Shock Diamonds In Space

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Shock Diamonds In Space

Unread post by BeAChooser » Fri Aug 19, 2022 1:58 am ... sky-188357
Astronomers at Western Sydney University have discovered one of the biggest black hole jets in the sky.

Spanning more than a million light years from end to end, the jet shoots away from a black hole with enormous energy, and at almost the speed of light.

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The radio waves reveal a jet of matter, shot out of the galaxy by a central black hole.

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So, what did we see, when the precision and power of ASKAP (BAC - a radio telescope) got a “close-up” (astronomically speaking!) view of an extragalactic jet?

This research is led by doctoral student Velibor Velović of Western Sydney University, and has been accepted for publication in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (preprint available here: Our Evolutionary Map of the Universe (EMU) survey sees evidence of the matter between galaxies pushing back on the sides of the jet.

This process is analogous to an effect seen in jet engines. As the exhaust plume blasts through the atmosphere, it is pushed from the sides by the ambient pressure. This causes the jet to expand and contract, pulsing as it travels.

As the image below shows, we see regular bright spots in the jet, known as “shock diamonds” because of their shape. As the flow compresses, it glows more brightly.

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This tells us there is enough matter in the intergalactic space around NGC2663 to push against the sides of the jet. In turn, the jet heats and pressurises the matter.

This is a feedback loop: intergalactic matter feeds into a galaxy, galaxy makes black hole, black hole launches jet, jet slows supply of intergalactic matter into galaxies.

These jets affect how gas forms into galaxies as the universe evolves. It’s exciting to see such a direct illustration of this interaction.
First of all, that's not feedback loop since if the jet slows the supply of intergalactic matter falling into the galaxy that should eventually cut off the jet, not keep it going or increasing. Second, I think the notion that matter in the vacuum of deep space (a tiny fraction of the density of the matter in the jets) is causing this phenomena is complete garbage and incredibly stupid.

These so-called *scientists* are completely ignoring the fact that electromagnetically produced plasma jets created in the lab have these diamond shaped collections of glowing matter. They’re called plasmoids. But astrophysicists today just can’t imagine there might be a connection because they don't believe that electromagnetism has any role in galaxy formation.

Not even the fact these jets emit radio waves and x-rays gives them a clue. Or the fact that plasmoids are observed in jets on the sun. Or that Eric Lerners LPPFusion produces jets and plasmoids. Or that NASA is trying to create a plasmoid thruster for space propulsion.

No, they’re stuck thinking space is filled with ordinary gas so instead they imagine the “matter” outside the jet must be pushing against the jet, just like the atmosphere pushes against a jet exhaust.

Anyone else want to comment on the idiotic physics I think are being suggested here?

Or maybe I’m wrong?