A Falsification Criterion of Thunderbolts

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A Falsification Criterion of Thunderbolts

Unread post by Bomb20 » Thu Jun 28, 2018 5:04 am

Hi folks,

I quote from „LINE UPON LINE - Two Dozen & One Scriptical Non-Problems solved“ by Paul Brown, pages 117/118, published in 2006:

„Dr. Wasilewski of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight taught not all magnetite stones are lodestones; a certain composition and crystal structure are required along with a strong magnetich field* applied to the magnetite. The application of magnetism may be very brief - as when a chunk of the apporpriate ore is struck by lightning. An ample electric current lasting a fraction of a second during a lightning strike produces a strong, transient magentic field. An electrical storm magnetizes these stones permanently. These magnetized stones comprise the same ferrous material used for magnetic recodings found in cassette recording tapes, floppy discs, computer hard drives, and VCR technology.“

* The idea was tested at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Langmuir Laboratory for Atmospheric Research in the Magdalena Mountains at Socorro, New Mexico, a location of frequent lightning strikes during the summer. By placing mineral samples where lightning would hit them, Dr. Wasilewski turned magnetite with appropriate crystalline structure, into lodestones. Lodestone Paper: Retrieved from Dr. David P. Stern (emeritus), Lab for Particles and Fields Goddard Space Flight Center’s website (sponsored by NASA) on June 11, 2006 from http://www-istp.gsfc.nasa.gov/earthmag/lodeston.htm

Therefore I think we can expect on rocky celestial bodies with magnetite stones with a certain composition and crystal structure that lodestones are scattered over the surface - even if the celestial body in question did never posses a magnetic field.

To my knowledge Apollo missions found magnetic stones on the Moon. This was neither expected (and therefore shocking) nor explanable. Finally, they blamed an ancient, meanwhile lost, magnetic field on the Moon for this fact.

I suggest: If many magnetites with afore mentioned speicific „composition and crystal structure“ (incl. maghemite?) are existing on Mars and other bodies then one could expect or even demand an abundance of lodestones on the surface. If one could not find them then the Thunderbolts hypothesis would be falsified. The other way around the existence of many lodestones would support (but not prove) the Thunderbolts.

What do you think?
Can anybody add more information to this matter?
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