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EU Promotion

Unread post by Lloyd » Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:23 pm

Virtual Reality EU Gaming
* What I think holds the most potential, that EU could do, without much difficulty, is virtual reality gaming etc on the internet, something like Second Life, and something like regular video games, showing EU effects. This could be educational by requiring gamers to make calculations or to identify features of an environment in order to progress through a game. Something like that would be helpful for teaching lists of things, like the names of elements, subatomic particles etc, formulas and so on.
- Who's ready to help us start developing such EU gaming?
Avoiding Brainwashing
* In his 1983 book, People of the Lie, M. Scott Peck said everyone should be amateur scientists. Actually, I think everyone is born an amateur scientist, though culture etc stifles many natural scientific leanings. Peck said large successful groups, like professionals and even nations, tend to develop group pride. Members, and especially the leaders, of such groups thus come to imagine their methods and teachings are right and their opponents are wrong. The natural assumption seems to be that, if they were wrong, they wouldn't be successful.
- I read elsewhere about a number of examples of harmful psychological programming. An experiment with dogs found that, if dogs are put in a cage with an open door and a metal plate inside the doorway that shocks them, if they try to walk through the door, they soon learn to stay away from the door, even though it no longer shocks after the first few tries.
- A similar case is elephants raised domestically, as in India. Young elephants are chained to a post that they can't free themselves from. Soon they don't bother to try to get loose. Soon, all it takes to hold the elephant is a string. Even when it grows up it doesn't try to break loose from the string.
- There was an experiment on humans that involved something like four people comparing the lengths of two linear objects, A & B. A was obviously longer than B, but three of the people were secretly told to say that B was longer. After those first three people would be asked in sequence and answer that B was longer, the fourth person would then be asked, and would almost always agree with the other three.
* I don't see any hope for conventional education to stop practicing such harmful programming. John Holt tried to reform education for a few years in the 1960s, I think, but finally realized that compulsory testing makes most people too stressed and bored and most come to think they're stupid in most subjects. So he began to promote home schooling and what he called unschooling, by which he meant non-programming etc.
* Working with brain-injured kids, Glen Doman's organization, called The Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, in Philadelphia, found first that nearly all brain-injured kids, including those with cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome etc, have genius potential, which IAHP was able to help parents help their kids tap into and develop. Of course, IAHP then immediately realized that, if brain-injured kids have this potential, so do all other kids, and they started teaching any interested parents to teach their kids to be geniuses.

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Re: EU Promotion

Unread post by Lloyd » Wed Apr 27, 2011 3:19 pm

Electric Universe University
Plan Development
I. Goal: Effectively promote EU knowledge, research and development
1. Develop online educational EU video game
1a. Consult EU pros
1b. Develop game script
1c. Develop software
1d. Build website
1e. Upload game to website
1f. Invite the public to try the game
2. Develop more and better games
3. Teach EU consultants, teachers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs

II. People Needed
1. EU Pros
2. Game script writer
3. Game software developer
4. Webmaster
5. Promoters
6. EUU Board of Directors

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Re: EU Promotion

Unread post by starbiter » Tue May 10, 2011 4:12 am

This sounds a lot like the "Glass Bead Game" by Herman Hesse. A wonderful book. It's an idealistic view of education. The group is made up of people who show early talent in life. They are encouraged to follow their curiosity, not just memorize and pass tests.

It makes for an interesting mix. It has reminded me of EU, and what EU can be for some time. It also reminds me of EU because the members all seem to have issues, much like EU [myself certainly included]. This is not meant as a slam. It's part of life.

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