How to Increase the Electric Charge of the Human Body to Fight Diseases and Viruses (The liver, part 1)

What is a human being? What is life? Can science give us reliable answers to such questions? The electricity of life. The meaning of human consciousness. Are we alone? Are the traditional contests between science and religion still relevant? Does the word "spirit" still hold meaning today?
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Re: How to Increase the Electric Charge of the Human Body to Fight Diseases and Viruses (The liver, part 1)

Unread post by Zathras » Tue May 04, 2021 10:52 pm

Covid, Vaccine Shedding, Blood Clots and Multiple Sclerosis in the Scalar Wave Biology Model

I am sure its not escaped many people’s notice that there are side effects to the Covid vaccines and these can take somebody of any age, symptoms reported as including headaches (blood clots?), strokes, neurological confusion, heart attacks and stomach problems, amongst others.

So in the scalar wave biology model the virus has a resonance that is constantly changing shape and tries to track across the blood towards the magnetic proteins. An analogy to help understand the scalar wave physics involved is to imagine your mobile phone has oil spilt on it’s screen, the light from behind is broken apart, the image is disconnected and blurry.
Travelling through the oil, the resonate construct of the virus is now no longer in 1 piece (i.e. the virus’ rotating magnetic field has been fractured).

The idea is to break that apart using specific oils like walnut oil or baobab oil, 2 teaspoons of these oils followed by either nothing for a couple of hours or an oily food such as roasted seeds like for example linseeds, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts mixed with an avocado in a food blender are all good(similar to Dr. Mercola’s breakfast actually, search it on youtube).
The COVID spike protein shedding has been reported as giving people a sore throat and the oil will help calm that down.
Do not follow with tea or coffee these will feed the virus particles that are shedding into the air from other people’s skin and getting breathed in to your (un)vaccinated lungs.
Pink salt in warm water is excellent, it will kill the vibrations of the virus by short circuiting it (higher conductivity means the scalar waves don't travel as far, they prefer insulation), thats why sailers had heavily salted meat that wouldn't go off for months on long voyages and its also why people in hospitals get a salt drip IV.

In the scalar model, the sounds which are scalar wave signal information produced by the DNA carrier wave travel inside the myelin sheath insulation and the electrons travel in the nerves. Now although these 2 should be connected as a pair, unfortunately it is thought the Covid vaccines can disrupt the connection between the primary circuit (powered by the liver) and the secondary circuit which delivers the sound signals to the nerve endings and drains from the veins which are going into the small arteries.

A blood clot is thought to be caused by missing sound information to the nerve endings. The nerve endings act as small receiving fractal antennae for the background molecular signatures and the sounds in the myelin sheaths will direct and push the electrons into the correct cells. The source of some of the electrons are the electrogenic gut bacteria, So what you have is electron flow but no cellular carrier information, which is also missing essential molecular background information, hence why the blood pools in 1 place because basically it doesn’t know what to do or how to build.

With Multiple Sclerosis, the sound signal is uneven around the nerves (damaged myelin sheath affects the single wire longitudinal wave filtration method and propagation properties) and will tune and focus only in certain areas of the body, hence the numbness and pain with the missing areas of the signal void. The sound signal at the destination is missing or corrupt so the derived background molecular information which provides the biological signature and template for the body’s molecules will not be provided. Improving the receiving capacity of the body’s fractal antennae will be discussed in part 3.

Treatment with the walnut/baobab oils and warm pink salt water is quick and effective but If you have side effects from a vaccine, please do the liver flush as soon as possible, this will reverse many of symptoms if its done quickly before they have had time to develop into something worse, you have to reset the memory of your charge and this will help re-synchronise the primary and secondary circuits.

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Re: How to Increase the Electric Charge of the Human Body to Fight Diseases and Viruses (The liver, part 1)

Unread post by Zathras » Sun May 30, 2021 11:30 pm

However the theory is interpreted, its the results that count, here is a lady who had severe endometriosis who was able to significantly reduce it despite the doctors saying there is no cure. As she and Moritz state, continue until you have no more stones come out, then it is suggested to continue to the kidney flush in part 2 as a more powerful liver will require kidneys that can deliver the charge more efficiently around the body. ... iosis.html

Endometriosis is understood to be conflict cells and often black stones for either male or female can be the beginning of conflict cells, this is hard to get rid of but it can be substantially reduced so that the origin frequency becomes the dominant frequency for the stem cells (this should help with bipolar as well)
If lots of sandy debris comes out this is a precursor to actual stones, so it good this comes out, possibly it might be the last flush for somebody and a great preventive for future disease, also increasing the electrical charge at the same time.

Results from Repeated Liver and Gall Bladder Flushes

I have helped about a dozen people go through liver flushes and these are all personal experiences and observations of people I directly know, some have taken 2 or 3 years to show properly afterwards such as hair regrowth, others can be immediate.

Eyes:- sharper, clearer vision. More eye colour (seriously ill go white and filmy). Vision can be made ‘wider’, this is like getting a wider angle lense in your camera or having more glass put in your glasses (suggest that Dr. Sheldrake’s morphic field extends out from the eyes further than before)

Breathing:- Moritz said that a seriously congested liver can reduce blood flow to the heart by 70%. Faster and deeper breaths but clearer breathing often happens for a few hours after really large (i.e. SIM card sized) stones come out. Afterwards you will find you can walk up hills like when you were younger.

Bones:- repeated flushes can produce pain in the bones. This is good, it will go away as the bones increase in size and blood flow to account for the extra charge and molecular information from the nerve endings. Also a growth factor hormone is produced by the liver and it is assumed the output increases helping general growth.

Consciousness:- clearer and sharper, similar to the eyes. Memory and intuition can improve, noise and signal loss has been removed from circuit because the scalar waves no longer dead end into the liver stones but rather have new paths and destinations.

Cysts:- Size can reduce, removing the need for dangerous operations. In scalar wave biology, the sound signals produced by the bacteria pass through the cysts then dead end as a terminated load into the liver stones. Removing the stones, removes the circuit path that feeds the cyst with energy and thus the sound energy goes to the correct place.

Hair and eyebrows:- Regrowth is fairly easy, 3 or 4 flushes and 12 months should be enough to notice some regeneration on the head. Hair and eyebrows can literally fall out with strong medication like chemo or even statins, but a steady diet of processed food and the usual environmental factors generally leads to some hair loss, women are affected differently because they have a different secondary circuit to men (There are 2 secondary current paths, 1 for the mother and 1 for the baby, they are separate but obviously both are sourced from the same primary circuit)

Joint pain:- reduction of joint pain is fairly easy and might be noticeable after 1 flush but the key is changing diet and lifestyle after the reset.

Dry skin:- reduced oil in the tissue means the permittivity is altered, wave conduction in the insulation is poorer, signal loss higher.The scalar wave decay rate time is shorter. Imagine an echo in a cave, this is the signal being passed around the cells, the decay rate is the time of the echo from source to decay)

Halting weight loss:- loss of weight means the gut flora are not delivering their electricity to the cells properly, this is often a precursor to disease. It is recommended to take strong probiotics starting 2 days after the liver flush (not before, because it is pointless and will only build on top of corruption)

Skin colour:- Skin tone increases, more colour depth. Each skin colour has a unique frequency which tunes to the lungs, they are a resonate pair, skin problems are often a sign there is a problem with the lungs, improving the skin colour(i.e. charge) will help the lungs to breath which will help stop viruses taking control, oxygen is the key and the lungs breath through the skin.

Pregnancy:- Much higher chance of fertility. Since the 1970’s fertility rates have been dropping and women having a problem to get pregnant often need to detox the liver because the womb will not have enough voltage in order to conceive or carry a healthy baby.

The body needs to be decontaminated from a multitude of chemicals, chalk, mould and viruses that mostly store up in the liver as toxic debris often wrapped up in cholesterol balls (check the Project Avalon link at the start for the photos). When the body can’t digest something, this is how it deals with it, people think chemicals always come out with food but they don’t and this can be an underlying cause and precursor for cancer. Chemicals will develop an artificial resonance that eventually becomes disease.
Ringing in the ears is a sign that the body’s resonance is trying to develop into something new, if this is allowed to continue, new ‘evolved’ cells using the extra frequency will form and it will be hard to get rid of them.

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Re: How to Increase the Electric Charge of the Human Body to Fight Diseases and Viruses (The liver, part 1)

Unread post by paladin17 » Tue Jun 01, 2021 2:12 pm

It is quite fascinating to observe what I can only describe as magical concepts about health to actually unfold before you.

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Re: How to Increase the Electric Charge of the Human Body to Fight Diseases and Viruses (The liver, part 1)

Unread post by Zathras » Sat Jun 05, 2021 10:19 pm

paladin17 wrote:
Tue Jun 01, 2021 2:12 pm
It is quite fascinating to observe what I can only describe as magical concepts about health to actually unfold before you.
Belief and disbelief are powerful things, part 1 is really about how Dr Thornhill would say 'wiping the chalk board clean', its not the be all and end all, but makes for a good beginnning and correct path by changing the past stored in the consciousness :)

The subconscious can be thought of as being partly in the lungs and the liver, the lungs could even be thought of as a second brain. Its a catch-22 situation if someone has a highly processed liver resonance because it is thought to change their consciousness and hence the more corrupted someone becomes the less able they will see that they need to do a liver flush.
It took me a long time to understand the front cover of Moritz’s book. ... 0984595449

One of the strangest side effects I had was that perception of time slows down a little after each liver flush (coupled with parts 2 and 3). I think as one gets older normally time passes quicker because we aren’t picking up on the detail as much, the circuit for consciousness has become noisy and doesn’t absorb as much of the background molecular.
When those people stayed in the cave for 40 days, some perceived time as 23 days and some as 31 days, what I suspect is it depends how processed and artificially evolved their liver resonances have become, and this changes their perception of time. ... -1.6004240

It is thought that left handed people have an opposite handed rotation of the field potential in the liver which is against the normal flow. This results in a stronger electric charge on the secondary side but at the expense of extra load and stress onto the primary side, hence why have good tennis players who are left handed. Think it kind of cross wires the secondary circuit across the lungs more, this will show in the finger and toe prints as different waves as compared to right handed people. Detection of the ‘Qi field’ is possible using sensitive equipment as shown here.

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Re: How to Increase the Electric Charge of the Human Body to Fight Diseases and Viruses (The liver, part 1)

Unread post by Zathras » Thu Jul 15, 2021 1:10 am

Iodine Supplementation

Iodine is an important element for biology and it builds over 30 molecules required for the body. It forms a key protein to aid in cell apoptosis (programmed cell death), this is important in cancer prevention to get rid of bad cells from the body. As well as the thyroid, some iodine is stored in the breasts, and it has been found that women with breast cancer have no iodine left at all in the breasts, so obviously the body can use it up in times of healing crisis.

Reasons for low iodine levels in the body include deficiency in food and soil, plants are often fast grown which means they do not take the nutrients up from the soil properly, it has been estimated that some vegetables have only half of the iodine content that they used to have in the 1950’s.

The body stores roughly 40 mgs of iodine, most of which is in the thyroid but it is distributed around the body. Supplementing is recommended with liquid elemental iodine which also contains potassium iodide, a popular old fashioned brand is called ‘lugols’ which contains both. Potassium iodide will affect different areas of the body than the elemental version and they will work together synergistically.

It is recommended to use a reasonably high dose of 10-20 mgs per day to bring the body back to normal as quickly as possible. Typically this will be 2 or 3 drops of the high strength 15% lugol’s iodine, put this in a glass of warm water and have 15 minutes before food for best absorption (do not mix with anything else). The body is thought to only store up a maximum of about 1 mg per day so it might take over 1 month to fully restock the iodine reserves of the body back to normal levels.

Iodine is known to help the nerves and the reason is thought to be that it helps resynchronise and phase lock the differing concurrent scalar wave frequencies that are the signals around the nerves inside the myelin sheaths, the waves should become coherent again. A tell sign of lack of coherence is fatigue and the nerves kind of feel something is grating against them, this can happen in the lungs and it feels like there is sandpaper there, the scalar waves are kind of scratching against each other. It is thought that smaller scalar waves act as sub-carriers which feed up to the main carrier and as they get weakened by lack of coherence, the main carrier will then feed off nearby cells at the nerve endings to sustain itself, thereby making the cells tired and worn out.
When the scalar waves are out of sync, they will cause interference with each other, and this will produce circuit noise, although it does not work that way, iodine can be thought of a low pass noise reduction filter for signal transmission.

The good news is that iodine should resynchronise the signals and bring things back to normal. It can be very fast acting in only 10 minutes and 1 dose, scalar wave mechanics is very quick, much faster than chemistry, a foggy head can be cleared in no time, although it might take a few doses to bring things back to normal.

It is thought that people on ventilators for the covid have the scalar waves out of coherence and require them resynchronising and it should help as long as they have not had the vaccine (the vaccine constructs a magnetic field from conflicting processed molecular signatures that go against each other).

How to Trick and Weaken the Virus Variants by Targeted Signal Manipulation

This is how I dealt with a covid variant that I caught for 3 days, first it needs to be appreciated that these simple methods will not work properly if the person has been mRNA vaccinated first because the magnetic field has already been processed by the virus and the vaccine produces an evolutionary result inside the consciousness, what that means is the electric charge that produces the magnetic field must be reset first (e.g. liver flush, see the start), then proceed from there.

For everyone else, I used a multi pronged approach, keep alternating steps 1-3 throughout the day, and keep away from processed foods such as cereals, sugar and powdered foodstuff, the virus does not like fresh food with Qi, fat is good and will help.

1) 1 tea spoon of himalayan pink salt in warm water. Pink salt slows the signal down from the primary circuit to the secondary circuit, this will help with coughing because the lungs are on the secondary side. It also reduces the distance and decay time of the scalar waves by reducing the insulative qualities of the body via the blood, the virus strength will be reduced because it can not charge from the body as easily (waves prefer good insulators and dielectric properties).
IV salt can be thought of as only fine grain sandpaper but pink salt is like mixed grain size sandpaper to the virus signals (the trace minerals cause this), what that means is it produces more of a scratching effect to the virus resonance and rips it apart more than standard salt, imagine sound travelling over a rough lumpy surface instead of a smooth linear surface, what is the difference to the sound wave?

2) Iodine. Covered above, this will treat the infection and trick the virus so it can’t supply from the main circuit by changing the signal characteristics and resetting the concurrent coherence. It is most effective if never used before and the virus has not adapted to it, covid reacts differently with electricity than other viruses. (remember the vaccinated already have a new setting for the signals, so there will be a conflict of settings if both are used at the same time)

3) Walnut oil. This was covered further up, take 2 teaspoons 2-4 times a day, especially just before bed. This will splatter the resonance of the virus and spread it out like a distorted mirror at the fairground does to your reflection, this will weaken the virus’s self image and ability to track itself across the body.

4) Swimming and water. Water places a kind of a net around the body’s external magnetic field, the skin and lungs are a resonate pair and the scalar wave velocity and period are changed inside the magnetic field which lays outside of the body (morphic field). This will confuse the virus that exists inside the magnetic field (of the aura) because it is only tuned to 1 frequency and wavelength, the more dense and conductive the water the better, hence sea water is preferable. (Also breathing in chlorine will have a disinfectant attribute as an added bonus)

The vaccinated can develop a processed virus inside the magnetic field which may never go away, this is why people have repeatedly caught the virus variants despite treatments and vaccines. The immune system of the body should only need to be told once and as long as it’s not been corrupted by mRNA vaccines, any subsequent infection should be minor and can be dealt with in a similar manner. If the infection does keep getting worse, just do a quick liver flush, all the oil, decontamination and electric charge reset should wipe the virus out, much like cancer or other diseases, the virus will thrive on pollution, microwaves, artificial environments and bad food so these will have to be monitored as much as possible, keep off the sugar, only have sweet fruits, the sugar has a unique charge signature.

Polarity Healing

Natural fruit sugars are a minus polarity and processed sugar is a plus polarity, you only want a minus polarity to power the primary circuit because this has the correct spin and hence it produces an efficient negative charge into the primary circuit, much gene edited food will be a plus polarity so it acts as a charge depleter, and eventually wears out the amplitude of the Elements via the resonance.
All normal food has both plus polarity and minus polarity to maintain the biofield oscillations in a natural order. The trick in cooking is to separate the two, typically for example this means removing the white pith and seeds from peppers or the peel and core from vegetables, cooking temperatures can flip the food state from minus or plus and will depend on many factors such as cooking oil and other ingredients, its a tricky process to get a handle on and really deserves a separate thread to itself, but basically most diseases will feed off a plus polarity lifestyle.
(The consciousness itself is thought to have either a plus or minus polarity, this makes it adaptable and alive, but always too much of one will create an in-balance, minus polarity has the dominant direction for such things as vortices and the chirality of amino acids)

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