Magnetic Capture - you can easily replicate

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Magnetic Capture - you can easily replicate

Unread post by MotionTheory » Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:43 pm

An open mind would never allow science to close it. Trust your common sense and analytical mind. When current physics can't explain the mechanism/causal of empirical evidences, thus either by ignorant and or established theories been falsified.

I have this simple magnetic capture setup for over a year, finally pushed myself to make this video. It is very easy to reproduce and repeatable. Current physics magnetism theory stated this can't be done. Obviously, this setup accomplished such impossibility :) thereby falsified current theory by evidence.

As for explanation of how/why/hypothesis/theory for this magnetic capture and everything else... open mind lead to open door.

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Re: Magnetic Capture - you can easily replicate

Unread post by Younger Dryas » Mon Mar 04, 2019 12:16 pm

Awesome job! Thanks for taking the time to make/explain the video.

Keep up the good work!
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