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The planets are weirdly in sync

Posted: Thu Oct 14, 2021 7:34 pm
by hajaklin

In this video are references to other planetary systems where the planets are in sync.

In our solar system there is no sync, and all planets have a different axial tilt from our sun, Sol.

Our theory is that the Sol has captured its accompanied sun, Saturn (along with its planets, Mercury, Terra and Mars, as the axial tilts shows).

But how about Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, where they also accompanied suns??
Or could Jupiter have been expelled/ born from Sol, how is the theory on these births? Does the sun and the "gas" planets only expel rocky planets? Or is it possible that Jupiter is a child of the Sol?

As it is in our solar system there are no rocky planets with the same axial tilt as Sol, the sun.