Acoustic Solar System Experiment Theory

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Acoustic Solar System Experiment Theory

Unread postby spark » Tue Oct 22, 2019 9:46 am

What you need:

1. A wide circular plastic tub to half fill it with water.

2. Equipment to produce acoustic vibrations/resonance.

3. Hollow small plastic balls of various sizes representing planets, and one large plastic ball representing the Sun.

4. DC motor with RPM controller.


1. Setup Acoustic equipment with metal plate.

2. Place the circular plastic tub firmly on top of the metal plate so you can induce acoustic vibrations/resonance in the water at various frequencies hz.

3. Put all the small plastic balls in the water. Plastic balls should float on the water.

4. Connect the DC Motor to the large plastic ball so you can emulate the rotation of the Sun and create a controlled counterclockwise vortex in the water with RPM Controller. Assemble the large plastic ball at the center on top of circular plastic tub with large plastic ball semi-dipped in the water.

What to expect/theory:

This experiment will emulate solar system.

Depending on the frequency hz you use to vibrate/resonate the water, you should see various formations of solar system. Small plastic balls of various sizes representing the planets should change their orbits depending on the frequency hz is used.

Water in the circular plastic tub represents the ether/aether. Rotation of the large plastic ball representing the Sun creating a counterclockwise vortex in the water represents ether vortex which will cause small plastic balls to orbit the large plastic ball with the vortex. Mark the plastic balls with black ink so you can tell if the small plastic balls are rotating. It is possible that the planets rotate due to the ether vortex of the solar system.

This experiment could lead to a formation of acoustic helical solar system theory where electromagnetic forces create acoustic vibrations/resonance in the ether, and rotation of the Sun creates ether vortex causing planets to orbit the Sun. Scientists could figure out what energy, frequency, vibration/resonance our solar system is.

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