We are headed for a dark age in science

Has science taken a wrong turn? If so, what corrections are needed? Chronicles of scientific misbehavior. The role of heretic-pioneers and forbidden questions in the sciences. Is peer review working? The perverse "consensus of leading scientists." Good public relations versus good science.
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We are headed for a dark age in science

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We are headed for a dark age in science

By Robert Arvay

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Some years ago, an eminent physicist published a commentary lamenting the transformation of science from an evidence-based endeavor into a proposal-based activity — a guessing game.  Instead of observation, hypothesis, and experiment, physics seemed to have moved its laboratories to the blackboard.  We are all familiar with the confusing maze of cryptic, Greco-Arabic symbols that describe for us such unproved pronouncements as the existence of multiple universes, subatomic strings, and "dark" physics, for none of which there is direct physical evidence.  Yet these educated guesses enjoy a degree of acceptance rivaling that of confirmed experimental results, blurring the line between scientific fact and speculative conjecture.

The resulting destruction of society from corrupt scientists is appalling.  Billions of people are to be impoverished by futile attempts to adjust the climate to some unspecified parameters.  Untold numbers of children are being castrated and otherwise mutilated to serve the transgender gods.  Inadequately tested drugs are being sold, even mandated, to prevent self-limiting diseases, while effective therapies are being suppressed.  In the meantime, actual scientists who dare to report facts are being demonized and deprived of their livelihoods.  Yale medical students recently shouted down a speaker rather than question his data and conclusions.  Medical students!  As Elon Musk might say, let that sink in.  In the near future, how will we trust the medical advice of ideological M.D.s?

Matters have only gotten worse since 1945, a worsening compounded by ineptitude, fraud, and political/ideological partisan bias, not to mention money.
Clearly, as demonstrated at Yale's medical school, the primary-school education of American and Western students has resulted in a young population entering college that is not only uninformed regarding the scientific method, but misinformed.  That misinformation is the result of replacing education with indoctrination and replacing the free market of ideas with the slave market of ideology.
Yep! That being the case, isn't it about time to cut off the funding until scientists themselves clean up their act?
Given the recent trends, it is becoming more and more likely that we will soon be entering a dark age of science.
Oh, I think we're already in the dark age of science, truth be told.