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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Tue Mar 15, 2022 5:48 pm



*Gamma light from a nova (possibly relevant to Saturn theory) ... rom-a-nova

Astronomers discover largest molecule yet in a planet-forming disc [planets form in filaments like stars, not discs IMO] ... -disc.html

interstellar medium of the galaxy SPT0346-52 ... 0346-.html

hot spots merge on a magnetar ... merge.html

Massive bubbles at center of Milky Way ... black.html

New FRII radio galaxy detected ... omers.html

Hubble views a star's outburst ... -star.html

Tiny star unleashes gargantuan beam of matter, anti-matter [or something] ... atter.html

Extended stellar halo detected in the Fornax galaxy ... alaxy.html

binary star system Gamma Cephei ... ephei.html


Small asteroid 2022 EB5 tracked hitting Earth's atmosphere on March 11 ... n-March-11

Data from Mars rover Zhurong shows evidence of wind, and possibly water, erosion ... sibly.html

There's a big rock stuck inside one of Perseverance's wheels ... heels.html

NASA opens a remaining sample taken from the Moon ... years.html

The sun is slowly tearing this comet apart

Meteorites may have formed in the outer solar system ... solar.html

Comet 67P's abundant oxygen more of an illusion ... usion.html

MM/EU-related Physics ... icles#6804


Paper retroactively concedes a lack of evidence for Darwinian evolution ... -evolution

human microRNA genes not shared with any other primate species ... nctiveness

Hiawatha crater in Greenland older than thought (only when judging by conventional faulty dating IMO) ... an-thought

A meteorite recently crashed into Australia, and a drone found it ... -area.html

Uniformitarian scientists claim ‘snowball Earth’ caused the Great Unconformity ... conformity

Deep-Sea Volcano Gives Glimpse of Flood Eruptions

Study of two blobs in Earth's mantle shows unexpected differences in height, density
- ... he-mantle/
- ... ences.html

Traces of Ancient Life Discovered Deep in Earth’s Mantle ... le-1685535

Melted Granite outside the Second Pyramid

Is Zealandia Earth's 8th Continent?


Carolina Bays and The Michigan Basin

Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis ... hypothesis+

Is this Orion on a 33,000-Year-Old Relic in Geißenklösterle Cave

Extinct Megafauna on HUGE 12,600-Year-Old Rock Art Canvas in Colombia

Astonishing Ruins in Uzbekistan

Unknown Origins of the Guyaju Caves in China

Pre-Ice-Age High Technology

(Full Links) ... essage=404

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Tue Mar 22, 2022 4:38 pm



Space Telescope Webb's optics and NIRCam are so sensitive that the galaxies and stars seen in the background show up ... -Telescope

properties of binary system Gamma Cephei ... ephei.html

three exoplanets are actually stars ... stars.html

complete online database of water masers for locating potential star formation regions ... asers.html

giant debris cloud created by clashing celestial bodies ... shing.html

M87 data from Event Horizon Telescope ... ihood.html

millisecond pulsar PSR J0610−2100 ... ulsar.html

best image yet of mysterious odd radio circles in space ... s-odd.html

eye of a colorful galaxy, NGC 1097, a barred spiral ... alaxy.html

black holes [actually quasars] put a brake on stellar births ... irths.html


New Comet C/2022 E2 (ATLAS) ... -E2-ATLASd

formation mechanism of large plumes in the solar prominence ... lumes.html

deposits of ice at Mercury's poles ... poles.html

Trojan asteroids ... roids.html

Apophis, the asteroid that will approach Earth in 2029 ... earth.html

MM/EU-related Physics ... icles#6809


More evidence that genetic mutations aren't random ... ent-random

Midwestern US has lost 57.6 billion metric tons of soil due to agricultural practices ... -practices

Questioning the Luminescence Dating Result of the Giza Pyramid

Ancient Man-Made Massive Underwater Cave

Ancient ice reveals scores of gigantic volcanic eruptions ... -eruptions
In all, the researchers identified 1,113 volcanic eruptions in Greenlandic ice cores and 740 eruptions in Antarctic ice cores over the past 60,000 years [6,000 IMO]

Mars dust may be the source of the Zodiacal lights

Folded rocks: testimony to Noah’s Flood [or the later Pangaea breakup impact and Floods]

Stonehenge and the new discovery of its inbuilt solar calendar of a 365.25 day year, just like now

Ancient handprints on cave walls in Spain found to include children’s hands ... spain.html

Sulfur from dino-killing asteroid caused way more global cooling than thought [the Ice Age IMO] ... oid-impact

People in One of World’s Oldest Cities Colored The Bones of Their Dead ... rious-ways

Ritual Impact Basin in Tulsa, Oklahoma

A LOST CITY Covered by Lava: Cuicuilco and the ‘Circular Pyramid’
The OLDEST Civilisation in the Americas: The Pyramid City of Caral, Peru

Ev Cochrane: Venus + Mars = Lamat Symbol

Under Every Lingam, This Exists?

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Tue Mar 29, 2022 6:26 pm



Ejection nebula of supernova Cassiopeia A does not expand evenly ... and-evenly

Astronomers race to explore ancient galaxies ... axies.html

magneto-centrifugal origin of protostellar jets ... -jets.html

Mapping the movement of white dwarfs of the Milky Way ... milky.html

spiral galaxy NGC 4571 ... piral.html

Mysterious death of carbon star [Death probably means no longer shining brightly] ... arbon.html

Quasi-periodic oscillations detected in pulsar LMC X-4 ... mc-x-.html

Stellar motions in the Large Magellanic Cloud ... large.html

new ultra-faint dwarf galaxy ... alaxy.html


New Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) ... 022-E3-ZTF

new type of solar wave ... es-physics

Speed of sound on Mars ... veals.html

Tracking sunspots up close

Zooming into the sun with Solar Orbiter

Giant ice volcanoes on Pluto ... pluto.html

MM/EU-related Physics ... icles#6814


nuclear waste into useful ceramics ... l-ceramics

'Bubble-through' nuclear engine ... horse.html

Microplastics found in blood for the first time ... first-time

giant waves in the earth's ionosphere ... earth.html

Hundreds of mammals yet to be discovered ... a-suggests

basilosaurus, a ferocious ancestor of modern whales ... -for-teeth

Largest ever human family tree identifies nearly 27 million ancestors ... -ancestors

star knowledge of First Nations people ... tions.html

Tall el-Hammam cosmic impact
- ... nce-attack
- ... -boslough/

Fossilized animal tracks in the Karoo, southern Africa

Intense Ice Age Volcanism Fits Biblical Model

Hawaiian Emperor seamount chain and the Yellowstone volcanoes ... llowstone/

Triassic mass extinction event ... sic-story/

Pictish Symbols Discovered in Scotland ... f-scotland

Machu Picchu wrong name ... wrong-name

Oldest Sun Observatory in The Americas ... -the-incas

Tulsa Basin Solar Observatory

Artificial Stone at Göbekli Tepe & Karahan Tepe

Searching for the LOST Underworld Labyrinth of Mitla, Mexico

"Impossible" Ancient Man-Made Caverns

Impossible Ancient Stone-Cut Anomalies

Ep081 Swept Bare by Giant Broom of FIRE

*HOW Did Ancient Civilizations Carry These MASSIVE Stone Blocks to the TOP of a Mountain? [before or after second Great Flood?]

WHAT is UNDERNEATH a LINGAM? [precious metals & gems]

(Full Links) ... essage=411

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Tue Apr 05, 2022 6:24 pm



most distant star ever detected ... r-detected

Compact galaxies discovered by LAMOST ... amost.html

mysterious circular ring points to intergalactic origin ... actic.html

Thirteen new pulsars discovered with MeerKAT ... erkat.html

Impact of black hole [sic] winds, radiation

Spiderweb galaxy field ... black.html

Prevalent non-negligible radiation pressure force exists on broad-line regions of active galactic nuclei ... black.html

Hubble views a galaxy ... black.html

Thermal electrons play key role in determining emissions from gamma-ray-burst afterglows ... sions.html

Active galaxy RXJ0134.2-4258

protoplanet that could upend planet formation models ... ation.html

How do planets form? ... years.html

The Milky Way's middle-aged inner ring


new insight into Mars' past climate ... -mars.html

New views of ice-related features in Mars' impact basin ... mpact.html

total reflection of ultraviolet wave train at a coronal hole ... -hole.html

distant long-period comets quickly fade away ... ickly.html

lunar regolith evolution process on Chang'e-4 landing area ... ange-.html

Significant solar flare erupts ... s-sun.html

Mercury has magnetic storms ... torms.html

A closer look at Jupiter's origin

Galilean moon, auroral emissions on Jupiter ... roral.html

MM/EU-related Physics ... icles#6822


Memory found to lean more on the brain's electric field than on neurons ... on-neurons

Human cells have appendages for movement ... -they-work

1st 'gapless' human genome finally sequenced ... -sequenced

High resolution illumination of Earth's interior down to the planet's core ... anets-core

Earth braces for solar storm ... a-displays

source of super-fast electron rain ... ctron.html

Helium clues of Earth's formation ... clues.html

Skeptic challenges biblical origin of chalk strata

How are caves formed?


Cambrian Explosion Explained by the Flood ... explosion/

Ice Free Corridor ... -corridor/

Curse Inscription Mount Ebal, Greece ... ount-ebal/

seismic effects of the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor explosion ... k-seismic/

Collapse of ancient Liangzhu culture of eastern China ... -collapse/

Neandertal extinction in the Iberian Peninsula ... ction.html

Carolina Bays Coriolis Effect

LARGEST Stone Monolith in the Americas: The Monolith of Tlaloc

Peruvian Andes Raymondi Stela ... cry-out-5/

An Open Letter to the Scientific Community, published by E. Lerner, New Scientist, May 22, 2004 ... ology.html

Evidence of Multiple Pre-Flood Civilizations Found?

"Perfectly Accurate" Ancient High-Technologies

What Did They Find In The Deepest Hole On Earth? (fossils)

Bizarre Ancient Boats Found Buried at Pyramids of Egypt

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by jackokie » Wed Apr 06, 2022 1:39 am

@Lloyd Thanks so much for the time and effort you put in to these posts. I try to read them all, but must confess sometimes I get so fed up with the baloney I have to quit.

When enlarged the image from your third link, "mysterious circular ring points to intergalactic origin", looks to me an awful lot like the Glowing Eye Nebula or Hoag's Object. Also like a plasma focus device.

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Tue Apr 12, 2022 11:05 pm

Thanks, Jack. Usually, there's some good data along with the mainstream nonsense, so I post the links for that reason. There are some article links I don't bother posting at all. I usually don't have time to read much of the material, but the titles are usually enough for me. And I figure having the links available is good for reference, in case we ever want to come back to any of them later.

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Tue Apr 12, 2022 11:06 pm




Magnetic field of Milky Way's 'spine' fully mapped ... first-time

more than 50 new pulsating stars in eclipsing binaries ... aries.html

nova T Aurigae ... ubble.html

how stars, planets form [probably wrong as usual] ... stars.html

a serpentine spiral ... piral.html

Hubble Photographs "Most Distant Star"


Space Force releases decades of data on meteor fireballs ... -fireballs

An interstellar object exploded over Earth in 2014 ... ata-reveal

record breaking, huge comet headed towards Earth ... ards-Earth

source of supersonic downflows into sunspots ... flows.html

Citizen scientists help map ridge networks on Mars ... -mars.html

surprising changes in Neptune's temperatures ... tures.html

Perseverance Mars rover is breaking records ... rover.html

MM/EU-related Physics [I'm posting the links here this week, since the other forum is making me wait.] ... icles#6828

controlling material properties in solid-layered perovskite ... skite.html

Optical control of photons as the key to new technologies ... ogies.html

Polarized neutron scattering reveals preferred spin excitations in bilayer iron-based superconductor ... based.html

First integrated laser on lithium niobate chip0 ... -chip.html

A new technique to detect collisions between single atom-ion pairs ... pairs.html

LHCb reveals secret of antimatter creation in cosmic collisions ... ation.html

electrostatic droplet tweezer remotely guides droplet motion ... otely.html

Expanding infrared microspectroscopy ... ethod.html

Intense laser light modifies the pairing of electrons ... trons.html


Fraud in Cellular Biology, by Dr. Harold Hillman
[I just found out about this biologist after checking out a recent article at He said living cells seen through a high magnification light microscope have cytoplasm that flows or streams within cells and stains used to see cells better actually kill and deform them. So do electron microscopes. So some of the cellular organelles etc are illusions, such as endoplasmic reticulum, golgi bodies, and maybe pores etc. See the link for a search on Hillman.]

New type of cell found hidden in the lungs [?] ... -the-lungs

Not all life is necessarily related ... far-anyway

The people promising us "Net Zero" [CO2?] have no clue about the energy storage problem ... ge-problem

VW develops new hydrogen technology: '2,000 Km on a single tank of fuel ... nk-of-fuel

Curiosity Mars Rover reroutes away from 'gator-back' rocks ... -back.html ... space.html

Dwindling water levels of Lake Powell seen from space ... space.html

The impact of long-term spaceflight on cerebrospinal fluid and perivascular spaces ... fluid.html

Modeling Earth's magnetosphere in the laboratory ... atory.html

Two millisecond pulsars detected in globular cluster NGC 6440 ... r-ngc.html

Arthropods and Mount St Helens

How carbon dating works inaccurately

Dinosaur at the Boundary Event
- ... ary-event/

Lake Sediments in Utah vs. Uniformitarianism ... s-in-utah/

A tsunami 3800 years ago devastated the coastline of Chile ... 000-years/

A Surprise Cave Finding Has Once Again Upended Our Story of Humans Leaving Africa ... -of-africa

Pollution is threatening some of the world’s oldest rock carvings ... der-threat

Unicorn-like imagery dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization (about 3300 B.C.)

The Invention of Pottery: 8,000 Years BEFORE Göbekli Tepe

The Enormous Megaliths of Osaka Castle in Japan

12,000 Yr-Old Scarab Earthwork Found In India?

Lost Civilization's Queen's Tomb Found In Giza?

"Everyday English" and Alchemy Terms are Based on the RED-HEADED FOLK's Black-Sea god names

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Tue Apr 19, 2022 6:18 pm



'Rapidly growing [so-called] black hole' linking to younger galaxies ... r-galaxies

A dusty, compact object bridging galaxies and quasars at cosmic dawn ... asars.html

Two millisecond pulsars detected in globular cluster NGC 6440 ... r-ngc.html

outburst of X-ray binary Swift J1858.6−0814 ... swift.html

12 semidetached mass-transfer massive binaries in galaxy M31 ... alaxy.html

planet with three stars, retracted article ... racts.html

Another spiral galaxy ... alaxy.html

flaring activity of blazar S5 1803+78

galaxy grouping ... alaxy.html

Most Distant Star


Neptune is cooling down and scientists don't know why
- ... t-know-why
- ... tures.html

Opening of Apollo 17 core sample, vacuum-sealed since 1972 ... ealed.html

Sun releases significant solar flare ... flare.html

bright fireball event ... eball.html

Space dust, asteroids and comets can account for all water on Mercury ... rcury.html

The [electrical] Keystone Pattern [Valles Marineris on Mars etc]

MM/EU-related PHYSICS ... icles#6832


Completion of Human Genome Reveals Anti-Evolutionary Surprises

Ocean Currents and Ice Caps ... -ice-caps/

Some Eco-News ... of-helium/

The mysterious giant squid

Have the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah been found? Yes, but the meteor airburst apparently didn't produce much actual brimstone.

Gobekli Tepe – Oldest Temple and Labyrinth of the Stars ... the-stars/

Earliest record of a candidate aurora found in Chinese annals ... nnals.html

Flood-buried crocodile’s last supper was a dinosaur

Chicxulub tsunami wave rushed up the Seaway to North Dakota ... -asteroid/

Nubian civilization that flourished in ancient Sudan ... dan-174575

America’s first settlers did not take the ice-free corridor [They may have been in America before Pangaea broke up & they rode along] ... -americas/

Possibly Earliest Evidence of a 260-Day Maya Calendar Ever Found ... -guatemala

Microfossils may be evidence life began ‘very quickly’ after Earth formed ... rth-formed

Massive meteorite impact created the hottest mantle rock ever ... rth-mantle

Headings of the Carolina Bays and other Impact Basins

Pyramids Found Beneath Antarctic Ice

Ancient Advanced Technology (Click on "Images") ... hnology%22

The Lost Labyrinth of Egypt - The Findings

The Enormous Megaliths of Osaka Castle in Japan

The Mysterious Monoliths of Asuka Nara, Japan

GOD's Secret Wife, Asherah [Venus]

The 1100 ton Unfinished Obelisk - Carved with Pounding Stones?

Impossible Ancient Prints

Pharaoh = Führer = Fairy - AND What are "FAIRY RINGS" - TOMBS = WOMBS

Off-Centered Saw-Cut Proves Egyptians had a Lost Ancient Technology

(Full Links) ... essage=417

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Tue Apr 26, 2022 4:31 pm



Cosmic 'angel wings' emerge from violent galactic collision in Leo constellation ... stellation

Spiral galaxies: too many for the big bang

Dying stars' cocoons might explain fast blue optical transients ... -blue.html

Radio flares observed on a nearby M dwarf star ... -star.html

micronovae, a new kind of stellar explosion ... osion.html

Hubble explores galactic wings ... wings.html

Tracing the evolution of interstellar molecules in Taurus molecular cloud-1 ... cular.html

Scientists find elusive gas from post-starburst galaxies hiding in plain sight ... axies.html

New double neutron star millisecond pulsar discovered ... ulsar.html

Hubble observations used to answer key exoplanet questions


Space dust, asteroids and comets can account for all water on Mercury ... rcury.html

All-sky cameras capture bright fireball event ... eball.html

Sun releases moderate and strong solar flares ... lares.html

Future of Earth's defense is ground-based planetary radar ... etary.html

Perseverance rover captures video of solar eclipse on Mars
- ... video.html
- ... ascinating

Using bacteria to build settlements on Mars ... -mars.html

Meteorites from the red desert of Australia support search for life on Mars ... -mars.html

Water on Jupiter's moon closer to surface than thought ... ought.html

Two largest marsquakes to date recorded from planet's far side
- ... -side.html
- ... s-far-side

Here's something rare: A Mars crater that isn't a circle. What happened? ... ircle.html

Scientists model landscape formation on Titan, revealing an Earth-like alien world ... aling.html

Enigmatic rocks on Mars show evidence of a violent origin ... olent.html

Mars may have less water than previously estimated

Holographic doctors on the ISS ... ce-Station

More on Bernardinelli-Bernstein Giant Comet ... ant-comet/


MM/EU-related Physics ... icles#6836

Tiny axles and rotors made of protein could power molecular machines ... r-machines

interacting brain waves key to how we process information ... nformation

GMO mosquito project ... k-of-proof

'Lost world' animals—found

Oldest feather

IPCC Problem: 90 Papers Were Published On The ‘Hiatus’ From 2009-2019; Now They Say It Never Happened ... er-happen/

megaquake in Chile ca. 3800 years ago led to the abandonment of the coast for almost a thousand years ... te-shifts/

Newfoundland Crater ... nd-crater/

Mysterious “population hub” was a starting point for ancient human migration ... nt-humans/

Evidence of ‘modern’ plate tectonics dating to 2.5 billion years ago found in China ... nics-china

Prehistoric people created art by firelight, new research reveals ... veals.html

New discovery sheds light on the peopling of the Pacific ... overy-png/

Friendship ornaments from the Stone Age ... e-age.html

Carolina Bay Impacts - uphill and downhill

Is This REALLY Evidence of a Lost Ancient Civilisation? The Master of Animals

NEW Scientific Study Revises Dates of First Human Activity in the Americas

Evidence Of Pre-Inca Megalithic Constructions Above The City Of Cusco In Peru

A Thorough Exploration Of Ancient Ollantaytambo In The Sacred Valley Of Peru

Ancient Red Haired Flying God Of Paracas In Peru

Ancient African Super Civilization?

Impossible Ancient Artifacts

(Full Links) ... essage=421

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Wed May 04, 2022 4:24 pm



Spiral galaxies: too many for the big bang

Study inspects properties of four galactic open clusters ... sters.html

Discovery of 30 exocomets in a young planetary system ... etary.html

Spinning stars shed new light on strange signal coming from galactic center ... enter.html

Two rocky exoplanets discovered around nearby star ... -star.html

Eight years later, an explosion far out in space is still revealing secrets about the lives of stars ... crets.html

TYC 2990-127-1 is an Algol-type double-lined spectroscopic binary ... copic.html

Telescope dons 'sunglasses' to find brightest-ever pulsar ... ulsar.html

Eight years later, supernova 2014C is still revealing secrets about the lives of stars ... s-of-stars


Carbon dioxide glaciers are moving at Mars' South Pole ... south.html

Enigmatic rocks on Mars show evidence of a violent origin ... olent.html

Earth's atmosphere may be source of some lunar water ... lunar.html

Enigmatic rock layer in Mars' Gale crater awaits measurements by the Curiosity rover ... rater.html

Fireball spotted over southern Mississippi, NASA confirms ... -nasa.html

Strong solar flare erupts from sun ... s-sun.html

New Comet C/2022 F1 (ATLAS) ... 2-F1-ATLAS

MM/EU-related PHYSICS ... icles#6838


More building blocks of DNA seen in meteorites, boosting panspermia theory of life on Earth ... e-on-Earth

Early dinosaur victim of end-Cretaceous asteroid impact

Fungi and Mount St Helens

Resurrecting “Ancient” Enzymes? ... t-enzymes/

Tusk Talk With Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson ... l-carlson/

Before Stonehenge monuments, hunter-gatherers made use of open habitats ... itats.html

Farmer unearths ancient statue of serpent-crowned goddess in Gaza ... tatue-gaza

Prehistoric women were hunters and artists as well as mothers ... ok-reveals

Nebraska Basins stacked like pancakes

8,500-Year-Old Rare Wooden Relic at Çatalhöyük in Turkey

What Cut The Gigantic Ancient Boreholes In India?

Unexplainable Antediluvian Ruins

Antediluvian Ruins Found In Iran

Seaquarium Orca confined in small pool for 52 years deserves release

(Full Links) ... 24/#msg424

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Tue May 10, 2022 12:31 am



rare 'black widow' binary star system, with the shortest orbit yet ... inary.html

kilonova associated with a nearby gamma-ray burst ... a-ray.html

Galactic ballet ... irlab.html

Planet-forming disks evolve in surprisingly similar ways ... milar.html

Hyperfast white dwarf stars provide clues for understanding supernovae ... clues.html

Even stars doomed to die as supernovae can have planets [but stars don't die that way] ... anets.html

double take on a spiral galaxy

termination shocks and extended X-ray emission in the active galaxy Markarian 78 ... alaxy.html

In a pair of merging supermassive black holes, a new method for measuring the void [of course, they're not black holes though] ... holes.html

Milky Way’s Plasma Bubble Network


Sun releases moderate solar flare ... flare.html

comet's hourglass-shaped dust trail ... trail.html

A magnetic bubble could protect astronauts from dangerous space radiation ... space.html

Global citizen science project finds more than 1,700 asteroid trails in Hubble images ... rails.html

Volcanoes may have killed Venus [Nope] ... tions.html

coronal waves excited by flares ... lares.html

Dynamics of ocean worlds likely controlled by their rotation ... ation.html

MM/EU-related PHYSICS ... icles#6840


Rare fossil of ancient dog species discovered ... -years-ago

Was the Flood global?

Ice core oscillations and abrupt climate changes: part 2—Antarctic ice cores

Flood Explains Mysterious Iceland Plant Fossils ... t-fossils/

Sciency journalist misreports climate giant Wallace Broecker on Younger Dryas ... ger-dryas/

Argentine Dinosaurs ... dinosaurs/

Skeletal remains in Bronze Age Orkney cemetery suggest large influx of women from continental Europe ... etery.html

Largest known cave art images in US by Indigenous Americans discovered in Alabama ... n-cave-art

Indigenous people farmed oysters sustainably for 5000 years ... s-farming/

deep-sea ridge north of Hawaii reveals an ancient lake bed paved with yellow bricks ... ific-ocean

Mother Lode of Carolina Bays

Enigmatic Ancient Megalithic Anomaly In Bolivia's High Jungle: Samaipata

Lost 'Super-Civilization' Discovered In Siberia❓
https:// ... bo5QZmJZ2Y


Hiawatha Crater Age? /1859 Carrington Event

(Full Links) ... essage=425

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Tue May 17, 2022 4:19 pm



first image of the so-called black hole at the heart of our galaxy ... our-galaxy

mixing fraction in classical novae ... novae.html

X-ray explosion on a white dwarf ... dwarf.html

four new brown dwarfs ... warfs.html

'gold standard' star in Milky Way ... milky.html

A small sombrero for Hubble ... ubble.html

quadruple stars that may spark supernova explosions (CC said supernovas & gas cloud collisions spark supernova explosions ) ... sions.html

Giant elliptical galaxy UGC 10143 ... y-ugc.html

Pinpointing young stars and their so-called protoplanetary disks ... disks.html

Mysterious nuclear transient AT2019pev inspected in X-rays ... -rays.html


'Monster' quake recorded on Mars by NASA's InSight, largest quake ever detected on another planet ... her-planet

NASA footage captures 'doorway' on Mars ... fe-on-Mars

old Hubble images turned up 1,000 new asteroids ... -asteroids

Strong solar flare erupts from sun ... sun-1.html

Pulse-to-pulse energy distribution etc of a FAST-CRAFTS pulsar ... rties.html

Highly circularly polarized and variable pulsar detected in the Large Magellanic Cloud ... ulsar.html

Eight things you never knew about mining on Mars, the Moon, and even asteroids ... roids.html

limited water circulation late in the history of Mars ... -mars.html

Quasi-periodic oscillation detected in blazar PKS 0405-385 ... -pks-.html

Buildup of solar heat [or the electric field] likely contributes to Mars' dust storms ... torms.html

MM/EU-related PHYSICS ... icles#6845


remarkable similarities in steroid hormone biology across cephalopods, mice, and humans ... ath-spiral

bending “sheet” of cells ... the-curves

Malaria parasites form vortices ... tices.html

Scarce and valuable metal Germanium discovered in Greece ... -in-Greece

Extraterrestrial stone brings first supernova clues to Earth ... earth.html

Evidence of extinction event could be at the bottom of a South Carolina pond ... olina-pond

Scientists grow plants in Moon soil ... an-history

Alaska's Westdahl Peak volcano is restless and overdue an eruption, and we may know what's stopping it ... topping-it

Tonga volcanic eruption effects reached space ... ption.html

Yellowstone National Park, Part 1: A Flood Supervolcano ... ervolcano/

The Five Rules of Flood Paleontology ... eontology/

Dr. Christopher Moore on recent Younger Dryas Boundary investigation in South Carolina ... cavations/

Why human brains were bigger 3,000 years ago ... -years-ago

Australian gas project threatens ancient carvings – and emissions blowout ... arbon-bomb

Several Mysterious Human-Made Pits Have Been Revealed Near Stonehenge ... stonehenge

Early Farmers’ Origins as More Complicated Than We Thought ... nes-reveal

Supposed 830-Million-Year-Old Organisms Found Trapped in Ancient Rock ... alian-rock

Tomb of ancient Egyptian dignitary who read top secret documents ... l-official

The Discovery of King Tutankhamun in FULL COLOUR

Amazing Ancient Drawbridge At Machu Picchu

The Most Amazing Ancient Anomalies


ODYSSEY was a voyage to America!! And WHY DOES OCEAN MEAN EYE

(Full Links) ... essage=427

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Wed May 25, 2022 3:03 pm



Hubble reveals a river of star formation ... -star.html

AT2019pev inspected in X-rays ... -rays.html

Outbursts of magnetar SGR J1935+2154 ... 52154.html

galaxy as a cosmic telescope ... young.html

star formation activities of two dust clouds ... ation.html

peculiar pair of spiral galaxies ... piral.html

young planetary nebula [ring star] IC 4997 ... la-ic.html

NGC 541 fuels an irregular galaxy ... ubble.html

The chaotic early phase of the solar system [is beyond the mainstream's comprehension] ... solar.html

comprehensive X-ray view of an active galactic nucleus in NGC 4258 ... cleus.html

search for exoplanets ... lying.html


Did a 5th giant planet mess up the orbits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune? ... nd-Neptune

Moon volcanoes may have spewed 18 quadrillion pounds of volcanic water ... anic-water

Voyager 1 may be confused about its location in space ... lar-system

May 31st possible meteor storm ... ons-or-not

how type of aurora on Mars is formed ... -mars.html

Ceres probably formed farther out in the solar system and migrated inward [probably not]

The sun

the sun's chemical composition ... y-sun.html

hemispheric asymmetry of long-term sunspot activity ... nspot.html

MM/EU-related PHYSICS ... icles#6849


Microscopic plankton imprint fossils ... unexpected

improved imaging of cell membranes ... aging.html

human-level artificial intelligence [just means computation, I think] ... -scaled-up

Magnetic waves across Earth’s outer core ... -deep-down

spectrometer surveys atmospheric dust from the ISS ... c-iss.html

Rocket engine exhaust pollution extends high into Earth's atmosphere ... earth.html

Earth's magnetic field from ISS ... netic.html

Dicynodonts and ‘out-of-place’ fossils [mammals with dinosaurs]

Seafloor Spreading Matches Creation Predictions

Key posters from Dr. Christopher Moore of the Comet Research Group

YD Comet Impact Overview ... 1.pptx.pdf

Greenland Site with the YD Layer ... 2.pptx.pdf

Antarctic Ice Shelves vs AGW ... e-shelves/

Thera Volcano ... a-volcano/

Potentially Alive 830-Million-Year-Old Organisms Found Trapped in Ancient Rock [Dating is way off] ... alian-rock

Tomb of ancient Egyptian dignitary ... l-official

Largest known Native American cave art ... -cave-art/

Nearly 8,000-year-old skull found in Minnesota River ... river.html

Gorgeous paintings of ancient Egyptian goddesses ... ian-temple

The mysterious origins of human sacrifice [not so mysterious - Saturn theory explains it] ... l-history/
See: ... zoom_cat=2

Carolina Bays Energy Transfer

Exploring the Mysterious Osirion [Egypt]

Evidence Left By A Lost Giants Civilization

Ancient Giants Golden Tomb [Ecuador]

Ep082 FIRE-breathing DRAGONS Scorch the Earth - Draconids [meteors]

Mysterious Origin of Chola Temples [India]

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Solar Orbiter latest: TUFTING

Unread post by FS3 » Thu May 26, 2022 10:48 pm

On ... _hedgehog2

from ESA you can read:
..Being closer to the Sun than any previous solar telescope has allowed EUI to take exquisitely detailed images of the solar atmosphere. These are revealing the Sun as never before, and have shown a multitude of intriguing features such as the hedgehog, which although classed as a small-scale feature still measures some 25 000 km across, making it around twice the diameter of the Earth..
They wont explain it and are now scratching their heads, as it is "intriguing"....

So, here we see tufting inside of tufting. The primary plasma channel bears too much current density for the electrode - so it splits off even more secondary channels, inside the primary channel. Due to field stability zones inside a plama tube they arrange themselves around those zones.

The electrical current through a plasma tube occurs at the mantle - outside over the plain. Correct me if I am wrong on this. So, splitting into a manifold of secondary channels inside the circumfence of the main channel produces more diameters - therefore the same current input, although via a much larger aerea on the electrode - the whole system stabilizes, again.

So we do see that "hedgehog" pattern which is a bunch of secondary channels inside the main channel - the circumfence of the hedgehog.


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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Wed Jun 01, 2022 3:58 pm



new radio source of unknown origin ... own-origin

The Westerlund 1 cluster: A giant stellar nursery ... rsery.html

New discovery about distant galaxies: Stars are heavier than we thought ... avier.html

interacting spiral galaxy ... piral.html

A grand spiral galaxy ... piral.html

black holes inside dying galaxies in early universe [What are they really?] ... axies.html
Firstly, the so-called dying galaxies are said to be elliptical. Those are likely not old galaxies, but young, as they likely form before becoming spirals. Secondly, they think redshift determines distance, whereas we know it means ionization, not distance. They're more highly ionized, so they're likely fairly young and they may not even be galaxies. And their distances aren't known, but probably not great, because, thirdly, they give off strong x-rays (& radio waves), supposedly due to black holes, but actually due to electrically energetic activity such as filament implosions or supernovas, which involve star births, not deaths. And there's very little dust, which would otherwise absorb the x-rays.

Unusual [pulsar, not:] neutron star ... ellar.html

highly variable polar star V496 UMa ... -v496.html

sun's rotation and magnetic field ... netic.html

dimming of Betelgeuse in 2019 ... geuse.html

Milky Way’s Plasma Bubble Network


New Comet C/2022 F2 (NEOWISE) ... F2-NEOWISE

Perseverance rover's playlist ... ylist.html

Solar wind a major driver of atmospheric sodium at Mercury ... odium.html

Artificial intelligence helps in the identification of astronomical objects ... mical.html

Ingenuity Mars Helicopter captures video of record flight ... tures.html

why Uranus and Neptune are different colors ... ptune.html

[Re FS3 from previous post] Zooming into the Sun at Perihelion
- ... perihelion
- ... pe)/videos

MM/EU-related PHYSICS ... icles#6852


Prepare for Huge Inflation, Shortages & maybe more Lockdowns

Gene-editing experiment turns cute hamsters into 'aggressive' beasts ... ive-beasts

Artificial limbs that work like real ones ... -the-brain

Vision changes in space

Aerial Engineering and Physics of the Dragonfly ... dragonfly/

mysterious magnetic waves deep down under South America ... -deep-down

Is Earth's core rusting? ... re-rusting

why the Hunga-Tonga eruption was so massive ... so-massive

Asteroid evidence for life on earth coming from outer space? No

More overstated chemical evolution claims

New Fossil Dolphin Species ... n-species/

Alternative theory of Gravity ... f-gravity/

Dolphins and Whales on Swiss Mountains ... mountains/

The most mysterious asteroids in the solar system, Trojans ... cy-mission

The first people in Australia likely feasted on the eggs of giant ducks ... ducks.html

3,400-Year-Old City Emerges in Iraq ... r-old-city

Egypt's Saqqara mummies treasure trove ... t-history/

Ancient cypress in Chile may be the world’s oldest tree up to 5,484 years old ... ress-chile

Unique cremation site of the Late Bronze Age ... ronze.html

one single seagrass plant continually cloning itself for almost 4,500 years ... gest-clone

Law of Superposition and the Carolina Bays

The Hidden History of Ancient Egypt! Full Interview with Yousef Awyan and Mohammed Ibrahim

Unexplainable Antediluvian Stone-Cut Ruins

Ep083 Transcendental "X Factor" of 1871 Firestorm Survivors

Live#012 Tau Herculids and Meteor Streams

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