The Warrior's Toroidal Beard

Plasma formations in the ancient sky. The role of planets as charged bodies in these formations. Ground-rules for drawing reliable conclusions. A new approach to the mythic archetypes: is a unified theory of world mythology possible?
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The Warrior's Toroidal Beard

Unread post by David Talbott » Fri Apr 25, 2008 2:59 pm

Won't have a lot of time for this one while working on other priorities, but I know I left an issue unsettled when discussing the "scallop shell" form of the discharging Venus (i .e., the discharge seen off axis):
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I related this form to the curious form of the Egyptian warrior king's headdress, which the texts identify as a goddess, just as the Greek sources identified the scallop shell with a goddess-- Aphrodite, the planet Venus:
Perhaps a few folks wondered about the "knot" at the base of the Headdress, which I suggested will be resolved in our reconstruction. Here is the reconstructed form in our 3-D model, showing a stack of toroids stretching toward Earth from the planet Mars:
Though I've mentioned the "beard" of Mars in passing, the toroidal form is not a dominating motif. The most common form involves braided filaments, often pinching to a termination point. But the toroidal form will be seen in a number of instances, as in this statue of Amenhotep III:
When I can get to it, I'll have more to say on the Mars-to-Earth toroidal stack, which must not be confused with the toroids or embedded cones that appeared between Mars and Venus (tower, ladder, backbone, chain of arrows motif) in a different evolutionary phase of the configuration.

The point here is that these odd but recurring themes all have a logical and testable place in the reconstruction, suggesting that enigmatic similarities between much different symbols (In this case unnatural headdress and unnatural beard) can be resolved only by seeing the common external reference. Of course, we can now say confidently that the "knot" at the based of the headdress, and the remarkable "beard" constituted from a stack of disks (toruses) also have a counterpart in plasma discharge behavior, as the pinching of braided filaments leads dynamically to a stack of toruses (typically seven to nine), according to Peratt. When I first described the toroids, I knew nothing of the plasma connection, and was just working with observed patterns.

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Re: The Warrior's Toroidal Beard

Unread post by Kapriel » Mon May 26, 2008 10:50 pm

Dave- There in your picture above, beneath the warrior's headress and knot, is a section of 'spots'.
The spotted garment of the warrior-priest is a common element, would you happen to know what the source for that portion of the image was?
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Re: The Warrior's Toroidal Beard

Unread post by ElecGeekMom » Tue May 27, 2008 9:19 am

I read some time ago about how Nimrod ended up with a cheetah skin that Noah originally had. I understand that spots on a ruler's garments are supposed to indicate their descendency from Nimrod (a/k/a Orion), as well as the wearer's prowess as a hunter.

I wish I could provide the URL where I read this. Perhaps someone else can provide one.


Re: The Warrior's Toroidal Beard

Unread post by SiriusMrE » Tue May 27, 2008 1:50 pm

I would suggest that it is a representation of the Egyptian Aten or Uraeus Serpent. As David points out in that thread, this image was often repeated for emphasis--and because it looked kind of cool!

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Re: The Warrior's Toroidal Beard

Unread post by Plasmatic » Tue May 27, 2008 6:40 pm

In Martian Metamorphosis Ev Cochran points out that the Martian heros where often presented scabbed and scared all over his body. There is alot of reference to this also in Starf*cker by same author. See both for more details.
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