Room-share and Ride-share requests for EU2014 Conference

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Room-share and Ride-share requests for EU2014 Conference

Unread postby davesmith_au » Sun Feb 02, 2014 9:30 pm

Mark Spann has asked me to post the following to the Announcements Forum on his behalf. All memberss please mote that once the thread is started (by an admin) anyone can post further posts to the thread...

If you are planning to attend the Electric Universe 2014 conference in ABQ, and are seeking to reduce expenses by sharing a room, or a seeking a ride-share to and from via automobile, this is the place to post your needs and requests. Here's what to do;

First, post your tentative plans here by reply to this initial post. The most effective posts for ride-share requests include your city and state location, proposed dates and times of departure/to and from the conference, your proposed route (if you are driving and seeking riders), and if and how you propose to share fuel or mileage expenses.

For room sharing inquiries, the most effective posts include; whether you have already booked a double room at the ABQ Marriott Pryamid North - or other nearby hotel - and are seeking a roomate, or rather are seeking someone who has booked a double to share; number of days and dates you plan to need for lodging; and minimal and sufficient personal info for others to know if they may be a good match (i.e. male/female, smoker/non/smoker etc, no snorers, etc).

After you have posted, feel free to contact me by phone at (251)-648-0006, or by Skype, Skype ID = mark.spann1. I will inquire about your plans, take some notes, and will get your contact info so if I can respond to you if/when I discover a compatible potential candidate to match you up with. Then upon each parties approval, I will exchange both parties contact info, and y'all can take it from there.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions about the conference. I'm happy to assist and to help making your travel and lodging as affordable as possible.

- Mark Spann
EU2014 Room-share and Ride-share Coordinator
phone (251) 648-0006
Skype ID = mark.spann1 (Birmingham AL, USA)
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Re: Room-share and Ride-share requests for EU2014 Conference

Unread postby markspann » Sat Feb 08, 2014 3:31 pm

Just a note to those who may have landed here by way of a link from another website: It will be necessary for you to take a moment to register as a Thunderbolts forum member in order to make a post here. This is a public forum, and as such, any post here, and content therein, will be accessible in the public internet domain. Please apply discretion in posting personal information, but understand that a successful post advertising your interest in finding a ride or room share arrangement will, by necessity, require you to state some info about yourself and your tentative or proposed travel and/or lodging interests.

An alternative to publically posting your room/ride share requests here, is to contact me privately. I'll take all the necessary information I need from y9ou and if/when I find a potential match, I will contact you by whatever means you prefer.

- Mark Spann
EU2014 Room-share and Ride-share Coordinator
phone (251) 648-0006
Skype ID = mark.spann1 (Birmingham AL, USA)
Mark Spann
EU2014 Conference room and ride share coordinator
(251) 648-0006
Skype ID = mark.spann1
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