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Donald Scott: Breakthrough – New Evidence of Birkeland Currents in Earth’s Atmosphere | Space News

A new investigation into the wind patterns in Earth’s upper atmosphere may provide critical insight into our planet’s electrical environment, and its relationship to the Sun. In numerous past episodes, retired professor of electrical engineering Dr. Donald Scott has outlined his mathematical modeling of a Birkeland current’s structure, and its…

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Frost and Fire

Jun 12, 2019 X-rays from cold nebulae? “Nothing burns like the cold.”― George R.R. Martin Conventional theories rely upon gravity and acceleration to create gamma rays, X-rays and extreme ultraviolet in space. Compressing gas and dust is supposed to make temperatures greater than the cores of some stars. As a…

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Plasma Flares

Jun 11, 2019 The Sun supplies enormous quantities of electric charge to the Solar System. As written many times over the years, sunspots, flares, coronal heating, and coronal mass ejections are due to changes in the Sun’s galactic electrical supply. Retired Professor of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Donald Scott’s Electronic Sun…

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