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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:43 pm

(See recent Tech news at ... #msg299390)

Extinguishing a fusion fire in a flash of light

Superconductivity in a Non-Superconductive Material ... e-material

A New Type of Atomic Bond Has Been Discovered ... discovered

A rogue, supermassive black hole [or something] is streaking across the universe ... e-universe

Massive lake discovered beneath inactive Bolivian volcano ... an-volcano

Exploring the Zone of Silence in Mexico ... -in-Mexico

World's smallest magnifying glass makes it possible to see chemical bonds between atoms ... mical.html

For the first time, a certain type of solar wave was caught surfing from the sun’s surface up through the star’s atmosphere, lending insight into how the sun’s material moves and mixes ... phere.html

Study confirms that stellar novae are the main source of lithium in the universe ... thium.html

The Tunguska Event Comet Will Light The Sky With Fireballs ... -fireballs

What Is Dark Matter? Prime Candidate Gets Profiled [What, the electric force?] ... -mass.html

Close galactic encounter leaves ‘nearly naked’ supermassive black hole [OR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!] ... 9%2032.htm

Mars’ ionosphere shaped by crustal magnetic fields ... ields.html

Dark energy could force the universe to gradually unzip itself [from the crazy physics straitjacket?] ... zip-itself

Meteorites reveal lasting drought on Mars ... -mars.html

Recycling Space Junk for Missions to Mars ... 63955.html

Solar physicists unlock easier way to observe peculiar particles that reveal the inner workings of the sun [If they're peculiar, they must mean something] ... icles.html

Close to absolute zero, electrons exhibit their quantum nature ... ature.html

How was the Great Pyramid Built? These ‘Notches’ Where Its Faces Meet May Be Evidence for an Internal Ramp ... eet-May-Be

Inwa: Magnificent Ancient Capital of Burmese Kings Left to Crumble ... ble-006946

Mayan Grolier Codex ruled genuine ... eals-67941

Researchers discover UGC 3672 galaxy to be an unusual merging triplet of gas-rich dwarf galaxies ... iplet.html

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is much younger than previously thought [& younger than still thought] ... ought.html

Impostor planet exposed by astronomers ... omers.html

Markarian 1018: Starvation diet for [imaginary] black hole dims brilliant galaxy ... -hole.html

Space telescopes pinpoint elusive brown dwarf ... dwarf.html

Researchers use novel analysis technique to help solve ill-fated Mars Lander Beagle 2 mystery ... stery.html

Cosmic whistle, fast radio burst, packs a surprisingly energetic punch, rivaling supernovae ... getic.html

A hydrogen-rich, passive galaxy ... alaxy.html

Black hole [they mean galactic] jets can influence star formation in galaxies by dispersing and heating interstellar gas ... ation.html

Southern hemisphere recovered quicker from devastating asteroid strike [in 4 million years where years = hours] ... oid-strike

Physicists are 'afraid' of mathematics [surprise] ... athematics

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:06 pm

(See tech news updates here: ... #msg299390)

Separate Astronomy Sense from Nonsense

What Triggered Tsunamis that Demolished Minoan Civilization? Thera pyroclastic flows ... -flow.html

Mars’ Mega-Drought Revealed in Meteorite Rust ... 21823.html

New Theory of Gravity Does Away With Need for Dark Matter [next chuck gravity too] ... ark-matter

Saturn’s Rings Could Have Formed when Dinosaurs Walked the Earth [thousands not millions of years ago] ... 04331.html

Light from Ancient Quasars [sort of] Confirm the Laws of Physics Constant Throughout the Cosmos ... ersal.html

‘Roundest known space object’ identified

High-speed electrons have been spotted outside Earth’s magnetic field, and NASA can’t explain it ... explain-it

Dinosaur-killing asteroid turned planet Earth inside-out (old granite just a kilometre below surface) ... inside-out

Great valley found on Mercury

Why Alien Life Will Be Robotic ... be-robotic

9,000-[or 4,000-]Year-Old Cheddar Man Has Living Descendant Still Living in The Same Area of U.K. ... rea-006961

New evidence found of human activity 1.4 million years ago at Caribbean island ... rce/113191

9,000-[or 4,000-]Year-Old Underwater Stone Age Settlement in Sweden found ... ent-007012

[Doubtful] Ancient water from Northern Ontario mine may harbour ‘alien’ life ... le32540885

A tiny parrot fossil suggests Siberia was once subtropical [like 5,000 years ago] ... ubtropical

Fossilized Dinos Are Bones Turned to Stone—But Sometimes, Part of the Original Dino Survives ... -180961042

Original Dinosaur Claw Sheath Proteins Preserved for 75 Million Years [make that 75 Hundred years]

This 6,000-year-old amulet is the first evidence of a technology still used by NASA today ... old-amulet

Do extremely reddened quasars extinguish star formation? [No. See] [url]h ... -star.html

Astronomers detect a fast rotating group of stars in our galaxy ... stars.html

Team discovers major supercluster of galaxies hidden by Milky Way ... idden.html

Mathematician claims one in 500 chance of extinction next year ... -next-year

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Nov 27, 2016 9:28 am

Twisted light sends a message over a record distance of 143 km ... -of-143-km

Smallest sliver of time yet measured sees electrons fleeing atom ... eeing-atom

DNA Sequencing Startup Wants to Pay You For Your Genetic Data ... netic-data

Global freezing: 15-year ice age predicted to hit in only 4 years as sun prepares to 'hibernate' ... -hibernate

New state of matter discovered by superconductivity gurus ... vity_state

Lake of frozen water the size of New Mexico found on Mars ... an_surface

Deepest water found 1000km down, a third of way to Earth’s core ... arths-core

Bright radio bursts probe universe’s hidden matter: Brightest FRB (Fast radio bursts) to date observed (originating outside our galaxy) ... 8%2042.htm

How Bad is the Radiation on Mars?

First carbon dioxide ice seen on a comet, i.e. on Rosetta’s comet

UK ‘space junk’ project highlights threat to missions ... hreat.html

A dash of hydrogen and methane could have kept Mars warm [Greenhouse gas theory is false; Mars was warm because it was close to Saturn] ... -mars-warm

Some Sungrazing Comets May Be Different Beasts [asteroids, but they're not different] ... 60028.html

‘Artificial gravity’ device could be key to astronaut health on Mars mission ... rs-mission

Opaline silica could give evidence to past life on Mars ... es-on-mars

Archeologists Have a Huge New Stonehenge to Figure Out in Kazakhstan ... figure-out

Important new sites found near Stonehenge ... ape/113332

Oldest alphabet inscribed on stone slabs at several Egyptian sites was early form of Hebrew: Israelites in Egypt transformed hieroglyphics into Hebrew more than 3,800 years ago [That dating is probably excessive] ... ied-hebrew

Ancient Inscriptions Show Life Once Flourished in Jordan’s ‘Black Desert’ ... esert.html

Glassmaking may have begun in Egypt, not Mesopotamia ... esopotamia

Ancient Egyptian Astronomical Dish predates Greek Astronomy ... he-Origins

Egypt unearths 7,000-year-old [probably 5,000] lost city ... g-province

Sea levels were much lower during the last [and only] Ice Age [4,200 years ago] ... e-age.html

Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Made Earth’s Surface Act Like Liquid ... ike-liquid
- Charles Chandler discusses earthquake waves at

Antarctic explorers help make discovery—100 years after their epic adventures [contradicting global warming] ... -epic.html

130-Million-Year Old Proteins Still Present in Dinosaur-Age Fossil [except it's really only 5,000 y.o.] ... ossil.html

[Bad speculation about] Forming stars in the early universe

Astronomers use light from X-ray source to study nearby stellar cloud ... ellar.html

Record-breaking faint satellite galaxy of the Milky Way discovered ... milky.html

Spiral galaxy NGC 5523 could be an isolated product of soft galaxy mergers, study suggests ... oduct.html
- Charles Chandler explains galactic mergers at

New family of stars discovered in Milky Way core shed new light on galaxy's formation ... ation.html

Cassini prepares for 'ring-grazing orbits' around Saturn ... rbits.html

Researchers develop method for reading the history and 'family trees' of cells ... s-of-cells

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:59 am

THE CASE FOR REALITY and against the mainstream media

Disrupting the world of science publishing ... publishing

Why is the surface of ice wet? ... of-ice-wet

NASA Scientist Claims Space Mining is Possible With Today’s Tech ... ew-decades

Moon-dust shows moon may have had water from the start ... -the-start

Brazil to Launch Nanosatellite to the Moon ... llite-moon

Space’s Trash Collector? A Japanese Entrepreneur Wants the Job ... .html?_r=0

The ‘dead sun’: Stunning Nasa video reveals barren solar surface with lowest level of activity since 2011 ... -2011.html

Indus Civilization Farmers Cultivated Rice Over 4,000 Years Ago, Archaeological Evidence Suggests ... 04400.html

Neandertals: More Advanced Than Previously Assumed – Prehistoric humans actively adapted their survival strategies [Note: Since no sedimentary rock strata likely existed before the Great Flood less than 5,000 years ago, no fossils are likely older than that, including Neanderthals] ... ies/113472

Clovis Culture's Mammoth-Sized Mystery In Michigan [again less than 5,000 years ago] ... n-michigan

9,000?-year-old settlement found submerged under the sea off Sweden ... weden.html

6,000? years ago the Sahara Desert was tropical, so what happened? ... 053.h%20tm

Ice Age hunters destroyed forests throughout Europe ... ope/113513

Analysis of Iron Age ceramics suggests complex pattern of Eastern Mediterranean trade ... mplex.html

Violent collision of massive supernova with surrounding gas powers superluminous supernovae ... a-gas.html

Researchers propose low-mass supernova triggered formation of solar system ... solar.html
-See Charles' Version here:

Data from ISS Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer suggests possibility of unknown source of positrons ... ility.html

Mystery of ultra-diffuse faint galaxies solved ... axies.html

New observations confirm long-standing theory that stars are copious producers of heavy elements ... heavy.html

NGC 4696 elliptical galaxy a beautiful cosmic oddity ... ddity.html

Climate cycles may explain how running water carved Mars' surface features [More likely by impacts & rifting] ... tures.html

Embryonic cluster galaxy immersed in giant cloud of cold gas ... giant.html

Superconducting bismuth is real, and it's forcing us to rethink the nature of superconductivity ... nductivity

Study: Tornado outbreaks are increasing -but scientists don't understand why ... rstand-why

Charles' Comments on Sophist Big Bang Theory

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:11 pm

King Tut Was Eastern European, According to the DNA Results ... rding.html

First Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved in Amber ... cretaceous

Impossible crystal new to science found in meteorite ... -meteorite

Global warming scarred the surface of Mars: Deep canyons and valleys were formed by dramatic warming periods that lasted 10 million years [Their dating is BS; the canyons were formed by rifting after major impacts] ... years.html

Nitrogen in Ancient Rocks A Sign of Early Life [5,000 years ago] ... early-life

‘Heat Bombs’ Warm Sun’s Outer Atmosphere [Nope] ... orona.html

How to hide a ‘fifth force’ – and how to find one [The 5th force is ignorance] ... o-find-one

Giant radio flare of Cygnus X-3 detected by astronomers ... us-x-.html

Ashurbanipal: The Oldest Surviving Royal Library in the World with Over 30,000 Clay Tablets ... ets-007127

Researchers may have found first polluted river from before Bronze Age ... e-age.html

Texas Archaeologist Cracks the Code of a 4,500-Year-Old Mural

Neolithic Syrians were first to domesticate cereals [bad dating] ... als/113557

Mexico Is Hiding The World’s Largest Pyramid ... ramid.html

Divers Discover Mysterious “Swedish Atlantis” In Baltic Sea ... baltic-sea

Development of new techniques makes it possible to date Australian Aboriginal rock art [Don't count on it] ... l-rock-art

Greenland once lost nearly all its ice — and could again [If so it had to be in the last 5,000 years] ... in-1.21098

Face of Man Who Lived [way less than] 9,500 Years Ago in the Biblical City of Jericho Brought Back to Life ... ife-021105

Colliding galaxy clusters ... sters.html

Second-generation stars identified, giving clues about their predecessors [?] ... ssors.html

Saturn's bulging core implies moons younger than thought ... moons.html

Amateur astronomer helps uncover secrets of unique pulsar binary system ... nique.html

Distant galaxy churning out stars at remarkable rate ... kable.html

SOFIA sees super-heated gas streams churning up possible storm of new stars ... rning.html

Research offers clues about the timing of Jupiter's formation [?] ... ation.html

Perhaps lightning powers the wind [Yup] ... s-the-wind

Hot hydrogen atoms in upper layer of Earth's atmosphere discovered ... esearchers

One of the rarest crystals on Earth has been found in a Russian meteorite ... -meteorite

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:37 am

Randall Carlson geology channel ... CHQ1dJ8pvw

Ice Dam Problems: Missoula lake was supposedly 2100 feet deep at the ice dam, but modern lakes break through ice dams less than 200 feet high

Catastrophe 5,000 years ago

Ice age from cosmic dusting; 500 impacts in last 10,000 years

Carbonate caps on guyots and seamounts of western Pacific Ocean are 3,000 to 5,250 feet thick, lie over basalt lava, may be remnants of a former carbonate platform that was easily eroded by wave action during a cataclysm, & sediments transported far east to the Grand Canyon area ... 04#p116131

Sedimentological Interpretation of the Tonto Group Stratigraphy (Grand Canyon Colorado River) ... -Group.pdf

Isotopic distribution of Calcium (lighter isotope in rainwater than in Seawater) suggests that it's synthesized in space (older calcium in seawater captured more Neutrons) Table 1 ... fa5933.pdf

Light is turned to matter in the Thermosphere ... atmosphere

Crater Orgins ... igins.html

Lost Greek city dating back 2,500 years discovered ... 71246.html

‘Dyson sphere’ star may be dimming because aliens are mining energy from its surface ... tists.html

One of the Largest Structures in the Known Universe ... n-universe

Relationships between chemicals found on comets ... 154535.htm

Team hunts tracer of ‘dinosaur killer’ asteroid

Exoplanet shows clouds of ruby and sapphire ... d-sapphire

Astronomers have mapped gases in three dark rings surrounding young star 400 ly away, HD 163296 ... years-away

Nonexistent Black hole ‘swallowed star’

Meteorites tell us when Jupiter wandered around ... -1315782-2

Sustainable nano-spacecraft ... lored.html

Plumes Spotted on Europa Suggest Easy Access to Water ... s-to-water

Curiosity Finds Mars May Be Covered in Organic Materials ... 29441.html

Researchers Claim Disk Of Fairytale Dark Matter Will End Life On Earth ... e-on-earth

First test of rival to Einstein’s gravity kills off dark matter ... ark-matter

Antarctica opportunity to study universe at terahertz radio frequencies ... osmos.html

What Would Happen If a Giant Asteroid Struck the Ocean ... 1790084340

How to Stop an Incoming Comet ... ming-comet

A planet-eating ‘Death Star’ ... 152131.htm

Interaction between make-believe dark matter and ordinary matter in mini-spiral galaxies ... piral.html

The ibex code: deciphering Iran’s ancient rock art ... k-art.html

Ziggurat of Jiroft, Iran May be Largest and Oldest of its Kind in the World ... rld-021108

Inscription About Ancient ‘Monkey Colony’ Survives ISIL Attacks ... tacks.html

Neanderthals liked Jersey, UK [dating is way wrong] ... ars/113638

River in Jordan Polluted by Copper 7,000 Years Ago ... ordan.html

Who made the ancient rock art? ... t-rock-art

Ancient Mayan Superhighways Found in Guatemalan Rain Forest ... ain-forest

A ‘Stonehenge’ in the Amazon ... .html?_r=0

Rings around young star ... ation.html

Possible solution to why outer 5% of sun spins more slowly than interior ... stery.html

Trivial Revolutions in understanding Earth's ionosphere ... space.html

Newly formed stars shoot out powerful whirlwinds ... winds.html

Electrostatic dust transport reshapes surfaces of airless planetary bodies ... rless.html

Microlensing study suggests most common outer planets likely Neptune-mass ... -mass.html

Mysterious dimming of young nearby star due to cloud of plasma or dusty accretion column ... earby.html

Scientists confirm Darwinism is broken ... -is-broken

The ice is cracking in Antarctica: 'Pyramids' have been spotted, secret past emerging? ... t-emerging

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Dec 25, 2016 10:52 am

Antimatter atom trapped and measured with a laser for first time ... first-time

ISS astronaut snaps bizarre Sahara desert formation (Crater?) ... -formation

Scientists discover jet stream within earth's molten iron core using satellite data ... llite-data

Earthquake faults retain a 'sense of memory' ... -of-memory
- See Charles instead under Planets at

Number of fantasy black holes expected to double in two years with new detection method ... ethod.html

Topological Insulators Could Reveal the Link Between Classical Physics and the Quantum Realm ... ntum-realm

3 massive, perfectly aligned towers discovered on the surface of Mars ... rface-mars

Are Mars’ Dark Streaks Really Evidence of Liquid Water? ... ebate.html

Sagittarius B2, a molecular cloud chemistry lab about 100 light years wide near the centre of our galaxy ... mistry-lab

China Trumps NASA With Working “StarTrek” EM Propulsion Drive ... pace-.html

A Japanese Startup Will Try to Land on the Moon Next Year ... 1790358061

Planet Corpse Debris Found Scattered Over ‘Death Star’ ... 06181.html

More fast radio bursts detected from same location ... e-location
- Bursts are from star formation:

Antimatter Emits Same Light As Regular Matter ... atter.html

What Happened to Turkey’s Ancient Utopia?

Underwater Stone Age Baltic Sea Site Was Fisherman’s Paradise ... apped.html

Archaeologists Find Compelling Evidence for New Pharaonic Tombs in Egypt ... 04477.html

Data from GRAIL spacecraft suggest moon may have large lava tubes ... -lava.html

No trace of dark matter in gamma-ray background [and is the background local?] ... round.html

Pan-STARRS releases catalogue of 3 billion astronomical sources ... urces.html

Famous red star Betelgeuse is spinning faster than expected; may have swallowed a companion 100,000 years ago [but if it's much smaller and closer than expected, then it's not spinning faster than expected] ... aster.html

Searching a sea of 'noise' to find exoplanets—using only data as a guide ... using.html

VLA, ALMA team up to give first look at birthplaces of most current stars ... rrent.html

Small troughs growing on Mars may become 'spiders' ... iders.html

First light for band 5 at ALMA radio telescope

Astronomers find supercluster of galaxies near Milky Way ... milky.html

Astronomers observe rise and fall of the dust shell of nova V339 Delphini ... -v339.html

Mystery of 'alien megastructure' star still baffles astronomers ... stronomers

Incoming star Gliese 710 could spawn swarms of comets when it passes our Sun ... es-our-Sun

Christmas Solar Storm Threatens Earth's Electrical Infrastructure ... astructure

Stunning new photos of isolated Brazilian tribe yield surprises ... -surprises

Earth Bombarded by Mysterious Galactic High Energy Waves: An Increased Risk of Coming Earthquakes? ... arthquakes

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:38 pm

Magnetic-Field 'Avalanches' May Explain 'Alien Megastructure' Star ... nches.html

Researchers Send Information Using a Single Particle of Light ... e-of-light

Mysterious Sonic Booms Are Being Heard on the Moon ... n-the-moon

“Hidden Mass” of the Universe Has Decreased Since Big Bang –“May Still Be Disintegrating” [Dark matter decreased from non-existent to doubly non-existent] ... ating.html

The Edge of Physics: Do Gravitons Really Exist? [only mentally] ... ally-exist

This Is Our Future on the Red Planet ... red-planet

Earth’s Surprise Neighbor Hints at Exoplanet Abundance ... -abundance

NASA’s Europa Lander May Drill to Find Pristine Samples on Icy Moon ... drill.html

Weird Clouds Linger on Saturn’s Moon Titan ... titan.html

Compelling evidence for future tomb discoveries at Qubbet el-Hawa in Aswan ... a-in-aswan

Scans unveil secrets of world’s oldest mummies [not really that old] ... ldest.html

5,000-Year-Old Nativity Scene Found in Egypt ... 58490.html

Newly Discovered Prehistoric Bird Lived Near a Balmy North Pole ... rctic.html

How humans survived in the barren Atacama Desert 13,000 years ago [dating wrong again] ... -years-ago

Two unique [under] 8 thousand years old figurines discovered by Polish archaeologists in Turkey ... urkey.html

Astronomers observe rise and fall of the dust shell of nova V339 Delphini ... -v339.html

Hubble gazes at a galactic megamaser ... maser.html

Pulsations detected in a hot, helium-atmosphere white dwarf ... dwarf.html
- Charles explains here that white dwarfs are Natural Tokamaks, aka plasma ring stars, like pulsars [hint]

Astronomer's modeling show how low-mass supernova created our solar system ... lar-system

Satellite detects major gravitational [crater?] anomaly under Antarctica ... Antarctica

Gravitational waves now offer 'a new window for astronomy' - the [Imaginary] 'Breakthrough of the year' ... f-the-year

NASA's Near-Earth Object hunting mission spots a Comet and a body that's 'either a Comet or an asteroid' ... n-asteroid

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:30 pm

MIT makes compressed graphene sponge material that is 20 times less dense than steel but 10 times stronger, light as stryofoam but stronger than steel ... ponge.html

Device harvests energy from your moving fingers

Lie-detecting Robot Customs Agent ... uture.html

Solar power at 1¢/kWh by 2025 – “The promise of quasi-infinite and free energy is here” ... gy-is-here

Anti-surveillance clothing to hide wearers from facial recognition software ... -hyperface

Turning memory chips into processors ... tasks.html

Diamonds for GPS ... -redundant

Georgia Tech Climatologist Chooses 'Career Suicide' to Keep Her 'Scientific Integrity' ... -integrity

New state of water discovered ... discovered

Astronomers observe new double-ringed galaxy 'unlike anything seen before' ... een-before

Fast radio burst tied to distant dwarf galaxy, and perhaps magnetar
- ... e-universe
- ... dwarf.html

India plans to launch over 100 satellites in single mission ... le-mission

Huge planet hurling comets to their doom in nearby solar system ... lar-system

Spectacular collision of suns will create new star in night sky in 2022 ... ky-in-2022

Why Newton Believed a Comet Caused Noah’s Flood ... ty-science

Sun May Be Tearing Asteroids Apart ... ieces.html

Proof of a 70-year-old hypothesis of magnetism ... -magnetism

Ancient City Emerges in a Remote Rain Forest ... ain-forest

Mari, Syria Is The Oldest Known Planned City in the World ... rld-007293

How and when were the Americas populated? 16,000 BP? [The evidence found can't be over 5,000 years old, since the flood buried or removed surface material then] ... -populated

Humans lived on the Tibetan Plateau during the last ice age – 7,000 years earlier than previously thought [No, the plateau didn't exist till 4,400 BP] ... ge-1599336

This 3,500-Year-Old Greek Tomb Upended What We Thought We Knew ... -180961441

3-D images reveal features of Martian polar ice caps ... rtian.html

New, extremely rare galaxy

Dozens of new ultra-diffuse galaxies discovered in Abell 2744 ... abell.html

Observations cast new light on cosmic microwave background [same old BS] ... round.html

The mystery of part-time pulsars ... lsars.html

The elements of life mapped across the Milky Way by SDSS/APOGEE ... pogee.html

The case of the 'missing link' neutron star [Pulsars are plasma, not neutrons] ... -star.html

Solar storms could spark soils [electrically] at moon's poles ... -moon.html

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Jan 15, 2017 12:23 pm

Drones inspired by insects could keep flying even when damaged ... en-damaged

MIT scientists develop super-light, super-strong structure ... -structure

All Dutch Trains Now Run on 100% Wind Power ... wind-power

Summer solar heat for the winter ... 121112.htm

88-year-old Saskatoon man makes cheap knitting machine ... -1.3922778

Pentagon successfully tests micro-drone swarm ... swarm.html

Amazon's 'Mothership': Retailer Gets Patent for Mega-Drone ... Mega-Drone

Researchers use nature's weaving formula to engineer advanced functional materials ... rials.html

This three-mile-high skyscraper design is coated in self-cleaning material that eats smog ... -eats-smog

Mars should have loads more water – so where has it all gone? ... t-all-gone

[Faulty?] Observations cast new light on cosmic microwave background ... round.html

[Pretend] Evidence of supermassive black holes found in neighbouring galaxies ... g-galaxies

Colliding stars will light up the night sky in 2022 ... t-sky-2022

The night sky might have a new, bright ‘star’ in five years ... five-years

Solar storms could spark soils at moon’s poles ... -moon.html

Levitating Lunar dust particles can travel across vast regions of the moon via static electricity ... study.html

In a Few Billion Years Will Our Planet Still Be Around? ... -be-around

The Milky Way’s Most Distant Stars May Be Stolen Goods ... 58764.html

How Old Is the Moon? Scientists Say They Finally Know [but they obviously don't]

Many tiny moons came together to form our moon? ... ns-suggest

An asteroid just flew by Earth about 50% the distance to the moon, and we barely saw it coming ... oon-2017-1

A star heading this way could knock millions of asteroids towards Earth ... ards-earth

The Milky Way’s black hole [or else something real] is spewing out planet-size ‘spitballs’ ... -size.html

Black holes hide in our cosmic backyard [just like fairies] ... kyard.html

Humans Are Made of Stardust a new survey of 150,000 stars shows ... ments.html

How a moon slows the decay of Pluto’s atmosphere

NASA has discovered gigantic ice towers on Pluto, standing 500 metres tall ... etres-tall

Could Dark Streaks in Venus’ Clouds Be Microbial Life? ... obial-life

[Imaginary] Dark matter still missing [probably all disappeared into nonexistent black holes] ... ll-missing

Our Sun May Have Snatched Planet 9 From Outside the Solar System [not to mention the rest] ... 1791075905

Scientists close in on the true mass of the Milky Way ... milky.html

Outflowing gas in ultraluminous galaxies ... axies.html

Struggle to escape distant galaxies creates giant halos of scattered photons ... halos.html

Asymmetric structure in the supermassive "black hole" at the galaxy's center ... alaxy.html

Astronomers discover molecular and atomic clouds associated with a superbubble in LMC [small galaxy near us] ... ubble.html

What role do supermassive black holes play when galaxies merge? [Since they don't exist, maybe none] ... axies.html

Hubble gazes into a "black hole" of puzzling lightness ... zling.html

Hubble Spies Exocomets Diving into Young Star ... Young-Star

The weakest solar cycle in a century ... strip2.png ... -continues

Mystery object spotted in Cygnus A Galaxy ... s-A-Galaxy

Scientists have outlined an 8-page plan to fix what's wrong with science [Actually makes sense: free papers, replace peer review ...] ... ad-science

Physicists able to 'squeeze' light to cool microscopic drum below quantum limit ... ntum-limit

New expedition to probe Mariana trench ... st-secrets

Scientists now warn of new Ice Age as temperatures plummet -80°F in Russia ... -in-Russia

Ancient Italian Stonehenge accidentally discovered by group of friends ... 15651.html

2,300-Year-Old Sword Unearthed in China is Still Sharp ... till-sharp

Ancient city dating back more than 2,000 years found in China ... HfLfL.html

Ancient Maya developed super highways network more than 1,000 years ago ... -years-ago

Scientists investigate what nearly destroyed the Great Barrier Reef 125,000 years ago [make that 5,000 years ago] ... -years-ago

Ancient human disturbances may skew understanding of Amazon and its impact ... mazon.html

Exploration of Stonehenge tunnel given green light ... ars-delays

Dozens of Tombs and Mysterious Crocodile Skeleton Found in Egypt ... 13744.html

Swedish archaeologists discover 12 ancient Egyptian cemeteries near Aswan ... KKBN14V1CQ

3,400-year-old wooden box is linked to Pharaoh Amenhotep II ... ep-II.html

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Jan 22, 2017 2:15 pm

Robotics engineer is pioneering the use of robotics for first responders ... save-lives

Faster recharging batteries possible ... ights.html

AI still a major concern despite scientific assurances ... assurances


NASA to explore space rock worth 10,000 quadrillion ... on-dollars

Chinese 'hack-proof' quantum communication satellite put into service ... to-service

Wet, green Sahara 5000 to 11,000 years ago ... -years-ago

Ancient tree rings suggest sunspot cycles similar to the one observed in more modern times ... dern-times

NASA image shows vast ‘hole’ spreading across the solar surface ... rface.html

Astronomers have spotted a massive ‘bulge’ in Venus’ atmosphere ... -witnessed

Curiosity finds Mars rock that may be a meteorite made from iron ... -from-iron

8,500(?)-year-old Silk Found in Chinese Tombs ... -ever/7859

4,000-year-old pottery and flint tools found near St Andrews could shed light on trade in Neolithic Britain ... drews.html

Sumerians Looked to the Heavens as They Invented the System of Time ... day-007341

Aboriginal Australians co-existed with the megafauna for at least 17,000 years [very doubtful] ... ars/113904

Stalagmites in dry corridor suggest Amazonia maintained forests during the last [and only] ice age ... s-ice.html

Flesh-eating disease among ruins of ancient lost ‘City of the Monkey God’ ... 23356.html

Megalodon Met Its Demise When Its Prey Went Extinct [in the Great Flood] ... 95885.html

A universe of 2 trillion galaxies ... axies.html

Ammonia emission from the center of our galaxy ... ssion.html

Dimming of binary star ... -star.html

Galaxy murder mystery

ALMA reveals sun in new light

A tale of two pulsars' tails ... metry.html

Mars rover Curiosity examines possible mud cracks ... y-mud.html

A catalog of habitable zone exoplanets ... anets.html

Observations of Ceres indicate that asteroids might be camouflaged ... laged.html

The evolution of massive galaxy clusters ... sters.html

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Jan 29, 2017 4:14 pm

Plans for world’s first ‘floating city’ unveiled: Radical designs could be built in the Pacific Ocean in 2019 ... eiled.html

Return of incandescent light bulbs as MIT makes them more efficient than LEDs ... ore-effici

Paper that can survive Hell or high water ... ater-VIDEO

Scientists develop 'world's most powerful' laser ... rful-laser

Carolina Bays are shock liquefaction impact features from hypersonic ice boulders launched from glacial ice sheet by cosmic impact at Younger Dryas ... nger-Dryas

Synthetic DNA paves way for creation of entirely new life forms ... life-forms

New science says DNA begins as a quantum wave form ... -wave-form

An asteroid is about to slip between Earth and the moon — the second near miss in 3 weeks ... in-3-weeks

Mars 'Curiosity' encounters potential metal meteorite ... -meteorite

Ice age [one-time] cycles linked to orbital periods and sea ice ... nd-sea-ice

Study relates Atlantic hurricane frequency to sunspot activity ... t-activity

One of the brightest distant galaxies known discovered ... axies.html

Something hit an asteroid and broke it apart, sending chunks of rock falling to Earth as meteorites since before the time of the dinosaurs ... ision.html

Isotopic similarities seen in materials that formed Earth, moon ... -moon.html

Similar-looking ridges on Mars have diverse origins ... verse.html

Rapid gas flares discovered in white dwarf [ring] star for the first time ... dwarf.html

Debating how to classify a beautiful galaxy, NGC 4861

Green Glow from Ancient Galaxies Surprises Scientists ... tists.html

Milky Way galaxy lighter than previous estimates ... nique.html

Something Silent But Deadly Is Killing Galaxies: ram-pressure [gas] stripping ... 1791328049

Unusual Ancient Bits of Rock from Vesta & Friends ... stery.html

Exotic black holes caught turning into a superfluid ... superfluid

We Just Found New Evidence of Water on Mars ... er-on-mars

The Great Wall of India: 80km ‘diwaal’ is an ancient mystery no one knew about ... btiGO.html

ASU scientist finds advanced geometry no secret to prehistoric architects in US Southwest ... 012317.php

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by webolife » Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:05 pm

I know you spend a lot of time gathering these news bites from around the internet, which is possibly a great service to us all... but why do you suppose so much of it is going un-bitten? I occasionally tried to bite a few over the months you have been posting, but can I give you a few friendly suggestions:
1. A lot of this stuff is truly poor writing by non-science journalists. Several of the articles I've taken a gander at give no substantive evidence for their claims, and are just speculating on some second- or third-hand headline.
2. Most of these articles do not give source references, which means that any one wanting to comment on them must do a deep search themselves to find out WHO, WHAT, WHY, and "What did the primary researchers actually find, observe or measure?"
3. Avoid editorializing the headlines by inserting your own catastrophic philosophic disclaimers. Particularly avoid the use of dogmatic wording that flatly discounts a claim without giving an evidenciary basis. These are dishonest and unscientific practices worse than the writing of an article to spectacularize a claim without providing necessary background information, the practice of most of the article authors you reference.
4. Finally word: This is really a huge list of disinformation, making it nigh unto impossible for us readers to sort through the sheer volume of it all... I'm wondering if there is a better way to channel this "service"?
Truth extends beyond the border of self-limiting science. Free discourse among opposing viewpoints draws the open-minded away from the darkness of inevitable bias and nearer to the light of universal reality.

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Feb 04, 2017 9:48 pm

Gordon, there's nothing dishonest about the comments I add to some of the article titles. And the titles aren't supposed to be scientific. They're supposed to be interesting and explanatory. I post the titles so readers can get an idea of what scientific findings are being made or talked about. Often the titles are too vague, so I add info so readers know what it's really about. I usually don't read the articles myself, unless they're especially interesting, or just to see better what it's about. I add the links so readers can decide if they want to check out the story more.

I cull the article titles from Graham Hancock's site and and (I think) and sometimes from, a forum, etc. Since I do the work of finding and posting them, I think it's fine if I add my comments to some of the titles. I don't force readers to agree with me. They're free to comment in this thread. They can post their disagreements or ask questions etc. If a group of people meet in person to discuss science, would you criticize anyone who mentions the title of an article and throws in a personal comment? You seem to be obsessed with formality. I'm not, except when I write an article or paper myself.

I don't have time to read most articles to make sure they're well written. I figure it's valuable just reading the titles, or I improve the titles to make them more informative by themselves.

I'm always open to discussing how to improve things. If you have any ideas, feel free to mention them. I've started a number of threads on this forum over the years, suggesting that we discuss and work on improving science or some aspect of it etc, or having friendly debates. There've been a few results, esp. with CC, but not many so far. There seems to be a lot of progress with AI lately. Maybe we should pool some money to get some AI and program it to improve science for us.

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:07 pm

A mathematician says he’s found a system that could stop tsunamis in their tracks ... ound-waves

Cheap carbon ‘roses’ pull radioactivity from water ... -1342812-2

Genetically modified, bionic, dragonfly drones will help with pollination ... or-to-life

Ultimate solar-powered water purifier ... ifier.html

Heat from the Sun Can Keep Us All Cool ... -all-cool1

Pedal power revival in China with bike-share apps ... -apps.html

Researchers confirm the existence of a 'lost continent' under Mauritius in Indian Ocean ... itius.html

Young Age Creationism contribution to science ... or-science

Scientists have filmed a ‘sonic boom’ of light for the first time ... first-time

'Rotten Egg' death star: Hubble captures spectacular images of nebula's violent transformation ... sformation

An extragalactic void is shoving our Milky Way galaxy from behind ... rom-behind

Solar winds might be carrying oxygen from Earth to the moon ... o-the-moon

Earth's water may have originally been formed deep within its mantle ... its-mantle

Radioisotope dating technique flawed suggest new study ... -new-study

Cosmic dust that formed our planets traced to giant stars ... stars.html

Both push and pull drive our galaxy's race through space

Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope discovers the most extreme blazars yet ... treme.html

Stars in the halo of the Milky Way often travel in groups ... roups.html

Research finds evidence of 2 billion years of volcanic activity on Mars ... -mars.html

Experiments suggest red spot on Pluto may have come about from impact that formed Charon ... haron.html

Asteroid Triggered Freezing Darkness That Killed Dinos ... kness.html

Clingy Alien Planets May Fling Their Moons Out of Orbit ... moons.html

Earth’s water must have arrived here earlier than we thought ... we-thought

James Cameron links find of bronze-age anchors to lost city of Atlantis ... dffef14670


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