So how did the earth evolve?

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So how did the earth evolve?

Unread post by folaht » Fri Feb 08, 2019 3:35 am

What's everyone's opinion on the evolution of the earth?

I have:
  • The earth and the moon started off as bi-lobate.
    [**] There are Bi-lobate comets and Martian blueberries so why not have planets with singular moons start out that way?
  • It's located stationary beneath the pole of Saturn.
    [**] According to Thornhill. I don't understand how that's possible and we would have to find exoplanets that have a similar configuration.
  • The moon at this time is bigger than the earth.
    [**] Most of it's surface rock is very old.
  • They split apart.
    [**] Pieces of earth rock found on the moon by Appolo 11.
  • The both keep growing until the moon stops growing.
    [**] The youngest moon rock found is thought to be 3.8 billions years old.
  • Somehow the earth gets water from Saturn.
    [**] According to Thornhill
  • Saturn enters the solar system.
    [**] According to Thornhill
  • The earth keeps growing
    [**] According to Neil Adams
    [**] The earth plates grow a bit like tree rings. The oldest earth rocks and fossils are somewhat in the middle of the plates and on the surface.
    [**] The age old question where it gets it's energy from is easy It's thunderstorms, since thunderstorms are not generated internally but externally.
    [**] How lightning causes the earth to grow from within is still a mystery to me.
  • Venus apppears.
    [**] According to Thornhill
  • Venus throws off all the planets except Titan from Saturn.
    [**] According to Thornhill
  • The earth goes around the sun without anyone getting burned or frozen to death.
    [**] According to Thornhill
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Re: So how did the earth evolve?

Unread post by JeffreyW » Fri Feb 08, 2019 11:09 am

Folatt wrote:What's everyone's opinion on the evolution of the earth?
Earth evolved from a much hotter, gaseous state. It is the remains of an ancient star vastly older than the gas giants and the Sun.

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