Every`Point' in a 3D Electric Universe?

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Every`Point' in a 3D Electric Universe?

Unread post by gillsimo » Wed Dec 05, 2018 5:52 pm

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete"
A member here uses this quote as a part of their signature although forgive me please for not recalling who. I must however thank them for prompting me into a contribution as little else on this forum would.
Why is it the case that nobody here, none that I've found at least, adopts/adheres to this sound advice? I suspect than most agree with the principle but, with respect, none are able to find a way to implement it correctly.
Someone had a simple enough notion, a possible new model & ever since you good folk have been attempting to justify it as a possible new model...in some mistaken belief that this is the means by which to make the old model obsolete...that the way forward is to poke enough holes in the old model that it will eventually crumble...and to employ the only thing you actually `know`...the old model itself...to do said poking.
Pissing in the wind springs to mind?
Like two religions, each knowingly` proclaiming justification for a different version of God when, in Truth, neither know anything of that God at all.
Why it might be is speculation...how it is, that's Proof...& proof is the God, the Holy Grail, here, in this instance.
Proof is only ever difficult to find..as the growing drivel, over many a century, of today's `Science`....& likewise today's EU Science...displays all too well. It is never, in/of itself, difficult once found. If it were then the vast majority wouldn't be able to accept it as proof & it therefore remains a theory.
Someone having have the initial simple notion, then it is incumbent upon the rest of us to stop simply bumping our gums by siding with it & start instead to prove it...and that requires an equally simple notion as to how it can be so....not why it might be. That notion is most unlikely to come via any scientist indulging in their pet art...it's most likely to come via imagination, via the imagination of someone so dumb in the doctrines of Science that they're dumb enough to be able to imagine outside of it.
This being very much my area of expertise then I'd ask you to please ponder on the following nonsense....
If this Realm is indeed electric then the very essence of it must be what?...two Poles, +/- and/or N/S, Magnetism and Electricity apparently being two sides of the same coin.
This Realm, no if's, is three dimensional & these two poles must present themselves to those three dimensions in some fashion or other. We have acquired both the arrogance & ignorance to scoff at past inhabitants of planet Earth for believing it flat whilst ourselves believing that Force/Energy is two dimensional, applied at any angle in the third..an absurdity that proves positive that we are still much closer to the ape than we dare imagine.
May I dare you to imagine two poles presented to three dimensions? How many ways can you imagine it thus?
I've pondered this for almost 20yrs, all be it on/off...and to date I've only imagined one way...and as such, then I imagine it to be the one & only way.
Please....examine the construct of Image One & omit to read the rest of this presentation until you've gone away & failed likewise to find an alternative...sufficiently enough to then come back in agreement that this is indeed the only way......

Ok...welcome back!
This, the only possible way for two poles to present themselves in three dimensions, is anomalous....
In one dimension, the line through the centre of1/2 & 3/4, there are two poles presented. In a second dimension, through 2/3 & 1/4, likewise. Dimension three, 1/3 & 2/4, is presented something different, as can clearly be seen I hope?
Not so clearly seen however.....dimensions one & two, logically sequenced & extended, result in a double helix, one strand red, the other blue. Dimension three can be logically sequenced in two alternative ways...one results in a solid +/- across the construct, the other in a double helix, one strand orientated/running...Red/Blue/Red, the other Blue/Red/Blue.
I'm way to dumb to appreciate this anomaly in terms of what we `think we know` of Electricity/Magnetism but there are patently many here better placed. so please....think!
Because if you agree this construct unique & that what must be presented to this Realm is a +/-, nothing else...then the above construct clearly deserves some thought.
In an effort to accentuate my stupidity I'll add the following....
Grouping four spheres together, tetrahedral fashion & creating two sub groups of two vs two can be achieved in three ways, each way in one of the three dimensions.
Each sub group of two vs two can be moved as follows...
1/2 can be moved in one turn/direction around 3/4...as 3/4 is, in equal amount, simultaneously moved around 1/2 in the opposite turn/direction.
Likewise 1/4 vs 2/3 and 1/3 vs 2/4.
A further anomaly should be considered...
Previously dimension three was the odd one out. Now, in motion, dimension one is the odd one out. Dimensions two & three are Red/Blue vs Blue/Red...dimension one is Red/Red vs Blue/Blue?
Take two Sabu Tri-Lobed Discs, Image Two, that most out of place of all out of place artifacts residing in the Cairo Museum...
Group four appropriately sized spheres between them....and you will be able to move two spheres against two spheres in two of the three dimensions.
Please...by every means at your disposal, attempt to `see` me wrong...that being the only way you'll ever be able to `see` that I'm right.
The proof is oh so simple but it requires enlightenment to prove it's the proof...it requires a person to squeeze their mind through mental hoops...a Mind Quest of no inconsiderable proportion for sure & Science be damned for it doesn't enter the process of `seeing` this at any stage...the Science must come after the enlightenment.
Enlightenment gives rise to the new model, the Science of it will make the old Science obsolete.
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