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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Feb 04, 2023 4:02 pm



Largest Ringed Planet Ever Found - J1407b (Mamajek's Object)

spectacular blue star cluster NGC 2031 ... -new-photo

something may be missing in our best model of the cosmos [Yeah, redshift due to Compton effect ionization, not Doppler effect expansion] ... the-cosmos

origin of Type Ia supernovae
This is way better

Molecular clouds [maybe] extend their lives by constantly reassembling ... omers.html

cores of stars spin more slowly than expected

gamma-ray emission from HESS J1809−193 ... 09193.html

a knot of galaxy clusters ... sters.html

Scorpius X-1 ... ional.html

spiral galaxy LEDA 2046648 ... -leda.html

12 years of exoplanets orbiting their star ... iting.html

Rare binary star features weirdly round orbit ... -star.html

new warm brown dwarf

second planet orbiting two stars ... stars.html

20 ultraviolet-emitting [supposed] supernova remnants in the Andromeda Galaxy ... omeda.html

light bending around an isolated white dwarf ... dwarf.html

Outflows from baby star affect nearby star formation ... earby.html

More black hole mythology ... moths.html


Gigantic 'alien' comet spotted heading straight for the sun ... or-the-sun

a dozen more new moons around Jupiter ... nd-Jupiter
A search for objects with sizes down to about 3 kilometers across that are moving along with the gas giants found three times more near Saturn than near Jupiter. The more numerous Saturnian objects might have come from a collision that disrupted a larger moon

moon's hidden tidal force pulls on Earth's magnetosphere ... dy-reveals

three dust specks reveal an asteroid's history ... crets.html

dust devils on Mars ... evils.html

geological processes of Monad Regio on Neptune's largest moon, Triton ... ptune.html

Deep fractures and water-carved valleys on Mars ... -mars.html

Martian helicopter dust dynamics ... amics.html

closer to understanding how Mercury formed ... rcury.html

sympathetic filament eruptions ... -role.html

Comet ZTF update ... tf-update/

PHYSICS & TECH NEWS ... icles#7126


deep-tissue microscopy using three-photon (3P) excitation ... cells.html

Huntington's disease finding ... ngton.html

scent of cancer in urine ... r-in-urine

plan to 'de-extinct' dodo bird ... -dodo-bird

Indiana's Mysterious Mounds: Legends of Advanced Civilizations and Giants

Scanning a Predynastic Granite Vase re Ancient Precision

52-foot-long Book of the Dead papyrus from ancient Egypt discovered at Saqqara ... at-Saqqara

possibly 'oldest' mummy yet found in Egypt ... d-in-Egypt

Cryptic lost Canaanite language decoded on 'Rosetta Stone'-like tablets ... ke-tablets

5,000-year-old tavern still stocked with food discovered in Iraq ... ed-in-Iraq

Earliest evidence of humans hunting elephants ... -elephants

oldest bone spear point in the Americas ... e-Americas

Karahan Tepe

earliest fossilized brain of a vertebrate [fish] ... ate-animal

Microraptor Ate Mammals But Was Not a Dinosaur

Large number of animal skulls found in Neanderthal cave ... -cave.html

ancient ‘marine crocodile’ on UK’s Jurassic Coast ... assic.html

*Missoula floods were caused by volcanism

A Complete Guide To Exploring Ancient Megalithic Egypt

Proof of Ancient High-Technology Throughout Antiquity

Unbreakable Alien Ring Found Inside Geode

(Full Links) ... 06/#msg506

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Fri Feb 10, 2023 7:44 pm



Outflows from baby star affect nearby star formation ... earby.html

5,000 star-eating behemoths [supposedly black holes] ... moths.html

8 strange new SETI signals ... -weve.html

new view of the Tarantula Nebula ... ebula.html

properties of double white dwarfs ... ility.html

galaxy mirrors the early Milky Way ... milky.html

'Engine' of luminous merging galaxies ... axies.html

radio pulsar PSR J1420-6048 and its nebula ... 1420-.html

complex chemistry inside 'stellar nurseries' ... istry.html

first phase of star formation in distant galaxies ... tures.html

Footprints of 'galactic immigration' in Andromeda galaxy ... omeda.html

nearby pulsar wind nebula

galaxy gold mine in first large survey ... -gold.html

Light pollution reduction ... rsbut.html


rare Earth-mass rocky planet found ... ns-of-life

material broke off of the sun's surface ... ry-curious

Sun's sympathetic filament eruptions ... -role.html

Jupiter's moon count jumps to 92

surprise clues to Mars's watery past ... -mars.html

A new ring system in our solar system

hidden light shows on the sun ... idden.html

new spoke season on Saturn ... aturn.html

PHYSICS & TECH NEWS (10 articles) ... icles#7133


No one can stay in the 'quietest room in the world' for more than an hour ... an-an-hour

octopus's unique genes ... of-nowhere

higher carbon dioxide levels are COOLING many parts of the planet by increasing vegetation growth ... ion-growth

if we ditch Fossil Fuels ... ssil-Fuels

The Eye of the Sahara ... the-Sahara

Remapping superhighways travelled by first Australians ... ustralians

Sumeria's marshy city of Lagash was built on mounds and interlaced with waterways ... -waterways

New AI tool 'fragmentarium' brings ancient Babylonian texts together ... s-together

Very ancient tool workshop in Ethiopia made by 'clever' group of unknown human relatives ... -relatives

3 year drought may have doomed ancient Hittite empire, tree study reveals ... dy-reveals

Small new asteroid in the main belt ... expectedly

molten rock layer hidden under Earth's tectonic plates ... nic-plates

Earth's atmosphere adds a quick pinch of salt to meteorites ... rites.html

Study Claims Exploding Comet Destroyed a Native American Hopewell Culture 1700 years ago

The current state of creationist ice core research ... e-research

Mesha of Moab stele ... oab-stele/

Chicxulub Megatsunami ... ulub-wave/

Britain: Prehistoric find -- Neolithic life

Native Americans Conducted Large-Scale Copper Mining 6,000 Years Ago ... years-ago/

Neanderthals Hunted Giant Elephants Much Larger Than The Ones Today ... ones-today

Proof that Neanderthals ate crabs ... offin.html

Old Jordan MEGASTRUCTURE: WF16 & the Birth of Civilisation

Lost Mythical Mega-Metropolis in Amazon Jungles

MesoAmerican Advanced Ancient Cities in Jungle

Ancient Nuclear Armageddon

(Full Links) ... essage=507

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Feb 19, 2023 6:53 pm



faint dwarf galaxy Donatiello II ... lo-ii.html

Earth-sized exoplanet detected in the solar neighborhood ... rhood.html

black behemoths [supposedly] controlling our galaxies ... axies.html

Hundreds of new high-redshift quasars ... asars.html

NRAO 530 quasar ... mages.html

insight on planet formation ... ation.html

Four classes of planetary systems

intricate networks of gas, dust in nearby galaxies ... icate.html

rogue supermassive black hole [the image looks like a quasar] hurtling through space leaving star formation in its wake ... -hole.html

*Black holes = Quasars [brief quote from Thornhill] ... d-quasars/

'Tadpole' molecular cloud appears to be playing around [imaginary] black hole ... black.html

clues about star formation ... axies.html

open cluster Teutsch 76 ... utsch.html

Polarized shockwaves shake the universe's cosmic web ... c-web.html

*high-speed star formation ... ation.html


New aurorae detected on Jupiter's four largest moons ... gest-moons

Jupiter's icy moons ... r-icy.html

Small asteroid ... -webb.html ... -view.html

New spacecraft can see into the permanently shadowed craters on the moon ... -moon.html

how Mars could have developed an atmosphere ... phere.html

Strong solar flare ... s-sun.html

network of robotic telescopes present across five continents is deployed ... loyed.html

impact effects on Mars rocks ... -mars.html

global impact of electricity in dust storms on Mars ... torms.html

Solar Atmosphere News ... mersaults/

PHYSICS & TECH NEWS ... icles#7153


God’s DNA-detangling motors ... oisomerase

Two top climate scientists find further evidence that global warming has been exaggerated ... xaggerated

Plans for self-spreading and self-replicating vaccines to be released ... e-released

0Scientists debunk alarmist claims that 69% of vertebrates have declined over last 50 years ... t-50-years

old artifacts suggest ancient, big-toothed hominins were making stone tools ... tone-tools

New Zealand fossil largest penguin ever weighed 340 pounds ... 340-pounds

Genetic data from the Altai 7,500 years ago indicate high mobility of hunter-gatherers ... -gatherers

Royal Sumerian palace and temple uncovered in ancient Girsu, Iraq ... Girsu-Iraq

complex ecosystems existed on Earth much earlier than previously thought ... ly-thought

Arctic Lemur-like Fossils Were Transported During Flood ... ort-flood/

Cliff Collapse Collapses ‘Deep Time’

Earth Plasmasphere Tides ... ere-tides/

SE Asia Human Migrations ... igrations/

Semi-Molten Rock Layer under Earth's Crust ... ock-layer/

Winchcombe Hill Meteorite Study ... meteorite/

Movements of Ancient Siberians

Glaciers and Carolina Bays

[Misdated] 12,000-Year-Old Ancient Seafarers of Cyprus

Rock-Cut Theater of Ancient Petra

Temple Discovered Beneath Prehistoric Lava Flow

(Full Links) ... 10/#msg510

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Feb 25, 2023 2:49 pm



merging galactic trio ... -trio.html

The [very probably not by a long shot] largest structures in the universe are still glowing ... ation.html

Dozens of variable stars in the open cluster NGC 6611 ... r-ngc.html

Quasi-periodic oscillations in a long-period eclipsing dwarf nova ... dwarf.html

cloud approaching the Milky Way's supermassive black hole [aka quasar] ... milky.html

hidden exoplanet

How the early universe developed 'lumpy clumps of matter' [don't count on it] ... lumps.html

Ultracool dwarf binary stars ... stars.html

heartbeat of spinning stars ... stars.html

Over one billion galaxies in colossal map of the sky ... ossal.html

gravitational lens of a massive galaxy cluster [don't count on it either] ... alaxy.html

very early supermassive black holes [that weren't early and aren't black holes] ... holes.html

Absence of the predicted 2022 October outburst of galaxy OJ 287 [proves mainstream wrong] ... xy-oj.html

pressure mode pulsations on a white dwarf ... tions.html


New forms of 'salty ice' could be what is covering icy moons ... -icy-moons

'Planet 9' ... satellites

class of water-rich asteroids identified (similar to the dwarf planet Ceres) ... roids.html

fertilizer for growing plants on the moon ... -moon.html

'squishy' outer shell of Venus may be resurfacing the planet ... acing.html

Why do Earth's hemispheres look equally bright when viewed from space? ... iewed.html

how Enceladus ejects particles from oceans beneath its surface [probably not] ... neath.html

Ryugu asteroid sample is organic-rich ... -rich.html

Sun releases strong solar flare ... flare.html

PHYSICS & TECH NEWS ... icles#7161


Gene variations for immune and metabolic conditions have persisted in humans for more than 700,000 years ... tions.html

6,000-year-old settlement was home to Europe's first megalithic monument makers ... ent-makers

3,500 year old brain surgery at Tel Meggido in Israel ... -in-Israel

Neanderthal hunting strategies unchanged over millennia ... ate-change

Homes of Europe's first megalithic monument makers discovered ... discovered

zero loss of Antarctica sea ice, BBC spins as 'new record low' ... record-low

Meteorite crater discovered in French winery ... nch-winery

Discovery of massive early galaxies defies prior understanding of the universe [except they're not early galaxies and not massive, because their distances are greatly miscalculated] ... e-universe

Radioactive isotopes reach Earth by surfing supernova blast waves [or Saturn nova waves] ... rnova.html
I doubt that shock waves can travel through extremely low density of interstellar space, but could in a closeby Saturn nova.

light pollution erases stars [like during the ancient Saturn configuration] ... ution.html

Horus — the deified Egyptian Founder, Ham: part 1

archery to Europe about 54,000 years ago ... neandertal

photos of stunningly preserved 52-foot-long Book of the Dead papyrus from ancient Egypt ... ient-egypt

Bronze Age grave reveals man had brain surgery 3,000 years ago ... 88059.html

The Treasury of Ancient Petra: How Was it Made?

13,000 Years Ago: How Bad Was the Younger Dryas in the Fertile Crescent?

Ancient Egyptian Vase Scan Update

Mercury Pool Found Beneath Pyramid In Mexico

100,000 Yr-Old Submerged Pyramid Found In Azores

*Ep093 Fossil-filled Blast Wind Muck Deposits in Alaska

(Full Links) ... essage=516

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From your latest list of articles …

Unread post by BeAChooser » Sun Feb 26, 2023 5:21 am ... ation.html
The largest structures in the universe are still glowing with the shock of their creation

On the largest scales, the universe is ordered into a web-like pattern: galaxies are pulled together into clusters, which are connected by filaments and separated by voids. These clusters and filaments contain dark matter,
Dark matter … a gnome. When all is said and done, that’s all they have … a gnome that they have failed to find in 50 years of searching at a cost of now tens of billions of dollars in instrumentation and labor. And they are no closer to proving it exists. Not that they’ve suffered for that failure. No, the DM business is making more money than ever for them, with no end in sight.
as well as regular matter like gas and galaxies.
Again, an article that NEVER mentions plasma. Their use of the term gas is indicative of a major lack of understanding about what’s going one out there. And it’s why they only “THINK” that the cosmic web is “permeated by magnetic fields”. The PC/EU community knows it is, don't we?

And again, demonstrating a complete lack of understanding REAL physics, they state those magnetic fields “are created by energetic particles in motion”. Why do they have such difficulty using the word plasma? Because it’s not really taught in the schools they get their *edukations* from these day?

Or is it because if they ever do start talking about how ubiquitous and important plasma is, they might have to start telling the public that plasma carries electric current and that electric current, not energetic particles, is what really produces magnetic fields, and that all sorts structures their telescopes have revealed (filaments, helically wound filaments, double layers, jets) all naturally form in plasmas, even in labs here on earth … no gravity needed.

But they dare not do that so they toss out more gnomes … like imagining that it’s gravity that “draws a filament together” and that gravity causes “shockwaves that make the magnetic field stronger”. That nonsense is how they explain “a glow that can be seen with a radio telescope.”

And despite all those tens of billions of OUR tax dollars that they’ve spent (ending up with nice house, nice cars, nice vacations, and all the other niceties), they have no choice but to admit that “there are still gaps in our knowledge of these magnetic fields, such as how strong they are, how have they evolved, and what their role is in the formation of this cosmic web.” It’s painfully obvious to anyone whose really paying attention that they are either clueless … or deliberate grifters, taking advantages of an ignorant public. I think the latter because what they are really saying with that display of ignorance is give us more money (LOTS MORE MONEY) to close those gaps in our knowledge. Because it's soooooo important.

The article continues with more gnomes. Next they say that “Normally the magnetic fields in clusters are jumbled up due to turbulence. However, these shock waves force the magnetic fields into order, which means the radio glow they emit is highly polarized.” Sorry, but Plasma Cosmologist explained explained the origin of polarized radio emissions 30 years ago. Either they’ve never been taught or they deliberately ignore that to feed the beast.

Frankly, I think most modern astrophysics research is complete waste of time. It isn’t really furthering our understanding of the universe, and even if it were, what real benefit is there to us when all they are going to tell us is that gravity and dark matter did it … neither of which is something technology far into the future can manipulate. Hence, the knowledge they claim to be gleaning about the universe has NO WORTH TO US NOW.

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Mar 04, 2023 12:15 pm



Supernova from the year 185 ... va-remnant

early universe [mainstream misdates stuff like that]
- ... early.html
- ... verse.html
- ... verse.html

blazar PKS 0537-286 ... r-pks.html

advances in planetary science over the past 20 years ... years.html

clue to how high-mass stars form ... stars.html

nearby blazar OJ 287 ... lazar.html

Rare quasar triplet forms one of the most massive objects in the universe ... verse.html

new insights on binary star systems ... inary.html

Resurrected supernova provides missing link between two types ... -link.html

what ionized the universe ... nized.html


Main comet of 2024 named C/2023 A3 Tsuchinshan-ATLAS ... 0s-NEOWISE

Telling time on the moon

Liquid nitrogen spray could clean up stubborn moon dust ... -moon.html

DART asteroid impact debris ... eroid.html

solar filament formation caused by oscillation [so-called] magnetic reconnection ... netic.html

metalens images lunar surface ... lunar.html

PHYSICS & TECH NEWS ... icles#7161

giant phantom jellyfish off Antarctica ... Antarctica

The marvellous molecule, DNA

New Moai statue that 'deified ancestors' found on Easter Island ... ter-Island

steel tool use during Late Bronze Age in Europe ... -in-Europe

lineage of ice age Europeans that vanished at end of last ice age ... st-ice-age

5,000-year-old restaurant or tavern in the ancient city of Lagash in southern Iraq ... enaissance

Oldest human genome from southern Spain ... hern-Spain

A 30-foot-long corridor near the main entrance of the 4,500-year-old Great Pyramid ... id-of-Giza

Minoan civilisation may have used celestial 'star path' navigation techniques ... techniques

salt deserts' unusual honeycomb patterns ... b-patterns

earth's fluid mantle ... uid-mantle

3 skyscraper-sized asteroids headed toward Earth ... l-all-miss

Devils Tower: Mysterious Columns and Engineered Lichens ... ngineered/

Megalithic buildings along the coast of west central France

mapping the human archaeological record is moving into the sky ... l-thinking

Fossils suggest early primates lived in a once-swampy Arctic ... mpy-arctic

The oldest known pollen-carrying insects ... lion-years

Ancient genomes show how humans escaped Europe’s deep freeze

The world’s first horse riders found near the Black Sea ... k-sea.html

Carolina Bays in the Piedmont

Shoe Print Found In Lump of Coal

Gigantic Pre-Flood Clock-Tower Found In Peru

(Full Links) ... essage=516

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Mar 11, 2023 11:14 am



Shockwaves rocking the 'cosmic web' ... e-1st-time

jellyfish galaxy JO201 ... jo201.html

Radio interference from satellites is threatening astronomy ... ogies.html

[Misnamed] ancient quasars ... asars.html

magnetic cataclysmic variable ... iable.html

baby planet embedded in a gap in the disk surrounding a young star ... -home.html

Stars can eat their planets, and spit them back out again [very doubtful]

Nearby active galaxy ... atory.html

Vulcan found to not be a planet ... ulcan.html

merger of massive double white dwarfs ... warfs.html

early stages of star formation ... ation.html

New quiescent galaxy ... -jwst.html

extremely eccentric planetary system HD 76920b ... ntric.html

irregular spiral galaxy NGC 5486 ... y-ngc.html

The fastest stars in the Milky Way ... milky.html


Newly discovered asteroid has a 1-in-600 chance of colliding with Earth ... -NASA-says

Astronomers detect radio recombination lines of carbon/oxygen ions ... xygen.html

answer to the mystery of cloudy filters on satellites ... lites.html

Martian sunset ... -rays.html

A rocket made almost entirely of 3D-printed parts ... debut.html

Tracing the history of water in planet formation ... edium.html

Venus could have had oceans ... earth.html

PHYSICS & TECH NEWS ... icles#7180


US Special Ops want to weaponize deep fakes ... -Intercept

perception of time may stretch or shrink with each heartbeat ... -heartbeat

Plant roots fuel tropical soil animal communities ... dy-reveals

scientists create eggs from male mouse cells ... male-cells

One-celled creature has an eye ... has-an-eye

immune system reaction to altered gravity

Ozone-measuring instrument on NOAA-21 satellite captures first image ... tures.html

Minoan civilisation may have used celestial 'star path' navigation techniques ... techniques

Runes were just as advanced as Roman alphabet writing ... researcher

Magnetic fields to explore submerged civilisations ... ilisations

2013 Chelyabinsk meteor ... eteor.html

Log mats solve many geological riddles

fossil soft tissue discoveries ... e-fossils/

Bronze Age ice skates in China ... d-in-china

Weird Lifeform From [way less than] 500 Million Years Ago ... mal-at-all

ancient temple with hieroglyphic inscriptions in Sudan ... d-in-sudan

Bronze Age craftspeople tempered steel more than 1,000 years before the Romans did ... ans-did-it

Ancient Tombs of Giants Gilgamesh & Og Exposed

Pre-Flood Mausoleum Built Using Lost Technology

(Full Links) ... essage=523

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by BeAChooser » Sun Mar 12, 2023 2:49 am

Lloyd wrote:
Sat Mar 11, 2023 11:14 am
Shockwaves rocking the 'cosmic web' ... e-1st-time
I discussed this article in an earlier separate thread: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=995 There weren’t any comments to my post, sad to say, an indication to me that the forum is essential dead for the purpose it was intended. I guess it's settled science.

But I’ll say something else about the article here. Notice how it fools the reader, unless the reader is very careful.

The title is “Shockwaves rocking the 'cosmic web' connecting galaxies seen for the 1st time”. “SEEN”. It shows a graphic titled “Composite Image of Radio, Magentic (sic) Fields and Gases.” “IMAGE”. Then down below, above a second graphic, there’s text saying “Astronomers have since mapped the cosmic web with actual observations in the process answering questions about its structure.” “ACTUAL OBSERVATIONS”. The second graphic has 4 panels identified as followed: Temperature & Gas, Radio Shockwaves, Magnetic Field Lines, Composite Image. "IMAGE". The caption reads “A composite image of 3 different observations of the cosmic web (gas, radio and magnetic) accompanied by a composite image.” Again "IMAGE" plus “3 DIFFERENT OBSERVATIONS”!

Reading only that and most of the rest of the article, you’d probably walk away thinking that the graphics show actual telescope observations ... pictures that they took and overlayed of some section of the sky. You think, *these astrophysicists really have the goods proving their contentions.* But the caption of the first image, in small print, states “A composite image of the prior 3 images data-based simulations, including radio, magnetic fields and gases.” In other words, all 4 panels are based on SIMULATIONS, not actual observations or pictures. And everyone here should know by now that simulations can be made to show anything … any sort of nonsensical physics the simulator wants to show. Just saying …

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Mar 18, 2023 2:10 pm


BeA, I guess the only possible way for a shockwave to travel through a sparse medium, like outer space, would be via ionic or plasma repulsion. Charles Chandler figured out that the spacing between the planets in the solar system is due to like charges on the planets (which repel each other) combined with the Sun's gravitational pull, which latter has less effect with increasing distance. ... 6199-15369
Maybe that's what spaces stars apart in globular clusters too. Etc.

Simulations are supposed to be based on real data, not the programmer's imagination. So real simulations should be fairly accurate, unless some important data is left out. If it's not based on real data, it's just an animation, not a simulation. At least that's my understanding.

I don't know why few forum members like to discuss issues any more. At least quite a few people still like to read some of the threads. This thread and my NIAMI thread get quite a few viewings. I don't look over other threads very often.
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Mar 18, 2023 2:12 pm



Wolf-Rayet star rare prelude to supernova ... -supernova

spiraling "gravity" waves [reminiscent of Saturn Theory]

unveiling the hidden universe: ALMA ... -alma.html

X-ray radiation from Vela X-1

Largest catalog of exploding stars now available

gamma-ray sky in new animation ... a-ray.html

SN 2017egm is a helium-rich superluminous supernova ... rnova.html

calmest red dwarfs are wilder than the sun ... r-sun.html

gamma-ray blazar PKS 0402-362 ... r-pks.html

'Terminator zones' on distant planets could harbor life ... arbor.html

chemistry around a newborn star ... -star.html


Venus is volcanically active ... lly-active

Two active volcanoes on Venus ... ecades-ago

comet that could be brighter than most stars next year ... -year.html

helicopter is going to Titan ... plane.html

ocean currents may affect rotation of Europa's icy crust ... uropa.html

Modern glacier remains found near Mars equator ... r-ice.html

Didymos is spinning so quickly that rocks are detaching at its equator and going into orbit ... orbit.html

low-cost way to reduce space junk ... essor.html

Venus needs a fleet of balloons

PHYSICS & TECH NEWS ... icles#7187


could speed up burn healing ... rn-healing

'Chernobyl dogs' survival in contaminated environment ... vironments

[Enemy] GPT-4 AI convinced a human to send the solution to a CAPTCHA code via text message
- ... -a-CAPTCHA

Bing and Yahoo join Google in Censoring

hurricane-like swirls in Earth's upper atmosphere ... earth.html

The world's oldest swords discovered in Turkey ... -in-Turkey

animal remains around upright slab of stone in Arabia interpreted as sacred roughly 7,000-year-old monuments ... us-rituals

Prehistoric ring ditch in Derbyshire, UK ... byshire-UK

UK's Winchcombe meteorite ... orite.html

Earth's water Not from melted meteorites ... tists.html

Oil and Mass Extinction [ND & Canada] ... xtinction/

Pre-Egyptian Society: the staging of religion on thousands of years old rock images ... an-society

China fossils reveal 70-tonne dinosaur had 15-metre neck ... c-sauropod

A moon-forming cataclysm could have also triggered Earth’s plate tectonics ... -tectonics

human evolution on the Tibetan Plateau ... ution.html

Younger Dryas Ground Zero

Ancient Tile Floor or Natural Rock Formation

Ep094 CarbonDioxide is Plant FOOD

Dinosaurs Did Not Go Extinct Millions of Years Ago - Fossils Are Not as Old as We Have Been Told

(Full Links) ... essage=524

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Mar 25, 2023 1:53 am



diminutive dwarf galaxy UGCA 307 ... -ugca.html

properties that allow moons to retain liquid water ... sibly.html

spectroscopic observations of dwarf nova U Geminorum ... nveil.html

new stellar stream from dwarf galaxy using Gaia DR3 ... -gaia.html

relativistic jets blowing bubbles in the central region of the Teacup galaxy ... egion.html

Galaxy changes classification as jet changes direction ... n-jet.html

indirect evidence {of mainstream nonsense} ... black.html

search for habitable planets at Alpha Centauri ... tauri.html

Searching for life with space dust

Small stars may host bigger planets ... anets.html

first stars were not alone {I doubt if they know which were first} ... stars.html

equation for 'weighing' galaxy clusters ... alaxy.html

a nearby narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy ... alaxy.html

155 new massive pulsating stars or candidates ... dates.html

white dwarf pulsar AR Scorpii ... dwarf.html

Repeating outbursts observed from young stellar object SPICY 97589 ... spicy.html

helium-burning white dwarf ... dwarf.html


Colossal solar tornado spotted swirling over Sun's surface ... ns-surface

Ingenuity helicopter sees a beautiful sunset on Mars ... unset.html

Ultra-lightweight multifunctional space skin ... treme.html

ideas for moon landing dust control ... -moon.html

aftermath of DART's asteroid impact ... rmath.html

RNA molecule uracil found in asteroid Ryugu samples ... ryugu.html

changing weather and seasons of Jupiter and Uranus ... ranus.html

First 3D-printed rocket lifts off but fails to reach orbit ... orbit.html

Large asteroid coming close ... hance.html

Asteroid 2023 DZ2 ... -nasa.html

Fly around Jezero Crater on Mars in this new video ... video.html

historic asteroid sample delivery on Sept. 24 ... ivery.html

the 'tsunami' in Venus's clouds ... louds.html

PHYSICS & TECH NEWS ... icles#7198


DNA from Beethoven's hair ... e-of-death

'Prehistoric' mummified bear ... -got-there

further ceiling paintings in the temple of Esna, Egypt ... Esna-Egypt

prehistoric engravings in southwestern Catalonia, Spain ... -Catalonia

oxygen in early Earth's atmosphere may have come from rocks ... phere.html

Horus—the deified Ham: part 2

Caves formed late in the Flood, and their limestone formations in the subsequent Ice Age

The search for Noah and the Flood in ancient Egypt—part 1

Thalattosuchians—Extinct Crocodile Relatives?

Giant Ants Buried in Receding Flood Rocks

Complete Depiction of The Zodiac Found in Ancient Egyptian Temple ... ian-temple

The ‘Stonehenge calendar’ shown to be a modern construct ... odern.html

oldest evidence of a meteor hitting Earth ... earth-ever

Suborbital Ice Boulder Space Flights

The MISSING Pyramid of Giza & The Mysterious SEALED Wooden Box

The Giza Pyramidion and ANOTHER Lost Pyramid

The Mystery of the Sphinx Temple

The Mysterious Damaged Pyramid At Abu Rawash In Egypt

Unexplainable Ancient Anomalies Found Globally

Ep094 CarbonDioxide is Plant FOOD

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Apr 01, 2023 5:00 pm



Brightest gamma-ray burst ever detected defies explanation {because they assume that redshift = distance; it doesn't} ... xplanation

look for signs of life by studying space dust ... space.html

ram pressure stripping in galaxy JW100 ... jw100.html

Webb's coronagraphs reveal exoplanets in the infrared ... rared.html

temperature of a rocky exoplanet ... rocky.html

the missing gravitational {wave} signal
No — Gravitational Waves Have Not Been Observed ... pace-news/

diffuse emission from the Cigar Galaxy ... alaxy.html

giant planet atmospheres vary widely ... giant.html

Magnetic fields in multiple star systems are more common than previously thought ... giant.html

brightest-of-all-time GRB 221009A
- ... 1009a.html
- ... ow-up.html
- ... osmic.html
- ... rglow.html

Young white dwarf orbits millisecond pulsar PSR J1835−3259B ... econd.html

fast radio burst linked with {make-believe} gravitational waves ... radio.html

one of the biggest black holes ever found ... black.html

Massive giant exoplanet ... -tess.html

AI algorithm unblurs the cosmos ... osmos.html

Fast radio bursts detect gas in Milky Way ... milky.html

X-ray binary XTE J1739−285 recent outbursts ... 39285.html

flattest explosion ever seen in space ... space.html

'Cold stream' of molecular gas outside a galaxy confirming theories of star formation {not} ... alaxy.html


The sun has developed a 'coronal hole' 20 times the size of Earth ... e-of-Earth

Bits of Saturn's rings are falling onto the planet and heating it up
- ... y-suggests
{And Saturn's tropics have more hot hydrogen than expected.}
- ... phere.html

New asteroid sample {has uracil, an important nucleic acid in RNA} ... locks.html

Large asteroid to zoom between Earth and Moon {today} ... -moon.html

5 {planets} will be lined up in night sky this week ... t-sky.html

{Oumuamua likely had a natural thruster boost} ... sitor.html

{carbonaceous chondrites, Murchison and Aguas Zarcas meteorites, have a large amount of oxygen content among the carbon compounds} ... space.html

new water reservoir on moon

map of moon's water near its south pole ... -pole.html

Redness of Neptunian asteroids sheds light on early solar system ... solar.html
{Supposedly, the redness of the asteroids implies that they contain a higher proportion of more volatile ices such as ammonia and methanol. How do they know it's not red from iron oxide, like on Mars?}

Batteries can be 3D printed on the Moon ... rs-3d.html

Strong solar flare erupts from the sun ... s-sun.html

{forecasting solar flares}

Mars atmosphere evolution ... phere.html

asteroid Didymos is flinging off rubble {or something} ... ubble.html

Sustainable space exploration will harness microbes ... robes.html

Perseverance rover collects {new} Mars sample ... ience.html

PHYSICS & TECH NEWS ... icles#7205


Limitless Fresh Water Lies Right OVER The Ocean - Without Desalination

STEVE appears over Bozeman, Montana during most intense geomagnetic storm in nearly 6 years ... ly-6-years

Magnetic storms can destroy up to a quarter of the Earth's ozone layer ... dy-reveals

stunning views of Earth's surface water ... views.html

2,000 ram heads discovered at Temple of Rameses II in Egypt ... I-in-Egypt

2,000 years of ancient graffiti in Egypt ... i-in-Egypt

Yak milk consumption among Mongol Empire elites ... ire-elites

severed hands in ancient Egypt ... ient-Egypt

Earth's anisotropic inner core structure driven by dipole geomagnetic field ... etic-field

The search for Noah and the Flood in ancient Egypt—part 1

Earth Tilt ... arth-tilt/

Stonehenge Calendar {& Taurids} ... -calendar/

Oldest Ichthyosaur on Remote Arctic Island ... tic-island

behavioral variability of Neanderthal hunting parties ... rties.html

2-Million-Year-Old Human Family Tree ... amily-tree

Neanderthals collected large animal skulls ... al-skulls/

Yellow-Brick Road Submerged In Hawaii


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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Apr 09, 2023 1:10 am



a trail of stars ... l-of-stars

Z 229-15, an intriguing active galaxy ... alaxy.html

Molecular precursors to life in the Perseus Cloud ... cloud.html

SN 2019odp is a massive oxygen-rich Type Ib supernova ... ch-ib.html

a new family of {so-called} black holes in the constellation Ophiuchus ... holes.html

Galaxy clusters ... ndard.html

collision course inside a galaxy merger ... holes.html

Twinkling stars fuel interstellar dust ... ellar.html

limit-breaking ultra-luminous X-ray sources {probably closer than calculated} ... urces.html

multi-generational cluster NGC 2419 ... r-ngc.html

secrets of star structure and building blocks of life ... crets.html

X-ray spectral variability of active galaxy NGC 7582 ... alaxy.html

Deep Field Image Falsifies Big Bang


another ringed world with new image of Uranus ... -of-Uranus

Does Earth have a new Quasi-Moon? ... Quasi-Moon

New source of water found in moon samples ... ssion.html

water-based propulsion system in orbit ... lsion.html

moon rocks ... -moon.html

Stirling engine in orbit

The sun is a normal star

Venus has almost 50 times as many volcanoes as previously thought ... canoes-map

PHYSICS & TECH NEWS ... icles#7209


A mini-heart in a Petri dish ... Petri-dish

How were amino acids formed before the origin of life on Earth? ... -life.html

In Sudan, This civilization is Rewriting History

First ancient DNA from the Swahili civilization ... researcher

Millenniums-old tiger-patterned ritual weapon in east China ... east-China

How old is Gobekli Tepe? ... pe-updated

drug use as part of Bronze Age ritual ceremonies in Europe ... -in-Europe

contribution of medieval monks to volcanology ... ology.html

geomagnetic field ... ipole-key/

‘Snowball Earth’ May Not Have Been An Endless Frozen Wasteland After All ... -after-all

oldest human ever found in Egypt ... roximation

A SECRET Chamber Hiding in Plain Sight? The Tomb of Khentkawas, Giza

Curious Ancient Stone Objects In The Cairo Museum In Egypt

The Baltic Sea Anomaly

Earth Origins

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Apr 15, 2023 2:49 am



radiation mechanism of 'brightest of all time' gamma-ray burst ... a-ray.html

LAMOST releases its DR10 data, more than 20 million spectra ... ectra.html

what happens to rocky planets that wander too close to their stars ... stars.html

Crab Nebula via Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer ... metry.html

gusty winds in a far-off {supposed} neutron star system ... -star.html

First Y brown dwarf binary system

When clouds collide, destruction and creation go hand-in-hand ... -hand.html

Supernova remnant Cassiopeia A ... tment.html

1,179 previously unknown star clusters in our corner of the Milky Way ... sters.html

nearly 200,000 candidate metal-poor stars ... stars.html

inside the 'Dragon Cloud' ... cloud.html

Giant galaxy seen in 3D

tiny galaxy with big star power using ... power.html

the chemistry of disks around young stars where rocky planets form ... young.html

M87 ... -hole.html

images challenge theories of how universe evolved ... mages.html

'jellyfish galaxy' JO204 ... jo204.html


record sized solar tornado '14 Earths tall' ... arths-tall

Mercury's magnificent comet-like tail ... -on-camera

Meteorites hit Maine ... m-25k.html

first views of Trojan asteroid targets ... views.html

Ingenuity Mars helicopter completes 50th flight ... -50th.html

Icy moonquakes: Surface shaking could trigger landslides ... lides.html

Uranus has 13 rings – and 27 moons

PHYSICS & TECH NEWS ... icles#7213


New Testament: Fragment of 1,750-year-old translation discovered ... discovered

why hibernating bears don't get blood clots ... lood-clots

Warm liquid spewing from Oregon seafloor comes from Cascadia fault, clues to earthquake hazards ... ke-hazards

Even more mammoth devolution ... devolution

Earth’s Atmosphere cleans itself ... ns-itself/

new phosphorus material after lightning strike ... tning.html

Fossil Amphibian Footprints

Earth’s Core Appears to Be Wrapped in an Unexpected, Ancient Structure ... -structure

New technique analyzing archaeological bones ... bones.html

giant marsupial fossils in underwater caves ... /102202716

humans wore leather clothes 39,000 years ago ... -years-ago

NJ Bell-shaped Carolina Bays

The Great Dump of Giza and a Lost Royal Palace

Impossible Ancient OOPART Found In Museum

Scottish origin in Asia/Scythia

Ep095 Unprecedented Climate Crisis? CO2 is Plant FOOD 2

Inca Drilling Machine?


Did A Mega Tsunami Smash Into The Sahara?

Massive Discovery Made In The Sahara

Possible Impact Site Discovered In The Mediterranean & Sahara Megatsunami

Mega Tsunami Damage in The Mediterranean

Asteroid Mystery Solved; The Largest Recent Impact Crater was Found

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Apr 22, 2023 5:05 pm



galaxies that shouldn't exist ... ldnt-exist

galactic merger Arp 220 ... erger.html

PSR J0901-4046 is the most magnetized radio pulsar known ... ulsar.html

potential radio technosignatures from extragalactic sources ... urces.html

open cluster NGC 1027 ... r-ngc.html

images from innovative balloon-borne telescope ... scope.html

nearby star-forming region ... -peek.html

composition of galaxies

rubidium and samarium in the atmosphere of a distant exoplanet ... phere.html

pre-low-mass white dwarf binary ... inary.html

Einstein rings ... -dark.html

Cosmic antimatter hints at origins of huge bubbles in our galaxy’s center ... les-galaxy


NASA's enigmatic green lasers spotted ... astronomer

The moon may be the best place to transport rocket fuel

Tiny magnetic episodes may have large consequences on the sun ... ences.html

Asteroid Impacts Could Have Warmed Ancient Mars ... cient-mars

PHYSICS & TECH NEWS ... icles#7216


new phosphorus material after lightning strike ... tning.html

sky-brightness measurements in Antarctica ... ctica.html

methane isn't warming the Earth ... -the-Earth

modified gravity in the Earth ... earth.html

predicting eclipses ... arder.html

DIY experiment that accidentally proved the planet is round ... t-is-round

19,000 previously unknown undersea volcanoes revealed by satellite data ... llite-data

Asteroid hits Earth hours after being spotted ... tiful.html

When Fungus Grew to the Size of Trees

This Proves Impossible Technologies In Ancient Egypt

Pre-Hispanic ceremonial center with unknown characteristics was discovered in the Andes ... -the-Andes

Japan's mysterious 'Rock Ship of Masuda' monolith ... a-monolith

Sea-level rise caused by crustal subsidence contributed to Viking abandonment of Greenland ... rs-believe

Ancient DNA reveals the multiethnic structure of Mongolia's first nomadic empire ... dic-empire

9,000 year old female shaman burial in Germany ... y-revealed

enigmatic stone structure in the Saudi Arabian desert evidence of a Neolithic cultic belief ... tic-belief

how the Mayan calendar works ... ndar-works

The ‘waters above’ in Genesis 1—a brief survey of competing interpretations

Sea Anemone Fossils

Data From Ancient Meteorites ... meteorites

Ancient DNA Sheds Light on Wooly Mammoth Evolution ... -so-fluffy

forgotten Colorado fossils ... onary.html

Nebraska Duck Basins

The True Origins of Giza

Unexplainable Ancient Anomalies Found Worldwide

Ancient "Stone Cutting Technology" Links China & India

Ancient Forts "Turned To Glass" Found In Orkney


Viruses From Space?
Platinum at YDB from Proto-Planetary Core?
Platinum Group Metals effect on Biology

The Saharan Mega Tsunami & Asteroid Impact Documentary: Ep 1-4
rocks located all around Victoria, Australia
800 Meter High Mega Tsunami at Sahara Created By Two Possible Asteroid Impacts
Finally Solving The Riddle of Black Hill, Australia

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