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Dark Acceleration

  Aug 4, 2017 Is the Universe expanding? “As a general scientific principle, it is undesirable to depend crucially on what is unobservable to explain what is observable, as happens frequently in Big Bang cosmology.” — Halton Arp Electric Universe theory states that stars are born where regions of space …

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Double Layer Flare-up

  Aug 3, 2017 Electricity in space explains anomalous energy curves. Cosmologists often find it difficult to reconcile theory with observation. So-called “gamma-ray bursts” (GRB) are a case in point. GRBs were discovered first in galaxies with high redshift—some seeming to be 12 billion light-years away. If they are that …

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Power Play

  Jul 21, 2017 Birkeland current filaments carry electric charge through space. When matter in the plasma state moves through clouds of dust and gas, they become ionized, creating electric fields and movement of electric charge. Electricity forms magnetic fields that tend to align and constrict the charge flow. Those …

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