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JP Michael
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Re: Shine On

Unread post by JP Michael » Tue Aug 11, 2020 10:05 pm

Solar wrote:
Tue Aug 11, 2020 6:58 pm
So instead of exclusively viewing “double layers” as some type of solid wall, a “force field”, or sheath - despite the fact that they ALSO perform those functions - the Voyager probes suggest that they are actually a type of “membrane” possessing the qualities of being “porous”, and/or “permeable”. It has already been established that material from the ISM and IGM can be found inside the heliosphere and that material from inside the heliosphere can be found just outside of same (Voyager data). In order for that to be the case those species need to bidirectionally travel across said "permeable membrane".
And for those with attentive ears, this kind of language is sounding a lot more like cellular biology! I believe this has been pointed out by other EU pundits, and offers an interesting link between macro and micro structures in the universe.

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Re: Shine On

Unread post by jacmac » Wed Aug 12, 2020 3:39 pm

J P Michael:
And for those with attentive ears, this kind of language is sounding a lot more like cellular biology!
Irving Langmuir started using the term PLASMA because it's "life like" properties reminded him of blood plasma.
Our natural environment, the UNIVERSE, seems to be made up of mostly plasma.

Our living selves and all the biology around us has somehow grown out of this environment.
The cellular biology like structure of our solar system was here first, exists on a more massive scale, and is self organized.
Therefore, I suggest we say that LIFE IS PLASMA LIKE.

Focusing more attention on the cell like structure of the solar system and the double layer abilities of plasma is a natural compliment to our discussion of the electric currents and discharges involved in solar physics.


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