Pyro-magnetic vortex thruster engine

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Pyro-magnetic vortex thruster engine

Unread post by lizzie » Tue May 06, 2008 3:55 pm

Pyro-magnetic Vortex Thruster Engine

So our goal here is to design a new aircraft that does not run on the usual combustion technology. But on the energy of the wind, by producing stable vortices that can produce lift from the centrifugal acceleration of air.

Thru the use of Pyromagnetics, the creation of a powerful magnetic field is brought about to create a Thermodynamic Air Compressor whereas this high pressure air is funneled to a vortex chamber to create a powerful tornadic effect. Which in turn can create thrust thru suction?

By mating two concepts, Thermomagnetics and thermodynamic cycling of circulating air masses creates a new engine concept with unbelievable power. Creating power thru the use of vacuum instead of the use of standard combustion technology.


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