The Electric Universe and the Aether are one and the same

Plasma and electricity in space. Failure of gravity-only cosmology. Exposing the myths of dark matter, dark energy, black holes, neutron stars, and other mathematical constructs. The electric model of stars. Predictions and confirmations of the electric comet.

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Re: The Electric Universe and the Aether are one and the sam

Unread post by marengo » Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:21 am


Your disagreement that the Aether pressure is the electric potential seems to rest solely on the fact that you hold an entirely different theory of Space. That cannot be taken to constitute an argument.

I remind you that my proposition derives a successful theory of the electric field, the Lorentz Transform equations, the Aether Theory of Relativity, a new theory of Gravity etc, etc. You may find these theories at
A series of scientific papers on the new Aether physics.


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