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Letter to the Editor - from William


Below is a letter I received from a reader soon after the Thunderblog was launched in which he asks a couple of questions I thought lots of people may in fact ask themselves so I thought it a good idea to share my answers with readers. Reproduced with the author's kind permission.

Congratulations. It's nice that you would like to reach those of us who are still pondering all of this. I watched the entire video, and found the logic almost overwhelmingly convincing. I am curious about of couple of things though...

How and when will we see hardware/inventions/gadgets based on plasma physics.?

I just watched some videos on "free energy" and it appears it's already proven, but been suppressed by those that would. How will your team assist these inventors?

Look forward to keeping up, and thanks for starting "THUNDERBLOG"


My layman's musings on the questions follow, with the disclaimer that I'm still on a steep learning curve myself!

"How and when will we see hardware/inventions/gadgets based on plasma physics.?"

We already do, and quite a few without even thinking about it. Ever thought of buying one of those nice, big, expen$ive plasma televisions? Whilst we're talking small fry here compared to the cosmos, a plasma screen works on the very principles of plasma physics, utilizing ionized gases to treat us to such nice pictures... I kid you not. We simply don't think of the connection, but without plasma physics such devices would not now be available to anyone with the bucks to afford it.

There are also everyday items and phenomena we never think about in terms of plasma physics, but which also employ the principles therein. These include neon signs, plasma balls, arc welders, lightning and the auroras, to name but a few.

I'd also draw your attention to the many industrial processes, developed since the 1960s, which also employ plasma physics as the very foundation upon which they have been built and continue to develop to ever more accurate and more powerful devices. These range from the nano-scale electrical discharge machining (EDM) of some of the smallest electrical and mechanical components yet to be devised by us, to the larger scale EDM and plasma-cutting used in big industries such as mechanical engineering, steelworks and shipbuilding.

I recently was employed in the steel industry and marveled somewhat at the accuracy and cleanliness of the plasma-cutting machines which made short work of items of steel up to several inches thick.

"I just watched some videos on "free energy" and it appears it's already proven, but been suppressed by those that would. How will your team assist these inventors?"

This is a much harder question for me to simply whack out an answer to, so for any depth I would have to defer to those more familiar with the territory.

However my personal observation from the little information I have been exposed to so far on the topic is that the concept of "free energy", like many others, holds much merit for further investigation. I don't know if Plasma Cosmologists or Electric Universe proponents can assist directly, however their insistence on putting science before conjecture would be helpful across a wide ranging group of disciplines. I find the concept of observation, experimentation and interdisciplinary communication followed by theory development far more palatable than the current emphasis in several disciplines of science on trying to hammer square observational pegs into round theoretical (often black...) holes.

Sooner or later, it is hoped that those who control the funds for some of the many ventures based on the latter regime will realize they're throwing good money after bad. In most cases this involves the disbursement of taxpayer funds, so I hold some hope that Joe and Josephine Average will begin to make noise about the ludicrous waste of their money. But this involves said taxpayers becoming wise to what's currently going on, and actually caring enough to do something about it.

And I'd think they will begin to care about it when they realize that such misappropriation of funds involves many billions of dollars. I think the age of the internet will help in this regard, though there's at least as much misinformation as good information so it takes a discerning mind to pluck the wheat from all the chaff. I'm hoping with the Thunderblog, and particularly the inclusion of a number of laypersons within the group of Editors chosen, to be able to assist Joe and Jo with this endeavor.

In a purely metaphorical sense the old saying "All that is required for evil to prevail is that good folk do nothing" (paraphrased) which in its original form I understand was attributed to Edmund Burke (1729-1797) seems appropriate here, without necessarily wanting to focus on the term "evil".

Thanks William for your thoughtful and provoking questions.


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