Magnetic Reconnection in Black-Hole Magnetospheres

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Magnetic Reconnection in Black-Hole Magnetospheres

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Magnetic Reconnection in Black-Hole Magnetospheres:
Lepton Loading into Jets, Superluminal Radio Blobs, and Multi-wavelength Flares
Wow! What a mouthful.
Relativistic jets are ubiquitously launched by black holes (BH), such as stellar mass BHs in X-ray binaries, central engines of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), and super- massive BHs (SMBHs) in active galactic nuclei (AGNs).
Stop right there. It’s really STILL just an assumption that all those objects have black holes at their center.

And why did they leave out Herbig-Haro stars? Like this one: ... aro-24.pdf

Did they forget them because it’s unlikely they contain black holes, yet produce jets?

That part of why I’m skeptical about the mainstream explanation and assumptions for cosmic jets. Watch this …

Even the mainstream admits it's explanation for the jets is shaky.
However, the production mechanisms of jets are still unclear.
In any case, there’s lots of dependence on “magnetic reconnection” in that article, a phenomena that we all know was repudiated Hannes Alfven, who first suggested it. In the end he called it “pseudo-science” and replaced it with double layers instead, which the mainstream ignores. Here’s a thread on why … ... =3&t=16599 . So in my opinion, the authors are simply lost in the weeds.

But maybe Herbig Haro objects are just losing their hair, like the mainstream says blackholes do? Think I’m kidding? ... ns-physics