Bill McDonald's General Composite of the Roswell Spacecraft

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Jupiter and Saturn ... 510#p39412

As noted previously, Nibiru was regarded as a planet (specifically, Jupiter, but once as Mercury), a god (specifically, Marduk), and a star (distinguished from Jupiter).

The fact that these stars in the astrolabe are all “fixed” may suggest that since Nibiru is described as Marduk-Jupiter and also Mercury in one text, and yet “changes course”, this shows that the fixed star of Nibiru may have changed position, depending on when its observation in the various texts was made.

Here we have a specific Sumero-Akkadian text that says Nibiru is the name of Marduk. Below we’ll see that Marduk was the name of the planet Jupiter. Nibiru can’t be a planet beyond Pluto if it’s Jupiter. Nibiru-Marduk-Jupiter has something to do with a crossing place – that is, this astronomical body itself isn’t doing the crossing, but marks or is positioned at a crossing point. This is another point of contradiction with Sitchin’s teachings, as he argues it is Nibiru that is mobile and “crosses” into the orbital paths of our solar system’s planets. The texts do not say this. ... 450#p38166

Ophiuchus is a Knower of the Secrets of Life and is becoming a Master of Life and Death. According to Lucius Annaeus Seneca, the Serpent was once identified with Tiamat, the Sea Monster, who eventually was struck by Marduk (Jupiter). Tiamat represent Chaos from which all other things come. Marduk is the Sun god who eventually killed Tiamat for these reasons, thus bringing a sense of order or control to Creation.

Ophiuchus is also known as Aesculapius, who was taught the arts of medicine and healing by the Centaur Chiron. Eventually Aesculapius got so good at his craft that he could restore the dead to life. This threatened Pluto, the lord of the underworld, who then complained to Jupiter. Jupiter then sent Aquila, the Eagle to kill Aesculapius with one of his thunderbolts. It is also interesting that the constellation of Ophiuchus was known by the name of 'Toiling' in the early days. ... 450#p38166
Somehow, the planet Saturn and its symbolism became confused with that of Tiamat, which was thought to be the second sun that fell to Earth. Kings of the Earth were said to rule as Saturn, or for Saturn. The Hebrews identified Saturn with Lucifer or Satan, god of restriction, materialism, negativity, and chaos, who also fell from “heaven.”
We read from various sources that approximately 50,000 years ago a certain planetary body in our own solar system was mysteriously destroyed. This body has been called Tiamat, Phaeton, Lucifer, Marduk, Maldek, Rahab, and even Luna (not connected to the name later given to the moon). It was believed to have existed between Mars and Jupiter and was referred to as the “second sun” and may have been mistaken as such, because its atmosphere was resplendent with reflections of the actual sun...
While he worked for a major United States corporation in the 1960s, their physicists completed their own independent studies which suggested that about 4,800 BC a huge body, which we now know as Jupiter, careered into our solar system. The outer planets were thrown into disarray and Jupiter eventually crashed into a planet which orbited between the present Jupiter and Mars. The physicists said the remains of this planet became the asteroid belt and that part of Jupiter broke away to become what we now call Venus. As Venus, then a vast chunk of matter, was projected into space, it destroyed the atmosphere and life of Mars before it was caught by the Earth’s gravitational field, the study claimed. Venus made several orbits of the Earth before its momentum hurled it into its current position in the solar system. It was those orbits, the physicists said, that brought devastation and a tidal wave about 4,800 BC.
According to the harmonic rule known as Bode’s Law, a planet should exist between Mars and Jupiter - some 260 million miles from the Sun.

Ancient Sumerian texts indicate that Tiamat was struck by a large planet, which moved it into its present orbit, and also created the Earth’s moon and the Asteroid Belt.

Indeed, if the Earth was once in fifth position, its closest neighbors would have been Jupiter and Saturn.

Collin also notes that both Jupiter and Saturn support "complete systems of satellites and may even be faintly self-luminous, though this luminosity is rendered unnoticeable by the infinitely greater brilliance of the Sun."

Collin notes that Jupiter and Saturn "are evidently trying to become suns."

He notes the connection between asteroids, as a throng of particles, and ancient "legends of crime" on an angelic or planetary level. The rebellion of Satan, the fall of Lucifer, are stories told in the context of the planetary demiurges, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

As Collin concludes, "At a remote time period in the history of the solar system, some tremendous cosmic tension may have been set up which represented ’night’ for the Earth, producing the cataclysm which engulfed Atlantis and made an almost complete break in human history... The legend of the Fall of Lucifer and the war of the other planets against him... finds itself transcribed into astronomical language."
A Saturn Cosmology
Earth, Mars, Neptune and Saturn all have their axes of rotation at 24 to 25 degrees to their orbit. This should not be. We would expect all the planets in the Solar System to have their spin axes pointing in the same up and down direction as the Sun. The spin axes of all of the 134 satellites of the planets point in the same direction as their parent planet, with only a few rare exceptions.

The divergent and nearly identical inclination of the spin axes of these four planets is one of the first clues that our Solar System is a composite of two systems. The other hint was that our ancestors had called Saturn "the Sun," "the best Sun," "the first Sun." Perhaps Earth had at one time been a satellite of Saturn, or a planet orbiting Saturn? Saturn has all the look of a burned-out brown dwarf star and in the past could have supported life on closely orbiting planets. At some time in the past, Saturn with its planets might have entered the Solar System and the two systems merged. But when and how did this merger take place?
Saturn and the Flood
The Venus and Mars catastrophes of Worlds in Collision are only the latest in a series which, according to Velikovsky, involved every planet visible to the naked eye, at one time or another. Critiques of the Worlds in Collision scenario began appearing even before its publication in book form. This may have something to do with the fact that Velikovsky never finished the books describing these earlier catastrophes, because they make Worlds in Collision look pretty tame by comparison. Someday, his executors may release the manuscripts of Jupiter of the Thunderbolt and Saturn and the Flood. In the meantime, some articles in Kronos provide a few details. Ice cores also have implications for claims of these earlier catastrophes, which I will review here.

Chief among them was the biblical Deluge, which Velikovsky ascribed to an explosion of the planet Saturn which he called a "nova". "It is conceivable that the Earth was, at that time, a satellite of Saturn, afterwards possibly becoming a satellite of Jupiter." Shortly after the explosion, the earth was enveloped in clouds of water or of hydrogen gas ejected from Saturn, which precipitated as the Flood. "The volume of water on the Earth was vastly increased.... the Atlantic Ocean... came to be only after the Deluge." This newly acquired water was said to be warm. It "may have been rich in chlorine... Chlorine may thus be of extraneous origin..." In this catastrophe, as in later ones, "all volcanoes erupted."

No rational mind can conceive how earth could undergo such extremely violent orbital perturbations, becoming first a dependency of the planet Saturn, and later of Jupiter, without leaving equally violent perturbations in the 18O record.
The Primordial Light
As to the origins of the instability within our System, he puts forward a few suggestions based on current theories. He mentions the double star system hypotheses of Lyttleton and of Russell: "A passing star crushed the companion of the sun, and out of its débris planets were formed." But he does point out some objections to this theory, which has been used by others to account for the past history of our Solar System. A précis of this hypothesis and an analysis of how its problems may be overcome is being prepared by Sieff and may appear as a sequel to this paper. Sieff sees Jupiter as an invader of our System (then a double star system); moreover, he sees Jupiter as having caused the disintegration of Saturn, the one-time companion to the sun. Dr Velikovsky has similar views, viz:- "Also, some dark star, like Jupiter or Saturn, may be in the path of the sun, and may be attracted to the system and cause havoc in it."


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The Cosmic Axis, Mill Peg and the Whirlpool ... 450#p38360

At the end of the Golden Age (Krita Yuga) a class of Asura who had fought against the "gods" hid themselves in the ocean where the gods could not reach them, and planned to overthrow the government. So the gods implored Agastya (Canopus, alpha Carinae = Eridu) for help. The great Rishi did as he was bidden, drank up the water of the ocean, and thus laid bare the enemies, who were then slain by the gods. But now, there was no ocean anymore! Implored by the gods to fill the sea again, the Holy One replied: "That water in sooth hath been digested by me. Some other expedient, therefore, must be thought of by you, if ye desire to make endeavour to fill the ocean." It was this sad state of things which made it necessary to bring the Galaxy "down."

In the case of the Rishi: He originated from the seed of Mitra and Varuna, which they dropped into a water-jar upon seeing the heavenly Urvashi. Let us mention that the Egyptian Canopus is himself a jar-god.

On the very same time and occasion there also was "born" as son of Mitra and Varuna --only the seed fell on the ground not in the jar -- the Rishi Vasishtha. This is unmistakably zeta Ursae Majoris, and the lining up of Canopus with zeta, more often with Alcor, the tiny star near zeta (Tom Thumb, in Babylonia the "fox"-star) has remained a rather constant feature, in Arabic Suhayl and as-Suha. This is the "birth" of the valid representatives of both the poles, the sons of Mitra and Varuna and also of their successors.

Thus in whichever dialect the phenomenon is spelled out, the fallen ruler of the Golden Age is held to dwell nearest to the celestial South Pole, particularly in Canopus which marks the steering oar of Argo, Canopus at the "confluence of the rivers." This is true whether Varuna fastened the sky to the seat of the Rita (and his own seat), whether Enki-Ea-Enmesharra, dwelling in Eridu, held all the norms and or whether Kronos-Saturn kept giving "all the measures of the whole creation" to Zeus while he himself slept in Ogygia-the-primeval.

And there is little doubt, in fact none, that Phaethon came to be understood as Saturn. There is the testimony of Erastosthenes' Catasterisms in dealing with the planets, beginning with Jupiter according to which the planet Saturn was Phaethon who fell from the chariot into Eridanus.

There is, moreover, the Orphic wording of the case: "After Kronos had emasculated Ouranos, Zeus threw his father Kronos from the chariot and 'entartarosed' him" right away. Essential key words are easily mistaken for petty details, as in this case the "chariot," from which Kronos/Phaethon was thrown into "Tartaros."

The "Elamitic chariot" is identical with the constellation "Chariot of Enmesharra," which the authorities of Babylonian astronomy have identified with beta and zeta Tauri. This Enmesharra now has a "telling" name: En.ME.SARRA is "Lord of all the me," that is, he is Lord of "norms and measures," also called "Lord of the World Order.

The "underworld" is misleading, though; the word is: Arallu. It suffices that the Lord of the World Order, Enmesharra, is Enki-Ea, because it is known that he dwells "at the seat of Rita"-- Eridu-Canopus. And since "Enmesharra's chariot" is the vehicle of Auriga, beta zeta Tauri, there can be little doubt that the tradition of Phaethon's fall was already a Sumerian myth.

And as in Greece, where the drastic version of the Orphics, of Hesiod and others are found side by side with those of Plutarch and Proclus, according to which Kronos gives with paternal grace "all the measures of the whole creation" to his son Zeus.

One of the questions begging answers is, which measures are meant, and how does Saturn accomplish his assignment "to give them continuously" to Jupiter?

Above attention was called to the significance of the revolution of that Trigon which is built up by "Great Conjunctions" of Saturn and Jupiter, and was still understood by Kepler. This Trigon of Great Conjunctions presented itself as the instrument by which one could "narrow down" the almost imperceptible tempo of the Precession. To move through the whole zodiac, one of the angles of the Trigon needs approximately 3 x 794 1/3 = 2383 years. That comes tolerably near to one double-hour of the greatest "day" of the Precession of 25,900 years.

So much for Saturn the unalterable planet gliding along his orb; Saturn as the fallen ruler of the Golden Age and retired to Eridu is a much harder proposition. Although there is also evidence to the contrary, there are many indications that the South Pole, Canopus, was taken for static, exempted from the Precession.

To begin discussing the static South Pole, one might well start with the "Seven Sleepers of Ephesus," who were thought to be on board the Argo.

But Massignon and Monod also missed the decisive factor, namely, that the South Pole of the ecliptic is marked by the Great Cloud, and that Canopus is rather near to this south ecliptic pole, whereas the immovable center in the North of the universe is not distinguished by any star, as has been said previously.

And this would mean, at least it might mean, because it fits so well into those notions of "time and the rivers" that expired periods return "home" into timelessness and that they flow into eternity whence they came. Access to the Confluence of the Rivers, Mouth and Source of aeons and eras, the true seat of immortality, has always been denied to any aspect of "time, the moving likeness of eternity.

"For eternity excludes motion. But from this desired motionless home, source and mouth of times, the world-ruler has to procure the normed measures valid for his age; they are always based on time, as has been said. In any case it is literally the "fundamental" task of the Ruler to "dive" to the topos where times begin and end, to get hold of a new first day." As the Chinese say, in order to rule over space one has to be master of time.

How much more difficult is it to spot the “steering oar of Argo" (Canopus-Eridu) in the childish riddle of Amlethus? And yet, the "measuring of the depth of the sea" is there all the time; infant-Kullervo dared to do it with a ladle, coming to the startling result of "three ladles and a little bit more."

It remains to be seen whether or not all the measuring planets can be recognized by their particular methods of doing the measuring. It is known how Saturn does it, and Jupiter. Jupiter "throws," and Saturn "falls." How Saturn giving the measures as resident in Canopus is hard to imagine. Maybe all the available keys to this door have not been tried? Observing so many characters occupied with measuring the depth of the sea, one stumbles over the strange name given to Canopus by the Arabs: they call it the weight" or "the heavy-weighing Canopus. The epithet "wazn" has been given also to other stars of the southern sky.

This "weight" is the plumb at the end of the plumb line, by means of which this depth was measured. But where does Saturn come in? He can be understood as the "living" plumb line. This would be hard to believe if the story of this surveying were not told by the plumb line itself, Phaethon. Only when he told it, he had another name, Hephaistos. We suspect that the verbal image that "Jupiter-hurls-down Saturn" describes the shaping of the Trigon of great conjunctions, not of the Trigon generally but of that new Trigon whose first angle is established by a conjunction of the Big Two at the beginning of a new world-age. On the other hand, this picturesque formula might cover the shifting of the Trigon of conjunctions from one Triplicity to the next.
Last year, Carrie pointed me to a series of references to Kolob and the Sagittarius Star Cloud in a book she was reading at the time. I thought these references were intriguing since Kolob is a star that is “near unto” the throne of God.

Apparently by almost, if not quite common consent, the hub or center of our galaxy is assumed to lie “in the direction of the Great Star Cloud of Sagittarius” in the area (southward from us) of the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Astrophysicists now affirm that in this distance between us and the Sagittarius Cloud in which is the center or hub, “we can detect a network of dense dust clouds floating through space within 5,000 light-years of us or less; and beyond that, up to 25,000 light-years away, we can see the thickly huddled stars and star-clusters of the hub itself.”

But this fact seems reasonably clear that this hub or center of a galaxy exists and performs, in broad principle, the functions of Kolob and that Kolob’s existence and function were known about four thousand years before our day.

The references above to Kolob and the Sagittarius Star Cloud immediately caught my attention. Rather it has to do with the idea that both constellations are located in the southern hemisphere.

According to Giorgio de Santillana:
In whichever dialect the phenomenon is spelled out, the fallen ruler of the Golden Age is held to dwell nearest to the celestial South Pole, particularly in Canopus which marks the steering oar of Argo, Canopus at the “confluence of the rivers.” This is true whether Varuna fastened the sky to the seat of the Rita (and his own seat), whether Enki-Ea-Enmesharra, dwelling in Eridu, held all the norms and measures (Rita, Sumerian me: Akkadian: parsu)—Thorkild Jacobsen called him very appropriately the “Lord modus operandi” or whether Kronos-Saturn kept giving “all the measures of the whole creation” to Zeus while he himself slept in Ogygia-the-primeval.
Although I’ve already written about Canopus, its possible connection to Facsimile 2 in the Book of Abraham, and as the center of gravity, I should add that the southern sky where all these celestial phenomena appear – at least to the ancients – seem to be associated with joyfulness and happiness. And to me, that seems to be an apt description of Kolob. ... 365#p45230

In the Dogon's idea, Sirius A is symbolized with an X and it is inclusive in an ellipse that it would represent the orbit of Sirius B. Since this symbol is the same, we can deduce that Kolob and Sirius A are the same.

Therefore, near Kolob there should be two stars. One is no doubt Sirius B. The other one could possibly be another star (Sirius C) which was discovered by two astronomers in 1995. Kolob being the creation nearest to God could be a doorway to the dimension of God.
Canopus ... nopus.html
The brightest star in the constellation Carina, the second brightest star in the sky, and one of the principal stars used in spacecraft navigation. It was known in antiquity as the Star of Osiris and used by Posidonius in Alexandria, circa 260 BC, in the first successful effort to plot out a degree of the Earth's surface.

Canopus lies almost due south of the brightest star of all, Sirius, and nearly 53° south of the celestial equator, so that it is a (south) circumpolar object, never setting for observers south of about 40° south. By the same token it is never visible from places north of about 37° N.
Mizar (Zeta Ursae Majoris)
The fourth brightest star in the constellation Ursa Major and the middle star in the handle of the Big Dipper.

Mizar is also famous as the first known true binary, in which a pair of stars that orbit each other, were seen telescopically, by Giovanni Riccoli in 1650. The components, Mizar A and B, lie 14" apart (at least 500 AU) and take some 5,000 years to complete one mutual circuit.
Alcor, also known as 80 Ursae Majoris, a star in Ursa Major very close to Mizar.
Auriga is an ancient Northern Hemisphere constellation featuring one of the brightest stars in the heavens: Capella. Auriga is usually pictured as a charioteer; the youth Auriga wields a whip in one hand and holds a goat (Capella) and her two kids in the other.
Taurus ... llation%29
Taurus is one of the constellations of the zodiac, and its name is Latin for Bull. It sits large and prominent in the winter sky, between Aries to the west and Gemini to the east; to the north lie Perseus and Auriga, to the southwest Orion, and to the southeast Eridanus and Cetus.

One of the few first magnitude stars in the sky, the bright red Aldebaran, sits in the middle of this constellation. The horns of the bull stretch off to the west, marked by Elnath (Beta Tauri, traditionally shared with Auriga) and Zeta Tauri.
Ursa Minor ... Minor.html
Ursa Minor was once seen as Draco's wings, the wings of the Dragon. Ursa Minor, the Little Bear, represents Arcas, the son of the Great Mother Bear who is represented in the adjoining constellation, Ursa Major. Ursa Minor also had the title Cynosura, 'dog's tail', in Greek mythology, Cynosura was a nymph on Mount Ida in Crete, who along with Helice (Ursa Major), nursed Zeus/Jupiter when he was being hidden from his father, Cronus/Saturn. In gratitude, Zeus placed her in the heavens as the constellation Ursa Minor. Cynosura is another name for the constellation Ursa Minor or its brightest star, Polaris.
Argo Navis ... Navis.html
Argo Navis is no longer an officially recognized constellation, it has been split up into three constellations; Carina the Keel, Vela the Sails, Puppis the Stern, plus a subordinate division of Argo now called Pyxis Nautica, the Nautical Box or Mariner's Compass, and which used to be called Malus, the Mast. In Greek Mythology Argo Navis represents the Ship used by Jason and fifty Argonauts to sail to fetch the Golden Fleece from Colchis (Iolcus) in the Black Sea. The Argo was built by the shipwright Argos or Argus. It was built at the port of Pagasae, using timber from nearby Mount Pelion. ... 525#p39707

There are three stars associated with the name “wazn” (“wezen”) or weight

Delta (δ) Canis Major, Wezen, (Sirius)
lambda Argo Navis (Alsuhail) (Vela)
alpha Centaurus (Rigil Kent) (Centaurus)

However, there were two stars “usurped” from Canis Major (Sirius) when Bayer created the constellation called Columba.

The part thus usurped was called Muliphein from al-muhlifein. These two stars are now alpha and beta Columbae (Phaet and Wazn). Muliphein is recognized as comprehending the two stars called Had'ar, ground, and al-wezn, weight.

Phaet and Wazn are considered to be a “ground” and a “weight” which is the same association Phillip Coppens made between Sirius (the arrow) and Canopus (the plumb line)


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Ancient torsion field generators ... 43c#p32718

Back in the 70's, I became interested in an Atlantean energy machine described in the Edgar Cayce readings. The machine was called the “Terrible Crystal”, or the “Tuaoi Stone,” (pronounced "too-oye") or the “Firestone” in the readings. Oddly enough, a “terrible crystal” is mentioned in the King James Version of the Bible, in Ezekiel 1:22, where he seems to be describing an extraterrestrial spacecraft:

“And the likeness of the firmament upon the heads of the living creature was as the colour of the TERRIBLE CRYSTAL, stretched forth over their heads above.”

My conclusion at the time was that it was a gravity-wave generator.
Was the Great Pyramid the Ultimate Weapon? ... eapon.html
A physicist named Joseph Farrell has studied the Great Pyramid in meticulous detail. He concluded that, with the use of highly sophisticated crystal technology, this pyramid may have been used as a phase conjugate howitzer. According to Farrell, the Great Pyramid could have been designed to collect, amplify and cohere energy emissions from a given target and send them back, exactly in phase harmonically with that target.

The amplified energies emitted by the pyramid were enormously powerful, according to Farrell, and caused violent acoustic cavitation within the nuclei of the atoms composing the enemy target until it consumed itself in a violent nuclear reaction. In effect the pyramid amplified and then reflected back upon a target a powerful energy beam; it was a ray weapon of enormous destructive power. If the weapon had been fired at a military target it would have neutralised all electronic equipment and detonated all explosive devices including nuclear bombs. It would also have directly killed every living organism, even viruses. Unlike a nuclear bomb, the weapons destructive power could be calibrated to selectively destroy both small and large targets, and there was no radioactive fallout after a strike. In many respects it was the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

scientist involved in US government research into acoustical weapons. He said his team had analyzed the Great Pyramid and concluded that its builders used highly sophisticated geometries. The analysis indicated that the configuration of the chambers in the Great Pyramid could have been designed for the sophisticated manipulation of sound. The conclusion reached by the scientist and his team was that the Great Pyramid could have originally been designed as a weapon - an extremely powerful one at that.

Farrell theorized that the Great Pyramid was built by a technological advanced ancient civilization in the mist of pre-history. He speculated that the Pyramid was a phase conjugate mirror, the magic yin-yang mirror of legends. Ferrell believes that the chambers and passageways of the Great Pyramid were used as a series of loops to generate and amplify gravito-acoustical waves and direct them to their target. If Ferrell’s assumptions are correct, the Great Pyramid was the most powerful weapon ever to exist on Earth. We can only hope that, even if his theory about the Pyramid is incorrect, that such a weapon will never see the light of day on Earth. It would without question be used with devastating effect, because unlike the atomic bomb there would be no radioactive fallout. In other words, there would be no collateral radioactive damage – the major deterrent to the deployment of atomic bombs in modern warfare.
Modern torsion field generators

A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway?
Obviously, such a dramatic geometric change --- within a single fluid medium (the "hazy envelope" surrounding the entire spiral and its peculiar "rotating blue beam" ...) -- is only possible if some kind of "outside force" was suddenly being applied ... some external resonant energy ... to interfere with the original fluid-dynamics established internally, at the beginning of this sequence ....

In other words:

Some kind of "extremely advanced, electromagnetic (EM) technology"--
Such as HAARP!

Generating forces that could geometrically imprint (via the inevitable plasma-generated torsion fields ...) the electrified plasma/aerosol mixture that had been previously released at the edge of space ... flung out in all directions by the violently spinning, out-of-control Russian Bulava third-stage ....

Paul Murad, a mechanical and aeronautical engineer, and high-ranking Pentagon official under several past administrations in Washington, published an excellent popular review of Torsion Field Physics a few years ago, titled:

"Torsion Physics: A View from the Trenches."

In the course of this Review, Murad describes working with several Russian physicists who have been methodically seeking to turn the original, theoretical "Einstein-Cartan Torsion Tensor" into a workable, engineering technology for "torsion-field generation and manipulation ...." As part of this major engineering effort, at one key point Murad explicitly states:

" ... torsion [can be] right-handed or left-handed and is based upon a cylindrical field ... and can be created by large accumulations of electricity [plasma] and rotation of a body that if above a certain speed, would enhance the torsion field [below] ...."


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On Sirius C, Gilese 581g and Doppleganger Earth ... 666#p44844

Nagirth is described by NASA and two observatory officials as being a "wandering planet" which has been under intensified observation by various world astronomers during the mid 1970's.

The planet is two and a half times the size of earth; it turns on its axis every 26 days; is hollow but its specific gravity, notwithstanding its larger size, is at least 2.5 times weaker than that of planet earth.

The world of science says Nagirth has interrupted Earth's weather seven times already in the last million years. This wandering planet last appeared over Europe in 1456, in a brief by-pass orbit, and was called "Haley's Comet" and described as having a tail 60 miles long.
The Dogon
The Dogon also claimed that a third star Emme Ya - sorghum female - exists in the Sirius system. Larger and lighter than Sirius B, this star revolves around Sirius A as well. It has not been proven to exist though some people have called it Sirius C. Sirius C translated from the Dogon language into English is called the "Sun of Women". It is described by the Dogon as "the seat of the female souls of living or future beings". Its symbol contains two pair of lines that are relevant features of a Dogon legend. The Dogon believe that Sirius C sends out two pairs of beams and that the beams represent a feminine figure. ... =45#p44800
Lucifer is first described as a shining angel, a bright light, light bearer, light bringer and the morning star. Created in the heavenly realms of Shemi Hashamyim, Lucifer and the other angels inhabited the planet Rahab (Maldek) and its satellites Mars and Venus, and were given reign and dominion over many worlds of the material kingdoms in the initial configuration of the Solar System. Ancient Bible scriptures and codes reveals the eruption of a major war in the Heavens, following Lucifer's rebellion, that destroyed Rahab, splintering it into the debris that currently formulates our Asteroid Belt. Lucifer and the other fallen angels found sanctuary on a planet orbiting the star Sirius C in the Sirius Star System during one of its cyclic convergence with the Solar System. From Sirius and the constellation of the Pleiades, a mysterious supernatural and occult agenda was created against the creations and works of the Divine Creative Consciousness.

Sirius is a trinary star system in the eye of the constellation of Canis Major (the Big Dog), and is called the Great Dog Star (God Star) or Orion's Dog. The Dogons believed that Sirius B was the oldest of the stars and was the creative organizing source and force of the world, producing a sacred energy of Eloptic Black Light from the stream of ionized hydrogenous essence of Sirius A. Though, not yet confirmed by scientist, "The Little Sun" Sirius C, exhibits similar characteristics to that of Sirius B.

Sirius C, Emma Ya Tolo, is hard to observe, since its small faint stellar field is masked by the great brightness of Sirius A. It is a red Dwarf Star or Pulsar and is called the "Sun of Women." According to the Dogon, Sirius C lies at the centre of the Sirius Star System constantly emitting red solar rays - a Blazing Star transmitting its essence towards Sirius A and B from its orbital position. Sirius C is also accompanied by a spiraling satellite called Nyan Tolo, the "Star of Women." Sirius A, B, and C constitutes the Solar Trinity. The Sirius Star System is considered as the hidden, secret and spiritual Sun and is seen as the Eye Goddess and Tree of the Dragon. Sirius is also symbolized as Iron, Silver Star, the Magician, the Phoenix and the Pentagram.
Sirius Unveiled ... -unveiled/
There are two stars in the Sirius star system that are astronomically proven, Sirius A, and B, but C has been known to exist for thousands of years by the Dogon tribe of Africa. Sirius C is thought by the astronomers to be disproven. We will now discuss the symbolism of these three stars in Egypt mythology and how the mystery connects with the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

Sirius A, B, and C represent three worlds, three Suns, and this reflects in the three Great Pyramids of Egypt. Each pyramid is but a reflection of Sirius A, B, C, all a Sun, the local sun, Sirius, and the galactic sun. There is a term in occultism that states: “The Egypt of Above and the Egypt of Below”, this exoterically means Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt, but there is a more arcane meaning for this statement. This really equates to the original starlit birth place or Eden in the skies, this would mean Sirius. The Egypt of below is of course the earth’s Egypt. Sirius is a copy of this universe of the Milky Way galaxy, but yet there is a further more hidden copy, the original birth place, the Galactic Center or Sun, where the true godhead resides.

In relation to Sirius, Sirius is the true Qliphothic Universe B; explained in esoteric terms in Kenneth Grant’s “Nightside of Eden.” This means that the Qliphoth of the tree of life is indeed the reverse or averse universe of our galaxy which is Sirius. Those beings in Sirius, created this world of Earth as a copy of their world, since theirs are being destroyed by constant war and destruction.

The term Visit the Interior of The Earth by Rectification You Shall Find The Hidden Stone, VITRIOL, in reality equates symbolically to the Qlippoth Sun and universe which is in fact Sirius. This term is found on Aleister Crowley’s tarot card The Art Card. The alchemical term that represents the great work, the great work is not only immortality and to become as a god, but to destroy this earth of humans and resurrect the initiates to be reborn in a new earth, the second golden age, the first was Atlantis until it was destroyed.

Sirius C is found to be the third chamber of the great pyramids, and nothing is known concerning it just that it was not finished, since the great godhead cannot be finished, and is ever producing and is infinite in nature. The other stars in Sirius, Sirius A, and B, are represented as two chambers also, the King’s chamber, and the Queens chamber, these three Chambers are also represented by the three Suns, and universes.

The Secret History of the Twin Planet Earth ... &q&f=false
In 1822 Jean Francois Champollion, a French archeologist, made an important breakthrough. Champollion could read both Greek and Coptic. He was able to figure out what the Seven Demotic signs in Coptic (Ethopian) were allowing the hieroglyphs to be translated. The Rosetta stone was carved in 196 BC. The text from the Rosetta stone tells that Egypt had been in decline and great efforts were being made to attempt to restore Egypt to its former self. By carving three different scripts on the Rosetta stone (one stone) insured that as many people as possible would be able to read it. Whether by chance or design, this method insured that a later civilization stood a better chance of being able to read and understand ancient texts from this lost civilization; the idea seemed to have been borrowed from a civilization thousands of years earlier.

Just as in the case of the discovery of the method of reading the Egyptian hieroglyphs that were written on the Rosetta stone in three different languages so too was it the case with the cuneiform writing which was written in three different languages. It was found carved on the forbidding mountains at a place in Persia called Behistum. In 1835 a major in the British army, Henry Rawlinson, managed to copy the inscriptions and thereafter decipher the script and its languages.

The language was Old Persian, Elamite and Akkadian. Akkadian was the parent language of all the Semitic languages; through it Hebrew scholars were able to read and understand the Assyrian, Babylonian and other Mesopotamian languages.

Zecharia Sitchin is the most noted author regarding the content of the Sumerian clay tablets. The strangest of all was the matter regarding Bodes Law that was found six thousand years ago in the oldest known writing on Earth, the clay tablets of the ancient Sumerians.

In a written tablet text titled “Enuma Elish” like the Bible the Sumerian text tells a creation story; but unlike the Bible, the Sumerian text is very detailed. The text states that there was a planet between Jupiter and Mars called Tiamat. The tablet text states that before the Earth existed, the planet was in a collision. One half of the planet became our Earth and the fractured remains became the asteroid belt.

Another picture clay tablet from six thousand years ago reveals the entire solar system in the correct order in an anti-clockwise direction including Uranus discovered in 1781 and Pluto that was only discovered in 1930.

It would be the most ignoble act to ignore the fact that this knowledge existed six thousand hears ago, and we have only just rediscovered Pluto. This is not what we are taught; this is not what modern archeology wants us to believe.

The very same clay tablet gave the Moon an equal status with all the other planets, making the Moon like the Earth’s twin planet. The Moon was classed as a planet because the other moons in the solar system were not listed, only the planets. The entire library of texts represents a desperate attempt to preserve the history of the Earth. The author(s) of the Sumerian texts were simply making a copy and were not experts. This knowledge predates the Sumerians. The cosmology was obviously more advanced than in 1930 because they had knowledge of Pluto; we did not.

The reason for making such a bold statement is that Sirius is part of a twin system. This twin star system is rotating on its side; this may have a familiar sound to it. The reason for this deduction is that Sirius moves in a way that is clearly visible from Earth. The movement of Sirius is exactly the same as the Earth-Moon system. The movement of the modern Earth’s zigzag path is not easily seen from a vantage point along the (orbital path) ecliptic. The movement of the Earth zigzag path is best observed from deep space, high above the Earth’s rotation axes (the poles), but the movement of Sirius is clearly visible from Earth.

The Sirius system is rotating in exactly same manner as the Earth-Moon system was before the end of the first and second orbit (rotating on its side) as defined by this book. Much inference can be drawn from everything that has been written here regarding the formation of twin bodies in space. The cycles of destruction of the Earth-Moon system has happened many times faster than the same cycle in the twin star system; by contrast the smaller of the twin star system Sirius ‘B’ orbits Sirius ‘A’ once every fifty Earth years.

The Dogons live in the remote West African desert state of Mali in an undeveloped state in the 1930’s. Two anthropologists lived among the Dogon (Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen). The Dogon appeared to have extraordinary knowledge of the solar system. They said that the Moon was “dry and dead” and they drew Saturn with rings around it (which is visible with a telescope). They knew that the planets revolve around the Sun. They knew about the moons of Jupiter (first seen through the telescope by Galileo). What is not generally known is that all the tribes people everywhere were once called by the name of the ancient “God”; in this case God was “Dagan”, the same ‘person’ known to the Philistines. The Dogon people draw the orbit of Sirius B as an elliptical orbit and place Sirius A off center, not in the middle of the orbit as someone without knowledge of astronomy would naturally conclude.

Sirius B was only discovered because its massive weight caused a perturbation in the orbit of Sirius A. The Dogon said the “gods” were from a third body in the Sirius system called Sirius C. To date Sirius C has not been found. Sirius C will never be found for one very good reason – a triple star system will and must always expel one of the orbiting bodies. In 1928 Sir Arthur Eddington postulated the theory of “white dwarfs’ – stars where atoms have collapsed inwards so that a piece the size of a pea could weigh half a tone. (Sirius B is the size of the Earth yet weighs as much as the Sun.)

If Sir Arthur Eddington’s theory of white dwarfs is correct, the (white dwarf) star we now call Sirius B became a white dwarf and was pulled in by Sirius A. Sirius A was orbited by a planet (Sirius C) at a great distance because Sirius A is 35.5 times brighter than our Sun. At a critical distance when Sirius B was pulled in by Sirius A, (Sirius C) the planet, must be permanently expelled altogether. Sirius B will continue to be pulled in until it (Sirius B) recedes in cycles (similar to the expulsion of the Moon by the Earth). The Sirius system swings each other, but Sirius A is brighter so what is seen from the Earth is a zigzag path of the brighter star.

The origin of the “Giant Mother Planet” is possibly a gigantic planet (Sirius C) that was expelled from the twin star system. This would have resulted when the two stars were pulled in closer. The giant planet would have been expelled in a similar manner the Earth was liberated into the present (third) orbit by gravity acceleration, the Exodus.

A body can travel through space out of range of a source of gravity attraction. Ultimately it must encounter a source of gravity. The Giant Mother Planet was naturally attracted to the closest star (the Sun at only 8.6 light years away). Then the giant planetary body was pulled apart by tidal forces to form the planets in the solar system. Incredibly, the ancient Egyptians linked their solar calendar with the star Sirius A as if to have a solar system with two stars (suns).
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It became obvious that 'we' the general public, have been 'educated' with wrong information. In good faith, we have accepted as truth, what is taught in schools, collages and universities. The full force of authority abuse, were used to keep in place this misinformation. Worst of all, this causes us to have a permanent belief dysfunction.

The greatest hindrance to research into alternative history: is that it is a great mistake to ask any authority figure for help with the subject. In the face of authority you will be told, and you will listen; otherwise, why did you seek help from such a person. Because the authority is the last word on a given topic, your line of inquiry will be either well informed, or stop dead in its tracks - if you dared to stray from the official line. We do not ask a figure of authority for help, and then defy that authority; because by definition, you know a lot less about the subject matter. But the authorities are politically committed to what is taught in schools, collages and universities.

According to Modern Science, a planetary body the size of Mars impacted the Earth. The Moon (the Twin Planet) was formed as a result of ejected material. A decision to work in isolation, was made mainly because of the absence of a (Displaced Orbit Theory) - that must result from the 'Giant Impact' by a body the size of the planet Mars. This effectively means a collision of two planets. The implications of two planet colliding is therefore far reaching.

A collection of evidence, leads to the conclusion that the Earth was smashed into two pieces, only 50,000 years ago. Part of this evidence is from Nuclear Physics. The series of evidence are based on a compilation of evidence where there is a scientific consensus. Once this book is properly examined, it will reveal that the conclusions were predictable and unavoidable.

This book also contains new discoveries that are unpublished, but they differ greatly from the received wisdom. (But crucially, they agree with the observable evidence). It also exposes deliberate fraud in Earth Science, and the malpractice used to keep it in place for 150 years. This caused the science of Geology to follow wrong line of inquiry. The political commitment to the received wisdom is to the extent that everyday observations are simply ignored.

For example: there is a melanin gradient on Earth, life forms at the Equator are always generally dark coated. As you go farther North, skin and coats became generally lighter. Examples of which, are Arctic Wolves, Siberian Tigers, Beluga whales, white swans and the indigenous people of Europe. Going further South from the Equator, the melanin gradient is totally absent. The melanin gradient is confined to the Northern Hemisphere. Melanin (skin pigment) is a biochemical defense against the harmful effect of Ultra Violet rays contained in Sunlight.

This biochemical signature of Sunlight (Melanin), effectively means that the Earth once rotated on its side, with the South Pole (fixed) facing the Sun. The Southern Hemisphere was hot and sunny, while the Northern Hemisphere was cold and dark. Further evidence are: during the Ice Age, the ice cap covered North America and Northern Europe, (the lack of sunlight - caused the ice NOT to melt); this represents an agreement between the two (different) sets of evidence. However, there are 70 different theories for cause of the Ice Age, but there is no scientific consensus; which is clear evidence that the offecial concept is wrong. This obvious melanin evidence is ignored.

The science of Geology is not only incomplete, but it is also very young. There are huge gap in knowledge. This caused the established history of the Earth to be only partially correct - about 30% correct. These gap are filled with theories that are not generally agreed upon, and are constantly been refuted and revised. Geology is in crisis.

Few authors challenge the details of human history, and even fewer challenge the history of the Earth itself, as a result there is no real pressure to reform. There is a very gradual revisions of theories, this will continue, and slowly but surely the Earth Scientist will arrive at similar conclusions. There is a sequence of ten different headings. The evidence moves seamlessly from one event to the next leaving no gaps, and no unanswered question (they cross reference and correlates). The evidence is so obvious, it inspires surprise before debate. Each event (sub topic) is supported by the laws of physics (known facts), therefore the cause and effect are predictable and unavoidable.

The Atlantis taboo: Atlantis was a reality, but the name was changed. The name change was reliably documented before the name changed. Atlantis was a geological formation, and was not just a city. The most astonishing twist - is that Modern Science has re-discovered Atlantis without realizing that fact. A very high civilization was brought to a catastrophic end. However, great efforts were made to keep the name of Atlantis out of general circulation, in short a general cover-up, and it can be proven. The present high Civilization is the last of four to emerge since Atlantis, not the first ever, which is the official opinion. Atlantis - the place did not sink, the first civilization simply came to an abrupt end.

Observations that are ignored; the evidence is obvious and still exists today. And with the use of existing evidence, where there is a consensus, they challenge the accepted history of Earth on each point. It goes on to demonstrate how continental drift was necessary, and how it was achieved. This evidence is still present today, and is behaving exactly the same as always. This evidence is 100% observational, and it is still available.
Gliese 581g ... lanet.html
Read more: "In with the New Scientist: Our predictions for 2011"

Earthlings will surely thrill at finding their planetary double: our calculation suggests the discovery could happen next year

In 2010, one new exoplanet appeared every four days or so; by the end of the year, the total topped 500. But in September, a truly exceptional find punctuated this steady drumbeat of discovery: the first alien planet that could host life on its surface.

Gliese 581g, spotted by a team led by Steven Vogt of the University of California, Santa Cruz, inhabits a "Goldilocks" zone around its host star, a band just warm enough to boast liquid water. At 3.1 to 4.3 times the mass of Earth, it is also small enough that it should be made mostly of rock. Although a second team of astronomers failed to find signs of Gliese 581g in their data, if its existence is confirmed, it will be the most habitable exoplanet yet found.

An even bigger prize awaits, however: a planet with the size and temperature of our own. We're unlikely to be exceptional, so such a doppelgänger must be out there. Will it be found in 2011? See "Prediction: Get ready for Earth's doppelgänger".

Prediction: Get ready for Earth's doppelganger

Like meeting an estranged twin you didn't know you had, Earthlings will thrill at finding their planetary double.

To predict the timing of this momentous occasion, we turned to a measure of "Earth-like-ness" devised earlier this year by one of us (Arbesman), along with Greg Laughlin of the University of California, Santa Cruz. This "habitability index" is based on estimates of a planet's average temperature and size. "Hot Jupiters", searingly hot worlds that orbit their hosts in just days, score close to zero, while one with similar properties to Earth would get a value of 1.

In September, plotting the index of each planet against the date of its discovery and extrapolating the resulting curves predicted that an Earth-like planet would be found by May 2011. Two weeks later, such a planet - Gliese 581g - was spotted although the detection is awaiting further confirmation.

Now we've taken the same curves, adapted them to include Gliese 581g's habitability index of 0.4, and come up with a fresh prediction. Our figures suggest there is an 82 per cent chance that we will find a true doppelgänger for Earth by the close of 2011.

This exciting prediction is subject to uncertainty as the dates of exoplanet discoveries are only known to the year. What's more, the habitability index does not account for a planet's atmosphere, which could turn what would otherwise be a hospitable world into a hothouse like Venus.

Exoplanet-hunting may get a boost in February, when NASA's Kepler telescope is set to release a flood of data. Even if Earth's twin doesn't emerge then, there are plenty of other exoplanet searches that could spot it too. Samuel Arbesman and Rachel Courtland.
Does ET live on Goldilocks planet? How scientists spotted 'mysterious pulse of light' from direction of newly-discovered '2nd Earth' two years ago ... -year.html
An astronomer picked up a mysterious pulse of light coming from the direction of the newly discovered Earth-like planet almost two years ago, it has emerged.

Dr Ragbir Bhathal, a scientist at the University of Western Sydney, picked up the odd signal in December 2008, long before it was announced that the star Gliese 581 has habitable planets in orbit around it.

A member of the Australian chapter of SETI, the organisation that looks for communication from distant planets, Dr Bhathal had been sweeping the skies when he discovered a 'suspicious' signal from an area of the galaxy that holds the newly-discovered Gliese 581g.

The remarkable coincidence adds another layer of mystery to the announcement last night that scientists had discovered another planet in the system: Gliese 581g - the most Earth-like planet ever found.

Dr Bhathal's discovery had come just months before astronomers announced that they had found a similar, slightly less habitable planet around the same star 20 light years away. This planet was called Gliese 581e.

The planet lies in the star's 'Goldilocks zone' - the region in space where conditions are neither too hot or too cold for liquid water to form oceans, lakes and rivers.

The planet also appears to have an atmosphere, a gravity like our own and could well be capable of life. Researchers say the findings suggest the universe is teeming with world like our own.

The planet orbits a small red star called Gliese 581 in the constellation of Libra. The planet, named Gliese g, is 118,000,000,000,000 miles away - so far away that light from its start takes 20 years to reach the Earth.


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More on Doppelganger Stars and Planets

In a previous article on the symbolism of Kanye West’s song and video “POWER,” I concluded that the ultimate meaning behind the hip hop star’s auditory and visual narrative was the conveyance of a foreboding danger from the imminent collapse of the American Empire; the return of the Nephilim; the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple and the revelation of the illuminating new age kingdom of the Blazing Star Lucifer, the Sun God. “Power” symbolizes much more than just a grand esoteric thought for a New World Order of the Ages, that will be fully realized within the complete transition into the pantheistic Luciferian spirit of the red Aeon of Horus, reflected in the exoterically synthesized Hegelian dialectic of global terrorism, Middle East/World War, Israeli/Palestinian peace agreement, Earth changes, extraterrestrial disclosure deception, and the continuous evolutionary engineering towards the apotheosis of posthumanism.

The narrative, is essentially chronicling a secret and powerful knowledge of the reptilian devolutionary dimensional descent over cataclysmic cycles, astronomical events, advanced ancient civilizations and sciences, creation of human-reptilian hybrids, and the final march towards genetic evolutionary ascent. A powerful secret that gave birth to the current ‘scientific dictatorship’ of the Global Elites, encoded mystically in practically all religions and mythologies of the extraterrestrial intervention into mankind’s divine resonance and the spiritual doctrine represented in the universally institutionalized worship of the heavenly body of Sirius and its various worldwide historical and cyclical appellations.

Truth be told, the reality of mankind’s creation, history and evolution is based primarily on DNA manipulation and control, the genetic engineering and modification of the genotypes of human beings. Our entire history is replete with tales, mythologies and legends from various contrasting cultures of beings described as “Gods” – ancient alien astronauts, serpent/reptilian deities, intergalactic scientists or human-like extraterrestrials who performed genetic experiments and structural changes on the earliest family of Hominids.

If we exist in a semiotic universe, where the ancient mythological and religious text is considered as a metaphor of the universal order and a sacred geometrical fingerprint of the genesis of all creations, then any understanding and discernment must be constructed based on the harmonic usage of fractals, anagrams and Gematria calculations of the encoded system of symbols, patterns, signs and languages. The words REPTILIAN GODS offers up several fractals based on anagrammatic calculations, indicating elements of an overall pattern.

The Reptilian Gods (Serpents, Dragons, Aliens, Angels, EL, Extraterrestrial) altered the DNA (genes), specifically the pituitary and pineal glands of the original man in the Garden of Eden on Planet Earth (Terra).

Lucifer is first described as a bright angel, a bright light, light bearer, light bringer and the morning star. Made in the heavenly realms of Shemi Hashamyim, Lucifer and the other angels inhabited the planet Rahab (Maldek) and its satellites Mars and Venus, and were given reign and dominion over many worlds of the material kingdoms in the initial configuration of the Solar System. Ancient Bible scriptures and codes reveals the eruption of a major war in the Heavens, following Lucifer’s rebellion, that ruined Rahab, splintering it into the debris that currently formulates our Asteroid Belt; extirpating the artificial structures like the ones at the Cydonia complex on Mars; leaving artifacts and machines on other planets; and ultimately altering the Solar System. Lucifer and the other fallen angels found sanctuary on a planet orbiting the star Sirius C in the Sirius Star System, during one of its cyclic convergence with the Solar System. From Sirius and the constellation of the Pleiades, a mysterious supernatural and occult agenda was made against the creations and works of the Divine Creative Consciousness.

Anthropologists, archaelogists and scientists have used the ancient knowledge and secret teachings of the Dogon tribe of Mali in West Africa to accurately verify the Sirius Star System. Temple, along with French anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen told that the Dogon’s understanding of the general structure and evolution of the universe rest upon the three major stars: Sirius A – Sigi Tolo, Sirius B – Po Tolo and Sirius C – Emma Ya Tolo; and their relationship with Po, the spiraling black hole at the center of the galaxy.

Sirius” is a derivative of the Ancient Greek name Seirios, meaning Scorcher. Sirius was also known as Sopdet, Sothis and Sophia. Sirius is a trinary star system in the eye of the constellation of Canis Major (the Huge Dog), and is called the Fantastic Dog Star (God Star) or Orion’s Dog. It was revealed by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope that the bluish white Sirius A (in ancient times, it was seen as a red star) was the brightest star in the night sky, with the tiny white dwarf Sirius B, as a stellar companion.

The Dogons believed that Sirius B was the oldest of the stars and was the creative organizing source and force of the world, producing a sacred energy of Eloptic Black Light from the stream of ionized hydrogenous essence of Sirius A. Though, not yet confirmed by scientist, “The Small Sun” Sirius C, exhibits similar characteristics to that of Sirius B. Sirius C, Emma Ya Tolo, is hard to observe, since its small faint stellar field is masked by the fantastic brightness of Sirius A. It is a red Dwarf Star or Pulsar and is called the “Sun of Women.” According to the Dogon, Sirius C lies at the centre of the Sirius Star System constantly emitting red solar rays – a Blazing Star transmitting its essence towards Sirius A and B from its orbital position. Sirius C is also accompanied by a spiraling satellite called Nyan Tolo, the “Star of Women.” Nyan Tolo is represented by a spiral and/or cross. Sirius A, B, and C constitutes the Solar Trinity. The Sirius Star System is considered as the hidden, secret and spiritual Sun and is seen as the Eye.

Let us take this even further, the occult number for Sirius is 23 within the Law of Fives, since 5 is its root numerological number. Sirius rises in the Constellation of Orion, from behind the Sun on July 23rd. The “Dog Days” of Summer starts on July 23rd. Sirius A has a luminosity of 23.5. Sirius A shines at 23 times more brilliantly in the sky, than our Sun. Sirius B revolves 23 times per minute and completely orbits Sirius A every 50 years (2+3=5).

Sirius C also orbits Sirius A every 50 years at a different trajectory, since it is four times lighter. The sidereal day for Sirius is 23 hours and 56 minutes, since it rises 4 minutes earlier each night. It is estimated that the Sirius Star System’s age is around 230 million years. According to the ancient text, July 23rd was considered as the highest of Egypt’s Holy Days. The Dogon characterizes the number 23, as magical. Sirius’ rise commences the Sumerian, Egyptian and Dogon New Year on July 23rd. An Oort Cloud orbits at about 50,000 AU from Sirius. The extraterrestrial Nommos from Sirius first contact with the Dogons was 5,000 years ago. It is believed that the multi-star system of Sirius really consists of 5 stars – Sirius A, Sirius B, Sirius C, Sirius D, and Sirius E.

This twin, trinity and cross symbolism is related to the Sirius Star System, since Sirius B and C are considered as twins given their orbital period of 50 years. 50 corresponds to 5 and to 23. It is considered as the number for illumination, inituition, and ascension. The fourteenth (14, 1+4 = 5, 2+3 = 5, (23)) Arcane of the Tarot associates 50 with the Solar Angel, as well as with the generation and mutation of life (DNA). It also represents the sacred triangle, since it equals to the sum of the squares numbers 9+16+25. As I have noted before, Sirius C the Red Star, also called Sorghun by the Dogons, and is also called the “Sun of Women.” HORUS is a fractal of SORGHUN.

Speaking of women, HORUS in Gematria is 81, which is the same number for VENUS which illustrates how all of these mythologies stem from a singular narrative. Sorghun, Sirius C, is accompanied by satellite called the “Star of Women.” This satellite is represented by the Trinity Cross Triquetra, in spiraling orbit. The triquetra is a tripartate symbol that formulates the interlocking Vesica Pisces from the intersection of three circles. The Vesica Pisces is symbol of Christianity’s Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and is often called the Jesus Fish.

What we are looking at a here is a infinite ceremonial stream of magic from the ancient civilizations practiced in coded rituals, symbols and sigils based on the orbit of The Blazing Star of Sirius. Sirius and Sol, our Sun, follows a trajectory relationship over 26,000 years that looks like the DNA strand, a spiral and the movements of the serpent. The Dogons’ sign for Sirius is a curved line with a straight line going through it. If you carry the curved line through to its end point, it meets up with the straight line to form what looks like the DNA strand or the Vesica Pisces or the Triquetra or the Trinity Cross. This convergence of Sol and Sirius is the key to occult worship, as it is believe that Sol was once part of the Sirius Star System and that the current configuration of the Solar System resulted directly from the interstellar explosion on Sirius. It is also believed that Sol and Sirius B were once binary twins.

This is also the key to the mythos about a Planet X or Nibiru – a red dwarf plant on a 3,600 year elliptical orbit with our Solar System – prominently espoused through the interpretations of the Babylonian/Sumerian clay tablets by writer Zecharia Sitchin. This is also key to the thought of a Messiah or Son of God – a redeemer figure expected by numerous religions to bring forth a rapturous salvation to the world. But the designation of Nibiru as the Planet of the Crossing and the eschatological theories of the return of the Son of God is really about the passage, orbit and convergence of the Sirius Star System that has been “occultified” by this fraternal group of Priest Class Magicians. The Planet or Star of the Crossing is really the “Star of Women,” in Sirius – the Grand Cross that is symbolized in all instances of the Trinity and Cross symbolism since ancient history. This is the esoteric wisdom that has been hidden from the public, Sol’s co-orbit with the Sirius Trinity Star System and the previous orbital cycles that caused displacement of Stars, Suns and Planets and gave rise to the occult deification of stellar Gods.

Now, I used this binary orbit of Sirius and Sol to illustrate how mankind has been trapped into a matrix construct of religions, fables, wild theories and myths, while the truth stays buried. This has been done as part of the occultism of Sirius in fulfillment of the hidden agendas of the Priest Class of Magicians to obscure the ancient advanced science of DNA manipulation, Nephilim hybridization, Earth cycles and the quest to ascent to higher dimensions from a Prison Planet. The belief in the eventual coming or return of future Messiah is a fundamental part of this orchestrated deception.

These writings and beliefs of the messianic return of the aforementioned deities or aliens are really a cover tale and I will illustrate shortly what is the real agenda. Now, historical records and current events, shows how the Priest Class of Magicians or Serpent Cult uses the legislative offices of the secret government or dark cabal to institute the conditions that would define a tribulation – fake flag events; pretexts for war, pseudo-operations and espionage; terrorism; contrived global wars; technologically induced Earth changes and weather manipulation using HAARP; monumentally perilous experiments by CERN‘s Large Haldron Collider; geo-engineering through chemtrail poisoning; weaponized biological plagues and vaccination programs; and food shortages, famine, and drought, etc. These conditions will ultimately accelerate towards a crescendo, where humanity in a global cathartic movement will welcome alien saviors to dispose of the dark cabal.

The purpose behind these changes is to prepare you for first contact. The dark cabal deeply wishes to place an end to you and your swift awakening. Many of you have awakened over the past year, and the number rises each month at an accelerating pace. We see that the dark is extremely upset by what Heaven is accomplishing in the face of the appalling policy of programs intended to prevent your awakening and reduce your numbers.

In an article from May 2009, entitled CONTACT – Astrophysicist detects ALIEN signal!? I reported that Ragbir Bhathal, an astrophysicist at the University of Western Sydney in Australia had detected a mysterious pulse emanating from the Gliese 581 Star System, an area in space about 20 light years away. In September, the most Earth-like planet ever found was learned orbiting the host star, a red dwarf in Gliese 581.

The planet is located in what is called the “Star’s Goldilocks Zone,” where the conditions are perfect for the formation of water, favorable for the existence of life. This blue and green planet is called Gliese 581G, and appears to have the atmosphere and gravity that is similar to that of the Earth. Scientists believes that Bhathal’s discovery of the signal and the Earth-like planet, provides more evidence that we are not alone in the universe and the chances for contact with other alien lifeforms could be soon. Dr Steven Vogt who led the study of the star system at the University of California said that he was “100 per cent sure that there was life on the planet.” He went on further to add that, “The number of systems with potentially habitable planets is probably on the order of 10 or 20 per cent, and when you multiply that by the hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way, that’s a large number. There could be tens of billions of these systems in our galaxy… If life can evolve, it’s going to have billions and billions of years to adapt to the surface. Given the ubiquity of water, it seems probable that this thing really has liquid water. On the surface of the Earth, everywhere you have liquid water you have life.”

The American author, inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil considers himself as a “patternist,” and once revealed that the key to transcending beyond the material world was through the “emergent powers of the pattern.” A gradual awakening from the optimal harnessing of matter and patterns of information into a nonbiological enlightened intelligence infused with a universal singularity. Over each word, sentence and paragraph of this article, I have presented diverse and seemingly divergent symbols, patterns, motifs and archetypes that I believe stems from a singular narrative of the DNA engineering and manipulation and the occult worship of Sirius, cloaked within all of our religious and mythological tales. What we are looking here is not really the disclosure of extraterrestrials and UFOs, but really the final deception in the grand agenda of the Luciferians. Consider that the symbolism of NASA, the Military Industrial complex, the United Nations, and the Royal Society are all a direct reflection of the ancient alien astronauts, the “Serpent Gods” from Sirius, imprinted on every fabric of our lives.

Consider too, that the most influential organization in the world, the Vatican Church State, was designed in a “as above, so below” manner to reflect the Divine Trinity of Sirius, the Sacred Cross. The Chi-Rho, the obelisk, the dome, the Pope’s fish head and ceremonial dress, the Papal regalia and insignia, the causeway, the pine cone, the staff of Osiris and the astronomical instruments around the world. They represent the underworld and vibrational energies of Sirius, resonating through the pineal and pituitary glands of humanity to synchronize with the matrix construct of the material world. The matrix construct is the control of mankind’s DNA. The recent scandals and crisis over the cases of ritual sex abuse by Catholic priests and nuns is a mere symptom of the evil and wickedness that has been sanctioned and institutionalized from its earliest inception as the Priest Class of Magicians for the Fish/Serpent God Dagon/Nimrod/Oannes to the incarnations at Atlantis, Babylon, Egypt, Greece and Rome to the crusades and inquisitions. You see, the Pope or the Holy See is the Vicar of these Serpent Gods, and the Vatican symbols and policies represents the DNA manipulation, engineering and cloning through the pineal and pituitary glands in a effort to manipulate ascension during the 2012 window of the Sirius-Sol convergence.

So when Vatican astronomer Father Gabriel Funes declares that “intelligent beings made by God could exist in outer space” and that “aliens are our brothers and are free from original sin” or when Vatican representative Dr. Consolmagno declared that he want to “baptize aliens” if contact is made; it has nothing to do with disclosure.

Absolutely nothing. After-all, who owns and holds the majority of the artefacts, clay tablets, books, and evidence of the ancient advance technology and knowledge of the interstellar explosions? The Vatican. Like religion, theses are really meaningless chants and expressions masquerading the truth of the devolutionary fall, the DNA engineering and the plans for ascension. That is the secret of the layouts on the star-maps from St. Peter’s Square to the Washington Monument to the Pyramid at Giza.

According to the psychic Ellie Crystal of Crystalinks, “Our solar system is born in from the womb of Isis. Sirius B, which is Isis, is made of iron. The iron of Sirius B is the same as the iron in our blood and the iron of Earth and of our solar system. Sirius is our blood. We resonate to her. She is older than our solar system, which is a combination of interstellar debris, including the gas clouds, our sperm of Osiris/Orion. The iron in our blood comes from Sirius, its position in the sky, could thus be considered to resonate to Sirius’s position of influence. Iron is the only right magnetic element. Sirius has a unique relationship to us. The difference between the mass of our Sun and the mass of Sirius is a harmonic and universal miracle. Sirius B has a ratio mass difference to our sun of 1.053.

This becomes significant when we look at the Giza plateau.” This ratio mass relationship of 1.053, brings us squarely back to the Triquetra symbol, which is composed of three intersecting arcs of the Ichthi (Ichthys/Vesica Pisces). On the Triquetra, the Divine number of 153 is obtained based on the height to width ratio of each Icthyi – 1.73205. As I mentioned before, the Ichthys is called the Sign of the Fish or the Jesus Fish. The word also means “womb,” “dolphin,” and “mermaid.” This resonates with the description of the Nommos, Dagon, Nimrod, and the Fish Head headdress of the Pope. The Ichthi was also used to symbolize the vulva of the Goddess Isis and the Goddess of Ephesus, as well as the swallowing of the penis of the God Osiris. I have also noted that it bears a remarkable resemblance to the DNA strand.
Gilese 581c
Gliese 581c is a planet recently discovered outside our Solar System. What makes it so interesting is that it is by far the most Earth-like yet discovered. The key factor making it Earth-like is that it may harbour liquid water. It orbits within the Goldilocks Zone of its star, not too hot, like baked Mercury and not to cold like icy Mars, but right in the middle. Couple that with the fact that it is practically spitting distance away, makes it far and away the most interesting target for the search for life.

Gliese 581 is, astronomically speaking, just down the street. Sol's closest neigbour, Alpha Centauri, is 4.3 light years away. Gliese 581 is 20.4 lights years away. In a galaxy containing 500 billion stars, only 87 are closer to us than Gliese 581.

It is a rather diminutive red dwarf, Type M (Sol is Type G) and radiates at 3480K. About 5 billion years old, it is about the same age as Sol.

At Magnitude 10.5 Gliese 581 is much too dim to be seen by human eyes. But if you wanted to look in the right direction, or with a telescope: Find the Big Dipper. Follow its tail/handle in a curve around to the very bright star Arcturus. Continue about the same distance along the curve to the next very bright star Spica. Arcturus and Spica are two of the brightest stars in the sky (-0.4 and +1). If Arcturus and Spica form the base of an equilateral triangle, Gliese 581 forms the apex of the triangle right a the tip of the constellation Libra
Gliese is like a toy version of our own Sol - about 1/3 the mass, and only about 1/80th as bright.

Likewise the whole planetary system is scaled down. Its outermost planet is well inside our own innermost Mercury's orbit. Their "years" follow suit. Gliese d's year is only 84 (Earth) days long, Gliese c's year is 13 days and Gliese b grazes its parent star only 6 million km away and completes its orbit in a breakneck 5.4 days.

In Gliese's system, all but Gliese d falls within an area called tidal locking zone. This is the area within a certain radius of the star where gravity has such a powerful effect on the bodies that their rotations are slowed until they stop with one face always facing their parent body. This is why Earth's Moon always only shows one face to Earth. In our Solar system, only Mercury is within the tidal locking zone.

Size-wise Gliese's planets are all pretty much larger than Earth and smaller than Uranus/Neptune. Gliese c is about 1.5x the diameter of Earth and about 5x the mass.

Gliese c has very much the same density as Earth. It is not so large as to be a gas giant like any of our Solar System's outer planets.

Normally, this would put all the planets far too close to their parent and uncomfortably warm. But Gliese puts out much less light and heat than Sol. Gliese's habitable zone or "Goldilocks" zone (not too hot, not too cold, but just right to support liquid water) is much closer. Gliese c falls smack in the middle of this zone. The mean temperature on Gliese will fall between 0C and 40C.

At Magnitude 10.5* Gliese 581 is much too dim to be seen by human eyes. But if you wanted to look in the right direction, or with a telescope: Find the Big Dipper. Follow its tail/handle in a curve around to the very bright star Arcturus. Continue about the same distance along the curve to the next very bright star Spica. Arcturus and Spica are two of the brightest stars in the sky (-0.4 and +1). If Arcturus and Spica form the base of an equilateral triangle, Gliese 581 forms the apex of the triangle right at the tip of the constellation Libra.

The first thing you'd notice upon setting down on Gliese is that you'd feel like you're carrying someone on your back. A 150 pound man would weigh about 330 pounds on Gliese 581c. c is about 5x the mass of the Earth, which would make a man weight 5x his Earth weight. But the fact that c is 1½x the radius of Earth partially cancels this out.

Funny thing about c, its temperate zone is very different from Earth's. Because Earth rotates on its axis it is heated fairly evenly all around. It's warmest areas are those that receive the most direct sunlight - around the equator. But Gliese c does not rotate; it is tidally locked with its sun, so that one face is always in daylight and one face is always in night. The daylight side will be baked and the night side will likely be so cold that some of the atmosphere will freeze out

Gliese c's sky is unique. The "sun" is a deep red and its disk is five times the diameter of Earth's sun. While Sol's disc is only about half to a third of your pinky finger at arm's length, Gliese's disc is about twice the width of your pinky.

But its sun does not move in the sky, on Gliese you will never get lost, you will always be able to orient yourself to the Sun, which will always be near the horizon (depending on where you live, it may be above the horizon or below the horizon).

Gliese' daylight is dimmer than Earth's. The larger size of its sun's disc is more than cancelled by the fact that it is 1/80 as bright, making for a daytime sun that is about 1/3 as bright as Sol.
Couple that with the deep red colour and the nape-of-horizon position, and a typical Gliese day is very much like an Earth sunset.


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The Ophiuchus Mystery
Some say that the Sphinx was designed as a Phoenix (man + bull + lion +eagle), and is aligned to a point on the horizon which gives us a clue as to the meaning of the Phoenix legend. The Sphinx faces the point on the horizon where the vernal equinox was in Leo, and Orion was at its lowest point in the sky. This occurred in 10,500 BC, and is Zep Tepi - the first time of Osirus (Orion). Apparently at that time the movement of Venus was very specific and is a pattern that is only repeated every 12,500 years. This pattern is supposed to repeat itself near and around 2012. Zep Tepi, or the “First Time” of Osiris was in 10,500 BC, when Orion was at its lowest point in the sky. The “Last Time” of Osiris, when Orion is at its highest point, is also due in 2012.

There is a rare translation of chapter 17th of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, by a Frenchman named Albert Slosman: In this translation some evidence points toward the possibility that a race of people, at the end of the last Ice Age, settled in Egypt after their homeland disappeared resulting from a monumental catastrophe (what then was called, Atlantis) and built monuments (particularly the Sphinx & Great Pyramid) which were astronomically aligned with certain constellations encoded with descriptions of their history, life, knowledge, medical documents, including the destruction of their homeland and journey to Egypt including maps entailing the cycles and precession of the equinoxes - astronomical scales. They stored all their astronomical and cataclysm calculating records in the halls of the Great Pyramid and Sphinx - as well as in the Great Halls of Alexandria.

Slosman implied in his book that Earth has previously experienced a pole shift which caused "the sun to rise at a new location". (It's interesting to note here that the Hopis have a prophecy as well regarding the very same thing). He said that Osiris (which is represented by the Orion constellation) had something to do with this shift further mentioning that this event happened on July 27th in the year 9792 BC. Gino Ratynckix (an archeo-astronomer) discovered that there is a corresponding alignment of December 2012 to that of July 27th 9792. He claims that Orion and Aderbaran match precisely. Apparently this configuration occurs 3 times in 12,000 years. The other date was 3114 BC, which of course by the way is when the Mayan Long began coincidently (or rather synchronically).

Slosman's rarer book called, "Le Grand Cataclysme" tells a rare story of Atlantis and the migration of a race of people to Egypt following the destruction of their homeland.

Apparently the planetary retrograde loop of Venus, as indicated in the "Hall of Gods" (pg. 359) occurs every 12,500 years where it goes across the top of Orion. Some say that this loop happens every 250 years, but the precession for 9792 is the same as what is expected in 2012 - as far as star configurations go. Adrian Gilbert affirmed the same findings in his book, "Signs in the Sky" but instead quotes that in "August" Venus will be "stationary in the hands of Orion".

In Slosman’s book "Le Livre de l'Au-dela , de la Vie", there is a passage concerning "Mathematical Combinations" of the starry sky that portends what happened when "the Old Lion Turned Around", which involved "The Twins" and "Osiris" (Orion). "......."the survivors of the catastrophe coming from heaven are purified in order to accomplish the Orders originally passed on by Osiris (Orion)." Which basically to me would imply that if you were lucky enough (and trust that there would only be few that would live to tell) to survive such a sudden shift in paradigm, you would have no other choice but to be purified by the innately simplsitic lifestyle of survival thrust upon you with only the Earth to rely on and the stars to guide you like a compass.
World-axis and Ancient Sky ... xis_en.asp
The World-axis stretches from the Canopus Star via the Sirius Star up to Vega in the constellation Lyra, the sky's three brightest stars and they appear on a perfect, straight line. To compare with the Senmut map's axis - a cosmic factor thus resembling the obelisk symbolism presented in the Egyptian creation myth.

This first, complete star map installed in Senmut's secret tomb had set a fashion of which in principle was copied during the following 1,500 years in Egypt. However, the special motive is originally the most dominant with Senmut: the World-axis.

As this axis is established by the three most brilliantly shining stars of the sky, i.e., Canopus, Sirius, and Lyra/Vega: This phenomenon should not be mixed up with the axis of earth. Together these three stars show the straight line along the shining Milky Way across the sky.

Although Senmut's star map has the oldest picture of the World-axis known anywhere, it is called "a mast" by the few Egyptologists who have noticed it. Maybe the only researcher known to have recognized the World-axis on the Senmut star map was Ernst Zinner, German astronomer, astronomy historian, and Manager of the Bamberg Observatory. In his treatise, "Die Sternbilder der alten Ägypter" in the 'Isis' Science Magazine (1933, Vol. 16, pp. 92-101), he mentions it directly as "the World-axis on the star map" - few years after the finding of the tomb and thus the map.

Senmut's star map constitutes also a celestial portrait, which is the world's oldest known 'horoscope' in the original understanding of this term, which was to "read the sky" - especially in order to determine the time based on certain configurations of stars in the horizon. A close analysis of the inscriptions of Senmut's star map reveals that almost all planets are gathered around the Sirius Star and thus the World-axis. This indicated a certain date.

The position of the planets and their special succession at the Sirius section of Senmut's star map is such a rare combination that this individual form has only appeared less than four times in several thousand years in the celestial sector in question - e.g. in the case of Senmut: in May 1534 BC. It concerns all the years between 2200 BC and 200 AD having been examined.

Apparently nobody has examined if the said arrangement on the map concerning the planets has existed - the very planets long ago have been identified by the Egyptologists - although such a special group of planets in fact could be seen in the sky exactly at the time of Senmut.

With the discovery of the dating message in Senmut's starmap some exact traces were disclosed and may support the indications of a concealed background of Senmut and his actual status. :

Many examinations of other Egyptian star maps disclose the fact that in the 1,500 years to follow, the versions of star maps were modelled after Senmut's map in those cases when the planets were in a similar way gathered around Sirius - often placed in a succession of only minor difference.

The differences show in what way the planets were individually placed in the sky at the exact times to which these later star maps were made. Only in the later periods of Egypt's history, circumstances as regards time may seem a bit more incidental.

However, the time correspondence of the earliest maps is exact. Consequently, the dating of the Senmut map might be able to establish more correctly the period of Senmut and his contemporaries: Hatshepsut and the Tuthmosis kings.

Based on the visual statements of the star map, evidently this period in Egyptian history of the 18th Dynasty is often determined 20-30 years too late, if the so-called low-dating seen in the works of many Egyptologists is being used, and according to which Tuthmosis III only ruled from the year 1479 BC instead of the real time (of his coup d'état) in 1486 BC.

Their dating, however, is also a passing trend. Cf. that in the more than 200 years of 'history' of Egyptology (from when Napoleon's scientific staff started off in 1799) it has often been tried to improve the dating which has thus been moved and redefined after intervals of approximately twenty years. Every time twenty years have passed and a new generation of researchers has arrived, a new dating was suggested but still without a confident result.

The Senmut map's "mast", the World-axis with its revolving constellation Meskethiu (Great Bear) is connecting with Horus and his harpoon. Above is placed the star goddess of the Scorpion star (which in the real sky also is placed exactly here, and thus being near the constellation Cygnus-Swan).

Very few historians have ever dealt with the idea of the World-axis. In order to better understand the background for some of the cultic ideas popular in antiquity it is essential to understand how much importance the World-axis (often also called World Column or World-Tree) was given in the great, ancient cultures.

The World-axis - not to be mistaken for the Earth's axis - was originally connected with the ancient religion's doctrines about the stars. All over the world this axis was perceived especially the East Mediterranean civilizations as consisting of the sky's three most radiant stars, i.e. Canopus as the root of the World-axis, Sirius a bit above this, and Vega (Lyra) as its top pole, high in the northern celestial region. The positions of these certain stars can be seen as placed on a straight line across the sky along the radiant band of the Milky Way stretching all the way from the south up to the far northern sky.

Because the Earth's own axis is constantly moving its position in relation to the surrounding space, the star Lyra will again be the North star in about 12,600 years, like this star already had been for about 13,000 years ago when the World-axis - as seen from Earth at that time - was positioned as a direct extension of the position of the Earth's axis out into space: a perspective also being suggested in several early star myths.

The ancient Greeks demonstrated a kind of knowledge concerning this. In his world history (2:142), written 2,400 years ago, Herodotus says that the Egyptian priests had handed down knowledge about the beginning of major changes in the world 11,000 years earlier, i.e. now approximately 13,000 years ago. The commencement of that era was understood to be a decisive cyclic starting point.

The World-axis or the World Pillar was known by the Philistines, the peoples in India, the Chinese, the Celts, the Norsemen, and the Teutons - and by the Finnish Samians until only 200 years ago. It was even known in the beginning of modern times among the ancient tribes on the Siberian plains.

Also, the World-axis was known even on the American continent among Indian cultures. To the Mayas it was the World Tree called the giant of the jungle, the Xibalba tree (or ciba-tree), with roots in the underworld and branches in the sky; likewise with the Babylonians - as well as in Norse mythology.

In the Norse mythology the World-axis was called the tree Ash (Ask), often further named as Yggdrasil - or the Joermin pillar, linguistically a version of Irminsul which was the name of the ancient Germans' World Pillar.

To the Norsemen even the very name of the tree, Ash, signified also the first man and the linguistical historically related Scandinavian word 'aeske' meaning: 'box', 'coffin', 'ark'; this will show an extra connection between the ark and the World-axis/tree.

The Greek philosopher Pherecydes (about 550 BC) said "the World-oak was draped with the star-cloak". In the Bible the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge are in the heaven - and in reality they may be seen as out of one entirety - the World-tree - the crown of the one tree is the roots of the other.

Metaphorically this axis has been mentioned or described as a vine or vine stem in many ancient narratives as well as in the Bible.

When he was a child, King Cyrus of Persia (559-529 BC) was hidden away placed in custody at a man with the cultic initiation title 'shepherd' and the name Mithridates. In this Mithras-cultic name the word mithras means 'pact' - likewise a later biblical name 'testament' - originally Moses' biblical writings was known as The Law and The Pact.

The wife of the "shepherd" in question had the Medic-Persian name Spaka and in the Greek version Kyno which in both languages means 'dog', which in turn was a well-known name everywhere for the star (and constellation) Sirius, "Great Dog", situated in the sky on the World-axis, and which in addition with each of Jacob's sons symbolically connected to a constellation (according to Philo and Josephus) seems to be reflecting the intersection, the "stargate" kind of place of the Sun passing the World-axis. The 'she-ass's colt', in Hebrew aton, is an Egyptian name for 'the Sun'.

Latest known astronomical use of the World-axis was carried out by Ole Roemer, the Danish astronomer and discoverer of the speed of light, who, around 1695, had this scientific drawing made showing the axis - now turned upside down, considering the Sirius star as the most important fixed point for his measuring and celestial references.

Today, the astronauts use the Canopus star at the 'bottom' of the World-axis' - Lyra-Sirius-line - as an important point of reference for orientation in space.

Still, this axis phenomenon should not be mixed up with another factor, the axis of the Earth. When together the mentioned three stars establish the straight line along the shining Milky Way across the sky, this line of sight was used as a stable factor, for example, by measuring stellar mutual distances.

The World-axis is a forgotten item in works of present-day research literature about world history as well as the history of astronomy. The latest known use of this celestial phenomenon was by Ole Roemer, the Danish Astronomer (discoverer of the speed of light) who in ca. 1700 by means of a measuring technique for certain star relations, used this distinctive axis but only from Lyra to Sirius because Canopus in the south cannot be seen from north of the Mediterranean area.

A so far almost complete lack of knowledge of circumstances relating to the World-axis has created many enigmas and often naive interpretations among researchers concerning cosmology in ancient religion, ways of thinking, and perception of the world.


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The Suppressed Record
OVE VON SPAETH, Danish writer, historian, and researcher, investigates the ancient, still significant traces and the surprisingly many surviving clues concerning the historical Moses - a new dimension explored. This task is thoroughly supported by the fact that the author is endowed with substantial historical and astronomical knowledge and experience.

Altogether, in the various works of Ove von Spaeth, published during his many years of intensive studies and inter-scientific exploration, this background combines with his comprehensive research into archaeology, Egyptian tradition, Bible analysis, ancient languages, the history of religions, anthropology, and historical significant facts about mystery religion and mythology. Throwing new light on the unusually abundant and also controversial material, and in addition viewed from a holistic angle his research also extends to a special line of science: the cosmology of historical religions.

The oldest known Egyptian image of the World-axis is on the exceptional star map from ca. 1495 BC - the time of Hatshepsut - in the tomb of Senmut, the magnate, in Thebes.

The Egyptian text, "The Book about Day and Night" also known at the time of Ramses VI, calls the axis menit (mnj.t), the 'mooring post' of the celestial boats sailing between the planets. Another text, "Papyrus Harris", calls it:
"... a column from the Earth up to the sky ...".

This version of the axis as mooring post is so far unknown to the Egyptologists. In the 4,500 years old texts, called the "Pyramid texts", this pole is hailed clearly in its role as the World-axis:

"... Heaven's gates are open for you, the mooring woman is called for as Isis".

Here the coherence is very obvious, as the goddess Isis was always identified with the Sirius-star at the World-axis' root or lower end.

The World-axis was connecting to sky-cultic rituals: the World-axis or the World Tree in the form of a certain pillar or post - to be found in some of the ancient temples and sanctuaries - is also recognized in the Hebrew Bible's text of Deuteronomy (16:21-22):

"... do not plant a tree … as a holy post close to the altar of Yahweh, your god ...".

The healing or magic thing about the World-axis/post/pillar was recognized in the biblical text about Moses, who during the desert wandering proclaimed that Israelites who were ill could to be restored if they lay down in front a holy post placed by him in the desert. The Bible describes how a copper snake had been placed on the post. It was later kept in the Jerusalem temple from where it was removed by King Josiah in 622 BC. Moses' post/staff with the snake is the oldest known version of what is still used as a medical symbol - later, since Greek-Roman times, it is known as the "Aesculapius staff".

The World-axis was considered a magic place where the gods would reveal themselves and descend along the pillar or the post as a Jacob's ladder from the upper regions of the heavens. Cf. Jacob's dreaming at the foot of the ladder - in the Bible (Genesis, 28).

By this holy pillar - or the holy tree, i.e. the World Tree - linked with these special powers, the said cultic ritual called hieros gamos, 'the sacred coitus', could be executed by the royal couple of the country or by the crown prince and crown princess.

The World-axis was considered a magic place where the gods would reveal themselves and descend along the pillar or the post as a Jacob's ladder from the upper regions of the heavens. Cf. Jacob's dreaming at the foot of the ladder - in the Bible (Genesis, 28).

Later, a Greek myth mentions that the god Zeus descended like a swan and fertilized Leda (Ionic for 'woman'), who later gave birth to twins, Castor and Pollux - the Gemini constellation.

The entire narrative is related to the astro-mythological expression of the mysteries, as the position of the constellation The Swan (Cygnus) near the star, Vega (Lyra), at the upper pole of the World-axis was considered the starting point of a divine power that followed this course of the magical World-Axis from the upper sky and down to earth to the "woman at the foot of the axis"; the sons are the Gemini stars situated directly above this lower part of the World-axis.

From Homer's recounting of the Greek mythology it appears that when Odysseus was reunited with his wife, they lay in a conjugal bed carved from the stump of a huge olive tree - still with its roots in the ground. The holy intercourse took place under the stars and at the very root of the tree, its lower "Canopus-part".

The basic idea of this - being placed under the canopy of the tree's crown up in the sky or even the entire starry heaven stretched as a baldachine, a canopy - can be seen later in European royal conjugal beds for the wedding ritual and they were the first having a star-decorated canopy, called the canope "as at Canopus".

Star cults were often connected with worshipping of the post, the World-axis, supplemented with oracle observance - and possibly temple prostitution.

In ancient India a special cosmic-religious-philosophical tradition also had focusing the North Star (Stella Polaris) which is connected in reference to the Turtle Star, Kurma. It is all mentioned in the ancient text, "Patañjali's Yoga Sutras", The star is the third brightest star in the sky and is known in the Near East and Europe both by the (Arabic) name Vega and Greek name Lyra.

This star is to be located as an uppermost centre in the northern sky and was known in Egypt, India, China, as well as by the Greeks. The genuine North Star or Turtle Star, Kurma, i.e. Vega, was the original North Star 13,000 years ago; however, it constitutes still and always the top of the World-axis.

The above mentioned "Yoga Sutras" contains 195 stanzas of learning - and is connected to ancient India's "collection of supreme knowledge", the Vedanta-doctrine in the texts of the Upanishads. Approx. 2,300 years ago, the sage Patañjali wrote the "Yoga Sutras" in their final form.

A special group of stanzas in Patañjali's Yoga Sutras, Book III, Sutras 25-31, informs about the stars and their cosmic arrangement of placement in space. The Sutra 28 reads:

"... By intensive meditation (Samyama) on the North Star (Polar star) the person who practice this yoga shall obtain knowledge about the movements of the stars. ..."

From the Earth we can see our own galaxy almost like the slim area of a diametrical cut of a dish, the very cut as the nesau - the Egyptian expression for the 'Milky Way' - with its light surrounding the cosmic World-axis crossing over the sky from the south to the north.

The light of the universe has a special quality for the life and this light is being "amplified" when passing through a galaxy. This is what happens - also when the light is passing diametrical via our galaxy outside through its curved rim and, as seen from the Earth, beaming out from the long narrow surface which appears as "the cut", i.e. the bright ribbon-like Milky Way, which in mythology was perceived as the informative and "nourishing" World-tree of Life.

Likewise, in ancient cultures people could in their own way perceive the Milky Way as the true, enlightening life-supporter in the sky. From the cosmos it is transmitting - according to near future science - the radiation's special bio-energetic light forms.

Such light, the cosmic all-penetrating radiation light, is forming superstring-like connection and coherence of the universe.

This light, self-organizing intelligently structured exuding its qualities through our galaxy, was seen as a tool for creating - filling the universe by being the formative as well as informative medium. The universal light itself exists as super-information that never goes away or dissolves (but may vary in levels of appearances); the consistency of such facts enters into the coherence of modern astronomy and quantum physics/mechanics.
For instance, the ability of transporting data, pictures, and music through light in optic fibre cables - is today a well-known principle. However, far beyond such limited, 'earthly' function the power of the cosmos light is everywhere.

About "in the beginning" the ancient Egyptian cosmology account mentions "... the first beams of light that lit up the world ..." - and the Bible's Book of Genisis, 1:3, states conjuringly: "... and then there was light ...". The two American research engineers and Nobel Prize winners, Arno A. Penzias and Robert W. Wilson, found in 1965 the first physical proofs ("the sound of Big Bang") to the hypothesis earlier presented by Pyotr Kapitsa and especially by George Gamow. Penzias and Wilson showed that "light is the origin of the universe" ... "suddenly the universe arranged itself in order and became transparent".

Gamow had published a Big bang theory work: the important cosmogony paper, "The Origin of Chemical Elements" (Physical Review, April 1st, 1948) - it became known as the Alpher-Bethe-Gamow theory; and then by observing/listening to the vast universe Penzias and Wilson had discovered background radiation of cosmological origin - imagine: 300 000 years after the universe was created darkness reigned. Then, suddenly, the very first rays of light burst through the shadows - to penetrate the universal darkness freely.

The cosmos has, like a "fossil", thus being preserving traces of the universe in its infancy, and have here retained a trace of this original moment in the form of background radiation. As such, it constitutes a unique memory, providing elements of a response to questions of the birth of the universe, its expansion and its future. It bears witness to the very first rays of light - today we know that light is emitted by matter in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles known as photons, i.e. the famous wave/corpuscle duality of quantum mechanics.

The light's inherent functioning methods possess some of the same qualities as language which - by itself - contains information, for instance of distinction, time (present, future etc.), location (sequence), and many other data (cf. language by itself as the eternal, great teacher). More so, the light also - in itself - contains data (besides some technical and astronomical information) among which some are needed for the life forms and their development, expansion, and maintaining (e.g. curing).

These abilities are - according to the ancient sages - to be found in the very logos. In ancient civilizations through ages this special light was visualized as the World-Tree of Life and the World-Tree of Knowledge united, where the branches and twigs of the one tree constitutes the root and root-twigs of the other, all in one celestial picture, the Milky Way.

All around the world there are many ancient creation myths which explain the origin of the Milky Way and give it its name. The English phrase is a translation from Greek galaxias, which is derived from the word for 'milk' (gala). In India it is called the Akashganga or a celestial form of the holy river, Ganga. In the Greek myth, the Milky Way was caused by milk spilt by celestial goddess Hera when suckling Heracles. In Egypt as well in the ancient Scandinavian myths, the sky was the celestial cow with the life-giving milk as the floating giant stream of stars and the condensed light of these as being life supporting, - cf. the Milky Way as the Tree of Life in combination with the Tree of Knowledge.

Again, the Milky Way was seen as the true, enlightening life-supporter in the sky - radiating bio-energetic forms of light - as also being quoted from Penzias and Wilson's scientific research: "... light is the origin of the universe. ..."

Concerning the primal light, the obelisks represent the same features or principles as the World-axis and - although they are not identical - they have these qualities in common.

The measurements of the Egyptian big sizes obelisks mainly produced in the 18th and 19th dynasties show - in principle - some very special ratios by the lengths of the shaft combined with the breadth of the shaft both at its foot and at the slim upper part beneath the pyramidion on the top, and even with the diagonals. These mathematical proportions should be examined by modern science and compared or related to measurements or numbers in certain basic biological features and conditions and also to the influence or behaviour of light.

Obviously, when some deep conceptions about the light forms were both known and expressed by the ancient cultures, we should be inspired to discover some important information here. Today, such special light as dealt with here, particularly when also consisting of high frequency radiation, should on this basis - together with its various ways of strong influence on life - be thoroughly investigated scientificly.

From the Earth the three brightest stars of the sky can be seen appearing on a complete straight line following the streaming Milky Way crossing over the sky. In several ancient cultures this outstanding celestial line of sight was perceived and expressed as a magic mast, in fact, as the one to be seen on the oldest Egyptian star map which adorns the ceiling of the 3,500-year-old tomb of Senmut.

The constellation called the "ox-loin" (meskitu) by the Egyptians or Great Bear and Charles's Wagon by the people at many other places in Antiquity is circling around the mast every day (as seen from the Earth) and served as a cosmic symbol of the cycles of life, rebirth etc. In this way the principle of the cycles of the eternal life could be expressed also as being connecting the magical axis of cosmos.

With the Benu bird of eternal life sitting on the top - the pyramidion being this capstone above the obelisk shaft - the Egyptians consequently used the description ben-ben for this kind of elegantly slim and spiritually shaped monoliths, these cultic objects of stone, a sculpturing never being surpassed.

However, later the Greeks - for example, Pythagoras, Solon, Plato and others studied for many years in Egypt concerning the knowledge, spirit and science also inside the Egyptian cults - were naming the obelisks by a pun with a word we still use today: obelisk, meaning in Greek 'ox-spear' or 'ox-spit' because of its turning of the ox-loin like it was a roast on the kitchen fire. In later times the Romans often instead used the expression "a needle", cf. the enormous high "Cleopatra's needle" in Alexandria.

On one of the pairs of obelisks which Senmut had carried out for the Queen-Pharaoh Hatshepsut and placed in the Karnak temple, the main temple of Egypt, the very obelisk inscription by Hatshepsut is strongly expressing the obelisk's vital purpose by referring to:

"... The Creation and the Vital, Radiating Essence of the Universe. ...".


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The Pleiades Constellation and Senmut's Star Map ... y_en.asp#1
In all ancient Mediterranean civilizations the constellation known to us as the Pleiades had a most important role. It served as a celestial marker or sign for one of the year's great events, i.e. the springtime's arriving rain or flood. In fact, these stars were thought to be connected, in a meta-astrological sense, with the concept "blessing".

Thus the Pleiades were signalling and initiating "the wet season" which then became more enhanced by other signals from a next following star group, the Hyades, in Greek 'to rain'.

Later in antiquity, Greek and Roman authors enjoyed to write about the especial popular stellar group of the Pleiades, to which there already existed several mythological accounts.

Some of the Egyptian temples have been constructed in a way connecting to the star of Sirius when - each year in the summer after a period of invisibility of 70 days - Sirius rose together with the sun (i.e. Sirius's Heliacal rising) that the light would travel down the temples' main corridor and reach the innermost sanctum of the temple. Here, Sirius would in that moment place its light at the altar, and this light from Sirius (Sothis) was then considered as being transformed into Sobdet which is the name of Sirius as Egyptian star god. This divinity was a special version of Isis, the greatest goddess.

Also, it is the case with the Egyptian temple of Isis in Denderah, a temple build as a copy of more ancient temples. Similarly here when the altar was lighted by the beam, the star Sirius (Sothis) was thought to be transformed into the divinity Sobdet.

On the basis of the same understanding a similar principle was already involved in connection with previously mentioned Hatshepsut's Temple of Hathor, which with its axis directed at the line of winter solstice, even also could receive the beams of the (in the mythology: seven) Stars of the Pleiades. This was interpreted in a way that the light consisting of the seven beams were being transformed into the Egyptian celestial goddess Hathor's seven female judges to judge mankind.

Even though we can only see 6 Pleiades in the sky it is a fact that all the way from Greece throughout to the South Pacific, and - notice - also in Pre-Columbian North America, accounts everywhere tell about "the seven stars of which one is gone".

Around the world, in many countries and localities, - which in prehistoric times may appear to have had some kind of connection - this constellation is, in addition, often called "the young women" or "girls". The star cluster was also seen in this way by the ancient Hebrews - as well as by America's Coyote Indians in Oregon and the Iroques Indians.

All this could refer to a much older age of the concept of the star system than most historians today would like to accept. Ancient, widespread civilizations of prehistoric times - being traced and discovered more and more by modern science - could have existed several places on earth. And from some of these connections the Hebrews, the Greeks, and the Egyptians seem to have possessed such a heritage - "the 7 young women", "the sources of blessing", "the humids" - and have carried it further on.

As with the prehistoric world's widespread common ideas on the Pleiades something similar is seen also regarding the constellation Ursa Major, i.e. Great Bear. This constellation of its own seven-star-group, also known as Charles's Wain is a non-existing tail-bear - strangely enough known all over the world.

This axis was the most famous celestial line of sight - connecting the brightest main stars Canopus, Sirius, and Lyra/Wega. The axis is, possibly emphasized for the very first time, depictured on the Senmut map.

In this connection it is interesting that the ancient Egyptians did not call the constellation in question Great Bear, but Meshkitu, i.e. the 'shank of an ox'. In ancient myths, and also in the Bible, a shank, thigh, or loin refer conceptually to the delivery process or re-birth and were also well known euphemisms for the reproductive organs.

The special, geometrical patterns of lines of sight to important stars, found by measuring the sky, were assumed to be like reflected in the terrestrial geography. The connection with "the mark from cosmos" can be recognized in the biblical statement "as in heaven so on earth".

Even at the construction of the three great pyramids of Giza at 4,500 years ago the constructers were intrigued by the stars. When observing the pattern of the constellation Orion - the central part is the 3 bright stars known as "Orion's Belt "- the ancient astronomers are believed to have identified a related situation here and used this star system as a template for the geographical layout of the three great pyramids at their particular location on the building area.

Among the Egyptians the sky-related version of the death-and-resurrection-god Osiris was Orion, who especially was involved with the pyramid cult of the dead. In addition, the pyramid buildings' specific mutual relations in their positions on the ground were so precisely carried out that it fully corresponds to the ideas of ancient tradition that these pyramids in their earthly - geographically - circumstances constitute "a mirror image of the sky".

Researchers Robert G. Bauval and Adrian Gilbert points out in their book "The Orion Mystery" (1994) that the dead cultic Egyptian pyramids in Giza were positioned at the Nile so that they were corresponding to a (mirror) image of the Orion stars - relating to the god of the deceased, Osiris - at the celestial "river" of the Milky Way.

Critics reject the whole thing as "a coincidence" and allege even that the pyramids' location having a reversed orientation relative to the constellation, but these critics apparently do not know that a mirror-reversed image of a constellation - i.e. as a direct projection of the image from the sky and down to the ground - was a frequently used tradition everywhere right up to a few hundred years ago. Thus, from Antiquity the famous statue of Atlas is seen bearing on his shoulders the celestial sphere with all the constellations facing towards the Earth and turning their backs to the viewer - and in the same way on the star maps later in the Renaissance. Even the Egyptians almost never showed the constellation figures in front but mostly in profile.

The notion that these pyramids are in correspondence with the sky is also demonstrated to be probable in particular by the fact that the pyramids in the ancient inscriptions can be seen explicitly called "the pyramid which is a star" - according to the British Egyptologist Toby Wilkinson, Cambridge University ("The Guardian", May 14, 2001).

Moreover, it is in particular known that in general the Egyptians also looked upon the Nile and its course from south to north as a reflection of a dominating celestial image, the Milky Way.

Furthermore, these three pyramids have been built with the most incredibly exact celestial line of sight towards the North Star, i.e. at its position at that time.

Also ancient temples were considered literally as a holy piece of heaven reflected into the geography on Earth. For instance, the ancient Babylonians/Assyrians directly referred each of their major cities to certain stars - e.g. Nineveh (cf. "Book of Genesis", 10:11), the city's name meaning 'wild boar' also being the totem of this city and a name of the constellation "The Boar" (our Great Bear/Charles' Wain). Another example of their concept of a sky-earth-mutual-reflection is that with their sky-yardstick the Babylonians measured degrees of arc by use of a certain terrestrial measure, "the royal cubit".

Through their many years of archaeo-astronomical studies, researchers Robert Bauval and Wayne Herchel independently of one another detected (in 2005-2006) that the ancient Egyptians used even very accurately the little group of pyramids in Abusir - which is located exactly on an extension line from Giza - to represent the Pleiades on this "celestial map on the ground".

Concerning the three great pyramids at Giza the researcher on history, Robert Temple, has disclosed by meticulous measuring and observation disclosed that during the days around December 21, i.e. exactly around winter solstice, the pyramids cast shadows on each other. And in particular that such a special winter solstice shadow will be cast on the southern surface of the largest pyramid (cf. Robert Temple: "The Crystal Sun", London 2000).

This can be observed, concretely, at the very site that the sun will appear at solstice on the shortest day of the year - approx. on December 21 - which was important, because at this special turning point the length of the days will again begin to increase.

It was of great significance that with this date the point of the year was reached when, simultaneously, Sirius - always considered by the Egyptians to be the most important star (and is always followed by Orion) - was "born" here, down by the horizon.

In Egypt the star Sirius can be seen in the sky most of the year - and at this exact time to which relation the temple axis had been constructed, a special correspondence was understood between the sun and Sirius. Because here, exactly at winter solstice, Sirius can be seen appearing above the horizon at sunset.


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The Giza Pyramids - Rotating Plates
In the book by Tom Valentine, The Great Pyramid - Man's Monument to Man, Panther, 1975, page 15 he states "estimates of the when the structure [the Great Pyramid] was completed range from as far back as 73,000 years when "the lyre was in Taurus", to the generally accepted estimate of when Cheops lived, about 2600BC".
Tom Valentine's book references the following paper: Pawley & Abrahamsen, 2 March 1973, "Do the Pyramids Show Continental Drift?", Science, 179, pp 892-3. The cover of this edition of Science has a photograph of the Giza Pyramids on its front cover. The basic ideas in this paper are still valid today but we now know a lot more about these ideas.

I've mentioned above that C P Smyth first noted the accurate alignment of the Giza Pyramids. This external accurate alignment is also carried over to the insides of them. C P Smyth carefully measured the latitude of the centre of the Great Pyramid as 29° 58’ 51” north to enable him to come to astronomical observations about the Great Pyramid. The centre of Khafre's Pyramid is only a further 0° 0’ 13” to the south, with the Sphinx only slightly further south from this. The Great Pyramid is only about a mile south of the thirtieth parallel and the area immediately to the north of the Giza Plateau is sandy and unsuitable for the erection of huge edifices. W M F Petrie's measurements of the Giza Pyramids were published in his classic book for the Royal Society, The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh, Field and Tuer, London, 1885, which has subsequently been republished recently.

W M F Petrie warns that the triangulation of Egypt existing at the time of his survey did not permit him to establish the direction of true north with absolute certainty. W M F Petrie measured an azimuth mean of the Great Pyramid as 0° 5’ 15” ± 10” west of true north from the core blocks and 0° 3’ 43” ± 6” west of true north from the casing blocks.

For Khafre's Pyramid, W M F Petrie measured an azimuth of 0° 5’ 26” ± 33” west of true north. For Menkaure's Pyramids, W M F Petrie measured an azimuth of 0° 14” 3’ ± 1’ 50” east of true north. I can't explain why Menkaure's Pyramid's azimuth is so far different from the Pyramids of Khufu and Khafre.

J H Cole did even more accurate measurements of the Giza Pyramids in 1925 which I've yet to see as they are in a book in a library in another city eight hours drive by car away that I don't visit often. Everything that I've read on these later measurements by J H Cole suggests that they won't alter greatly, if at all, the following calculations.

W M F Petrie concluded that the average of some six alignments from the Pyramids of Khufu and Khafre was about 0° 4’ west of true north, with an error of 0° 1’. This northerly alignment must have been intended to be true north as there is no way of aligning to a point just off true north. A star so close to the north pole would still describe a small circle in the sky, and this circle would alter considerably in its size in one generation due to the precession of the equinoxes. An independent assessment of the builder's accuracy is afforded by the north and south sides of both pyramids. There is no direct astronomical method of east-west alignment, so that right angles must have been constructed. They were done with an accuracy of about 0° 1.5’ with the added complication that in the Great Pyramid at least that it was built around a central high point of bedrock for the lower six courses at least. A further complication comes from the fact that the four corner sockets of the Great Pyramid are at different heights. The vertical distance between the highest and lowest corner sockets is 17 inches or 43.2 cms.

The paper of Pawley and Abrahamsen that I've cited above tries to account for the azimuthal misalignment of 0° 4’ west of true north of the Pyramids of Khufu and Khafre by continental drift. For comparison, the Paris Observatory is 0° 6’ off true north. Since this paper was written plate tectonics has progressed and gives a far more precise account of this.

The basic theorem to this comes from the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707-83). Euler's fixed point theorem states that any motion of a rigid body on the surface of a sphere may be represented as a rotation about an appropriately chosen rotation pole, called an Euler pole. Plate technicians have used this theorem to analyse the motions of tectonic plates. Tectonic plate motions can be observed using the Global Positioning System Satellites and other space geodetic techniques, such as Very Long Baseline radio Interferometry. Plate technicians have observed that the motions derived with these techniques over periods of a few years are very similar to those observed over periods of millions of years in the geologic record.

In the book by A. Cox and R. B. Hart, Plate Tectonics: How it Works, Blackwell Scientific Publications, Palo Alto, 1986 on pages 226-228 is given the algorithm to rotate a point on a tectonic plate around an Euler pole over time. I've programmed this very accurately because of the small angles involved and double checked things by rotating things in the opposite direction after finishing the calculation to see that things come back to where we started from.

The Giza complex is on the African plate which from the HS2-NUVEL1 Absolute Plate Motion Model is currently rotating around an Euler pole at -5.5° longitude, 3.6° latitude at the rate of 3.6°/million years counterclockwise. The African plate over a long period of geological history has been moving out from the mid-Atlantic ridge and rotating counterclockwise towards the Eurasian plate.

Starting with a point orientated at 0° 4’ west of north at the latitude of 29° 58’ 51” north that I've given above from C P Smyth's observations and 31° 12’ east longitude that I've measured from maps, 4,500 years ago this point would have had an azimuth of 0° 3.01’ west of north. 73,340 year ago this point would have had an azimuth of 0° 12.11’ east of north. 12,000 year ago this point would have had an azimuth of 0° 1.35’ west of north.

It's hard to do comparable measurements for the Sphinx to see how this may tie in with the construction date for the Sphinx. 18,190 year ago this point would have had an azimuth of true north. I've puzzled over these calculated results and the only significance that I can see in the 18190 years ago figure is that four times 18190 is very close to the number that Billy Meier gives at the beginning of all of this. Why does Billy Meier mention "two times 36,650 years back" and I come up with four times 18190 years?

These plate tectonics calculations are based on reasonable assumptions. There is a slow drift of the Earth's mean rotation pole away from the true "North Pole". The polar drift has been systematically monitored since 1900. It is believed to be caused by large geophysical mass redistributions such as postglacial rebound, and amounts to a total of only ~10 m of polar drift along the longitude ~80° West since 1900, corresponding to a maximum drift of ~0° 0’ 0.3” per century in the apparent latitude along that meridian. This would amount to 0° 0.24’ over 4,500 years, which is far too small, and is of the wrong sign for our calculations.

There is no geological or geophysical evidence that the Earth's rotation pole has changed significantly over the period of the calculations, let alone recently geologically. I very much doubt that earthquakes could have had any effects on the above calculations other than to complicate W M F Petrie's measurements by the missing casing stones, as the Giza complex is part of the African plate, not the surrounding tectonic plates.

Incidentally on this point, W M F Petrie took into account the action of earthquakes in his measurements of the King's Chamber and the King's Chamber appears to have been designed for earthquakes. The cornerstone foundations of the Great Pyramid have ball and socket construction capable of dealing with heat expansion and earthquakes. I wonder how other ancient Egyptian constructions have fared comparatively in earthquakes?

Livio Catullo Stecchini in his appendix in Peter Tompkins' book Secrets of the Great Pyramid, Harper & Row, 1971 and recently republished, points out that the differences in direction of the north star due to precession between the drawing of the plan and the ceremony of the "stretching of the cord" when construction began in earnest may account for the differences of the orientation of the pyramids from true north. In between these two events the ground of the pyramid had to be cleared and levelled. Precession of the equinoxes displaces the star taken as the north star at a rate of 50.26” a year to the west. The only problem with this idea is that if the conventional view of the way these pyramids were built is correct then it significantly cuts into the short time left in which to erect these huge pyramids.


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The Giza Pyramids - Astronomy
Gravitational torques from the Sun and Moon on the Earth's equatorial bulge cause the Earth's axis of rotation to precess about the orbital plane. The period for the Earth's counterclockwise general or axial precession of the equinoxes due to this has recently been refined to 25,694 years. The 25,694 year period comes out of calculations of the precessional constant of 50.417262” per year in the Milankovitch theory of paleoclimates

The general precession of the equinoxes means that the equinoctial and solstitial points appear to move counterclockwise against the fixed stars by an average of 1° every 71.28 years. At the same time, the pull of gravity by the other planets causes the Earth's orbital plane or ecliptic itself to precess (relative to distant galaxies) in a period of 71,000 years and taken together these two motions cause the Earth's obliquity (the angle between the plane of the Earth's equator and orbit around the Sun) to oscillate with a period of 38,830 years between a minimum of 22.2° and a maximum of 24.2°. This causes the equinoxes to not precess linearly with time.

In 7135BC the equinoxes were precessing at their minimum rate of 73.75 years per degree, while in 26,550BC they were precessing at their maximum rate of 68.8 years per degree. The general precession of the equinoxes appears to be ultimately linked into the entire planetary system and is also exactly in resonance with important planetary and lunar periodicities (e.g. for the technically minded, 25,694 years = 2010 × 12.7830-year Neptune-Jupiter Lap = 1425 × 18.03-year lunar perigee-syzygy tide cycle or Saros cycle, a cycle of great importance in terrestrial oceanic tides).

The Sumerians knew about the precession of the equinoxes in the fourth millennia BC. 3,200 years ago, the Sun was in the constellation of Cancer at the northern summer solstice and hence the term Tropic of Cancer for the latitude where the sun is overhead on that date. Due to the precession of the equinoxes, the solstices no longer occur in the constellations of Cancer and Capricorn as they did 3,200 years ago, which means that the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn are now misnamed. Today they should be called the Tropics of Taurus and Sagittarius and because of changes in the Earth's obliquity they are creeping towards the equator at the rate of 4cm/day.

The following excerpt comes from page 47 in the chapter on "Astrological Cycles" in Moira Timms' book, Beyond Prophecies & Predictions, Ballantine Books, New York, 1994:

"If a star map is superimposed over the Earth with the pole star placed over the terrestrial North Pole, we have a celestial clock making one revolution daily. The noon point of that map (like Greenwich) is the Great Pyramid of Giza. Thousands of years ago, Egypt was known as the Land of Khem.

The Khema were a group of seven major stars (in the constellation of Taurus), known today as the Pleiades. If the map is placed with the Khema over the Land of Khem (Egypt)- specifically, directly over the apex of the Great Pyramid - then Taurus falls over the Taurus Mountains of southern Turkey; Ursa Major, the Great Bear, rambles over Russia; the head of Draco the Dragon coils up over China; Orion (the warrior) over Iran/Iraq; Aries the Ram over Rome, and Capricorn (identified with the god Pan) falls over Panama, Panuco, and Mayapan (the old name of the Yucatan). Aquila the Eagle spans the United States. The analogies are obvious, and quite impressive. This is one of the clearest examples of the law of "As Above, So Below".

Those who designed and built the Great Pyramid understood this. As the central geodetic point and key node of the planetary grid, the Pyramid was constructed at a time when the Pleiades paused in the midheaven, directly above its apex. This enabled the descending passage of the Pyramid to be directly aligned with, and illuminated by, the pole star, indicating true North."

The ancient Egyptians believed that Egypt was made in the image of heaven and that a cosmic Egypt existed in the sky which their souls could reach after their earthly existence. The big problem with Moira Timms' writing is that the ancient Egyptians had very different star groupings to what we now have. The later Greeks had very different star groupings, which we basically have today. When the Greeks took over Egypt they introduced their version of star groupings to Egypt which the Egyptians adopted to their own ways as in the Denderah zodiac.

The origin of the term zodiac - which is from the Greek zodiakos kylos or "circle of animals" or ta zodia, "the little animals" - remains unknown (five of the 12 zodiacal names are not animals). Twelve was the base number for Mesopotamian angular measurements in astronomy and for time also, with 60 being the base number for mathematics also being used in other angular measurements and for time also, which is the basis for our current time and angular measurements. Babylonian texts dating to 700BC show that the ecliptic was then divided into irregular zodiacal constellations.

West Africans and native Americans divided the zodiac into 13 parts. In Celtic astrology there are 13 astrological signs. The oldest record of the zodiacal astrological signs as such is a cuneiform horoscope from 419 BC, when any astronomer would have been primarily an astrologer, and these show that the sky was by then divided into 12 equal parts of 30° each

However, around 450 BC Oenopides (b. c 490 BC in Chios, Greece - d. about 420 BC) is said to have discovered that the ecliptic made an angle of 24° with the equator, which was accepted in Greece until refined by Eratosthenes in around 250 BC. Some scholars accept that Oenopides discovered that the ecliptic was at an angle but doubt that he measured the angle. Greek sources attribute the discovery of the ecliptic to Oenopides but whether he learnt of the 12 signs of the zodiac from scholars in Mesopotamia or whether his discoveries were independent Greek discoveries is unknown and a parallel development in both Greece and Babylon should not be excluded.

For convenience the zero point or origin was taken to be the point at which the north-bound Sun crosses the celestial equator from the austral to boreal hemisphere. In those days this became known as the first point of Aries, marking the vernal equinox or the beginning of the northern spring. Again for convenience, the 12 sectors were given names, and those names were, not unreasonably, taken from the nearest zodiacal constellation, the constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder, being omitted in this process because the majority of astrologers say that it appears to not have any influence astrologically (there are a minority of astrologers who disagree with this).

The constellation Ophiuchus is associated with the healer Asclepius, son of Apollo, whose emblem of entwined serpents has long been a symbol of the medical profession. It's interesting to note that many of the constellations and asterisms that date to antiquity are often made of seven stars, the number seven having a prominent place in mythology.

The 13 constellations themselves around the zodiac don't occupy equal parts around the zodiac. This has led to a major departure of method between Indian astrology, which has stayed with a fixed zodiac pegged to the actual constellations, and Islamic/Western astrology, which moves its zodiac with the spring equinox point. Astrologers suggest that both zodiacs, moving and fixed, have their own relative orders of symbolic truth.

There is plenty of evidence showing how Egypt responded to the different zodiac ages due to precession. There was a shift of symbolism from the Ages of Gemini, the Twins (6400BC - 4240BC), to Taurus, the Bull (4240BC - 2090BC), to Aries, the Ram (2080BC - 80AD). Egyptians applied different means and modes of expression for each zodiac age, which were based upon the inherent specific nature of each age.
The Giza Pyramids - The Orion Correlation?
In the book by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert, The Orion Mystery - Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids, Mandarin, 1997, the authors have presented evidence of a close association between the ancient Egyptian constellation of Sahu or the present day constellation of Orion and the Giza Pyramids.

In Greek mythology, Orion once stupidly boasted that he would be able to kill all wild beasts. Hearing this, the earth-goddess Gaea punished Orion for his arrogance by sending the scorpion to kill him by stinging him on the heel. This is shown in the motions of the constellations across the sky. As Scorpio ascends on the eastern horizon, Orion dies and sets in the west. However, Asclepius (identified with the constellation Ophiuchus) healed Orion and crushed the scorpion underfoot - reflected by Orion again rising in the east, restored to vigour, as Asclepius (Ophiuchus) grinds Scorpio into the earth in the west. To the Greek's, in the sky Orion brandishes his club in his right hand and he holds a lion's skin trophy aloft in his left hand.

The major stars of the Orion constellation are as follows. Alpha Orionis is the cool red first-magnitude slightly variable supergiant star Betelgeuse at a distance of 425 light years away. Betelgeuse has a diameter 300 to 400 times that of our Sun and its name, rather prosaically, derives from from the Arabic for "armpit of the central one" - see where it is located in the constellation. Estimates indicate that Betelgeuse would fill the area somewhere between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Beta Orionis is the blue-white first-magnitude supergiant star Rigel at a distance of 1000 light years away and its name means "giant's leg" - again see where it is located. Rigel is about 40 times the size of the Sun and it would fill most of the area inside the orbit of Mercury. Gamma Orionis is the pale yellow second-magnitude star Bellatrix and its name means "female warrior", which derives from a rather loose medieval translation of the Arabic Al Najid meaning "the conqueror". In the middle of Orion's sword is the diffuse vibrant red nebula M42 at a distance of 1500 light years and around 15 light years in diameter. Within M42 a star cluster is in the process of formation.

Orion is visible from all parts of the Earth in the night sky at some time of the year because it straddles the celestial equator and its stars are useful pointers to other constellations. In the southern hemisphere this is all upside down. Orion is to the south-east of the Taurus (the Bull) Constellation, with Orion's belt of three stars slanted just below the celestial equator. The line of three bright stars in Orion's belt points to the north-west towards Aldebaran in the Taurus Constellation and to the south-east directly towards Sirius, the Dog Star, the brightest star in the sky in the Canis Major (Big Dog) Constellation. In Greek myth, Canis Major and Canis Minor are the faithful hounds with which Orion hunted and Orion's prey were Taurus, the Bull, and Lepus, the Hare. Canis Major keeps a watchful eye on the hare Lepus, a minor constellation at Orion's feet. A line through Rigel and the middle star of Orion's belt, Alnilam, brings you to the Gemini Constellation and the twin stars of Castor and Pollux.

Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert try to show that the three main Giza pyramids are laid out in relation to one another on the Giza plateau in a manner that reflects the three stars making up Orion's belt (Zeta Orionis or Alnitak, Epsilon Orionis or Alnilam and Delta Orionis or Mintaka), with the Nile River mirroring the Milky Way, as they would have appeared in about 10,500BC, even though they accept the orthodox view that they weren't actually built until 8000 years later.

Calculations show that the desired angle formed by the Orion's belt stars when they are at their culmination on the meridian on the southern horizon occurred in 12,500BC, not 10,500BC when the angles are not even close. The rotational motion of Orion around the sky ensures that the required angle is regularly achieved at other times of the day and night and thus Bauval and Gilbert are trying to be unduly highly selective and catching themselves out in the process.

These Orion's belt stars had great importance for the ancient Egyptians who used them in hieroglyphs as the symbol for the first king of Egypt, Osiris or Sahu. Osiris was the legendary bringer of civilization to the Nile Valley in the remote epoch referred to as Zep Tepi, the "First Time". The Inventory Stela makes a reference to the "House of Osiris, Lord of Rostau" or Giza.

I wonder if what we now see at Giza was built as a memory of something from an earlier time. Bauval and Gilbert also find that the southern air shafts of the Great Pyramid, which angle upward from the King's Chamber at 45° and from the Queen's Chamber at 39.5° would have pointed to respectively the stars Zeta Orionis or Alnitak (Osiris) and Sirius, the Dog Star in Canis Major, (Isis, Osiris's consort) at the time of their meridian transits (highest culmination) in 2500BC, which is about the time that Egyptologists say that the Great Pyramid was built. Because of the proper motions of these stars, these star positions probably will not be repeated during each precessional cycle. This supports their star map conclusion since Zeta Orionis is the same star that the Great Pyramid would be representing in Giza's Orion's belt map. In ancient Egypt Orion represented the Egyptian god of the dead and the first king of Egypt, Osiris. After death, the Pharaoh was thought to mystically inseminate these stars to ensure that, through Osiris, Horus the Sun-god would be reborn in his successor.

Sirius was associated with the goddess Aset or Isis, the cosmic mother of the kings of Egypt. The ancient Egyptian astronomical calendar was based upon Sirius, which they called Sopdet. The annual rise of Sopdet in the heavens ushered in the Nile's inundation. This occurred when Sirius rose on the horizon together with the Sun, and remained visible for a few moments until its sparkle faded with the advance of dawn. We refer to this as the heliacal rising of Sirius (from the Greek helios, "the Sun").

The length of the Sothic year was computed from one heliacal rising of Sirius to the next and is about 365.25 days. The beginning of the year was not set at the heliacal rising of Sirius because Sirius traces out an elliptical position in the sky as it orbits around its binary white dwarf companion and there is the theoretical possibility of another star in this system which so far hasn't been seen. The ancient Egyptians also used a lunar calendar and a civil calendar of 365 days. It used to be thought that the civil year gradually shifted in relation to the Sothic year and they coincided every 365 / .25 = 1460 years and these coincidences should give us absolute dates to work with.
The Sphinx
Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval in their book Keeper of Genesis (titled The Message of the Sphinx in the United States) argue that the Sphinx was aligned to the Spring Equinox in 10,500BC, when the constellation of Leo rose above the horizon due East and in front of the recumbent lion just before dawn during the Age of Leo, the Lion (10720BC - 8560BC). Hancock and Bauval claim that the Sphinx strengthens their claim that the layout of the Giza Pyramids was designed in 10,500BC to reflect the belt stars of the Orion Constellation, which I don't accept. There is no extant evidence that I know of the ancient Egyptians being around in 10,500BC to carve out the Sphinx. I know that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

The first ancient Egyptian star charts that we know of come from coffins at about 2150BC and they have no resemblance to later sky divisions that we now derivatively use. The sky division the ancient Egyptians recognised as a lion is in the north circumpolar zone and not our Leo. Our Leo Constellation was not recognised by the Egyptians until the Ptolemaic era when the zodiac was introduced into Egypt by the Greeks in the third century BC. Moreover, the Spring Equinox was of no great importance to the Egyptian calendar - the Summer Solstice was the truly significant event because it fell close to the helical rising of the star Sirius, which heralded the annual Nile flood. In the ancient Egyptian star divisions, Sirius, which they called Sopdet, was in a star grouping pictured as a recumbent cow. It is therefore interesting to note that Leo rose in front of the Sphinx at the Summer Solstice in and around 3,000BC - in agreement with the date for the Sphinx Egyptologists give for it.

Further, Djedefre, Khufu's short-lived successor, was the first Fourth Dynasty Pharaoh to add the name of the sun god Re or Ra into his name as a result of an emerging sun cult. This continued with Khaf-re and Menkau-re. Thus it can be suggested that the Sphinx was carved out and faces due east towards the sun as it rises at the equinoxes as a result of this emerging sun cult in Khafre's reign. The Sphinx Temple appears to be the first solar temple associated with an Old Kingdom pyramid complex. The Sphinx Temple had twenty-four red granite pillars symbolising each hour of the day and night with twelve royal statues before the pillars, which may have symbolised the twelve months of the year.

The fact that the Sphinx has been repeatedly cleared of desert sands over recorded history suggests that the Sphinx was originally constructed when the Sahara was not a desert. The unique concept of the Sphinx is odd for the usual dating of it to the Fourth Dynasty, ie 2600BC to 2500BC (which is the same as the Giza Pyramids), in that it is the exact opposite of the usual way in which many deities are represented with a human body and animal's head. Other representations of sphinxes found in Egypt, which typically flanked temple portals, combined the head of a ram (coming from The Age of Aries, the Ram, 2080BC - 80AD) with the body of a lion. Instead it is thought by Egyptologists that the Sphinx with a human head on a lion’s body symbolised royal power, with a lion also being a guardian of royal places.


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As a rule, theories of a “Jewish conspiracy” for world domination condemn all Jews as megalomaniac conspirators and the enemies of mankind. However, any treatment of a Jewish conspiracy must take into account the ancient schism that divided the nation of Israel in Biblical times. This division was precipitated by the apostasy of King Solomon, whose idolatry was afterward carried on by the northern tribes. This ancient schism has profoundly affected the subsequent history of the Jews and is the dynamic of the alleged “Jewish conspiracy” of the present day.

Following the death of King Solomon, the tribes of Israel separated into two independent kingdoms. The ten northern tribes formed the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin were thereafter called the kingdom of Judah. The schism between Judah and Israel, from which the Israelites never recovered, is recorded in 1 Kings. The Daily Bible Study gives a brief overview:

The designation “Jew” belonged exclusively to the southern kingdom of Judah, the very word “Jew” having been derived from “Judah.” And so technically, only the kingdom of Judah was “Jewish” and the other tribes of Israel have no right to call themselves Jews. That this distinction was understood in the Old Testament is seen in II Kings 16:5-6 (KJV) where the people of Israel and the King of Syria fought against the “Jews” of the southern kingdom.

Following the division of Israel and the Assyrian captivity of the northern tribes, the southern kingdom of Judah adopted the pagan traditions of the heathen nation of ancient Babylon. These traditions, with their associated rituals which included human sacrifice, provoked God to judge the southern kingdom, which judgment the prophet Jeremiah forewarned the Jews for a period of forty years, to no avail. The Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem in three stages, from 605 to 586 B.C., in which year the Temple of Solomon was demolished and the remaining Jews were carried into captivity. During the Babylonian captivity, the prophet Ezekiel continued to reprove Judah for its apostasy from the God of Israel and their love affair with Babylon.

Moreover, as Matthew Henry noted in his commentary on this passage, the kingdom of Judah patterned its own worship after the pomp and pageantry of the Babylonians with whom they had become enamored.

According to two authoritative sources, H.P. Blavatsky and the Jewish Encyclopedia, the Jews also acquired from the Chaldeans their doctrines of Eastern mysticism. These were later developed into a written compendium of esoteric literature known as the Jewish Qabbalah or Kabalah, and in the Middle Ages as the Latin Cabala.

“Kabalah (Heb.) The hidden wisdom of the Hebrew Rabbis of the middle ages derived from the older secret doctrines concerning divine things and cosmogony, which were combined into a theology after the time of the captivity of the Jews in Babylon. All the works that fall under the esoteric category are termed Kabalistic.” (Blavatsky, Theosophical Glossary, p. 168)

“The Pythagorean idea of the creative powers of numbers and letters, upon which the ‘Sefer Yetzirah’ is founded, and which was known in tannaitic times…is here proved to be an old cabalistic conception. In fact, the belief in the magic power of the letters of the Tetragrammaton and other names of the Deity…seems to have originated in Chaldea. Whatever, then, the theurgic Cabala was …, the very fact that Abraham, and not a Talmudical hero like Akiba, is introduced in the ‘Sefer Yetzirah,’ at the close, as possessor of the Wisdom of the Alphabet, indicates an old tradition, if not the antiquity of the book itself…

“The whole dualistic system of good and of evil powers, which goes back to Zoroastrianism and ultimately to old Chaldea, can be traced through Gnosticism; having influenced the cosmology of the ancient Cabala before it reached the medieval one…

The Chaldean religious tradition that was embraced by apostate Jews during their captivity in Babylon was delivered to subsequent generations by word of mouth. According to Blavatsky, these disseminators of the Chaldean tradition in the few centuries before Christ were known as Tanaim.

Because of its heretical nature, the Cabala was not generally promulgated among the Jews but remained the “secret doctrine” of “elect” Jews. That is to say, certain Jews who were deemed worthy could comprehend hidden teachings in the written Torah and, through mystical techniques, make direct contact with “God.” Among these practices are rapid recitation of the “Holy Name of God” (YHVH, or Tetragrammaton), meditation on the 11 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life which are believed to be emanations of God, learning to use the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet as force-carrying energy patterns which serve as the building blocks of the cosmos, and, finally, transcending the space/time limitations of the physical world to realize one’s “inner divinity.” This “secret doctrine” has been preserved throughout the ages to the present time by a spiritual brotherhood who progress individually to various stages of enlightenment and proficiency in the hidden wisdom --from “elect” to “adepts” to “wise men” to “adepts in grace”.

The “Tanaim,” which meant “teacher of the law,” were the Scribes, the rabbis whom Blavatsky identified as the first Kabalists. From the ranks of the Scribes evolved the sect of the Pharisees. According to Occult Theocrasy, by Edith Starr Miller, the creators of the Cabala were the Pharisees, who had formed their sect in Babylon during the captivity and functioned as a secret society after the Jews returned to Israel. The ‘secret doctrine’ of Babylon remained the oral tradition of the Pharisees until they committed it to written form.

According to Occult Theocrasy, the Pharisees assumed the outward appearance of religious scrupulosity all the while they were conducting pagan rites in secret, as did their antecedents, the elders of Judah, in the Temple of Solomon, as the Lord revealed to the prophet Ezekiel.

Another faction within Jewry associated with the Kabalah were the Essenes, a monastic community which lived in the desert of Qumran, the area near the Dead Sea which had formerly been Gomorrah. The Jewish Encyclopedia describes the cabalistic practices of the Essenes, which were Judaized elements of Eastern mystical traditions:

Alexandria, Egypt was a center of interchange of religious ideas as well as the intellectual meeting point between the Jews and the Greeks. After the fall of Jerusalem, Alexandria would become the epicenter from which the Cabalist Jews, who had synthesized their Chaldean witchcraft with Neo-Platonic philosophy, would cloak the new Cabalism in Christian terminology and attempt to penetrate the fledgling Church with heresy. As the origins of the Cabala were documented in the Chaldean mystery religion, the Jewish Encyclopedia locates the source of Gnosticism in Jewish Cabalism.

Since the “secret doctrine” of the Alexandrian Gnostics was simply a Christianized version of that found in the Cabala, we are not surprised to find many correspondences. In a nutshell, the Gnostic gospel is based on the Cabalistic quest for liberation from the material world, with the assistance of angels, of course.

The Jewish Encyclopedia states concerning the Therapeutae, “The members of the sect seem to have branched off from the Essene brotherhood.” Both of these Gnostic orders were Jewish ascetics who practiced celibacy based on the Gnostic belief that, since the material world is was created by an evil Demiurge, to reproduce is to merely to populate and perpetuate Satan’s evil world system. Professor Constantine Scouteris of the University of Athens describes the differences between the strict celibacy of the Therapeutae and less rigid Essene community:

After Philo’s death in 45 A.D., there arose in Alexandria the Society of Ormus, which meant “Sages of Light.” The founder of this society was Ormesuis, a Seraphic monk / Egyptian magus who was reportedly converted by St. Mark and proceeded to blend the mystery teachings and rites of the Egyptian priests with Christianity. According to Albert Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, this society merged with the Cabalist school of the Essenes and other Jews, presumably the Therapeutae. The Essenes who belonged to the Society of Ormus were part of the Essene Brotherhood based in Alexandria. The insignia of the Society of Ormus was a red cross.

The Plot against the Church, a history of Jewish infiltration of the Catholic Church by Maurice Pinay (a pseudonym for a team of Catholic priests), documents from various sources the foundation of Gnosticism to be the Jewish Cabala, and the Alexandrian Gnostics to be Jewish Cabalists.

Perhaps the most influential of the arch heretics was Valentinus, whose Gnostic school endured for over 600 years and whose belief system exists even today. Valentinus, a Jew born in Egypt around 100 A.D., was educated in Alexandria where he became a disciple of one Theudas who claimed to have been a disciple of the apostle Paul who privately taught the “hidden wisdom” to his inner circle.

During the time of Christ and the early Church period there was a sizeable Jewish community in Rome, estimated at 40,000 Jews. Josephus mentioned a lawsuit that involved 8,000 Jews in Rome during the reign of Caesar Augustus (44 BC-14.AD), presumably adult men each with a family of at least four or five members. (Jewish Antiquities, Vol. II, p. 80) The number of Jews in Rome increased considerably after the mass deportation of captives from Jerusalem following its destruction in 70 A.D.

The Jewish community in Rome dates at least as far back as the Maccabees, who had cordial relations with Rome and received pledges of Roman friendship and protection. Jewish culture prospered in Rome during the early centuries of first millennium, even to the extent that Jews held government positions and received favored treatment from the Caesars. It was not until Constantine the Great, who reigned as emperor from 306 to 336, that Jews were proscribed from holding state offices, owning slaves or testifying in court against Christians, among other restrictions.

Although Constantine restricted Jewish power and influence, the last of his direct descendants to become Roman Emperor favored the Jewish religion to the extent that he made plans to rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple of Solomon. The deeds of Julian the Apostate are favorably recorded by Jewish historians such as H. Graetz whose History of the Jews was cited by Pinay.

Did the abovementioned Jewish “liturgical customs” which started in Rome somehow find their way into the Church at Rome? Were they little by little incorporated into its worship, which gradually developed into the Roman Catholic Mass? It may come as a surprise to many Catholics that the Catholic Encyclopedia officially defines the Catholic liturgy as a carryover from the Mosaic Law.

A listing of parallels between Roman Catholicism and Judaism, which have analogues in the Eastern Orthodox Church as well, presented us with the startling prospect that Roman Catholicism may have been a Judaized form of Christianity from its inception. In the list of traditions below, links to the Catholic Encyclopedia show that the Roman Catholic Church justifies most of its practices by appealing to the Old Testament. Even in cases where the New Testament is cited as justification, these practices are not required under the New Covenant but have their basis in Judaism.


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If Judaizers played a major role in the formation and establishment of the Roman Catholic Church, is it possible that Roman Catholicism was a Jewish project from the beginning? There is, in fact, a long and fascinating history of Jewish infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church which has been nonetheless, and by clever design, perceived as a Gentile institution. If Roman Catholicism was a project of Cabalist Jews for the purpose of subverting Christianity, it is conceivable that this Judaized Church has functioned for nearly two millennia as a covert branch of Judaism, whose handlers gradually and imperceptibly shifted Western Christendom to more advanced stages of apostasy than was possible during the vigilant period of the early Church when ecumenical councils convened to combat heresy, rather than to embrace it. At the present time it can be safely stated that the Roman Catholic Church is a merely a front for Judeo-Freemasonry to draw apostate Christendom into the messianic kingdom of the Antichrist.

Not content with the destruction of Christianity, the Cabalists have also been busy extinguishing Torah Judaism. In his 1957 book on the Zionist Movement, titled The Transformation, I. Domb describes “the shattering situation of contemporary Judaism in which ninety-five percent of the Jewish people have been removed from the way of the Torah. There has been a spread of heresy in an unparalleled magnitude, in order to avoid any challenge of the process, or perhaps what might be called the suppression of the faith, lest the process be disturbed.” Domb continues to describe the near extinction of Torah Judaism among world Jewry, a fact of which few Gentiles are aware.

It is understandable how Cabalist Jews could subvert the faith of their Jewish brethren, but how is such deception on a grand scale possible? Jews who apostatized from the God of Israel and the Torah into pagan worship of strange gods set about to destroy the monotheistic faiths of Torah Judaism, Christianity and even Islam. These Cabalists were guided by evil spirits and equipped with supernatural powers, by means of the magical arts they studied, to infiltrate and take control of the Gentile institutions.

During the Middle Ages, the infiltration and conquest of Christendom was achieved by two methods. The Inquisition, which started in Spain in 1478, forced multitudes of Jews to renounce Judaism and to embrace Catholicism; these “converts” were called Conversos. Conversos typically went through the motions of the Roman Catholic religion, but remained Jews inwardly and practiced their Jewish rites in the privacy of their homes.

Other Jews, called Marranos, feigned conversion to Christianity and practiced Roman Catholicism outwardly, while practicing Judaism, or Cabalism, privately. A number of Marranos took positions in the clergy. The motive of Conversos was self-preservation; the Marranos, destruction of the Church and all things Christian.

Evidence of infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church by great masses of European Jewry is found in numerous independent sources. Typical of Catholic anti-Judaism, the authors fulminate against Jewish infiltration of the Church, but seem blind to the fact that “Holy Catholic Church” was a Judaized form of Christianity from its inception.

The priests have alluded to a dialectical operation conducted by crypto-Jews, who sowed false doctrine and differences of opinion in the Church by introducing heresies. These movements were often highly Judaized, Gnostic movements.

Crypto-Jews also gained entrance to the highest offices of the Roman Church without being detected, as well as the political and economic institutions of Western Europe.

To corroborate the Jewish infiltration of the Roman Church, the famous Jewish historian, Cecil Roth (1925-70), was cited by M. Pinay. Dr. Roth was editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia Judaica and his volume, History of the Marranos, specifically dealt with the phenomenon of crypto-Jewry in medieval Europe.

In the year 629 King Dagobert commanded all Jews of the land to accept baptism under threat of banishment.” What Cecil Roth fails to disclose is that King Dagobert was himself a Merovingian Jew. Surely Dr. Roth knew this important fact and much more about the Merovingian dynasty, which ruled France, which dominated Europe, from the 5th to the 8th centuries. Moreover, in this excerpt from Cecil Roth's volume on the Marranos, brief mention is made that “the Anjou, who ruled Naples, introduced a general conversion of Jews,” while neglecting to state that the House of Anjou were among the most powerful Jewish Merovingian bloodlines which masterminded and funded the Crusades as well as the Renaissance.

Cecil Roth failed to inform his readers of the Jewish ethnicity of these medieval power elites, or even to mention the Merovingian branch of European Jewry.

Why would Dr. Roth attempt to conceal the real history of European Jewry from approximately 500-800 A.D.? He acknowledges their presence but has nothing to say of their business, which was governing Europe. The reason will become obvious. The Merovingians became the royalty of Europe, having claimed Jewish descent from King David, King Solomon and, posturing as Christians, from Jesus Christ through Mary Magdalene! Starting with the first Merovingian king of France, Clovis I, who “converted” to Christianity in 496 A.D. along with his Jewish household and 3,000 of his Jewish warriors, these Jewish monarchs promulgated a heretical version of the gospel. The Merovingian heresy is today being reintroduced to through books such as The DaVinci Code.

King Dagobert I, the great-great-grandson of Clovis I, followed in his ancestors’ footsteps by compelling the conversion of Jews in 629 A.D., as recorded by the historian Roth. By forcing Jews to convert, Dagobert set a precedent for future contravention of a ban by Gregory the Great, himself a Merovingian who, as pope, overtly condemned the forced conversion of Jews but failed to enforce the papal ban.

The irony of this charade is that the popes who condemned forced conversions to Christianity, such as Gregory I, and the rulers who compelled the Jews to convert, such as Dagobert and the House of Anjou, were all Merovingian Jews! The foreseeable consequence of coercing whole populations of Jews to convert to Christianity was massive infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church by European Jewry.

It was from a Catholic expose of the Merovingians titled “The Merovingian Infiltration of the Christian World through Monasticism” that we learned that Pope Gregory the Great (540-604 AD), who issued the phony papal ban against compulsory conversions, was a Merovingian.

It was Pope Gregory the Great who conflated Mary Magdalene and Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, into one person.

In 679 A.D., the Carolingians, a rival dynasty, arranged for the assassination of Dagobert II (grandson of Dagobert I) and his son, Sigisbert IV. The Merovingians, however, claim that documents discovered in France testify to the continuation of their lineage in the person of Sigisbert who, they happily report, survived the assassination attempt.

In 750 A.D., a document titled “The Donation of Constantine” was discovered which proclaimed that the Pope was Christ’s elected representative on Earth with the power to create kings as his subordinates. (Keep in mind that the Merovingians now controlled the papacy.) In 751, the provisions of this document, supposedly signed by Constantine, were put into effect by the Vatican, and the pope gave permission to Pepin III, the Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia, to take the Frankish crown from Dagobert’s nephew, Childeric III. Pepin became the first Carolingian King of the Franks and was succeeded in 768 by his sons Carloman and Charles I who was later called Charlemagne. The Merovingian dynasty was terminated in 800 A.D. with the papal coronation of Charlemagne, who became the Holy Roman Emperor.

This would appear to be a coup d’etat that removed the Merovingians from power. However, according to Margaret Starbird author of The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail, “To consolidate his claim to the throne of the Franks, Charlemagne had himself married a Merovingian princess.” It is indicative of the stranglehold which the Merovingian Jews had on Europe, that Charlemagne and his Carolingian successors married Merovingian wives to guarantee the continuation of their dynasty.

The Ordo Lapsit Exillis claims to be “an invisible college dedicated to the recovery of the Stone that fell from Heaven, called by our ancestors the ‘Grail.’” OLE’s explanation of the Grail should give the reader a clue as to the true origins of the Merovingians.

Clearly, the Jesus-Mary Magdalene heresy is a subterfuge, for Merovingian claims to divinity point to lineage from another source altogether. The progenitors of “the ancient bloodline of the Holy Grail which goes back to the beginnings of civilization” were the fallen angels who mated with human women, per Genesis 6:1,2: “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.”

The Dead Sea Scrolls include the earliest version of the Book of Enoch, which was rejected for the canon of Scripture. The Scrolls were authored by the monastic Essene community of Qumran, believed to be the apostate Tribe of Dan which inherited the pre-flood paganism, Baal worship, of the Canaanites. The location of the Nephilim’s descent -- Mount Hermon, also called Mount Sion -- is in the territory of Dan, formerly the land of the Canaanites, in northern Israel. According to the Atlas of the Bible Lands, “Part of the tribe of Dan, unable to secure its inheritance migrated north and captured Laish, renaming it Dan.”

The northern area of Palestine at Mt. Hermon happens to be located at the 33º, both latitude and longitude, according to the Paris Zero Meridian (used before the Greenwich International Zero Meridian was established in 1884).

We suspected for some time that monasteries were often fronts for occult as well as homosexual activity. “The Merovingian Infiltration of the Christian World through Monasticism” confirmed our suspicions that many Catholic religious communities were steeped in Gnostic occultism and that these Gnostic “cults” were points of entry for the Merovingians to accede to the Papacy. St. Gregory the Great was the first of fifty Benedictine monks who would become the pope.

The origins of monasticism are to be found in Egypt. Hermes Trismegistus, the Greek Neo-Platonist name for the Egyptian god, Thoth, was the founder of alchemy and geometry and the prototype of the “hermit.” In the philosophy of Plato and the Neoplatonists, spirituality increased in relation to contempt for earthly values. Christian heremitical beliefs were borrowed from the Jewish eremitical Essenes and Therapeutae.

It is conceivable that the Council of Nicea, subsequent ecumenical councils, and the controversies leading to them were part of the dialectical process to remove Christianity off its Scriptural base. Introduce a heresy (antithesis) to challenge a Biblical truth (thesis) and stage an ecumenical council (synthesis) to bring in another heresy

In 1070 A.D., a group of monks from Calabria, the southernmost region of Italy, relocated to France to territory owned by one Godfroi de Vere de Bouillon, of the House of Vere, senior branch of the House of Anjou. The Calabrian monks, who called themselves the Ordre de Sion, were given a tract of land owned by St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the founder of the Cistercian Order and author of the Rule of the Knights Templar. St. Bernard was of the Merovingian line of Champagne, which funded the Cistercians.

The Society of Ormus was founded circa 96 B.C. in Alexandria by Jewish monks. The Prieuré de Sion is the high cabal of the Order of the Rose Croix in Europe. The origins of the Prieuré de Sion in the monastic Society of Ormus are also documented in Michael Howard’s Occult Conspiracy.

According to The Messianic Legacy, by the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the Prieuré de Sion, in concert with the Knights of Malta, are leaders of global politics, finance, religion and intelligence.

Another piece of the jigsaw is that the Grand Masters of the Prieuré de Sion changed their surnames to obscure their Jewish origins. For example, Jeroboam Rothschild was a member of this secret cabal.

“Through marriage the family of Marie Levis St. Claire was connected to the de Gisors, the family from which the first and third grand masters of the Prieuré de Sion came. Without question, Prieuré de Sion was created and run by individuals related to the St. Claires. The third grand master was in charge in the year that the Templars were ordered arrested and the treasure fleet set sail for Scotland to escape the agents of the French king.

“Their domain [the Sinclair family--Scottish branch of the Norman Saint-Clair Gisors family] at Rosslyn was only a few miles from the former Scottish headquarters of the Knights Templar, and the chapel at Rosslyn--built between 1446 and 1486--has long been associated with both Freemasonry and the Rose-Croix. In a charter believed to date from 1601 the Sinclairs are recognized as 'hereditary' grand masters of Scottish Masonry.' This is the earliest specifically Masonic document on record. According to Masonic sources, however, the hereditary grand mastership was conferred on the Sinclairs by James II, who ruled between 1437 and 1460--the age of René d’Anjou.”

Given the historical and geographical background of the Prieuré de Sion, it becomes apparent why the Merovingian dynasty had a vested interest in the reconquest of the Holy Land. To this end, by the close of the first millennium, the Merovingian dynasty had strategically positioned its network of crypto-Jewry to mobilize all of Europe for the long march to the Middle East. Most interesting of all, Pope Urban II, who launched the First Crusade in 1099, was of Merovingian, i.e. Jewish, descent and the 6th French Merovingian pope.

The Second Messiah: Templars, The Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasonry, by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, has identified some of the Jewish families who conspired with the Merovingian pope to plunder the Holy Land. According to Knight and Lomas, these Jewish elites, who regarded themselves as “the kings of God,” were the driving force behind every Crusade, which is quite an admission considering that the later Crusades were directed against the Cathar Jews in the Languedoc.

After the First Crusade, the Knights of the Order of the Temple were officially recognized and incorporated as a religious-military order under a Grand Master, Hugues de Payen. By decree of Pope Innocent II, the Knights Templar were accountable to no one except the Pope, who was typically a Merovingian. The Knights Templar occupied the Holy Land until the Saracens recaptured Jerusalem 1187. In 1188, the Knights Templar and the Ordre de Sion allegedly separated, the latter changing its name to the Prieuré de Sion. In the next two hundred years, the Templars would become the Jewish bankers of Europe, a powerful network with international influence.

After their removal from the Holy Land, c. 1200, many Templars relocated to the South of France, in the Languedoc where they claim Mary Magdalene and her children settled. The Cathars of the Languedoc were the major Gnostic cult from the 11th to the 13th centuries. In the Languedoc they were called Albigenses because the town of Albi was a main center of Catharism.

The Cathar/Albigensian cults, whose counterparts in southeastern Europe were the Bogomils and the Paulicians in the Near East, have been reimaged by various pseudo-Christian ministries the “true Christians” who were untenably persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church.

In 1209, Pope Innocent III launched the Albigensian Crusade, at first to convert, but eventually to eradicate the Cathars in the Languedoc. The Albigensian Crusade was succession of campaigns which lasted for a period of 40 years, turning the Languedoc into a war zone. In 1244, the final siege at Montségur lasted one year, during which time the Cathar and/or Templar wealth was secretly removed to an undisclosed location. Like Mount Hermon/Sion, Montsegur is important as a “sacred site” leading to the underworld and, in fact, was regarded by the Merovingians as a New Sion.

According to Tracy Twyman, the editor of Dagobert’s Revenge and author of “Le Serpent Rouge Reinterpreted,” the center of the earth (aka “Hell”) is the waiting place of the ancient gods, whom apostate Jews venerate as the Biblical patriarchs.

During this period of persecution, many Templars fled to Scotland. Meanwhile, back in France, the Prieuré de Sion was still intact and fully operational, albeit clandestinely, under a succession of Grand Masters all claiming to be Jewish descendants of Jesus Christ.

At this point we turn to Pastor John S. Torell of the European-American Evangelistic Crusades, who elucidates the development of the Illuminati with greater accuracy than the “authorized version” which places the origin of this high cabal late in history -- in 1776 with Adam Weishaupt’s organization.

“The first known Illuminati order (Alumbrado) was founded in 1492 by Spanish Jews, called ‘Marranos,’ who were also known as ‘crypto-Jews.’ With violent persecution in Spain and Portugal beginning in 1391, hundreds of thousands of Jews had been forced to convert to the faith of the Roman Catholic Church. Publicly they were now Roman Catholics, but secretly they practiced Judaism, including following the Talmud and the Cabala. The Marranos were able to teach their children secretly about Judaism, but in particular the Talmud and the Cabala, and this huge group of Jews has survived to this very day. After 1540 many Marranos opted to flee to England, Holland, France, the Ottoman empire (Turkey), Brazil and other places in South and Central America.

In 1492, Spanish Roman Catholics also expelled the last of the Muslims and Jews from Spain. The reason for the Spanish Inquisition is buried under a mile high pile of propaganda remonstrating against the anti-Semitism of the Church. From 1000 to 1200 A.D., the magical/mystical system known as Cabala was developed mainly by Sephardi (African) Jews, especially in Spain. The Inquisition was not directed against the Jews for practicing Torah Judaism, but for criminal activities connected with the Talmud and Cabala—even ritual human sacrifice and Tantric sex magick, for the Talmud directs Jews to exterminate Christians and the Cabala contains erotic elements.

In 1492, Christopher Columbus was funded by Jews to explore the New World in search of a homeland for their “persecuted” brethren. On August 2 (the Druid feast of Lugnasha) in 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail for the New World, sponsored by Leonardo da Vinci (Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion from 1510-1519) and funded by wealthy Merovingian families like the Medici of Italy.

These little known facts of history explain why the Great Seal of the United States is a highly symbolic representation of America’s designated role as a new Jewish homeland, with the original 13 colonies representing the 13 tribes of Israel. The high incidence of “13’s” in the Great Seal is detailed on the website of the Philosophical Research Society founded by Manly P. Hall, Masonic author of The Secret Destiny of America.

In British-Israelism, which is a Judeo-Masonic doctrine, the number 13 symbolizes the 13 tribes of Israel in accordance with the blessing of Jacob (Israel) upon his sons in Genesis 49. British Israelite teacher, Gene Scott, explains “It must be remembered the Manasseh is the thirteenth tribe. Ephraim moved into Joseph’s place and Manasseh was added to the twelve.” Furthermore, Scott claims that the tribe of Manassah founded the United States. When the number of colonies (lost tribes?) reached 13, the colonists declared independence from Great Britain as the 13 “united States of America”.

By the time of the Reformation, Jewish Cabalists were openly in control of the papacy, from which they directed Cabalist operations throughout Western Christendom. Immediately preceding the Reformation, a medieval version of the Hebrew Roots Movement shook Christendom, aided and abetted by Pope Julius II (1503-1513):

In 1517, Martin Luther’s “95 Theses” commenced the Reformation and, in 1540, the Society of Jesus was authorized by Pope Paul III to launch the Counter-Reformation. James Trager’s compendium, The People’s Chronology, includes this stunning entry: “In 1534 the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) was founded by Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) (a Marrano) and five associates” (1979, p.176).

The fact that the founder of the Society of Jesus, originally called “‘The Company’ of Jesus,” was a Marrano Jew, should give us pause to reflect and to reassess the official party line that the Jesuits is a “Roman Catholic” institution. Pastor Torell adds, “While the Popes relied more and more on the Jesuits, they were unaware that the hardcore leadership were Jewish, and that these Jews held membership in the Illuminati Order which despised and hated the Roman Catholic Church.”

The early Generals of the Society of Jesus were suspected of having Jewish ancestry and “ 1593...when the 5th General Congregation was about to open...of the 27 Jesuits who proposed changes to the Constitutions, 25 were of either Jewish or Moorish descent.”

Roman Catholics should ponder the fact that, if this Company of Cabalist Jews was mobilized to quash the Reformation, then the Protestants were, in reality, fleeing the High Cabal of crypto-Jewry which controlled all of Europe through their religious front, the Roman Catholic Church.


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Towards the end of the XIIIth century the Anjou, who ruled Naples, introduced a general conversion of Jews in their neighbourhood of the city of Trani. Under the name new-converts (neophytes) the proselytes continued to live for three hundred years as crypto-Jews. Their secret loyalty to Judaism was one of the motives for which reason the Inquisition became active in Naples in the 16th century. Some escaped to the Balkans, where they joined themselves with the existing Jewish communities

During the Renaissance, the Medici oligarchy revolutionized the political and religious climate of Europe and Italy became a major catalyst for disseminating the occult traditions throughout Europe in the guise of Neo-Platonism. In the 15th century, the Medici funded the Academy of Florence, Italy to spread Hermetic Cabalism and to infiltrate the Vatican with this heresy. Several of the Medici became popes and cardinals. Giulio de’ Medici (1478-1534) would become Pope Clement VII, Alessandro de’ Medici (1535-1605) was Pope Leo XI and Giovanni de Medici, Pope Leo X (1513-1521).

Lorenzo the Magnificent was the leader of Florence during the Renaissance. His second son, Giovanni, became Pope Leo X at age seven. Leo X was the pope who excommunicated Martin Luther and also bestowed upon Henry VIII the title of “Defender of the Faith.” Leo managed to bankrupt the Vatican owing mainly to his program of completely rebuilding St. Peter’s Basilica. To recoup Church revenues, Leo instituted the sale of indulgences, the issue that precipitated the Protestant Reformation.

The Merovingian dynasty was the masterminds behind the Renaissance: “René [d’Anjou] was the Angevin monarch who, at the time of the renaissance, single-handedly spearheaded a Hermetic revival in Europe. It was he who personally convinced Cosimo de Medici to translate many ancient texts such as the Corpus Hermeticum into various European tongues for the first time ever. The Angevins were primarily advocates of the Regia, or Royal Art, of hermeticism; a tradition which according to legend was passed down to man by a race of fallen angels.”

Anjou was a Jewish province in France. The term “Angevin” or “Angevine” is the name applied to two distinct medieval dynasties that originated from Anjou. Angevin/Angevine is also associated with angels, which may explain why this Jewish bloodline had more than just a passing interest in the writings of the Nephilim. The Angevins were a senior branch of the Merovingian bloodline whose members viewed themselves as divine descendants of the fallen angels of Genesis 6.

The Prieuré de Sion is the secret society in Paris which oversees all other secret societies. It is the mysterious Illuminati, which had its origins in the Society of Ormus which was birthed in Alexandria, Egypt, from whence it relocated to Calabria, Italy. These were the Calabrian monks who, in 1070 AD, removed to Ardennes Forrest in France, and settled on the domains of Godfroi de Bouillon on land owned by St. Bernard of Clairvaux, founder of the Cistercians and author of the Rule of the Templars. A procession of “Illuminati” is discernible throughout history, from ancient Egypt, whence the apostate Jews (Therapeutae and Essenes) of Alexandria founded schools of Gnosticism.

The Medici political dynasty ruled Italy from 1537 to 1737. In 1665 there were reports of the arrival of the Messiah in the person of Shabbetai Zvi. A Turkish Jew of Spanish descent, Shabbetai Zvi’s prophecies, visions and miracles deceived more than half of world Jewry that he was the promised messiah.

Shabbetai Zvi (1626-76) was a practitioner of Cabala, according to the Jewish Encyclopedia, “with its asceticism, and its mortification of the body, whereby its devotees claimed to be able to communicate with God and the angels, to predict the future, and to perform all sorts of miracles.” Adepts of Cabala were called “Masters of the Name” or “Baal Shems,” the designation of certain magicians who were believed to work miracles through the name of God. Belief in the miraculous power of the “Sacred Name” has a 2,000 year old history but the designation “Ba’al Shem” seems to have originated only with the German-Polish Jews when they became acquainted with the Lurianic school of practical Cabala.

Following the death of Shabbati Zevi, one of his disciples, Jacob Frank (1726-91), perpetuated the Sabbatean movement which continued to sponsor large numbers of Jewish “converts” to Roman Catholicism as well as Islam, thereby establishing an extensive network of crypto-Jewry. Jewish infiltrators of Roman Catholicism and Islam outwardly feigned reverence for the forms and doctrine of their adopted religions, which they had every intention of undermining from within the camp. According to Ben Zion Wacholder, Ph.D. author of “Jacob Frank and the Frankist Hebrew Zoharic Letters,” Frank was a “radical antinomian Kabbalist” who had led a sect known as the Zoharites. Jacob Frank’s letters to his disciples were instructions for destroying Christianity:

“Frank foresaw the doom of Europe’s Jewry unless the Jews adopted the ‘holy faith of Edom’, i.e. Christianity. The conversion to Christianity, however, was to serve as an instrument leading to Christianity’s ultimate defeat. The patriarch Jacob, reincarnated as Frank, was destined to rise as Israel’s leader in its war against Edom...

It seems that Jacob Frank then began collaborating with Adam Weishaupt, the Jewish Jesuit who is generally believed to have founded the Illuminati in 1776, although this is not quite the case. The parents of Adam Weishaupt were Marranos who had “converted” from Judaism to Roman Catholicism and enrolled their son in Jesuit training. The reader will notice that Weishaupt, a Jesuit, named his organization after the Illuminati order founded by the Alumbrado to which the founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola, belonged. Rev. John Torell has explained the evolution of the Illuminati which created different fronts that were custom-designed for Marrano activity, having at first a Roman Catholic facade, and then a political front.

Jesuit Adam Weishaupt and Sabbatean Jacob Frank, both having established viable subversive movements, were at that point, if they had not been heretofore, bankrolled by another Cabalist Jew, Meyer Amschel Rothschild, toward the end of subverting traditional Judaism, as well as Christianity.

We believe that the august body directing this evil triumvirate from behind the scenes was the Prieuré de Sion, just as presently the secret societies are organized and work in harmony under the direction of this high cabal. Fritz Springmeier wrote that “The Prieuré de Sion - the Elders of Sion also relates to the Rothschilds who are reported to serve on a Jewish council of Elders of Sion...” (p.152).

In 1776, Meyer Amschel Rothschild would have been the kingpin of the Prieuré de Sion, even though he is not listed as the Grand Master and is also never mentioned in books exposing the Prieuré de Sion. The Prieuré de Sion or “Priory” of Zion is no doubt a religious front for the Learned Elders of Zion, the high cabal of International Jewry responsible for the Protocols of Zion, a strategy for world domination.

The House of Rothschild is acknowledged to be the “hidden hand” behind the Protocols, the Illuminati and the Order or Priory of Zion. “Rothschild” is an eponym for “Ruth’s Child,” referring to Ruth in the lineage of David and Solomon. In the Old Testament, Ruth, the Moabite widow, married Boaz and bore Obed, who became the grandfather of David. In Merovingian lore and Freemasonry, the “Son of the Widow” is the descendant of Ruth who is believed to be the messiah. Judeo-Freemasonry in fact teaches that Solomon was the Messiah.

Although Barry Chamish exposes the Sabbateans and Frankists, he lacks the perspective that the Jesuits were not a Gentile organization, but Jewish from the start.

We continue in “Deutsch Devils” with the Zionist Movement, the final act in the destruction of Judaism by the High Cabal.

“It was from Germany to London that the apostate Jews Karl Marx and Frederick Engels were sent to devise the rot of communism. Shortly after that task was done, the Rothschilds sent their agents John Jacob Astor and Jacob Schiff from Germany to America. They financed the robber barons like Rockefeller and Morgan, who in 1922, founded the Council on Foreign Relations, to overthrow the American constitution and switch the nation’s diplomacy to Illuminatiism.

In 1932, how many organizations in Germany represented German Jewry? Over 250. In 1933, how many? One, and one only; Labour Zionism.

First, Rabbi Antelman’s account continues: To corrupt the Jews, the Frankists adopted, at first, a humane policy of sorts. With Rothschild money and Jesuit power, the so-called Enlightenment was initiated by the German Jewish apostate Moses Mendelsohn.

Napolean was financed to liberate the Jews wherever he conquered and from Germany, the Reform and Conservative movements were financed to further dilute the faith and introduce totally foreign concepts to their congregations. But the pace wasn’t fast enough.

“Yes, in the 2000 years of European Jewish history there were pogroms, Crusades and Inquisitions, the latter aided and abetted by the Jesuits. But compared to what happened from the 1880s on, life was a tolerable picnic. The turning point in the final war against the Jews was the founding of Zionism by the Shabbataians. The final aim of the movement was to establish a Shabbataian state in the historical land of the Jews, thus taking over Judaism for good.

“To foment the idea, life had to be made so intolerable for Europe’s Jews that escape to Palestine would appear to be the best option. The Cossack pogroms were the first shot in this campaign and for them, the Frankists turned to the Jesuits and their influence over the Catholic Church. The deal was simple: The Jesuits provided the pogroms, the Frankists the communists and naturally, the Rothschilds would provide the money...”

Incredibly, the Zionists controlled the refugee policy so that only politically-minded Zionist Jews were permitted to emigrate to Israel. Trapped in Nazi-occupied territories were those religious Jews who opposed the Zionist Movement.

Compounding the tragedy of the Holocaust was the fact that many countries, including most of the Allied nations, closed their borders to Jewish immigration. In his book, The Six-Pointed Star, O.J. Graham elucidated the selective policy of the Zionists.

“From the records it seems that from 1933 to 1939, the Jews were expected to leave Germany and all Nazi-occupied territories. At the same time, there was a very definite selection system and a very restrictive immigration policy on who went to Palestine, headed by the Zionists. After 1939, it seems the annihilation camps were set up to rid Germany of those Jews who did not make it to Palestine or anywhere else.

Lucy Dawidowicz, in her book, ‘The War against the Jews,’ had this to say: ‘At their 18th Congress in 1933, the Zionists established within the Jewish agency for Palestine a Central Bureau for the Settlement of German Jews, which, to begin with, excluded anti-Zionist Jews as applicants for certificates.’

Another eye-opener is the evidence that Adolf Hitler was not only Jewish, but the great grandson of a Rothschild. During World War II, “A Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler: His Life and Legend” was published by Walter Langer of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS) as “an attempt to screen the wealth of contradictory, conflicting and unreliable material concerning Hitler into strata which will be helpful to the policy-makers and those who wish to frame a counter-propaganda.” Or, to use Langer’s words, how did a “crazy paperhanger” manage “in the course of a relatively few years, to talk his way into the highest political offices, hoodwink the experienced leaders of the major powers, turn millions of highly civilized people into barbarians, order the extermination of a large segment of the population, build and control the mightiest war machine ever known, and plunge the world into history’s most devastating war”? The only explanation can be that Hitler had family connections in high places.

Returning to the German Triumvirate which set the stage for the Holocaust, whatever became of the multitudes of Sabbatean / Frankist families who “converted” from Judaism to Roman Catholicism in the 17th and 18th centuries? When we consider that America was a sanctuary for European crypto-Jews, it is no surprise that some Frankists would turn up in the U.S. and land jobs in the highest levels of government and financial institutions, which then became the servants of International Jewry.


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Does the Prieuré de Sion control the Roman Catholic Church today? According to various sources, including the Jewish Encyclopedia, the House of Rothschild has been the long-standing trustee of the Vatican’s wealth.

It appears that the Medici were involved in the Rothschild takeover of the Vatican’s financial operations and, indeed, all of Italy, as well as the creation of a new front for the disentitled Bavarian Illuminati, the Carbonari, of which the Alta Vendita was the highest lodge.

The Alta Vendita was governed by Jews and the “Permanent Instructions, or Practical Code of Rules - Guide for the Heads of the Highest Grades of Freemasonry” corresponds to the “The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion” -- more evidence linking the House of Rothschild with the Protocols. Recall that Jeroboam Rothschild directed the secret Elders of Zion.

The Prieuré de Sion, which is directed by the House of Rothschild, works from the shadows; yet one needs only consider the list of past Grand Masters of this high cabal to begin to comprehend the magnitude of its influence and power.

Springmeier stated in The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines, “It has been said all roads lead to Rome. For this book, it could be said all paths of investigation lead to the Rothschilds.”

In 1958, Angelo Roncalli, who became Pope John XXIII, was allegedly a member of the Prieuré de Sion.

One of the first initiatives of John XXIII was to publish an encyclical on ‘The Precious Blood of Jesus,’ the ramifications of which will soon be realized as the doctrines pertaining to Jesus’ crucifixion have been hurled into the public forum for debate.

In 1961, John XXIII reinstated the Knights of Malta, according to Sodalitium, a Roman Catholic publication.

Pope John XXIII then proceeded to rescind the prohibition of Roman Catholics holding membership in Freemasonry.

In 1978, John Paul I (Albino Luciani) was Pope for only 33 days. David Yallop’s book, In God’s Name, implicates the P2 Masonic Lodge in his untimely death. P2 stands for Propaganda 2. Interestingly, Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair served as “minister of propaganda” under former President of France, Charles DeGaulle, who was the son of a headmaster of a Jesuit college in Paris. According to Yallop the Rothschild-controlled Vatican Bank was laundering money for their Jewish brothers in the Medici Mafia.

The current pope, John Paul II, is from Poland, a Jewish stronghold that was the center of Cabalism and the Baal Shem movement as well as the special province of the Illuminati. A Catholic article which exposes the Masonic connections of John Paul II and the influence of Jacob Frank on his papacy also reveals the considerable damage the Frankist movement has inflicted on the citadel of Roman Catholicism.

Pope John Paul II was the first Pontiff to openly visit a Jewish synagogue, where he prayed with the Chief Rabbi of Rome who was so impressed with the open-mindedness of the Pope that he converted to Catholicism and changed his name to Eugenio Pacelli in honor of Pius XII. The Vatican under John Paul II also forged full diplomatic ties with Israel and this pope is credited with ending 2,000 years of hostility and distrust between Christians and Jews.

On January 17, 2002, the current Chief Rabbi of Rome held a special meeting with the Vatican Cardinals. January 17 is the date in 681 when Sigisbert IV, the deceased King Dagobert’s son, also known as the “Plant-Ard,” took refuge from the Carolingian assassins at Rennes-le-Chateau (in commemoration of this occasion, the Prieuré de Sion traditionally convenes on January 17 for the selection of Grand Masters.) The Vatican Cardinals listened without a protest to Rabbi Di Segni’s ominous lecture concerning the up and coming implementation of the Noachide Laws.

Is the conspiracy Jewish? It seems reasonable that those who are making plans to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem, where a practitioner of witchcraft will be enthroned, per Dan.8:25 would be apostate Jews.

Since the designation “Jew” belongs exclusively to the tribe of Judah, only the tribe of Judah is “Jewish. Other tribes of Israel who call themselves Jews are appropriating to themselves an ancient birthright which is not rightfully theirs, for the Messiah would descend through the tribe of Judah. Revelation 2:9-10 refers to the synagogue of Satan as “them which say they are Jews, and are not.”


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The Fifth Column
A fifth column is a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group such as a nation from within, to help an external enemy.
Nazism – Zionism – Priory of S(Z)ion -- a "family affair"?

Jacob Frank
Jacob Frank (יעקב פרנק Ya'akov Frank, Jakob Frank; 1726–1791) was an 18th century Jewish religious leader who claimed to be the reincarnation of the self-proclaimed messiah Sabbatai Zevi and also of King David. Frank and his followers were excommunicated due to his extremely unconventional doctrines that included acceptance of the New Testament, Enlightenment and some controversial concepts such as "purification through transgression".

Frank arguably created a new religion, now referred to as Frankism, which combined some aspects of Christianity and Judaism. The development of Frankism was one of the consequences of the messianic movement of Sabbatai Zevi, the religious mysticism that resulted as a reaction to nascent Hassidism and the socioeconomic upheavals among the Jews of Poland and Ukraine.
Were Illuminati/Frankist/Sabbatean/Straussian Jews Responsible for Holocaust? ... 00235.html
In 1988, Gunther Plaut, a prominent Canadian Rabbi, published a book implying Frankist Jews were responsible for the holocaust. The idea was endorsed by no less an authority than Elie Wiesel.

"The Man Who Would be Messiah" is a novelized biography of Jacob Frank (1726-1791) who led a Satanic heresy against orthodox Judaism. He claimed to be the Messiah and reincarnation of another Satanic impostor, Shabbetai Zvi (1626-1676). Their aim was to destroy the social order (nation, family, race, religion, property) and turn Torah morality on its head.

What had been prohibited would be allowed: adultery, incest, pedophilia. Inspired by the Cabala, they practiced "holiness through sin." Good would come through the annihilation of Western civilization and the triumph of Evil.

The Rothschilds were Sabbatean-Frankists. This Satanic movement gave birth to the Illuminati, Communism and the NWO. It controls the world today. But ironically, while many Illuminati pretend to be Jews, they actually wish to destroy Jews who earlier had excommunicated and vilified them. Thus, there is an unrecognized schism in the Jewish people, where heretics have exterminated the mainstream and taken control of the remnant through Zionism. Yet, due to the anti-Semitism the Illuminati Jews cause and organize, Jews mistakenly cling to their leadership.

The Nazi hierarchy was probably of Frankist origin. We'll look at this evidence later. But first we'll examine what Rabbi Plaut, who was President of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said about their holocaust plan.

By blaming "the Jews" for the NWO, patriots are falling into an Illuminati trap. Patriot and Jews alike need a new paradigm. The Jewish people, and indeed all religions and nations, are led by Frankist (Illuminati) Satanists, their lackeys and dupes.

Whatever we think of European Jewry, like Germans, Poles and Russians, they had a highly developed civilization. The goal of both revolution and war is to destroy Western civilization. Thus the Frankists (Illuminati) took charge of both sides and incited war for its own sake. In the process, they exterminated civilized Jews who had traditionally opposed them.

We remain in denial until we recognize that culture and politics are controlled by Satanists bent on destroying Western civilization. We can't see it because we "see through the spectacles they set astride our nose."


The Frankists cover their tracks. Biographies of Jacob Frank are out of print and very expensive ($300). Nevertheless Gunther Plaut researched Frank thoroughly and presented a perceptive and complex portrait of Frank as a conscious con-artist who sought power for its own sake. According to Plaut, Frank regarded Jews as a barrier to the "new order." He puts these words in Frank's mouth:

"Yes, the Jews. Someone will come and discover that he can't upset the old values without destroying the people who really believe in them and, what's worse, practise them. And when he's convinced that the Jews stand in his way he'll find ways to kill them all. Destroy them, exterminate them like vermin."

In his Foreward, Elie Wiesel says Plaut "offers an interpretation of another personage [i.e. Hitler] who on a different level allied himself with the Evil one to destroy our people."

Plaut has Frank say, "the Jews should be killed because they believe in traditional morality and thereby perpetuate the status quo in the world."

But Frank's Satanic hatred of God naturally extended to all religions: "I have come to bring revolution into the world. Muslims, Catholics, Russian or Greek Orthodox, Jews -- I've come to liberate people from their enslavement to law, and I start with religion. Deceiving their priests and acolytes is a benefit to mankind, you understand."


Frankists achieved power by pretending to subscribe to every religion and ideology and by intermarriage with generational Satanists. Behind the scenes, they advanced their kinsmen and manipulated events. Thus, they gained covert control of government and economy.

They are recognized by the fact that they pretend to be Christians or Jews or Muslims, etc. A typical example is John Kerry who pretended he was an Irish Catholic, when in fact his father was a Frankist Jew (who worked for the CIA) and his mother a Forbes. Barack Obama's mother may have been a Frankist/Illuminati Jewess. Another example is the English Rothschilds who marry non-Jews yet pretend to be Jews. They are all Illuminati Satanists.

The Frankists waged war against Jews by denouncing the Talmud and accusing Orthodox Jews of ritually sacrificing Christian children. Frankists were responsible for numerous pogroms. Is it possible that Hitler's psychotic hatred against Jews was due to his Frankist background? His grandfather is believed to be Jewish. (A Jew, Frankenberger, paid child support.)

In the book "Adolf Hitler: Founder of Israel" (1974) author Heineke Kardel quotes German Jew Dietrich Bronder:

"Of Jewish descent, or being related to Jewish families were: the Leader and Reichschancelor Adolf Hitler; his representatives the Reichsminister Rudolf Hess; the Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering; the Reichsleader of the NSDAP Gregor Strasser, Dr. Josef Goebbels, Alfred Rosenberg, Hans Frank, Heinrich Himmler; the Reichsminister von Ribbentrop (who pledged close friendship with the famous Zionist Chaim Weizmann, the first head of the State of Israel who died in 1952); von Keudell; field commanders Globocnik (the Jewish destructor); Jordan and Wilhelm Hube; the great SS-Leaders Reinhard Heydrich, Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski and von Keudell II, who also were active in the destruction of Jews. (All of them were members of the secret Thule Order/ Society) "(Bronder, Before Hitler Came, 1964)

Moreover, Churchill, FDR and Stalin were also Illuminati or Frankist Jews. So you can see how the Second World War could have been contrived partly to fulfill Frank's goal of exterminating the Jewish people.

Frankists may explain the presence of 150,000 part-Jewish soldiers in the German army.

Beginning in the 1990’s and up through 2004, I wrote a number of articles published in The Dove magazine called, “Showdown in Jerusalem,” “How the Devil Was Defeated in the 20th Century” and the origin of the Cabala. These articles brought out a lot of information that had been suppressed by the media and ignored by the Christian leadership in colleges and seminaries.

Our friend, Gert Timmerman, has done an outstanding job of going through all of the different issues of The Dove and bringing out the main points and key information concerning the question of Judaism, the birth of the Zionist movement and tracing the historical steps. This digest leads the reader through the Cabala, the declaration of Sabbetai Sevi as the Jewish Messiah in 1666, the crypto Jews who today hold political offices in all nations; it also deals with the creation of communism, socialism and fascism; the Russian revolution, World War I and II and the formation of the current political state of Israel.
Was Hitler a Rothschild? ... othschild/
During the 1930′s the Vienna police aided the Austrian Chancellor, Dolfuss, in his investigation into the origins of Adolph Hitler. Hitler, who was of course a native Austrian let his intentions known that he would be annexing Austria. Dolfuss attempted to block the annexation known as the Anschluss. Dolfuss intended to use the only weapon that he had against Hitler…blackmail.

Consider the following excerpt from “Inside the Gestapo” a book written Hansjurgen Koehler who was at one time Hitler’s bodyguard:

” When Dolfuss became Chancellor of Austria, Hitler had been the cynosure of the world’s interest for a considerable time, yet strangely enough little was known about him. Nobody could explain how he came to bear the name Hitler, as his father had been called Schueckelgruber. Nobody knew how many brothers or sisters he had…the greatest mystery enveloped the Fuehrer’s private life, family relations, origin. Chancellor Dolfuss started to investigate Hitler’s secret. His task was not very difficult; as ruler of Austria he could easily find out about the personal data and family of Adolf Hitler, who had been born on Austrian soil.

Through the original birth-certificates, police registration cards, protocols, etc., all contained in the original file, the Austrian Chancellor succeeded in piecing together the disjointed parts of the puzzle, creating a more or less logical entity.

And there was one thing-whether true or not-which might have been a dangerous weapon in Dolfuss’ hands.
This was what he had ascertained:

A little servant maid from Upper Austria called Matild Schueckelgruber came to Vienna and became a domestic servant, mostly working for rather rich families. But she was unlucky; having been seduced, she was about to bear a child. She went home to her village for her confinement. Her little son, being illegitimate, received his mother’s name and was called Alois Schueckelgruber. (In some documents, it is Schickelgruber).

Now followed the most important and perhaps most compromising piece of the “Dolfuss collection.” I must repeat that I have no proof of its genuineness. It may have been manufactured as a fitting weapon against the Nazi chief, who was not squeamish about his own weapons. Certainly it was rather shattering in all its consequences.

This document aimed at clearing up the great life tragedy of a small Upper Austrian maid-after more than sixty years. Matild Schueckelgruber, grandmother of Adolf Hitler, had come to Vienna to get a job. And there something happened to her which was a common thing in the great capital and yet a private catastrophe; she was bearing a child under her heart; she had to go home to her village and face the disgrace.

Where was the little maid serving in Vienna? This was not a very difficult problem. Very early Vienna had instituted the system of compulsory police registration. Both the servants and the employers were exposed to heavy fines if they neglected this duty. Chancellor Dolfuss managed to discover the registration card. The little, innocent maid had been a servant at the…Rothschild Mansion…and Hitler’s unknown grandfather must be probably looked for in this magnificent house.

The Dolfuss file stopped at this statement.”

The real question does remain…

Was Salomon Rothschild Hitler’s secret paternal grandfather?
In the first three parts of this paper evidence was presented suggesting that elite societies were privy to the age-old secret of levitation. The Rosicrucian Order was one such group and Alchemists within acquired this ancient wisdom from antediluvian libraries hidden deep within the Earth’s crust. Furthermore, they discovered the fact that inner-earth terrestrials (who still reside within the Earth today) harnessed ‘anti-gravity’ by engineering and operating UFOs thousands of years ago. An esoteric technology the adepts eventually mastered themselves, deciphered not only from the written record, but also from direct communication with inner-earth emissaries—liaisons to the upper-world.

Continuing with this theme, I argue other secret societies were also in communication with inner-earth terrestrials and it appears the main objective of this dialogue was again to master the ‘flying-disc’ technology. The German Thule and Vril societies are excellent examples of this—spin off groups from the original Rosicrucians. In addition these societies, the Thule group in particular, discovered the whereabouts of polar tunnel openings or ‘bottomless pits’—Vimana gateways, if-you-will, to the subterranean world.

Another significant revelation I’ve uncovered indicates the subterranean dwellers actually worship a Black Sun! As a Dark Star researcher, this is important because the Thule society also spoke of a ‘Black Sun’ and referenced it with high regard. Why worship a Black Sun? I will shed some light on this question further on in the series. But first, let’s look into the origin of inner-earth terrestrials.


Exhibit 20) Michael E. Salla (Exopolitics ©2004)

“…The Nazis [composed mostly of Thule members] believed the “Aryans” were descendants of…[Giant god-like] supermen who had ruled the planet from [Ultima] Thule, ancient capital of this northern super-race. It can be concluded that the “supermen” the Nazis believed were…none other than the Anunnaki that [Zecharia] Sitchin had outlined in his work…” Page 232

Exhibit 21) Jim Marrs (Rule by Secrecy ©2000)

“…After years of dedicated translation and study, Sitchin realized that the biblical Nefilim and the Sumerian Anunnaki [also] represented the same concept—that in the Earth’s most distant past, beings [originally] came down from the stars and founded the earliest civilizations, a theme which has run through nearly all secret societies, from Freemasonry to the Thule Society…”

Here is a quick summary of events, according to Sitchin:

Exhibit 21 continues…

“…About 450,000 years ago, a group of spacefaring humanoid extraterrestrials arrived at planet Earth. They came from a planet about three times the size of Earth, which the Sumerians called Nibiru [or the ‘12th planet’ that returns every 3600 years—GJ]…The Anunnaki began a systematic colonization of Earth under the leadership of Anu’s two [rival] sons Enil and Enki. All of the Anunnaki leaders were…to assume the role of “gods,” or Nefilim, to their human subjects.

Amazingly enough, one of these Nefilim was named NAZI. One must wonder if the twentieth century German occultists knew of this connection [and thus the Anunnaki/Nefilim/Aryan connection was born—GJ]…” Pages 379-382.


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