Was Robitaille right about sun’s mass distribution?

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Was Robitaille right about sun’s mass distribution?

Unread postby celeste » Tue May 21, 2019 10:33 pm

Allow me to oversimplify the following links, just to show you the argument:
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton% ... onal_field
If you scroll down under “gravitational field” you find formulas for a hollow sphere and a uniform solid sphere. What they tell us in a nutshell, is that we can not tell from an object orbiting outside the sun, whether the sun is a hollow shell, or a uniform solid (or has a dense core).
Here though, Robitaille suggests that the sun may be more dense near the equatorial regions. That means we can model some of the mass more like a ring
https://sciphy.in/gravitational-field-d ... form-ring/
The only thing you need to realize, is that this means the sun’s gravitational pull out along the sun’s spin axis will be less than what it would be for a perfectly spherical distribution of that same mass. Specifically, the closer we get to the sun (When the radius of the sun becomes noticeable in comparison to the orbital distance of the object), the weaker the gravitational field appears to be compared to what we’d expect from a perfectly spherical sun.
Which means an object orbiting near the sun, may not get the deflection we expect.
Now, keeping in mind that Oumuamua came to within 38 million km of a sun with a diameter of 1.4 million km,
and keeping in mind it’s path, might Robitaille’s model explain this:

Sorry, I envisioned the explanation being simpler still.
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