EU Doubters, Help Us Out!

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EU Doubters, Help Us Out!

Unread post by Lloyd » Tue Jan 18, 2011 6:19 pm

* All you doubters of EU theory, would you like to make yourselves useful?
* Here are a few things you can do for us, if you have expertise.
Regarding meteors and lightning, tell us:
A. what formulas would be needed to calculate:
1. how much charge can build up on meteors;
2. how much time it takes a meteor to lose its mass via plasma heating;
3. how much voltage would build up on it at various heights;
4. what size electric discharge would be triggered near ground;
B. if the mass of a meteor were converted to electrical voltage, how much voltage would be needed to make a crater ten meters wide and how much mass the meteor would have to have;
B. what experiments have been done or could be done to prove that air turbulence can produce lightning;
C. using high speed fans to make turbulence in a large room, what air speeds would they need to generate to charge the air enough to make lightning?
D. what would need to be added to the air in this experiment to help produce lightning?
* If you don't have expertise, you can help in other ways and someone may provide details eventually, if we're lucky. I only have a small amount of expertise in most regards, as I only had a year of college physics and calculus several decades ago.


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