Cosmography: Cosmology without the Einstein equations

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Cosmography: Cosmology without the Einstein equations

Unread post by JHL » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:55 am

I searched but didn't see a prior reference to Matt Visser's Cosmography: Cosmology without the Einstein equations.
Abstract. How much of modern cosmology is really cosmography? How much of modern cosmology is independent of the Einstein equations? (Independent of the Friedmann equations?) These questions are becoming increasingly germane — as the models cosmologists use for the stress-energy content of the universe become increasingly baroque, it behooves us to step back a little and carefully disentangle cosmological kinematics from cosmological dynamics. The use of basic symmetry principles (such as the cosmological principle) permits us to do a considerable amount, without ever having to address the vexatious issues of just how much “dark energy”, “dark matter”, “quintessence”, and/or “phantom matter” is needed in order to satisfy the Einstein equations. This is the sub-sector of cosmology that Weinberg refers to as“cosmography”, and in this article I will explore the extent to which cosmography is sufficient for analyzing the Hubble law and so describing many of the features of the universe around us...
...a surprising amount of modern cosmology is pure kinematics, what Weinberg [2] refers to as cosmography, and is completely independent of the underlying dynamics governing the evolution of the universe...
From: Based on a talk presented at ACRGR4, the 4th Australasian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation, Monash University, Melbourne, January 2004.

(I found the language intriguing. Disclaimer: Not my field or specialty.)


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