So if not a black hole, then what?

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Re: So if not a black hole, then what?

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat May 11, 2019 12:47 pm


In this post Charles Chandler is quoted saying at the end:
""Interestingly, the sizes of some "natural tokamak" candidates are within an order of magnitude of each other. This includes Mira, the Egg Nebula, and the recently published findings on the "black hole" at the center of M87. Mira has the radius of Pluto's orbit around the Sun, while the Egg Nebula and M87 are roughly ten times larger. Maybe the preference for the same size reveals physical limits, or maybe it's just a statistical preference....""

In this paper he explains that what are called black holes are apparently actually counter-streaming electric double-layers that form ring currents with powerful magnetic fields that only dissipate after millions of years. Quasars, pulsars, white dwarfs and other exotics are the same kind of circular plasma streams, similar to artificial cyclotrons. They can also be magnetic thrusters, like solenoids, which he shows is what the crab nebula is. They can also produce bipolar jets, which may be where quasar redshifts etc are measured (i.e. the electron streams outside of the ion streams/jets are catching up, racing ahead of the leading edge and doubling back to collide head-on with the ion streams, producing the receding redshift instead of an oncoming blueshift).

The sizes of such exotics so far range from the diameter of the solar system to Pluto's orbit and up to ten times larger, but the centers are hollow, because they are toruses.
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Re: So if not a black hole, then what?

Unread postby nick c » Sat May 18, 2019 9:05 am

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Re: So if not a black hole, then what?

Unread postby Infinion » Fri May 31, 2019 4:56 pm

nick c wrote:Eric Lerner has a series of YouTube videos concerning the alleged M87 Black Hole.
Is It Really a Black Hole? part 1
Is It Really a Black Hole? part 2
Is It Really a Black Hole? part 3
Is It Really a Black Hole? part 4

Haha, I just came here to post those same videos.

Thunderbolts already published a video about the black hole 'image' but Wal Thornhill focused on the notion that a black hole could even exist, talked about the gravity problem, gravitational waves and LIGO, and how the image could be a plasmoid rather than a black hole with an accretion disk from an EU pov. But he and the Thunderbolts Project don't really get near the EHT papers, they only go so far as mentioning the press releases and the image itself. I guess they feel they don't need to because the notion of a black hole is an impossibility (to them) and the problem lies only in the interpretation.

I'd like to also mention that Sky Scholar (Pierre Marie Robataille or PMR for short) will also be making a video about the EHT papers in September after his break from youtube for the Summer to mourn the passing of his father. I'm excited to see what insights PMR has to offer from a radiology specialist's point of view.
I hope Sky Scholar focuses more on the radiology aspect, as he did with the Herouni Antenna to put a big crack through the Big Bang's fundamental pillar from a thermodynamics point of view.

I'm hoping he will focus on the radio telescopes, the EHT array, and the interferometer data and Bessel function that was found in the data over the 3 or 4 night period of observation.

Edit: Forgot to mention that PMR isn't so much an EU proponent, but has gone to EU conferences to present, and his theories and ideas are very compatible with the EU. He's also partnered with Steven Crothers to make a black hole debunking series of videos. Which is why I'm hoping he won't just reiterate about black holes, but expand on the radiology side of his knowledge.
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