What's Most Interesting EU & Catastrophist Info?

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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What's Most Interesting EU & Catastrophist Info?

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Dec 07, 2008 9:46 pm

Here's the beginning of my list. I don't know if I'll ever get it all transcribed.

- IV's book Earth in Upheaval, I think, said age of MS River is 5,000 years max, based on current erosion rate [so was it carved electrically then? And was the Midwest flat?]
- He also said the mid Atlantic ridge had lava rock formed in air, not under water
- Lloyd Pye said many human remains & artifacts are found under 200 million year old strata in several parts of the world; he thought it meant humans have been around for 200 million years, but it's more likely that the rock strata are only thousands of years old, instead of millions.
- Some good authors are John Anthony West, Robert Bauval, Michael Cremo Forbidden Archeology, Lloyd Pye, Hamlet's Mill, Clube and Napier, IV, Lynn Rose, Robert Grubaugh, Charles Ginenthal, Ted Holden, Wal Thornhill, Dwardu Cardona, Dave Talbott, Don Scott, Rens Van der Sluijs, Tony Peratt, William Corliss, Sourcebook Project, Fate magazine, Enterprise Mission,
- There's good material at http://kronia.com/thoth.html
- IV said Hyksos = Amalekites = Hittites = 1450-1050BC[?]; Exodus pharoah = TuTimaeus = 1450BC[?]; Saul's ally vs Hittites = Amenhotep 3 = 1050BC[?]; Queen of Sheba = Hatshepsut = Solomon's lover = 950BC[?]; Thutmos 3 = Hatshepsut's stepson = looter of Solomon's Temple = 900BC; Hatshepsut seems to have had a daughter whom she wanted to rule after her, maybe Solomon's daughter, but Thutmos 3 apparently had both killed so his line would rule, according to History channel recently, I think; Ramses 2 = 800BC[?]; Akhenaten = Oedipus Rex = 750BC[?]

- I have all the back issues of Kronos, which were published from about 75 to 85. Thoth came out online from 97 to 04. Below are the more interesting statements in Kronos, starting from the last issue and going toward the first. I marked the following statements in them when I read them and sometimes reread them. I show authors' initials.
- Kronos
- 11:3, p12, EC: Noah's Ark = Moses' Ark = ship = crescent of Saturn, guided by cow = Venus?; cow horns = crescent

- 11:2,
- p14, LR: LR's Philalaos Model had Earth orbiting Saturn.
- p16: IV first had the idea that Earth was a moon of Saturn.
- p70, JS: A deluge moved vast Pleistocene soils great distances, like the Canadian shield soils that moved to the U.S. Great Plain.
- p71, Neanderthals were a race of humans who were absorbed, as their traits are seen in some modern humans.
- The races resulted from ancient catastrophes and they separated themselves intentionally.
- p89, An archeological hiatus in Near East at 2300BC = catastrophic event, said Clube & Napier.
- p90, BN: Soviet drillhole on Kola Pen. show Earth's structure & temperature are anomalous.
- p94, CG: Saxl's charged pendulum experiment showed that EM affects motion.

- 11:1
- p19, BN: Venom on land & blood in rivers came from deep red rare Earth metals from Inanna (= Venus?)
- p20, A catastrophic Nin event occurred 2300BC = same found by Schaeffer in Near East archeology. SISR, V3, p77-95
- p21: Nin-me-sar-ra was written way before the Exodus.
- p100 RF: FJuenemann's idea was that Venus was a moon of Jupiter.

- 10:3,
- p9, LE: In Earth in Upheaval IV said the sun & planets are moved not just by gravity, but by magnetism too.
- p81 DV: IV said magnesium & sodium in the Dead Sea showed it to be 4,000 years old, coinciding with the Exodus.
- p87, DC: Moloch = Saturn ate his own children, so humans imitated that with ritual cannibalism and child sacrifice.
- p89, The Jews were called people of Saturn till the Middle Ages.
- p89, Jacob changed his name to Israel, meaning preserver of Saturn.
- p90 & 93, Yahwists revised the ancient Hebrew Bible to remove signs of Moloch worship.
- p93?, Abraham & Moses opposed Saturn worship, but Israelites didn't listen.
- p94, Archeology of Carthage proves ancient cannibalism and Israelites did the same.
- p104, RF: Middle Kingdom paintings show people almost nude, wearing only loin cloths; today that's uncommon in Egypt.

- 10:2,
- p43, JM: Hubble constant, unlike other constants, cannot be measured, but depends on a circular argument
- p44: theory: induced dipole forces act on photons to produce redshift & bending light around massive objects
- charge pair must be contained in photon
- ring clouds circle many or all stars; the sun's must be far beyond Pluto's orbit
- theory: cometary redshift does not measure tail ion speed, but electric charge on comet nuclei
- p45: Larmor's Theorum says charged bodies will have slow orbital precession
- p46: theory: celestial magnetic dynamos are powered from outside by electrical interactions between charged bodies and between a body's interior and its upper atmosphere
- thry: A closely passing highly charged comet can greatly alter a body's magnetic field
- p46-47: theory: Jupiter's strong magnetic field is due to strongly charged satellite Io; Saturn's weak field is due to weakly charged Dione; sun's weak field is due to Mercury's weak charge and sun's slower rotation; Earth's strong field is due to fast rotation within strongly charged Moon's orbit
- p48: theory: a passing highly charged body produced Earth's iridium layer and magnetic reversals
- theory : Earth altering events, including 20 short mountain building epochs, were caused by highly charged passing bodies
- p49: Newell [in Spec's in Sci and Tech, 1984] found that Venus may be at least 3 billion years younger than Earth
- p52: Large quasar redshifts are due to enormous proton winds from the quasars that redshift the photons
- p53: gas giant planets have ongoing fusion in their atmospheres and produce proton winds
- p57, DC: Jupiter & Saturn were in harmonious proximity for millennia
- Then they clashed and Jupiter disrupted the Saturn system
- p60: Tidal transference of angular momentum from planets to satellites tends to force prograde satellites outward toward eventual gravitational escape
- Tidal forces also tend to reduce the inclination of a satellite's orbit to zero, so satellite orbits could have had significant inclinations in the past
- p62-3: Bass showed that planets could have approached each other, then settled into Bode's Law configuration in a few centuries; Thus the same would be true of satellites of the planets
- p63: How did Mars manage to acquire 2 small satellites?
- p66: Earth turned upside down 7 days before Noah's Flood as per Ginsberg 1968, caused by influence of Jupiter and or Saturn
- p67: The Jupiter-Saturn clash came long after Saturn's original flare-up
- Saturn's flare-up occurred at the same time as Earth's inversion, so both may have had the same cause
- p68: 2 astronomers,Szebeheley & McKenzie [Astr J, Apr 77], showed that the Moon could have been a planet which was captured by the Earth
- p71, RW: Ancients said Earth was Mother, because of being smooth, not mountainous. It had no great oceans, no salt water
- p72 no moon to cause tides, no predators, no winter, no night; people sometimes ascended into the air; people were long-lived.

- 10:1
- p2, DC: Saturn originally had several disruptions, which always changed its appearance, so that the ancients gave it new names each time
- p3: The great majority of deities trace to Saturn, while far fewer trace to other planets
- p4: When Saturn disappeared from the polar configuration, the stars first became visible, and were thought to be dismembered part of Saturn's body
- p5: Constellations and planetoids were named for Saturn traits
- p6-7: Talbott thinks Saturn wandered before settling into the polar position, but DC can find no mythical evidence for this, only evidence that Saturn always rested at the pole
- p7: Through most of the Golden Age Saturn had 7 rings, not the present ones, but originally it had none, then one, which split into 3, then 7
- p9: Ancient Egyptians said Atum [= Saturn] originally had no perch [no polar column]
- p11: polar axis = vortex = serene ruach [spirit] of Genesis and hurakan of Americas = later destructive abubu of Assyro-Babylonia and Shiva of India [the polar column was serene initially, but eventually became a destructive terror]
- p13: Early ancients thought planets were gods, but later ancients realized that the gods were planets and said so
- p17, RA: Hamlet's Mill concludes that myths show sophisticated prehistoric knowledge of astronomy.
- p21: Crucial characters of gods or a primordial god originated in myths at least 20,000 years ago, to be proved in a later phase of this study.
- Ordinary history from the earlier period was somehow blotted out [somehow by focus on Saturn & Co?].
- p22: After the reorganization of the universe, following chaos, Janus [Saturn] states: It was then that I, till that time a mere ball, a shapeless lump, assumed the face and members of a god.
- In Metamorphoses, a golden age follows creative reorganization.
- p24: If Saturn, as Janus, was seen as a ball, it was close. The Latin name for Saturn, sun-star, suggests the same.
- p28, DT, EC: Ancient statements that contradict experience or logic are key to discovery.
- p34: The Venus light-god struggle with the serpent-dragon is mentioned in the pyramid texts, making the Venus appearance a thousand years before Velikovsky's 1500BC placement of it.
- p35: After cosmic upheaval, the serpent-dragon is subdued, becoming a circular dwelling of the god, its eye, crown, throne etc.
- p36: Set said, I am the red headband.
- p37: Uraeus is pharaoh's serpentine headband.
- p45, RA: Aster is Santa Claus surrounded with elfin assistants. Aster is Humpty-Dumpty on the wall.
- p47: The world axis is a beanstalk, a staircase.
- p49: Earth was brighter, warmer, moister and smooth in auerial times.
- p60, AW: Celtic ritual pits and wells in S. England date to 1200BC, much earlier than conventionally thought for Celtic occupation.
- p108, RB: There's an imaginary Saturn-like ring around the sun.
- The 3rd harmonic of the sunspot cycle is 7.369 years. The sunspot cycle is 22.107 years and 11.054 years.
- The switching knot in the state change [from planet X?] would traverse the solar circumference exactly 3 times in every 22.107 years.
- Where is the momentum position that sets up the characteristic of a filter that would allow only one periodicity of a quanta-like wave to get to the solar surface? The Answer: In The Planets. 1/T*+1/11.054 years = 1/25.132808 days = 8pi days, a relativistic term requiring the "totality" of space, and inferring that the core of the pi-Planet X is an inherent part of the magnetic field of the Earth, a continuous wave that is both propagated and time-shifted relativistically from an original state to a time curvature of 8piT. It has always bothered me as to how the Earth's magnetic field rotates slightly faster than the Earth. This could explain it. The magnetic field of the Earth is latticed to a rope characteristic of Space, a magnetic drive sustaining the rotation of the Earth. The slip rate is the differential drag in a standard motorising function, like an induction motor rated to turn at 1750RPM under load while the magnetic fields are turning at 1800RPM.
- [Add more later - This seems related to Dave Thomson's APM]

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Re: What's Most Interesting EU & Catastrophist Info?

Unread post by Lloyd » Tue Dec 09, 2008 2:21 pm

Here are more interesting statements from KRONOS magazine. 9:3 means Volume 9, Issue #3
- 9:3
- p.20, DC: Isrealites worshiped Moloch = Saturn, despite Abraham's and Moses' warnings not to. They devoured their first-born [?] children to imitate Saturn.
- p88, LE: Neptune & Uranus orbital motion irregularities suggest there is a 2 to 5 Earth-mass planet X between 50 and 100 AU from the Sun. Pluto is just under 30 AU.
- p91: IRAS satellite should be able to detect planet X, but the search seems to be manipulated for non-scientific purposes.

- 9:2
- p92, DC: The battle against Velikovsky might have been over in a year had the assault come from knowledgeable mythologists rather than pompous astronomers.
- p94: Some ancients stated that the gods were originally stars or planets.
- p111, RF: Alfven said there is a current sheet near the equatorial plane of the Sun, closed by other currents passing through the Sun's polar regions. The total current is 3x10^9 amps, derived from Maxwell's 4th equation and measurements of the interplanetary magnetic field. Aviation Week, 12/13/76

- 9:1
- p43, DC: The ancients said the outer planets known to them, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn could shoot out thunderbolts.
- p46: Science now accepts this as well, saying: Jupiter's powerful electrical currents may discharge lightning bolts all the way to Io, its nearest moon. Time 9/16/74
- p48: IV thought it was possible for electric discharges in air to transmute oxygen into sulphur.
- p50: Thomas Gold believed that Io's spectacular volcanic eruptions were electrical in origin.
- p51: The rain of brimstone [sulphur] on Sodom and other nearby biblical cities could have come from Io [when Jupiter was near the Earth].
- p53: Science did not believe stones or iron could fall from the sky until 1803.


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