents
  • Birkeland's Terrella in action
  • Langmuir sheaths and electric waterfalls
  • Formation of Stars - bi-polar nebulae - Herbig-Haro objects
  • Stars as anodes in a galactic circuit (with reference to an amended HR diagram)
  • The Sun's photosphere as the bottom of an electric phenomenon
  • Planets as recipients of electric currents (atmospheres, surface features, etc.)
  • Comets as extreme examples of electric discharge
  • Galactic morphologies as simple Faraday motors
  • Collimated jets and plasmoids
  • Large Scale structure of the Universe
Paul has had a longstanding interest in "unfashionable" scientific theories, his latest interest in this field being Plasma Cosmology and the inspiration the theory lends to his artwork.

You can read more about the presentation here or go to Paul's website and take a browse over his artwork where you will notice many references to electricity in space.

The Thunderbolts Project would like to thank Paul for his initiative in producing such a comprehensive coverage of electric universe theory and we congratulate him for his presentation being accepted by IYA2009.

Dave Smith.
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Dave Smith (davesmith_au) is an independent researcher and Managing Editor of the Thunderblog.

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