gravitation speed

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Re: gravitation speed

Unread postby ja7tdo » Fri May 31, 2019 9:29 pm

jacmac wrote:I must be missing something.
A, Two Black Holes collide, and we detect a CHIRP ?
Really, a CHIRP !
B, Or, How does a super low frequency signal give a CHIRP ?
Would not a super low frequency take longer than a chirp time to happen ?
I must be missing something.

Since SLF is reflected to the ionosphere, the signal received by LIGO originated on the earth.
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Re: gravitation speed

Unread postby webolife » Sat Jun 08, 2019 3:07 pm

Many posts here are assuming that light is moving at the C-rate. We do measure refractive differences in light reception via a various paraphernalia, and infer from these, based on GR and SR, that the speed of light has somehow changed. Refractive indices of various translucent materials are a matter that is explanable with geometric principles, without reference to light speed or observing light speed change. Other stroboscopic photographic tricks based on the presumption of light speed claim to help us observe laser light segments in motion, which is simply not the case, due to circular reasoning. Simplistically, the only light that is observable is that captured by your eye, never "along the way"...
C does seem to be limiting with respect to transmission of particles, energy limitations, and timekeeping. But iit is possible that light [and gravitation, electricity, and other motivating and holding forces of physics] is not moving at C or 5xC or 20xC, but an instantaneous feature of the spatial realm, pervading and comprising space itself. This is not "infinite velocity" as the entity "light" is [ie. may not be] stuff moving, or waving, etc. rather instantaneous action across distance. Talking about FTL is a misnomer. We should say FTC, which would include in this paradigm light, gravitation, electricity/magnetism, nuclear force, and all the other agents of physics...
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