Archaic Thai Translations and Phrases for Electric Cosmology and Life

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light? If you have a personal favorite theory, that is in someway related to the Electric Universe, this is where it can be posted.
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Re: Archaic Thai Translations and Phrases for Electric Cosmology and Life

Unread post by Zathras » Tue Jan 31, 2023 11:27 pm

The Aether

When the online translations are run, the same word auto translates with a Thai accent which is obviously wrong. My extra large Thai/English Oxford concise dictionary has the full Thai word for the aether but there is a problem finding some equivalent English words for pieces of the phrase when I literally translate the full sentence back and this is posted as is, with a possibility of expanding on it in the future if the appropriate English words are found to exist.

ธาตุเหล็กอินทรีย์ในอากาศที่ซึมเข้าไปในร่างกายได้ - 'Airborne organic iron that permeates the body'
ธาตุเหล็กอินทรีย์เหลวในอากาศที่ซึมเข้าไปในร่างกายได้ - 'Liquid organic iron in the air that can permeate the body'

This is a word breakdown of pieces of the structure that is a little more accurate. ... 4%E0%B9%89

So the iron can be the magnetic field, loosely this is;

'The magnetic field of the living organism creates frames in the fluid of the air which soak or permeate into the absorbing body'

So the body is the human or lifeform that creates frames from heat and these absorb the aether into their lungs. Have you ever sat next to a fan heater or other electric appliance too long and realized that you have trouble breathing, this is because of the frame effect that affects how oxygen is absorbed into the body.

อินทรีย์ - 'in-see' or 'frame'. Starting at the 8th letter along on the second Thai word. This is like the frame effect created by the heat which is shown on Egyptian walls, this picture shows the Elements changing to the new setting of the Sun and how it changes the frames which look like feathered wings on the backs of the Egyptians. The colour red is for Mercury, blue for the Earth and there should be a green for Venus. ... B0899KC7MD ... 1-ne180091

The frame inside the aether can actually be heard, when an artificial metal object such as a satelite is placed in space it kind of scars the aether acting as a mirror back to life, this will penetrate deep into reality and can sound like a strange ethereal screeching of metal.

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Re: Archaic Thai Translations and Phrases for Electric Cosmology and Life

Unread post by Zathras » Tue Feb 07, 2023 10:29 pm

เสียงภาษาเคื่อฆนาดขนานกัน = ‘The sounds of the Khukhana language are parallel to each other‘

This is about an instrument like a xylophone that is part of the dress and clothes itself, is very old fashioned and almost unknown in Thailand now. Thais would dance in a circle playing each other’s instruments on their backs as part of their dress, it is a symbol of the telepathic sound system used to discern what others are going to do (often before they know themselves as it reads the resonance first which must come before any bodily movement or speech as the resonance forms part of the consciousness for intent).
(Note: the Khukhana language is a literal translation and the origin is unknown at this time but is presumed to have roots to the universal telepathic language).

ระนาด = xylophone

Examples are here, the xylophone progressed from something physically worn to a separate instrument. ... eat_Ek.jpg

ขิม= ‘dulcimer’; a stringed instrument a little like a lute

This is similar to the Egyptian picture here with the Pharaohs striped headresses and skirt dresses. ... ent-egypt/
The instrument like a keyboard or xylophone is shown here on the Egyptian wall. The object in the ladies hand on the left is a device for striking the keys on the next person for playing the telepathic sounds which are shown on their clothes as strips. ... /323303721
and ... h-29639857
The diamond pattern on the lady's dresses are the Elements common to that species of human from that cycle, compare to the unique shell shapes found on some tortoises, this is similar. (There are not many animals that show their Elements on their skin)

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