The Radio Secrets Of DNA

What is a human being? What is life? Can science give us reliable answers to such questions? The electricity of life. The meaning of human consciousness. Are we alone? Are the traditional contests between science and religion still relevant? Does the word "spirit" still hold meaning today?
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The Radio Secrets Of DNA

Unread post by EnergyGem » Mon Oct 04, 2021 1:37 pm

A fascinating video on the secrets of DNA.

"Very few people know that in the universe there exists unlimited high density/frequency energy, and our human body has the ability to resonate with these energies, it is just not well understood by modern science. In this video we will introduce several very astonishing experiments to explain the problem, and we are going to talk about the virus from a totally different perspective and a little-known way to eliminate it.": ... JianVideos

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