Only 27% left to Zero

Plasma and electricity in space. Failure of gravity-only cosmology. Exposing the myths of dark matter, dark energy, black holes, neutron stars, and other mathematical constructs. The electric model of stars. Predictions and confirmations of the electric comet.

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Only 27% left to Zero

Unread post by Cargo » Mon May 20, 2019 10:12 pm

The past few weeks have been a real dark dive into the nonsense that non-EU likes to throw out. But this little tidbit seems particular on the edge of wormhole connected neutron star mergers. ... ar-AABAly4

I seriously hope you have AdBlock and NoScript before clicking that link. Here's the small quote I would like to share
dark matter. This is the mystery substance that makes up about 27 percent of the universe
HOORAY! It's all time LOW for DM. We've come a long way from 99, 95, 90, 60, 45... Some day I hope we get to ZERO. But watch, because just like Plank now means a Kilogram. Everything can be measured by nothing. Just make it up.
a low-mass dark-matter subhalo
For Real! Google it, Something Appears to Have Ripped a Massive Hole in the Milky Way’s Edge
interstellar filaments conducted electricity having currents as high as 10 thousand billion amperes


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