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Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Sep 17, 2022 7:03 am



source of gamma rays in small neighboring galaxy ... oring.html

two overlapping galaxies ... axies.html

halos of ultra-diffuse galaxies ... s-odd.html

timeline of a stellar explosion ... osion.html

Orion Nebula ... mages.html

brown dwarf with quasi-spherical mass loss ... -mass.html

swarm of galaxies orbiting a hyper-luminous galaxy ... inous.html

Lobster Nebula ... ebula.html

group of galaxies clustered together ... early.html

two 'super-Earths' orbiting nearby star ... -star.html

galaxy NGC 1961 ... y-ngc.html


organic matter in rock samples on Mars ... es-on-Mars

Saturn's rings and tilt could be the product of an ancient, missing moon ... sing-moon0

High-resolution images of the sun show its chromosphere in vivid detail ... vivid.html

*Strange diamonds from an ancient dwarf planet in our solar system ... tists.html

a closer look at planet sizes ... sizes.html

geologically rich Mars terrain ... -rich.html

Byzantine solar eclipse records illuminate obscure history of Earth's rotation ... scure.html

The number of ancient Martian lakes ... tists.html

MM/EU-related PHYSICS ... icles#6929


One brain molecule for memory ... le-decides

Astrophysicist says climate-cultists "are on a gravy train" to make money ... make-money

'climate emergency' NOT supported by data ... ed-by-data

monumental evidence of prehistoric hunting across Arabian desert ... ian-desert

31,000-year-old skeleton in Indonesia shows earliest known evidence of surgery ... of-surgery

Cracks are appearing in Earth's magnetic field ... approaches


The Ancients used Plant Based Liquid to Soften and Mould MASSIVE Stones
(I skimmed through this and never heard mention of a liquid that was supposedly used.)

Ancient Egyptian Symbols Hidden in Indian Temple

Why The Great Sphinx CAN'T be Older than 3,500 BC

Two fish and a pterosaur locked in a fatal struggle ... d-together

Ice core oscillations and abrupt climate changes: part 3

Alpine Younger Dryas Impact evidence ... pact-2022/

Ancient human skeleton found in Mexico cave ... tened.html

study of ancient DNA reveals hidden history of civilization and language ... -language/

Recent Excavation Of A 1600 Ton Limestone Monolith At The Baalbek Quarry In Lebanon

Ancient Pyramids Found Across Australia?

"Melted Megaliths" Amongst The Worlds Oldest Ruins?

Extreme/Minor Climate Oscillations During the Ice Age

(Full Links) ... essage=472

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Sep 25, 2022 1:20 am



new and puzzling features of mysterious Fast Radio Bursts ... dio-Bursts

globular cluster Terzan 4 ... scene.html

stellar evolution ... ution.html

New exoplanet detection program for citizen scientists ... tists.html

Radio halo in galaxy cluster Abell 2256 ... abell.html

sun-like star orbiting a nearby black hole [i.e. Quasar] ... earby.html

Center of the Coma cluster ... rosat.html

Cat's Eye Nebula seen in 3D

New binary pulsar

hot gas bubble swirling around the Milky Way's supermassive black hole [Quasar] ... milky.html

Calibrating the luminosity of nearby stars ... efine.html

Mysterious ripples in the Milky Way were caused by a passing dwarf galaxy ... alaxy.html

Milky Way galaxy's original nucleus ... alaxy.html


Mars might have been covered in lakes in the ancient past ... cient-past

Mars rover sees hints of past life in latest rock samples ... atest.html

immune dysfunction in space ... ction.html

first Webb observations of Red Planet ... lanet.html

InSight hears its first meteoroid impacts on Mars ... -mars.html

habitability in ocean of Saturn's moon Enceladus ... -moon.html

robots on Mars found meteorite impact craters by sensing seismic shock waves ... aters.html

Small craters add up to wandering poles on moon ... -nasa.html

A virtual hiking map for Jezero crater, the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover landing site ... -mars.html

clearest view of Neptune's rings in decades
- ... -view.html
- ... scope.html

3D 'frosted cupcake' clouds on Jupiter ... pcake.html

elemental composition of Asteroid Ryugu samples
- ... ryugu.html
- ... ryugu.html

After asteroid collision ... probe.html

'heat wave' discovered in Jupiter's atmosphere ... phere.html

Cyclones circling Jupiter's poles still baffling ... fling.html

MM/EU-related PHYSICS ... icles#6938


Gene sharing is more widespread than thought ... -Darwinism

Indian subcontinent prone to regular, multi-year droughts ... dy-reveals

how continents may have been formed
- ... nents.html
- ... g-up-again

Fresh Dinosaur Tracks Revive Rankling Mysteries

C14 levels ... 14-levels/

Dinosaur Mummification ... ification/

Coal Fossils ... l-fossils/

The Remains of This Recently Found Ancient Structure Are Even Older Than The Pyramids ... e-pyramids

Massive Outback rock art site ... veals.html

Oldest Pyramids On Earth Disguised As Mountains

7-Mile Long Ancient Water Tank Found In Ceylon

Biggest Feats of Pre-Flood Civilizations

Göbekli Tepe and Karahan Tepe, "EASILY Understood" with Vedic/Aryan ideas

Göbekli Tepe: If built by Hunter Gatherers, why is the monument possibly in Imperial Measure?

Atlantis & Great Meteor Seamounts / Vertical Tectonism

Atlantis - Ocean Floor Subsidence Geologically Untenable?

Many Massive Canary Islands YDB Flank Failure Landslides

(Full Links) ... essage=473

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Oct 01, 2022 5:06 pm



Life can thrive around even the smallest stars [like proto-Saturn?]

New measurement of stellar neutron source reaction ... nding.html

VLA 1623 West is a young protostellar disk [NOT] ... -disk.html

Astronomers map distances to 56,000 galaxies, largest-ever catalog ... -ever.html

Dozens of newly discovered gravitational lenses [NOT?] ... eveal.html

more than 1,600 new star clusters ... sters.html

oldest star clusters ... ldest.html

Open cluster Berkeley 27

Milky Way's graveyard of dead stars ... stars.html

Milky Way is ‘rippling’ like a pond

plasma loading mechanism of radio jets launched from [Quasars, NOT] black holes ... -jets.html

[NOT] New theory predicts Earth-like, watery planets exist around red dwarfs ... s-red.html

pulsar magnetosphere ... phere.html


Planetary-scale 'heat wave' discovered in Jupiter's atmosphere ... atmosphere

DART anti-asteroid satellite successfully smashes into space rock ... space-rock

New asteroid strike images show impact 'a lot bigger than expected' ... copes.html

Water in asteroid dust offers clues to life on Earth ... earth.html

bright-magnetic relationship for decaying sunspots ... spots.html

Mars' watery reflections ... atery.html

evidence of possible flooding on Mars [NOT] billions of years ago ... lions.html

eruptive solar flares ... ptive.html

Jupiter moon Europa, closest in years ... uropa.html

The composition of asteroidal cores in the early solar system ... solar.html

evidence for liquid water beneath the south polar ice cap of Mars ... polar.html

glimpse of Mars' ancient landscape ... cient.html

Surface microstructures of lunar soil ... eveal.html

Glass beads in lunar soil reveal ancient asteroid bombardments on the moon and Earth
- ... eveal.html
- ... -on-earth/

RELEVANT PHYSICS ... icles#6942


Transmission of epigenetic memory can be passed down through multiple generations ... enerations

Genetically modified mosquitoes vaccinate a human ... te-a-human

optical fiber sensor for measuring deviations in the spine ... spine.html

New model captures erratic speed of DNA copying proteins in bacteria ... teria.html

mycobiome atlas describes associations between cancers and fungi ... ncers.html

US proposal would permit eagle deaths as renewables expand ... ables.html

Why are there so many dog breeds but only a few cat breeds?

Stress has an odour and dogs can smell it ... w-research

Mexico earthquake triggers 'desert tsunami' 1,500 miles away in Death Valley cave
- ... alley-cave

First probable impact crater discovered in Spain ... d-in-Spain

The asteroid that formed Vredefort crater was bigger than previously believed ... ously.html

Earth's composition was changed by collisional erosion ... osion.html

Goliath: Seven archaeological evidences for the biblical giant

Ancient Giant's Lost Civilization

Ancient Giants Og & Gilgamesh's Tombs

Giant Floating Megaliths Found Around World

Jomon Stone Circles, Japan ... e-circles/

Plants evolved even earlier than we thought, exquisite 3D fossils suggest ... gae-fossil

Ancient Mayan cities are heavily contaminated with mercury ... n-mercury/

famous Australian caves ... ery-190688

use of baby carriers 10,000 years ago ... years.html

facial reconstruction -- 31,000 years ago ... h-republic

history of feathered dinosaurs ... dinosaurs/

Queen Nefertiti Mummy Discovery

Echoes of Atlantis in the Azores

Sinking Atlantis and Massive African Coastal Landslides

(Full Links) ... 74/#msg474

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Oct 08, 2022 4:53 pm



Speeding cloud might have come from recent, nearby supernova ... -supernova

lonely spiral
- ... piral.html
- ... alaxy.html

SWIFT J0503.7-2819 is an intermediate polar ... polar.html

photos from the Dark Energy Camera ... amera.html

Spin flips show how galaxies grow from the cosmic web ... c-web.html

interstellar dust within a galactic pair ... actic.html

distant galaxy ... stant.html

Galaxy triplet SIT 45

'cataclysmic' pair of stars with the shortest orbit yet ... rtest.html

an old warm Jupiter-like exoplanet ... lanet.html


huge asteroid heading towards Earth ... ards-Earth

Sun releases strong solar flare ... flare.html

plan to keep samples from Mars safe from contamination ... ation.html

Dimorphos's expanding comet-like tail ... -tail.html

highest-resolution close-up of Jupiter's moon Europa
- ... -moon.html
- ... -nasa.html

A possible explanation for Uranus's odd tilt angle and opposite spin ... angle.html

designing lunar bases for decades before ... trong.html

Mars dust storm ... storm.html

How did the moon form? A supercomputer may have just found the answer ... ns-suggest

Super Strange Novae (like Saturn?)

RELEVANT PHYSICS ... icles#6953


Far-ultraviolet LED can kill bacteria and viruses efficiently without harming humans ... umans.html

Medical optical imaging using the world's first 'ultrasound-induced tissue transparency' technology ... duced.html

new microscopic species ... ee-of-life

new rare blood type ... e-newborns

Google to suppress climate skeptics ... e-skeptics

Repeated El Niño events correlate with big ecological shifts ... cal-shifts

Cosmic ray protons reveal new spectral structures at high energies ... ctral.html

Finding Adam—in Ancient Egypt

Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets explained within biblical history

Passive margins explained by Flood runoff

Shishak/Shoshenq synchrony? ... -synchrony

Dinosaur Killing Global Tsunami Waves ... ami-waves/

Dispelling Milankovitch theory ... ankovitch/

Mega-earthquake and Chicxulub
- ... chicxulub/
- ... weeks.html

Ancient footprints reveal ‘Irish Sea Serengeti’

Giza BEFORE the Pyramids: The Pre-Dynastic Maadi Culture of the North

What is the Great Pyramid Grotto? A Pre-Dynastic Structure?

The Megalithic Valley Temple And Great Sphinx At The Giza Plateau In Egypt

The Massive Dynastic Complex At Edfu Near The Nile In Egypt

Pre-Flood Cement Cylinders Found In New Caledonia?

Giza and Stonehenge: Primitive Builders or 'Sophisticated but Destroyed?'

Mega-Scale Floods in North Africa near Richat? Map Comparisons to Known Features
Atlantis at the Richat Structure? Randall Carlson Assesses the City Plan
Geology of the Richat Structure - Atlantis Center City?
Richat Structure & Non-Random Crater Alignments
Coincidental Atlantis Plan & Portsmouth Ohio Earthworks
Is Eye of the Desert Richat Structure Atlantis?

Chuck Appleton (Cosmic Tusk) Videos

(Full Links) ... essage=475

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Oct 15, 2022 4:28 pm



Speeding cloud might have come from recent, nearby supernova ... -supernova

a 'completely unprecedented' burst of energy in space
- ... y-in-space
- ... ional.html
- ... osion.html

a pair of interacting galaxies ... axies.html

Peculiar giant radio galaxy GRG-J223301+131502 ... 31502.html

Measuring oscillations of light from red giant stars reveals strengths of their interior magnetic fields ... veals.html

OGLE-BLG504.12.201843 is an extreme dwarf nova ... -nova.html

surprises on galaxy organic molecules near black holes [quasars] ... veals.html

20 new radio-bright high-redshift quasars ... asars.html

'Wobbling black hole' [quasar] most extreme example ever detected

Dust plumes observed being 'pushed' into interstellar space by intense starlight ... light.html

Massive stars sound warning they are about to go supernova [False: supernovas are star births, not star deaths] ... rnova.html

Heaviest element yet detected in an exoplanet atmosphere ... phere.html

galaxy cluster collision ... ision.html


Earth's Moon might have formed in just hours from a shattered mess ... tered-mess
_Supercomputer simulations made at a higher resolution than ever before, suggests that the moon's formation might not have been a slow and gradual process after all, but one that instead took place within just a few hours.

Underground microbes may have swarmed ancient Mars ... cient-Mars

Strange ripples have been detected at the edge of the Solar System
- ... lar-System
- ... solar.html

DART mission impact changed asteroid's motion in space ... n-in-space

Sharpest Earth-based images of Europa and Ganymede reveal their icy landscapes ... ymede.html

A solar gravitational lens will be humanity's most powerful telescope ... erful.html

Our moon has been slowly drifting away from Earth ... llion.html

shallow lakes in icy crust of Jupiter's moon Europa could erupt ... piter.html

Video: Solar Orbiter ... s-sun.html

30,000 near-Earth asteroids discovered, and numbers are rising

options for automated in-orbit assembly of large structures ... large.html

RELEVANT PHYSICS ... icles#6969


3D Models of A Mysterious Medieval Nanomaterial Hints at a Lost Art ... a-lost-art

a safe micro-nuclear reactor ... of-a-truck

Satellite temperature data show almost all climate model forecasts have been wrong for the last 40 years ... t-40-years

Ultra rare diamond suggests an ocean's worth of water hidden deep within our Earth ... -our-Earth

Strengthening the Shishak/Shoshenq synchrony ... -synchrony

Ancient DNA ... Discovered in Antarctica ... antarctica

6,000-year-old skull found in cave in Taiwan possibly confirms legend of Indigenous tribe ... sibly.html

After the ‘Great Dying' ... extinction

DNA from sediments offers insights into the use of plants by humans in the Paleolithic Age ... ithic.html

Scientists Can No Longer Ignore Ancient Flooding Tales ... ue/671681/

OLDER than Gobekli Tepe: 12,000-Year-Old 'Special Purpose Building'

Ancient Megalithic Sites In The Sacred Valley Of Peru

Was Menorcas Naveta d'Es Tudons Built By Giants?

The Tumulus | Built By A Lost Civilization?

Biggest Feats of Antediluvian Civilizations

Astonishing Pre-Flood Anomalies

Ancient Giant Ipiutak Civilization Found In The Arctic

Worlds Most Incredible Pre-Flood Ruins

Polygonal Masonry Discovered In The UK

Göbeklitepe Religion seems centered on Atlas. Later myth explains the "TWIN PILLARS". "STABILITY"

Its a Different Planet - What Happened to Make it Shift?

Pole Shifts & Accelerated Mountain-building/Orogenesis

Great Year Precession Linked to Cycle of Catastrophes?

(Full Links) ... essage=476

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by BeAChooser » Sat Oct 15, 2022 7:12 pm

Comment about

"Satellite temperature data show almost all climate model forecasts have been wrong for the last 40 years ... t-40-years

Not sure where Chris Morrison got the 40 year headline from. I looked at the paper ( ... 6493-w.pdf) he was reporting on and it appears that the analysis went back 40 years but the models started diverging from the data around 1990-1995. So maybe 25-30 years is a better number to use in the headline.

I also want to caution that around the turn of the century, the ground based data and satellite data were looking so bad in comparison to satellite data that the mainstream AGW scientist community began manipulating the satellite database. I hope this study was done using unmanipulated satellite data or the real comparison is even worse than what they found.

Also, this discovery is nothing new. Critics of AGW alarmism have known for decades that the models and ground based measurements are now highly flawed. It's worth noting that ground based versus radiosonde data (tropospheric temperatures gathered with balloons) diverged about 1990-1995 as well, adding further credence to the notion that AGW alarmists began manipulating ground based temperatures to make them seem higher so the models would look better than they really were.

This is just another scam perpetrated by the left against humanity with costs (to us) in the TRILLIONS.

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by jackokie » Sun Oct 16, 2022 9:01 pm

Let's remember that many of the surface stations are sited in locations that have had infrastructure grow up around them, or are just sited with no regard to the Urban Heat island effect. A project to evaluate the US surface stations was done a few years ago, identifying those surface stations that were not subject to the UHI. When only those "pristine" stations were used, a statistically significant lower 30-year trend resulted. ... -stations/ ... m-edition/

Of course, one doesn't need to go to the trouble to collect accurate temperatures when one uses an Acme Corporation adjustomatic: ... -noaancdc/
Time is what prevents everything from happening all at once.

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Oct 22, 2022 3:33 pm



brightest flash ever seen ... htest.html

Supernova remnant SNR 0509-67.5 ... andra.html

X-ray pulsar 1E 1145.1-6141 ... ustar.html

pillars of creation comparison ... llars.html

unprecedented glimpse of merging galaxies ... rging.html

star formation history of galaxy NGC 2915 ... y-ngc.html

Hipparchus's map of the stars

a turbulent stellar nursery ... rsery.html

largest atomic gas structure around a galaxy group ... alaxy.html

telescope photo that had even astronomers stumped: WR140 is a Wolf-Rayet star with rings ... james.html


30,000 near-Earth asteroids discovered, and rising ... rising-ESA

Fireball from Solar System's edge ... s-expected

Life may have thrived on early Mars ... imate.html

monitoring potentially hazardous near-Earth asteroids ... roids.html

there's a defense against killer asteroids ... iller.html

Clusters of galaxies easier to view with radio X-ray combination ... radio.html

predict solar wind speed accurately ... ality.html

fallen meteorite from Junction City, Georgia ... -city.html

Cassini's unique observations of Saturn's rings ... aturn.html

Algae, food for Mars visitors ... -mars.html

Method for decoding asteroid interiors ... s-aim.html

Didymos asteroid eclipsing stars ... eroid.html

new light on moon's surface makeup and geologic history ... rface.html

'Marshmallow' world orbiting a cool red dwarf star ... l-red.html

Zipping up data to zap it back from an icy moon

rover reaches long-awaited salty region ... aited.html

Designing the trajectory of microsatellite swarms ... ctive.html

the source of one of the rarest groups of meteorites ... rites.html

trying to crash land on Mars

how young volcanism occurred on the moon ... anism.html

search for space creatures ... tures.html

Bizarre near-Earth asteroid is spinning faster every year ... 28067.html

Electric Jupiter Baffles Astronomers

RELEVANT PHYSICS ... icles#6980


protective properties of pain ... es-of-pain

Mad scientists: New Covid strain with 80% kill rate CREATED by Boston University ... University

How can digital data stored as DNA be manipulated? ... anipulated

COVID-19 virus has a telltale 'fingerprint' that makes it highly likely to have come from a lab ... tudy-finds

Uncontrolled rocket reentries ... oblem.html

Meteorites and simple metals as catalysts for metabolic pathways at the origin of life ... bolic.html

origin of clastic pipes

Eroding Hillside Reveals Dinosaur Skin Pattern

fluctuating oxygen levels may have accelerated animal evolution

Extinct Human Species Found in Poland Cave ... oland-cave

New analysis of obsidian blades reveals dynamic Neolithic social networks ... namic.html

Oldest Surviving Book in the Americas ... urner.html

The Oldest Books in the World

Incredible Pre-Ice Age Ruin In Mardin

Impossible Cylinders Found In New Caledonia

Impossible Ancient Ruins Left By The Flood?

Mega-floods, Dragons, Earthworks, The Ark

(Full Links) ... essage=478

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Oct 29, 2022 9:48 pm



Chandra's X-ray vision combined with JWST ... -jwst.html

Young star-forming complexes in the galaxy NGC 4324 ... y-ngc.html

cosmic rays driving galaxy's winds ... alaxy.html

HESS J1731-347 may be a 'strange' star ... range.html

a planetary system with a Neptune-mass planet and a massive sub-stellar object ... ssive.html

KT Eridani is a recurrent nova ... -nova.html

Abell 611, a cobweb of galaxies ... abell.html

Rare earth element synthesis confirmed in pulsars [not neutron stars] merger ... utron.html

planets orbiting dead stars ... iting.html

rare 'light echo' from star explosion ... -star.html

Cosmic Ripples Reveal An Ancient Galactic Collision Ripping Apart An Iconic Constellation ... tellation/


China moon mission samples overturn theories of lunar volcanism ... -volcanism

Large, 'potentially hazardous' asteroid will zip through Earth's orbit on Halloween ... -Halloween

Traces of ancient ocean discovered on Mars ... ed-on-Mars

Mars lander records shockwaves from ice-blasting meteoroid impact ... oid-impact

Analysis of gases recovered from asteroid Ryugu ... ryugu.html

lunar regolith bricks for lunar base camp ... -base.html

Ancient bacteria might lurk beneath Mars' surface ... -mars.html

Craters and cracks on Mars' Terra Sirenum region ... egion.html

deep planetary scan to confirm Martian core ... rtian.html

Two major meteorite impacts shed light on the interior of Mars ... -mars.html

Surface waves help map the interior of Mars ... -mars.html

Magma on Mars likely

using lunar soils to sustainably supply oxygen and fuels on the moon ... xygen.html

biggest meteor strikes at Mars ... -mars.html

RELEVANT PHYSICS ... icles#6987


Weird ‘Borg’ DNA May Have Assimilated Microbes For Billions of Years ... s-of-years

regulatory mechanism by which life controls and organizes itself ... anism.html

Ancient viral DNA in human genome guards against infections ... infections

Ancient 15,000-Year-Old Viruses Found in Melting Tibetan Glaciers ... n-glaciers

A bird made a 13,560 km continuous flight from Alaska to southern Australia ... -Australia

Plant leaves spark with electricity during thunderstorms ... table-ways

Record October ice gains on Greenland
- ... -the-Earth
- ... IN-in-2022

Dozens of climate models wildly exaggerate the extent of global warming ... al-warming

TanSat's first attempt to detect human-caused CO2 is successful ... ssful.html

Methane 'super-emitters' mapped by NASA's new Earth space mission ... space.html

new approach to identify the origin of organic molecules ... rbons.html

Manipulating Temperature Data - Creative Graphsmanship

Tree rings offer insight into devastating radiation storms ... ion-storms

How Some Flat Iron Formations formed from Bentonite from Volcanic Eruptions

Sandstone tubes and at 20'+ how concretions form around fossils etc

Supervolcanoes caused the World’s Largest Landslide in Wyoming, Hart Mountain

Clarification on fossilized soft tissue reports

Alleged 380-Million-Year-Old Fish Heart

Central Asia identified as a key region for human ancestors ... human.html

World’s oldest complete star map

UK had at least two genetically distinct human groups at end of last ice age ... na-reveals

Geomagnetic fields reveal the truth behind Biblical narratives ... lical.html

Asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs triggered global mega-tsunami ... ami-impact

The Laacher See Volcano of Palaeolithic Europe

Mysterious Ancient Samaipata In The Jungle OfBolivia

Who Made The Dolmen De Menga?

Impossible Ancient High-Technology

Doggerland as Atlantis?

PYRA-mids = PARA-dise; Absence of Domestication in Mythology

Origins of Halloween and Day of the Dead Festivals

Halloween's Origins, Nebraska Sand Hills, Zep/Gobekli Tepi

PROOF Apocalyptic-Sized Tsunami Blasted SAHARA Desert 12,000 Years Ago

(Full Links) ... essage=480

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Nov 05, 2022 5:33 pm



star cluster motions are consistent with an alternative theory of gravity ... of-gravity

Another reason red dwarfs might be bad for life: No asteroid belts ... eroid.html

ghost of a giant star ... -star.html

star formation history and structure of IC 1396 ... ry-ic.html

Two low-mass stars and one brown dwarf discovered around aged stars ... -aged.html

extremely hot matter ... y-hot.html

explain calcium content in oldest observed star ... ldest.html

closest black hole [quasar] to Earth ... earth.html

Oldest planetary debris in our galaxy ... alaxy.html

glimpse into the inner depths of an active galaxy ... alaxy.html


Traces of ancient ocean discovered on Mars ... ed-on-Mars

Taurid meteor stream's connection to Day of the Dead festivals ... ivestream/

'Planet killer' asteroid found hiding in sun's glare ... aten-Earth

encounter with Phobos at Mars ... -moon.html

A plan to power a lunar colony solely through solar energy ... solar.html

largest potentially hazardous asteroid detected in last eight years ... eroid.html

Which plants have the best chances for survival in space? ... treme.html

How magnetism could help explain the Earth-moon system's formation ... ation.html

proof of salty water on Mars ... -mars.html

Mars: Could life itself have made the planet uninhabitable? ... table.html

Mars's crust is more complex and evolved than previously thought ... ously.html

How do you keep a solar sail stable?

New study of comets provides insight into chemical composition of early solar system ... early.html

RELEVANT PHYSICS ... icles#6992


Motor units in the spinal cord might be far more flexible than we thought ... we-thought

Observed electric charge of insect swarms and their contribution to atmospheric electricity ... 22)01513-9

Insects are electrified in an electric field by deprivation of their negative charge ... ive_charge

Insects attract spider webs with electrically charged wings ... 373035732/

High Voltage Electric Fields Have Potential to Create New Physical Pest Control Systems

Electric fields of flowers stimulate the sensory hairs of bumble bees

500 years of EXTREME Storms! Follow the Science to Expose the Hockey Stick Hoax

Massive increase in Greenland surface ice sheet suggests possible overall GAIN in 2022 ... IN-in-2022

study meteorites to explore how Earth acquired its water ... tists.html

Bird Pelvis Doesn't Come from a Dinosaur

Massive Tsunamis Generated by the Flood, Not an Asteroid

Volcanoes and Climate Change ... te-change/

Evidence that human evolution driven by major environmental pressures ... vironment/

A Stone Age child ... thers.html

Enormous river beneath Antarctica is nearly 300 miles long

The origins of human society are complex ... ought.html

Mysterious Ancient Stone Ruins At Saihuite In The Highlands Of Peru

Polygonal Temple Found Deep In Peru

What Were Ancient Builders Fortifying Against? | How the Pre-Cataclysm World Was Strangely Different

(Full Links) ... 81/#msg481

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Nov 12, 2022 4:26 pm



(I'll post my regular weekly list of current science links in a few hours. For now I have some extra Catastrhophism and Geology links to post that I've come across recently. I'm also posting these at ... 8235#p8235 )

WORLDS IN COLLISION: Nile Flowed with Honey 2740 BC ... lision.pdf
p.139 The Egyptians relate that the Nile flowed for a time blended with honey.4
4 Manetho refers this phenomenon to the time of Pharaoh Nephercheres (2nd Dynasty; around 2740 B.C.). See the volume of Manetho in the Loeb Classical Library, pp. 35, 37, 39.

Four Geological Evidences for a Young Earth ... oung-earth

Five Global Evidences for a Young Earth ... oung-earth

Counting Earth's Age in Lightning Strikes ... g-strikes/

Noah's Flood and Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (from Pangea to Today)

Genesis Impact Support Video 10 | Dinosaur Extinction: Noah's Flood or an Asteroid?

Hidden in Plain Sight Series | Ancient Civilizations Documentary Box-set

World of Antiquity

Noah's Flood & North America

Some Amateur Mythology: Jesus and the Apocalypse - History is a Lie

THIS Is Why Radioactive Dating Methods Are Flawed

How Some Flat Irons formed from Bentonite from Volcanic Eruptions

Sandstone tubes and at 20'+ how concretions form around fossils etc

Supervolcanoes caused the World’s Largest Landslide in Wyoming, Hart Mountain

Moon's South Pole-Aitkin Impact Basin (no mascon <moon hot/weak) ... carus.html

David Rohl Bronze Age Collapse 800BC, Greek Dark Age

Tower of Babel at Eridu 3200BC with Dr. David Rohl

Was the Azores home to an ancient civilisation?

Khafre's Diorite Statue

The Lost Tomb of Nefertiti - Ancient Egypt's Powerful Queen

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

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The Quantum Redshift Effect of Photon


Closest known black hole to Earth (If a star moves in a circle, they say it's moving around a "black hole") ... -long-hunt

Polarized x-rays from a magnetar in Cassiopeia constellation ... first-time

two galaxies connected by a luminous bridge ... ridge.html

climate on other planets ... imate.html

New radio-loud high-redshift quasar ... uasar.html

Searching for life on highly eccentric exoplanets ... anets.html

galaxies made of primordial stars? ... stars.html

four new pulsars

mysteries of Orion Kleinmann–Low Nebula ... nveil.html

wondrous star factory ... ctory.html

effects of stellar rotation in star cluster NGC 1850 ... uster.html

midsize "black hole" lurking in a dwarf galaxy ... black.html

cosmic rainbows ... nbows.html

"Black holes" don't always power gamma-ray bursts ... a-ray.html


Measuring sunlight from space, on a chip

Earth's oldest stromatolites and the search for life on Mars ... -mars.html

ESA's Moonlight initiative?

Mars light show caused by major solar storm ... solar.html

Section of destroyed shuttle Challenger found on ocean floor ... floor.html

The Moon Had Volcanoes Recently ... -new-study

RELEVANT PHYSICS ... icles#6998


Growing Crops With Just Electricity

Crows outthink monkeys, can grasp recursive patterns ... e-patterns

Biodiversity of Europe's mammals richer now than 8,000 years ago ... ch-reveals

Doppelgänger protein ‘Signal Recognition Particle 14’ refutes evolution

New evidence shows US. 'warming' over last 50 years up to 50% less than claimed ... y-up-to-50

Centuries-old whaling logs are filling gaps in our climate knowledge ... -knowledge

Astronomers confirm solar eclipses mentioned in Indigenous folklore and historical documents in Japan ... enous.html

Earth from Space: Santiago, Chile ... chile.html

Entablature Reveals Flooding of Columbia River Basalts ... bia-River/

Gemstones don’t take ages to form

Mackinac Island State Park: Flood, Ice Age

George Howard's conference to feature Younger Dryas Impact ... ic-summit/

how earth aquired water ... tists.html

Massive "Ocean" Near Earth's Core ... re-3393825

where did Earth’s [and Moon's] magnetic fields come from?

Cocos Seamount ... e-sea.html

the peopling of the Americas ... pling.html

Volcanic eruption and warming ... ratosphere

Oetzi Update ... zi-update/

complex identity of ancient Britons ... nt-britons

Oldest known sentence ... -lice-comb

Footprints indicate human presence in Spain in Middle Pleistocene ... iddle.html

Carolina Bays in Texas?

Most Astonishing Pre-Flood Anomalies

10 Million Megalithic Ruins Found In Jungle

Instantaneous Glacierization / Cosmic Ignition of Fires

(Full Links) ... essage=484

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

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nearby dwarf galaxy has been a loner ... ntire.html

broad-line region of active galactic nuclei ... uclei.html

statistical properties of early type stars derived from LAMOST DR8 ... stars.html

interactions between "black hole"-dominated galactic nucleus and surrounding star-forming regions ... actic.html

birthplace of gold-rich stars ... stars.html

'polluted' white dwarfs - stars and planets grow together ... anets.html

Cesium in the atmosphere of a hot white dwarf ... dwarf.html

Colliding magnetic fields reveal unknown planets ... known.html

intergalactic map in the Outback ... tback.html

General neutron star structure revealed [except they're not made of neutronium etc] ... utron.html

A white dwarf is surrounded by torn-up pieces of its inner planets and its Kuiper belt ... anets.html

earliest galaxies in the young universe ... liest.html

Scroll through the universe with a new interactive map ... ctive.html

galaxy NGC 5273 changing ... y-ngc.html

elusive, dusty inner region of distant galaxy ... egion.html

GW190521 merger ... nning.html

The Milky Way's mysterious filaments have 'older, distant cousins' ... stant.html

shape of the Milky Way's halo of stars ... -halo.html

massive ‘extragalactic structure’ behind the Milky Way ... -structure


The first life in our solar system may have been on Mars ... en-on-Mars

Video: Solar snake spotted slithering across sun's surface ... g-sun.html

Synthetic hibernation could provide protection from cosmic radiation ... osmic.html

Phobos surface striations tell a story of its rupturing interior ... uring.html

Saturn's and Neptune's moons with potential life

NASA's Deep Space Network ... gency.html

stop an asteroid at the last minute
- ... sible.html
- ... orbit.html

deep structure of Mars ... -mars.html

warm dense hydrogen found in some planet interiors ... lanet.html

Rockets to uncover electric circuit that powers the northern lights ... owers.html

Martian dust storms churn up Earth-like clouds ... louds.html

Ancient global ocean on Mars may have come from carbon-rich chondrite meteorites ... -rich.html

Webb micrometeoroid mitigation update ... ation.html

Massive volcanism may have altered ancient Venus' climate ... imate.html

RELEVANT PHYSICS ... icles#7008


Biology, Life, Aliens, Evolution, Embryogenesis & Xenobots

Plasticity w/out genetic change: bioelectric embryos & synthetic proto-organisms

Leprosy bacteria has the potential to regenerate livers ... ate-livers

Twelve 'shocking' discoveries for evolution ... -evolution

lost bird wasn't seen in 140 years in Papua New Guinea ... 28019.html

sheep flocks alternate their leader and achieve collective intelligence ... eader.html

Image of 'St Elmo's Fire' captured by Airbus pilot flying through Hurricane Ian ... ricane-Ian

Earth in finest ever detail ... inest.html

The robot solving America’s trash crisis

Earth can regulate its own temperature over millennia ... tudy-finds

Abrupt climate changes and global warming

Fossil could be rare complete dinosaur skeleton with fossilised skin ... lised-skin

Pterosaurs, Among the strangest animals ever created

volcanism on the moon

young adult Hadrosaurs engulfed
- ... volcanism/
- ... ur-cliques

Qatna Elephant Bones ... ant-bones/

Fish fossils show first cooking ... an-thought

These Mysterious Rocks Are The Oldest Evidence of Life on Earth ... ntists-say

Footprints claimed as evidence of ice age humans in North America ... umans.html

6th mass extinction in Earth’s ancient past ... xygen-drop

how ancient European hominins were connected ... ected.html

Yes, there are Carolina Bays in Texas

11,400-Year-Old Karahan Tepe Archaeological Update

Incredible Feats of Antediluvian Engineering

Impossible Stone-Cut Ruins Found Worldwide

Ice Age Meltdown and Global Sea Level Rise

Intense Periods of Erosion and Deposition

Megafauna of the Pleistocene

Mystery of the Erdstall Tunnels Solved (Thousands of Ancient Subterranean Passages Beneath Europe)

(Full Links) ... essage=486

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

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Machine learning autonomously identify 1,000 supernovae ... supernovae

rare type Icn supernova ... -supernova

a billowing cosmic cloud of gas and dust called CB 130-3 ... cloud.html

history of mathematical cosmology ... ology.html

New eclipsing binary ... -tess.html

Short gamma-ray bursts traced farther into distant universe [probably not distant] ... verse.html

death, dust in Orion constellation ... death.html

innermost structure of quasar jet [This says very little] ... r-jet.html
[Charles Chandler's paper is much better, IMO.]

Many planets could have atmospheres rich in helium ... elium.html

exoplanet atmosphere as never seen before ... veals.html

blazing hourglass around forming star ... glass.html

early galaxies hidden from Hubble ... axies.html

single-line spectroscopic binary star KIC 10417986 ... inary.html

gas giant planets may be lurking in dusty disk ... rking.html


Earth’s other moons

space debris, invisible meteors and near-Earth asteroids ... -asteroids

Cryovolcanic eruption on comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann ... n-reported

The tilt in the Milky Way's halo of stars ... -halo.html

The Milky Way's mysterious filaments have 'older, distant cousins' ... stant.html

Mars two huge, unusual impact craters ... aters.html

Possible organic compounds found in Mars crater rocks ... rater.html

What's the best mix of oceans to land for a habitable planet? ... lanet.html

what mechanism drives solar wind ... rtant.html

Structure of the cluster NGC 2264



genes and languages aren't always together ... s-together

48,500-year-old [Remove the 8] virus revived from Siberian permafrost ... permafrost

Pandemic papers
- ... demic-data

Glass-like shells of diatoms help turn light into energy in dim conditions ... y-dim.html

differences between satellites and climate models ... ate-models

Satellites cast critical eye on coastal dead zones ... -dead.html

Updating the Great Pyramid Internal Ramp Theory

Ice Age summers in Central Europe were at times significantly WARMER than previously thought ... ch-reveals

Dresser Formation stromatolite [Article is wrong about its age.] ... e-on-Earth

Spy satellites, weather radars, and drones used to find new strewn field of meteorites ... rones.html

Earth in finest ever detail ... inest.html

Bright fireball may have dropped meteorites in Niagara region ... egion.html

Analysis of mtDNA from sediments in Denisova Cave

Cambrian Soft Tissue Defies Evolution

Fossils preserved by instant Burial ... ty-fossil/

Ancient history, Archaeology, Catastrophism ... he-button/

Gigantic turtle from the dinosaur era ... tres-long/

Who was the world’s first author?

Neanderthals were foodies ... re-foodies

Rare Fossil of Extinct American Lion ... -drying-up

Iceman’s mummified corpse was found in an Alpine gully — but he didn’t die there

Pendants From Stone Age Graves Revealed to Be Made of Human Bone ... e-material

Human Population after the Younger Dryas

Older Than Göbekli Tepe: Harbetsuvan Tepesi Archaeological Update

EU Mythology – In the Beginning (Venus in the Saturn Theory)

More Interesting Discoveries At Megalithic Puma Punku In Bolivia

25,000 Year-Old Pyramids Exposed In Indonesia

Rapid Megafauna Disappearance
Building Upon the Wreckage of the Former World
Low Human Population During Ice Age
Pleiades - Angel of Death [Nov.17]
The Fall of Phaeton

(Full links) ... essage=489

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

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Lloyd wrote:
Sat Nov 26, 2022 10:40 pm
[Charles Chandler's paper is much better, IMO.]
Yes, quite interesting.

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