Super gamma rays & explosions & speeds.

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Super gamma rays & explosions & speeds.

Unread postby crawler » Thu Oct 24, 2019 2:56 pm

I like Conrad Ranzan's recent DSSU paper where he says that the subquantum aether can affect quantum energy. Long ago Conrad said that the aetherwind robs energy from photons, photons lengthening as they pass throo each cosmic cell, giving us the universal redshift.
Conversely Conrad says that neutrinos trapped in blackholes are shortened by the aetherwind flowing into a blackhole, thusly neutrinos (paired photons) shorten over a long time, gaining energy, which can eventually be released giving super strong gamma rays super explosions of super hot matter & super speeds.

I reckon that blackholes do not need condensed matter. Simple super large bodies can trap light if massive enuff. However the aetherwind flowing into such a body can make a kind of condensed matter due to FitzGerald-Lorentz length contraction. I don't believe in FLLC, i think the theory is flawed & the equation for gamma is wrong. However i agree that there must be some kind of change of shape of electrons atoms molecules due to aetherwind, resulting in a flattening in the direction of the aetherwind. Such flattening will not occur at the center of the body where the aetherwind is zero kmps, but will hav a max at a certain distance below the surface where the aetherwind & inflow has a max.

Flattened matter is condensed in one dimension, unlike the non-existent standard model of condensed matter that is supposedly squashed in three dimensions.

If we call any such flattening a relativistic effect (the other relativistic effect being ticking dilation) then a contracted body can be said to possess relativistic potential energy, a new form of energy (i think)(i don't recall seeing any mention). This relativistic potential energy must too be available if a large body is disturbed by a collision or something, adding to any (neutrino induced) explosion & speed.

But singularity kinds of blackholes do not exist.
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Re: Super gamma rays & explosions & speeds.

Unread postby crawler » Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:41 pm

Relativistic energy might include kinetic energy (RKE) & a number of potential energies. RPE's might include gravitational RPE & magnetic RPE & charge RPE, due to these three forces (if magnetic & charge are different)(me myself i reckon that all three are due to gravity)(not important). There being no such thing as a weak force or a strong force, any such wf or sf being due to thems other three (not important).

Gravi RPE & magnetic RPE & charge RPE are due to relativistic change of shape (of electrons atoms molecules bodies) due to relativistic length contraction (flattening) of one dimension (which of course for a star would be a radial LC). But these are secondary relativistic PE's.

The primary relativistic PE is simply due to the change of shape (flattening or unflattening). There is no related force, & no balancing of related forces etc, at least not while we hav equilibrium. The (FitzGerald-Lorentz) force comes into effect during flattening & unflattening, the FLF being due to the inertia of the masses involved, & this FLF givs kinetic energy to the masses. The size of the FLF being due to the rate of change of flattening. Hencely we hav a force & we hav kinetic energy, & strictly speaking we don't hav any related primary potential energy (except for the resulting secondary PE's of a gravi & magnetic & charge kind already mentioned). But i will continue to call it a relativistic potential energy anyhow, ie RPE.

So, lets say that two large stars pass very near. The nearest bits will suffer a large change in gravity etc & all kinds of things might happen. At the same time the nearest bits will suffer an unflattening, & the stars will change shape, quickly, & all kinds of things might happen (an explosion). An explosion might itself giv rise to a new RPE explosion.

Or lets say that two large stars form a binary, & while very close the nearest bits unflatten.

Or lets say that one of the binary stars is spinning very fast. Parts of the star will flatten & unflatten quickly, & this might set up a harmonic effect magnifying the problems.

I haven't given much thort to relativistic ticking dilation. This might itself giv rise to RPE & RKE.

And we needn't worry about relativistic mass dilation, there aint no such thing. However Conrad Ranzan says that mass reduces to zero at c kmps. If Conrad is correct then that would magnify the aforementioned RKE & RPE effects of flattening & unflattening.
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Re: Super gamma rays & explosions & speeds.

Unread postby crawler » Sun Oct 27, 2019 3:11 pm

The FitzGerald-Lorentz Force is one more way (1) that the subquantum aether manifests in our quantum world. The other ways include ....
(2) Aetherwind giving gravity.
(3) Aether tension giving inertia & hencely mass.
(4) Centrifuging of aether by spinning or rotating or orbiting mass giving us faux-gravity.
(5) Aether oscillations forming (free & confined) photons (including photaenos emanating from photons).
(6) Aether somehow sustaining the existence of (free & confined) photons (& photaenos).
(7) Aether somehow sustaining the (supposed) orbits of electrons (an electron being a confined photon). If electrons exist, & if such orbits exist (if so then i can explain how (4) centrifuging plays a part here in (7)).

Photaenos giv us (8) magnetism & (9) charge & (10) electricity. Nearly forgot...
(11) Photaeno drag givs us the slowing of light near mass (Einstein was correct but for wrong reasons).

All of these eleven processes arise from the annihilation of aether. A photon is a propagating annihilation of aether (propagating along a helix at more than c kmps)(the helix itself propagating at c kmps). A photaeno is a propagating annihilation of aether (probly allso helical)(etc). All things are processes. Aether itself is a process, aether being the oscillation of praether, & praether being the fundamental essence is not a process & cant be annihilated & cant be created.
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