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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Jun 29, 2019 11:38 am



China builds world's fastest supercomputer without US chips

Cyprus racers show budget solar cars have a sunny future

Expect convergence in lighting and telecommunications

Researchers create multi-junction solar cells from off-the-shelf components

The first soft ring oscillator lets soft robots roll, undulate, sort, meter liquids, and swallow

The RoboBee flies solo—Cutting the power cord

3-D printed prosthetic hand

Artificial intelligence controls robotic arm to pack boxes and cut costs

Solar energy could turn the Belt and Road Initiative green

Enhancing the vertical mobility of six-legged robot RHex using microspines

Faster, cleaner, less expensive method of dry cleaning

Physicists discover new optical phenomenon: croissant-shaped twists of light

Targeting individual atoms

Microscopic glass blowing used to make tiny optical lenses

New findings could lead to cheaper solar cells

New cuprate superconductor

Generating more electricity from waste heat by applying pressure

Lightning bolt underwater

Experiment reverses the direction of heat flow

New device squeezes samples with 1.6 billion atmospheres per second

Engineers report a new low-power lighting technology


Earth hit by highest energy photons ever recorded from the Crab Nebula

Mysterious cosmic radio burst detected in a completely unexpected region of space

Astronomers detect 130 short period variable stars

Subaru Telescope identifies the outermost edge of the Milky Way system

Galaxy clusters caught in a first kiss

MUSE reveals a glowing ring of light in the distant universe

Tidal tails detected around dwarf galaxy DDO 44

ALMA pinpoints the formation site of planet [or just dust] around nearest young star

Ultra-short period brown dwarf discovered

Researchers [supposedly] decipher the history of supermassive black holes in the early universe

NASA rover on Mars detects spike of methane gas, possible sign of living microbes

Giant asteroid contains enough heavy metals to make everyone on Earth a billionaire - and NASA is heading there in 2022

Low-temperature aqueous alteration of Martian zircon during the late Amazonian period

Research resets timeline for life on Mars

Study shows how icy outer solar system satellites may have formed

Hubble finds tiny 'electric soccer balls' in space, helps solve interstellar mystery

A chaos found only on Mars

Gaia's asteroid discoveries

Is Pluto a cometary body?

Santorini volcano, a new terrestrial analogue of Mars

Tunguska revisited

'Extinct' creatures found alive deep within Honduras rainforest

Octopus arms found to make decisions without input from their brains

Bird that went extinct 136,000 years ago comes 'back from the dead' after evolving again

Ancient proteins are starting to reveal humanity's history

Purposeful Genetic Changes Challenge Evolutionary Theory

Skeptics Analyze Original Tissues with Lousy Logic

A Fossilized School of Fish

Catastrophist Video Channels

The Last Days of Giza and the Royal Tomb Inside the Sphinx | Ancient Architects

500,000 volts through megalithic stone? An investigation

How the MEGALITHIC WALLS were made, rock CUT and DRESSED: Shamir of Solomon


Greg & Lora Little Discover Phoenician Port In Andros, Bahamas

Transatlantic Phoenician Proof 2 - Glenn Beck Before He Sold Out

Transatlantic Phoenician Proof 3 - 2,500 year old Phoenician ships discovered off Israel's coast
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:31 pm



Machine Thinking

The 1751 Machine Tool that Made Everything

Smart glasses follow our eyes, focus automatically

Study shows how to improve production at wind farms

Tiny motor can 'walk' to carry out tasks

Robot uses photonic sensors to pick strawberries fast

AI-designed heat pumps consume less energy

Experiments show dramatic increase in solar cell output

High brightness mid-infrared laser expands horizon of spectroscopic analytical technique

A counterintuitive case in which like charges attract (two spherical like-charged metal nanoparticles with unequal charges can attract one another in a dilute electrolyte solution. The reason, in short, is that the more strongly charged nanoparticle polarizes the metal core of the weakly charged nanoparticle, which alters the interaction between the nanoparticles.)
[NOTE: Charles Chandler credits Richard Feynman with having earlier proposed an attraction force between like charges which Charles thinks is operative in dusty plasmas in space, as per - He adds privately that Feynman's model is a modernization of the London dispersion force first proposed in the 1930s by Fritz London, wherein neutrally charged atoms are easily polarized in the presence of an electric field from a nearby atom, producing attraction for building molecules. But he says that is naive, because forces from another atom will be too weak, due to the greater distance. I think he says that's true for small atoms/ions, but apparently not for larger molecules with several extra electrons, which can polarize a nearby atom with a sparsely populated outer shell, by pushing those electrons to the far side of the atom.]

Magnets shown to create more power in electrical generators

An atomic-scale erector set

Scientists combine light and matter to make particles with new behaviors

Chinese scientists develop new material for cleaning up oil spills

Spherical lens aberration solved

The world's smallest MRI machine just captured the magnetic field of a single atom

A single acre of black soldier fly larvae can produce more protein than 3,000 acres of cattle or 130 acres of soybeans

Newly discovered 'hybrid particles' open doors to exciting new tech


Cosmic fireworks Eta Carinae still exploding after nearly 200 years

Another mysterious deep space signal traced to the other side of the universe

Astronomers conduct chemical investigation of globular cluster NGC 6723

Spiraling filaments feed young galaxies

Binary stars with unexplainable dimming pattern

Four asteroids on potential collision courses with Earth

Spores in space: Mold can withstand strong radiation

The Great Titan Desert

A new radioactive model of ancient rocks suggest lost continents for early Earth

NASA tracked small asteroid before it broke up in atmosphere

Citizen scientists discover cyclical pattern of complexity in solar storms

Earth to Mars in 100 days: The power of nuclear rockets

Methane vanishing on Mars

Asteroid Vesta originates from a cosmic 'hit-and-run' collision

Orange fireball lighting Florida sky was Chinese space junk

Record High Temperatures in France: 3 Facts the Media Don’t Tell You

Four Studies Find ‘No Observable Sea-Level Effect’ From Man-Made Global Warming

Climate Politics Abroad Are Turning Decidedly Skeptical

Extreme Climate and Droughts are Nothing New; Collapse of the Akkadian Empire Circa 2,200 B.C.

Killing nuclear will kill your 'green economy'

Scientists use CRISPR to eliminate HIV DNA in mice

Machine learning acquiring capability to automatically translate long-lost languages

Global greening is happening faster than climate change, and it’s a good thing

Models underestimate the beneficial effects of CO2 on photosynthesis by 60%

Coral reefs thrive during warm periods (rising sea levels) and experience die-offs during cold periods

Ancient tree to reveal secrets of Earth's polar reversal

Cambrian Explosion Continues to Perplex Evolutionists

Catastrophist Video Channels

How Historians Can Now See Invisible Text on Ancient Manuscripts

Ancient High Technology: The Precision Carved Granite Boxes of Abu Sir

Discourses on an Alien Sky #42 | The Labyrinth – The Crane Dance of Theseus

Before The Inca: Megalithic Saqsaywaman Above The City Of Cusco

New Ancient 'PROPELLER' in 'Pre-Egypt' Section of Dutch Museum! (Full Collection!)

Flood Catastrophe or Overkill? YDB Extinction Event Mystery

Engineer Explains the Strangest Ancient Megalithic Sites of Britain and Ireland

New Bosnian Pyramid Discovery - This Structure is Unlike Any Found on Earth
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Jul 13, 2019 9:42 pm



Jumping space robot 'flies' like a spacecraft

Microrobots to change the way we work with cellular material

Robot uses machine learning to harvest lettuce

Cyborg-like microchip valve driven by earthworm muscle

Breakthrough gives artificial muscles superhuman strength

Robot-ants that can jump, communicate with each other and work together

Capturing heat wasted in solar panels for use in distilling clean drinking water

MorphoNet offers an interactive way to explore the bioimaging data revolution

A backpack that generates electricity using side-to-side movement from walking

Artificial 'muscles' achieve powerful pulling force

Automated system generates robotic parts for novel tasks

Motor, other components, in wheels may shape future of car industry

Researchers develop ultrafast semiconductors

Confined nanoscale sound controls light in a microresonator

On the way to printable organic light emitting diodes

Scientists discover how to 'lock' heat in place using quantum mechanics

Light may increase magnetic memory speeds 1000 times, decrease electricity consumption


Does the universe spin too?

NASA's Hubble telescope uncovers a black[?] hole that astronomers say shouldn't exist

Massive stars grow same way as light stars, just bigger
- Compare with:

Three runaway stars believed to be survivors of thermonuclear explosions

Djorgovski 2 is a moderately metal-poor globular cluster, study finds

Powering the extreme jets of active galaxies

Interstellar iron isn't missing, it's just hiding in plain sight

Star formation may be halted by cold ionized hydrogen

Astronomers find evidence of atmosphere-like envelopes around galaxies

Hubble discovers mysterious [non-]black hole disc

In world first, Japan's Hayabusa2 probe collects samples from distant asteroid after 'perfect' touchdown

Dust storms swirl at the north pole of Mars

Newfound kilometer-size asteroid orbits the sun every 151 days

Study suggests asteroids might play key role in spreading life

Alternating currents cause Jupiter's aurora

Scientists deepen understanding of magnetic fields surrounding Earth and other planets

Two tiny supercomputing Pioneer nanosatellites launched

Skywatcher and satellite tracker photographs US Air Force's secret space plane in orbit

Humans perform as well or better when exposed to high vs low CO2 concentrations says new study

Gene-edited babies and family planning


Airplanes’ “contrails” have a big climate impact, and it could triple by 2050

Ancient DNA sheds light on domestic cattle

Ruins of 4,300-year-old Babylon

Team proves Paleolithic people may have paddled to Japan

Giant marble pyramid-shaped island complex rising from sea uncovered, revealing secrets of ancient Greece’s origins

Catastrophist Video Channels


Dinosaurs, the Smithsonian, and Evolutionist Desperation

Were these Giza Pyramids Rebuilt and Enlarged? New Giza Pyramid Timeline | Ancient Architects

Ancient High Technology - the Machined Artifacts of Abu Ghorab - Old Kingdom Sun Temple

Ionic Winds Shaped the Earth

Evidence Of Ancient Cataclysm And Advanced Stone Machining In Egypt

Unexplained Impossible Ancient OOPArts
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sun Jul 14, 2019 7:40 pm

(Here are some additions to yesterday's weekly post.)

Cataclysm Geology - Younger Dryas Impact Evidence

Iran's Most Astonishing Antediluvian Ruins

Flood Catastrophe or Overkill? YDB Extinction Event Mystery -Cosmography101-16.2 w/ Randall Carlson

"Ubiquitous Catastrophic Demise" / Frozen & Flooded Fossils -Cosmography101-16.3 w/ Randall Carlson

Catastrophic Flood Features / Scablands, Death Vly Micro-scale -Cosmography101-17.2 w/ R Carlson '08

Descent of Cosmic Fire Balloons / Ekpyrosis Traditions -Cosmography101-30.3 w/ Randall Carlson '08

Secret of the Cosmic Fire from Sky / Draconids / Methane -Cosmography101-30.4 w/ Randall Carlson '08

Did Hindus become Mayans and build Shiva Temple in Colombia? David Childress From Ancient Aliens!

Lost Ancient Civilizations...In the Middle of Nowhere - The Sumerians & Mesopotamia

Strange Similarities Between Celtic & Semitic Languages

Did Hindus become Mayans and build Shiva Temple in Colombia? David Childress From Ancient Aliens!
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Fri Jul 19, 2019 8:27 pm



How To Turn Salt Water Into Fresh Water (Simple Improvised Distillation)

High-performance sodium ion batteries using copper sulfide

Curbing indoor air pollution in India

New safer, inexpensive way to propel small satellites

'Beyond 5G' wireless transceiver

Inspired by water lilies: A hierarchical design for solar evaporation of high salinity brine

Tiny vibration-powered robots the size of the world's smallest ant

Automated system generates robotic parts for novel tasks

Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor or CMOS technology can both act as a switch and activate electrical current flow

DNA and molecular motors build nanoscale machines

Computer assisted platooning for more fuel efficient trucking

Virtual reality glove system

'Majorana Photons': New super-class of photons can travel with different wavefronts

Study unveils new superionic states of helium-water compounds


A crisis of bad data analysis and replication in scientific studies

Scientists have identified biased data in an iconic meteorological record

Supernova observation first of its kind using NASA satellite

The habitability of Titan and its ocean

Silica aerogel could make Mars habitable

Small fragments of carbon-rich asteroids too fragile to survive atmospheric entry

Cassini explores ring-like formations around Titan's lakes


Lunar rocks debunk moon landing conspiracy theories

Supposedly 115 million year old lily fossil found in Brazil

Plant viruses may be essential for maintaining biodiversity and helping plants adapt to their environment

Coral reefs dying because of pollution, 30 years of unique data reveals

Climate Science Week in review

*Interesting Simulation of DNA Epigenetics & Why Women Are Calico

Your Body's Molecular Machines

*Cytoplasm mechanisms simulations

Explosive volcanism as a key driver of the late Paleozoic ice age

Radiocarbon in Yet Another Dinosaur Fossil indicating young age

9,000-Year-Old Neolithic Mega Site Discovered in the Middle East | Ancient Architects

Evidence for Younger Dryas Cataclysm at the Carolina Bay

Ancient Machining And Cataclysm Evidence In Jordan: Little Petra

Evidence Of Ancient Cataclysm At The Bent And Red Pyramids Of Egypt

The Escapees of The Doggerland 'ATLANTIS?' Retain Water-Control Technology!?

Climate Myths & Realities / Extinctions & Catastrophe

Nechako Ice Age Impact? / Cosmic Mission
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