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Re: Stars + Galaxies

Unread post by Harry Costas » Sat Dec 11, 2010 3:34 pm


Observe as many dipole jets, particularly the large ones, and you will find their evolving properties and knot formation.

The jets formed from the core, have a soliton wave that carry nuclear matter such as Axions and the like unaffected by the extreme gravity from the core,that only changes with changes in the phase of matter. Once this occurs the core gravity starts to holt the jet and its parts where we do observe new births of stars. In time by gravitional curvature the arms will form a spiral and start a motion back to home. Its all in the vector field numbers.

In cases with galaxy cluster centres the Soliton jet wave may eject matter to such an extent that dwarf galaxies are formed where they cluster and grow and evolve.

Yes I know this goes against the grain of modern and old cosmology theories.


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