Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

What is a human being? What is life? Can science give us reliable answers to such questions? The electricity of life. The meaning of human consciousness. Are we alone? Are the traditional contests between science and religion still relevant? Does the word "spirit" still hold meaning today?

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Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

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I thought I would try a new "approach".

polarityparadox said:

http://www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpB ... =673#p6277
Having perused much of the Mayan alignment literature I have come to the conclusion that they were predicting the reinstatement of the primary plasma column in our atmosphere. Looking carefully at the construction (insanely amazing engineering with powerful electrically important components!!) of their various megalithic pyramidal structures (which I think are most likely older than the conventional dating suggests), I would say that they actually were able to "call down" their own plasma pillars.

This leads into a whole other domain of considering that ancient advanced societies has completely different interests than us, because their consciousness was qualitatively different.
Crude outline:

The hereditary priest king – the shamanic (psychic) leader?

The Ancients:

Pre-consciousness: the “Edenic” state

Environment: (Pre-cataclysmic)

Stable, predictable; all material needs met; competition was unknown. There was group consciousness; society was cooperative.

The earth had a highly-charged EM environment; people lived in “psychic” relationships” with each other and with their environment. The earth was virtually “alive” with EM energy.

People developed a genetic predisposition for “psychic abilities.” Their very survival depended upon it. They had to live in harmony (resonance) with the EM energy fields around them.

They developed “technologies” that allowed them to manipulate their environment by using their psychic powers. They learned how to “tap into” the EM energy fields around them.

They communicated telepathically; there was no need for a written language. They understood intuitively that mathematics (sacred geometry) was the coded “energy” language of the universe.

People can activate psychic powers only when they are in a non-conscious (altered) state of mind. Conscious thought is pre-programmed and creates “static interference” when accessing EM "psychic" channels.

The “Moderns” – “The Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” – the end of psychic man

Environment: Post cataclysmic

Catastrophe dramatically altered the EM environment of the planet; the earth’s EM fields became “depleted.” The environment became hostile and unpredictable; material needs were no longer met. Organisms needed to learn to compete in order to survive. Survival became both an individual and a species-specific imperative.

To compete in a hostile environment, one needs to be fully conscious, to plan, to organize, to anticipate (danger) to control his “environment.” People need to see themselves in relationship to others and to their surroundings. Nothing is "dependable." People needed to communicate with a written language (a fixed set of symbols).

People developed various archetypal models of behavior to learn how to “bridge the gap” between the “Edenic” state and the “Cosmic” state.

We are not intended to return to the “Edenic” state. The “ideal state” required a guaranteed plenitude of all things. Catastrophe destroyed this homeostasis. We lacked creativity in the “Edenic” state because we never had to learn to develop “coping skills.”

We are intended to “evolve” from the “Edenic” state to the “Cosmic” state. The “Archetypal” state is transitional – the “proving ground.” We learn that the positive-negative polarity (good vs. evil) is an illusion – both are mirror images of the other and indivisible from "The Whole."

We must return to the “Cosmic” state as fully conscious beings by choice – we have free will. We don’t abdicate our “self-hood” per say. We renounce our “ego-selves” (our “separateness” from others and from “The Whole”). Now we see ourselves both as a "Part of The Whole" and as "The Whole."

We must do this because it is imperative for our survival as members of the human family, for the survival of all living creatures, and for the planet.

http://altered-states.net/barry/Lakhovs ... afects.htm

Superspectrum Blues - The trans-electromagnetic nature of elements of the Fortean continuum

http://www.fundacion-jung.com.ar/ingles ... derno1.htm
Imagination is, therefore, the first form of relationship in the universal space; it is the bridge between the physic person compelled to a meager space of the Universe, and the unconscious that embrace it.
Psychic Powers:
http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/gdp ... psyc-1.htm

Psychic Powers Then and Now
http://www.new-mindmachines.com/parapsy ... ennow.html
Today psychic powers are considered odd, unusual and not available to everyone. In ancient times people with psychic powers were important public figures.

Everyone has psychic powers and abilities. Not everyone chooses to use and maximize their potential through relaxation, meditation or lucid dreaming.

In ancient culture the shaman, was usually a male. This title was often passed from father to son.

When the novice shaman recovered consciousness he was considered to have exceptional spiritual powers necessary to act a shaman/spiritual leader/seer/sage.

Psychic flight is not restricted to spiritual matters. A shaman can also accomplish the feat of remote viewing while in a trance state.
Psychic Powers – what are they? Why would a scholarly research institute like the SRI be interested in psychic abilities; or even government intelligence agencies?

The public perception still is that most psychics are charlatans, crackpots or "oddballs." We avail ourselves of their services for amusement. Generally we believe that there is no "scientific way" to prove that psychic abilities are real.

So I decided to go to "the source."

Biomind Superpowers – Ingo Swann
http://www.biomindsuperpowers.com/Pages ... owers.html

The Human Genome as the Ultimate Implication of the Superpowers of the Human Biomind
http://www.biomindsuperpowers.com/Pages ... enome.html

The Illuminati
http://www.the7thfire.com/new_world_ord ... nati_2.htm
The outcome of this 'secret destiny' is a World Order ruled by a King* with supernatural powers.

*A genetically engineered “king” with a superhuman physical body and fully developed superpowers of the mind. A “psychic god king” created by the ruling elite to control the brainwashed masses of non-genetically engineered humans (those who are denied access to the superpowers of the biomind”
Psi Tech:

Remote Viewing:


Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

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I forgot to add this to the message above

Archetypal Models:

Jungian Archetypes:
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Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

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Man this thread is exactly what i was looking for!! I wish i had some time now to go through in depth and respond, but alas im busy until Sunday :( Just like to say thanks to all for sharing their insights, very much appreciated, and i shall be getting back to this first thing on Sunday! :D


Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

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I didn’t get a chance to “flesh out” the Archetypal Stage – the transitional part. This is where humans learned “creativity from adversity.”

In the “Edenic” world, humans shared non-conscious group awareness. All their needs were fulfilled. They had no need for differentiation or specialization.

They knew how to manipulate “the laws of physics,” but they didn’t understand why these laws worked. This “shift” from intuitive to rational thinking would be another indication of the change in the EM environment. They could no longer be the “passive mechanics” of their environment. Now they had to learn how to “engineer” it.

Since this part is about archetypes, I thought I should select a “Jungian” model. I chose the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (a variation on the original Jung-Myers/Briggs test). I like the way they create the archetypes by matching different “temperaments” with “personality types.”

Each archetype has his positive and negative qualities; but each complements the other. When these types work together, they maximize the “creative potential” of the group.

Each archetype is also a composite of the temperaments and personality traits of both the “ancients” and the “moderns.”

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
According to Keirsey Temperament Theory, there are four basic temperament groups which describe human behavior. Keirsey’s four temperaments are referred to as Artisans, Guardians, Rationalists and Idealists. These four temperaments can be further subdivided, often referred to as “Character Types”. There are four types of Artisans, four types of Guardians, four types of Rationals and four types of Idealists.

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Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

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Nice intro to the idea of reaching into "cosmic" levels of consciousness, Lizzie...

My focus has been, due to my immersion in Heilkunst (homeopathy.com), how to release the traumas from the MIND of humanity. In the same way we treat individuals with a real protocol of remedies within the context of a true grounded set of principles, so must we, I believe, discover a method to pave the way for humanity to go through a similar curative process to overcome the deeply ingrained traumas of the "fall" of the golden age. At least, I feel this is the case if we wish for many people to come along with into a higher state of consciousness (cosmic super-consciousness or sovereign conscious self-consciousness) in a quicker, safer, gentler, less dangerous (for all of us) fashion. Below are some basic intros to what the principles of medicine are, regardless of the system.



And here, a more detailed insight into the principles of medicine as developed by Samuel Hahnemann.


Also, my school has found SCENAR bio-feedback technology to be amazing (those russians are geniuses, I tell you!) and anybody reading this who struggles with inflammation, chronic pain, etc. should definitely look very carefully at this technology. You can buy your own little portable device for a few hundred bucks..


Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with EU. Well, the whole basis of Heilkunst is primarily vibrational medicines (at least the therapeutic medicine aspect) and their principled application. Our whole goal is to take "homo schizo" and help him unite his two halves. Lizzie excellently encapsulated a basic overview of why such a fall possibly occurred in the first place and so now we are attempting facilitate just this:
We are intended to “evolve” from the “Edenic” state to the “Cosmic” state. The “Archetypal” state is transitional – the “proving ground.” We learn that the positive-negative polarity (good vs. evil) is an illusion – both are mirror images of the other and indivisible from "The Whole."

We must return to the “Cosmic” state as fully conscious beings by choice – we have free will. We don’t abdicate our “self-hood” per say. We renounce our “ego-selves” (our “separateness” from others and from “The Whole”). Now we see ourselves both as a "Part of The Whole" and as "The Whole."
As we say in Heilkunst, to unite our upperman and netherman nature or to help man generate true creativity out of the healthy merging of our higher and lower nature. You can ground this in the understanding of the fact that we, primarily, are of two minds: the bodymind (gut) and the brainmind (head). Out the cosmic-superimposition (reich) of these two will emerge the real heart centered consciousness, so championed by Joseph Chilton Pearce.


However, there is a problem with the highly traumatized mind: the emotional plague reaction:
The person suffering from the emotional plague is close enough to genitality so that he does not have these mechanisms available to any extent, but instead, handles his stasis by excluding natural excitation from his environment. He finds it necessary, therefore, to control the mores and attitudes of our culture and is life-negative. He cannot stand natural expression, because it creates a longing in him that is intolerable; that is why he tries to kill natural expression wherever he sees it. In this, he is actively aggressive and extremely competent. He rationalizes his behavior so well that it is accepted for the common good and tends to become organized in social institutions. His effectiveness is enhanced in that it finds response in the emotional plague existing in people generally.

You guys are all noticing this in scientific circles (slashdot, etc) in regards to EU theory. People with emotional plague (most everybody, unfortunately) hate the truth because it causes the core of truth in them to resonate and begin expanding which pushes up against their pyschic/somatic armoring causing pain. So to stop their pain they stop you! In extreme situation they will kill you to shut you up. Of course they don't know this consciously, they will rationalize any behaviour according to whatever is commonly accepted culturally.

This was brought out by the pioneering work of Wilhelm Reich, who was actually able to ground the libido theory (this is a big deal) of Freud into a real quantitative measurement process. He was able to show that in states of pleasure there was a radial, outward expansion of bio-electricity from the core to the periphery and that the reverse occurred in with unpleasurable states. He found that almost everyone lived in a permanent state of contraction, unable to be sexually free and correlatively not creatively free either.

Libido theory was almost completely abandoned later by Freud and followers and turned into an abstraction. Looking at Freud's life its no wonder. When Jung first met him he was in a sexual triangle with his wife's sister. He had cocaine addictions and he eventually died of cancer of the jaw. Reich said that it was because he had to "clench down" on the radial insight of the primacy of sexuality to satisfy his cultural milieu and followers. Only Reich was willing to pursue it to its logical grounding in the material sphere and that led to his seminal discovery of the orgone and its practical application in everything from healing to even running motors, weather regulation, etc.

Reich's genius was to discover the bio-electric and ultimately the orgone basis of psychology. This can all be related to the saturnian destruction through the work of James DeMeo:
In Saharasia, Dr. DeMeo has done a quietly stunning job of overlaying original, painstakingly gathered research (and extremely well-documented research at that) across a field of established findings, and in the process has created an entirely new way of looking at the evolution of social and familial violence. Like a combination detective/explorer/scholar, the author lays out for us how 6,000 years of climactic changes centered in what is now the Sahara and Asian Deserts have paralleled crucial changes in human behavior. It may sound like a gross oversimplification, but the fact is that as this region evolved from a fertile, green center of emerging cultures into an arid, inhospitable desert, a similar phenomenon was occurring in the human psyche: the growth of violent, sexually repressive, male-dominated societies paralleled the growth of the region's deserts.
Rooted in the pioneering work of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Saharasia is, in addition to the sum of its fascinating contents, one of the most beautifully designed and richly illustrated books on any subject that I have seen in a long time. Its large format, original, easy-to-read layout and print quality make it a pleasure for the eye as well as the intellect, and at $39.00, the privately published trade paper edition is a bargain. If you are a student of history, the Middle East, psychology, anthropology, archeology, climatology, child development, women's studies, pre-Biblical cultures, or just plain curious about how the world has gotten into the state it is currently in, do not hesitate to order your copy of Saharasia: you won't be disappointed.
Excerpt: New Study of retired professor James DeMeo, Ph.D., on the Origins of Violence Proves: Ancient Humans Were Peaceful, Modern Violence is Avoidable

Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence
http://matriarchy.info/index.php?option ... view&id=21.

His study is unusual in that it presents the first world maps of human behavior, as developed from large anthropological, historical and archaeological data bases. "A massive climate change shook the ancient world, when approximately 6000 years ago vast areas of lush grassland and forest in the Old World began to quickly dry out and convert into harsh desert.

DeMeo's maps show spreading centers for the origins of patriarchal authoritarian cultures within this same Saharasian global region - male-dominated, child-abusive, sex-repressive cultures with a great emphasis upon war-making and empire-building. DeMeo points to the work of the controversial natural scientist Wilhelm Reich to explain the patterns.

A new geographical study on the ancient historical origins of human violence and warfare, drawing upon global archaeological and anthropological evidence, has just been published presenting substantial proof that our ancient ancestors were non-violent, and far more social and loving than are most humans today - moreover, the study points to a dramatic climate change in the Old World, the drying up of the vast Sahara and Asian Deserts, with attending famine, starvation and forced migrations which pushed the earliest humans into violent social patterns, a trauma from which we have not yet recovered in over 6000 years.

(What extraterestial body caused this climate change?)

"There is no clear or unambiguous evidence for warfare or social violence anywhere on planet Earth prior to around 4,000 BC and the earliest evidence appears in specific locations, from which it firstly arose, and diffused outward over time to infect nearly every corner of the globe." says DeMeo, who today directs his own private institute in rural Oregon. "A massive climate change shook the ancient world, when approximately 6000 years ago vast areas of lush grassland and forest in the Old World began to quickly dry out and convert into harsh desert. The vast Sahara Desert, Arabian Desert, and the giant deserts of the Middle East and Central Asia simply did not exist prior to c.4000 BC" DeMeo asserts, pointing to numerous studies in paleoclimatology - the study of ancient climates. "Something happened around 4000 BC which forced the drying-out of this vast desert region, which I call Saharasia, and the drier conditions created social and emotional havoc among developing human agricultural societies in these same regions."

DeMeo's maps show spreading centers for the origins of patriarchal authoritarian cultures within this same Saharasian global region - male-dominated, child-abusive, sex-repressive cultures with a great emphasis upon war-making and empire-building. DeMeo points to the work of the controversial natural scientist Wilhelm Reich to explain the patterns.

The Trauma of starvation

"Famine and starvation is a severe trauma from which survivors rarely escape unscathed. A lot of people die, families are split apart, and babies and children are often abandoned, and suffer enormously. Starvation affects surviving children in an emotionally severe manner. They shrink from the exhausting heat and thirst, emotionally withdraw from the painful world, and simultaneously suffer a severe stunting of the entire brain and nervous system due to protein-calorie malnutrition. Even if such starved children later get all the food and water they want, they are deeply scarred in an emotional-neurological manner which forever changes their behavior - specifically, there is an implanted inhibition of any impulse of a pleasure-seeking, outward-reaching nature, and a discomfort with deeper forms of body-pleasure, in both maternal-infant or male-female expressions. Additionally, the child's view of the mother, who could not protect or feed the child during the famine period, is thereafter colored with suspicion and anger. These attitudes and behaviors are deeply protoplasmic in nature, and are passed on to ensuing generations no matter what the climate, by social institutions which reflect the character structure of the average individual at any given period of time."
In regard to the work of James DeMeo, I match his Saharasia hypothesis with the engenderment of the primal disease miasm (an inherited predisposition, generational) called Psora in homeopathy. In homeopathy it is understood that the majority of chronic diseases and conditions spring from this primal state of mind (it leads to the formation of further miasms as well). This state of mind is fundamentally characterized by the feeling of lack, the itch diathesis, it is poverty consciousness, it has a contracted dryness, it is chilly, and unable to think in expansive terms. The founder also traced it back thousands of years into the mists of time. Very appropriate to the disasters of the time, no??


I am laying this all out because my deepest interest is in how to engage the highly diseased consciousness of mankind. Due to the heightening electric environment I think that all our qualities, healthy AND unhealthy are being potentiated:
We keep bringing up here, on this forum, the idea that electricity affects consciousness, I say the evidence is all around us that it is in fact happening right in front of our eyes! Consciousness is accelerating, both positively AND negatively. Consciousness is being potentiated as we speak.

I see that the primal archetypes of this whole saturn evolution hypothesis are alive and powerful in modern consciousness today more than ever. Note the complete electrical analogies the matrix series emphasizes, note the the lord of the ring series with it's ring (of saturn) of power and the great burning eye on the column that creates death and destruction. Notice how Moloch (saturn) is "worshipped" in Bohemian Grove by the world elite bankers, royalty and politicians (just google this, very bizarre). Suddenly you begin to consider that there is a hidden theme here that runs deep, the desire for the return of the "gods" with all their "plasma" powers. The insane elite are dialed into this, I think, look at all their fascination with EM manipulation. Not that it will happen the way "they" think, though...

Look carefully at common culture. Have you noticed all the trilogies that have come out: the matrix series, the lord of the rings, spiderman, the pirates of the caribbean; shades here of the three fold conjunction, no less. Check out the new movie Ironman, I was shocked at how perfectly they modelled saturn, mars and venus through the actors and roles, and in the context of plasma arc technology no less!!

And most amazing, look at the three presidential runners, John McCain, the obvious saturn figure, then you have Clinton, clearly venus, and then Obama, the charismatic Mars. What is going on here?? The hidden psychology of ancient saturn reality is welling up in human consciousness faster and faster because of the higher and higher potential of energy building up all around us. We are, I believe, supposed to throw off these old archetypes of domination from our modern, newly birthing consciousness: true sovereignty consciousness. How to do so is the great quest(ion)! The next few years promise to be very interesting, no doubt about it...
My intuition tells me that the work Junglelord has done in pioneering/synthesizing/consolidating the understanding of theta/z-pinch reality of Tesla's work is crucial to creating technology that can be harnessed to radiate/modulate frequencies of a curative nature on a worldwide a la Royal Raymond Rife with his modulated plasma devices. As the environment builds more potential the diseases will get worse and worse because the burgeoning lifeforces will cause the generative power of individuals and Gaia herself (the goddess, in two aspects: moon and earth) to attempt to throw off the disease traumas of the past.

This is the nature of the body's wisdom. This is why when you fast and cleanse, for example, old toxins, physical or emotional, will rise to the “surface” (exit through channels of elimination) to be released. The whole purpose of Heilkunst is to potentiate this process through principled and judicious application of regimen, medicine and education (truth). Thus we touch on the three basic aspects of our being: gut, heart and head; willing, feeling, thinking; imagination, inspiration and intuition.
I also noticed in the satellite shots of saturn (also venus, correct?) the hexagonal vortex at the pole(s). Interesting to note that actually it could also be considered a 12-fold phenomenon, as each of the birkeland currents that makes up the six "vertices" of the hexagon are actually a twofold structure: a positive and negative charge...long and short-range dancing, dos-e-do-ing in 12-fold harmony around a "13th point".

The reason I find this compelling is the possible resonance it has in the realm of states of mind as understood by homeopathy, to wit, the 12 main constitutions also maintain a similar set of relationships. There are 6 "genotype" (healthiest: sulph., phos., lyc., puls., sil., calc. c.) constitutions and 6 "phenotype" (more trauma burdened: ars., sep., nux. v., nat. m.,staph., lach.) const. You will commonly see, for example, a sulphur constitution, due to stress, taking on the state of mind of nux. - v., or a pulsatilla becoming sepia.

The 12 prime states (polycrests) can also be outright disease states that need to be cured, not just constitutions that need to be balanced. Giving the remedies can do both jobs at the same time, whatever the case.

There is a light and "dark" side to each of these polarities. These 12 states of mind will make up 80% to 90% of diagnoses in classical homeopathy today. Consider these states of mind as a primal typological framework for approaching the MIND of humanity in the material phase of modern times.

Physical body - homeopathic const. - 12
Etheric body - humors - choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic via the three gunas of rajasic, tamasic, satvic action - 12
Astral body - the zodiac - desiderata, desires of the stars, astrology- a polarity of vedic sidereal and western tropical systems - 12
Ego structure - I AM - the 13th

Other useful typologies are enneagram, endo/ecto/meso somatic types, glandular and blood types, etc.

I posit that in the plasmatic times of the past, certain "temples" were created to "call down" plasma discharge columns, by creating a highly attractive resonance anchor through the use of charged pools of water surrounding para- and dia-magnetic charged masonry in complement to transitional metals in their mono-atomic forms as a superconducting medium, to potentiate and amplify the whole process. In Egypt these "beings" were called Neters (forces of nature is the best translation) Is it possible that the 12-fold symmetry of the discharge column could be qualitatively linked to these 12 primary constitutional states???

I can give a healthy person Sulphur in high potency and they will actually begin manifesting mentally, emotionally, functionally and physically the qualities of this remedy. The artificial energy potence will engender the state of mind as a qualitatively distinct entity within the person's organism for a protracted duration of time. I hypothesize that these states of mind were the qualitative component of the plasma pillars of the past; in a sense, the gods lent us their "minds", the many small "I's" as compared to our true sovereign Self (prolific vs. unific Being).
To get back to Lizzie's original interest in what we could explore in terms of our psychic nature I would like to say this: I am fully in agreement that we do not want to go back to the pre-conscious states as they were in saturnian times. I am going to step out a bit on a limb here and develop the idea that we are simply part of a whole spectrum of living beings: from those below us (bacteria, for example) and appeal to your common sense and say that it is only logical that, based on the laws of scalability, that there are endlessly higher developments of being above us as well. Most spiritual teachers and mystics will tell you this anyway. If you really want to explore this a bit just check out the work of Rudolf Steiner.


They have whole books and hundreds of lectures online there, just jump in anywhere and explore, but get ready to swim, it's an ocean!

The uniqueness of the approach to understanding higher, qualitatively realms of consciousness that my school has pioneered (using Reich, Hahnemann and Steiner as a basis, but anything can be incorporated into the principles) can especially appeal to the scientific mind as it ever strives to concretely ground any exploration of higher consciousness in our bodies and surroundings.

I'll give you a few examples. Look at any country and you will always notice that the south of the country is not only warmer physically (relative to where you live of course) but also qualitatively as well. Think of the southern states and the northern states of the USA: We think of the warm southern hospitality, the spicier foods, the more radial soul music and food! The accents are more intense and drawn out.....y' aaalllll!!! Its no coincidence that the blacks and hispanics all tend to stay in that part of the country, they come more from the gut, are emotionally oriented. Even the religion there tends to be more fiery: pentacostal, born-again, etc. In the north you have more clipped tones, the cooler, more even keeled protestant work ethic. The people are more insular, not as outgoing. The food tends to be blander, not so fatty. There are many more qualitative points you can make.

Just picture and imagine the difference between maine, new england, washington, DC area and then go south all the way to florida. Think of the north as the head, thinking pole of a being and florida the gut, action pole. Appropriately florida is always beset by hurricanes, swirling violent movement is always going on there. In washington is where all the policy is thought out (at least its supposed to be!!). Its the executive aspect of the org.

What I am attempting to point is that there is a true meaningful to these relationships. These contexts are not just random, there are higher ordering functions going on here that we can actually engage consciously to derive a deeper sense of who we are and how we situate and orient ourselves in reality. The same functions that, on a smaller scale, drive our individual natures as well. Can you see the elegance of nature and how She uses the laws of scalability in the qualitative realms of consciousness also, just as in plasma cosmology? And this is just such a small teaser of ideas that I am giving you here, there is so much more. Now you can begin to understand my excitement in delving into the plasma sciences because I could immediately see how this was a quantitative correlate to the qualitative studies I am engaged in.

Lets look at a bigger polarity to make this more clear.

Canada : peace, order, and good gov't

USA : life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

How do we think of Canadians vs. Americans, hmmmm? The witty (think of all the comics we send down to you guys in the states!), cool headed, kinda quiet, polite Canadians and then you have the big, brash Americans who just go in and make themselves right at home, are your best friends right off, calling you by first name, etc! I am just trying to sketch you a rough picture so you get the idea...;)

Now this confluence of forces, energies and powers can perhaps be a bit more clear in the mandalic conceptualization I created below to elaborate on these relationships I have been sketching out.

This is a little mandala for you to dwell upon relationships as I see them:

Saturn - Silica - Geist - Spiritus/form - Future - Knowledge - Spherical - bill gates/japan STILLNESS


Phosphorus - Soul/essence - the sound of music/johhny depp


Pulsatilla - Gemut - emotional mind\bodymind - erin brockovitch/playboy bunny

Venus - Gnosis - the veil - KAOS - tohu bohu - israel/palestine - NOW - FEELING - pulsation

Lycopodium - Sinn - intellect/brainmind - - richard gere/politics/banking


Calcarea c. - Leib - body/structure (phys., eth., astr.) - roger moore/russia


Mars - Sulphur - Wesen/function - Dynamis - Past - Wisdom - Radial – D. Trump - ACTIVITY

This little diagram is best imagined as two triangles interfacing, one composed of sulph., calc., lyc., the other sil., phos., puls. The personalites/movies are included to give a sense of each of these "states of mind".These are the 6 primary "homeopathic" constitutional remedies states that can be shown to be harmonic resonances to our 6 fold nature (fundamentally 2 fold - spiritus/dynamis), composed of three lesser 2-fold ones: thinking, feeling and willing. Imagine soul as an extrusion of spirit and gemut as an extrusion of soul AND from the “reverse” direction Dynamis giving birth to body giving birth to intellect, cosmically superimposing, creating a rythmic pulsation embodied (literally) by the heart and lungs.

This map of our higher dynamic organismic functions can be see to be an enfoldment from two poles focusing (theta/z-pinch) on its highest efflorescences as sinn and gemut. However, as we can see this highest expression of divinity in three dimensional reality is saddled with horribly crippling disease traumas, starting with the saturn dissolution (heilkunst to the rescue!). You always notice lesser enfoldments of forces being encompassed by elegantly grander polaric enfoldments, pulsating back and forth, "jitterbugging", quivering, quiescent, receptive, impulsive, active, ever so sensitive to input of all possibilities of vibration, resonance all the way through. There has to be an "arcing' between the two poles of creation for real dynamic, enthusiastic, loving thinking, feeling or willing to occur.

To me it seems important to lay out for you some possible thinking structures (that have immensely helped me) that are more connected to/modelled on actual living processes that can be observed and proven to yourself. As they say the truth is not the truth until it is your truth (welling up inside of you, gnosis).
I feel compelled to lay this all out because what I think is important for our burgeoning higher senses to have are REAL, GROUNDED structures within which to operate and generate meaningful connections with. Just as we cannot ever hope to understand mythology or science without plasma cosmology and saturn theory so is it similar with attempting to understand our higher natures. This is why I keep re-iterating the seminal works of Steiner, Hahnemann, and Reich as a primal basis for extending ourselves into higher realms of consciousness. We must stay real and grounded as we go higher and deeper into our ever accelerating and diverging/converging reality.

Some further though structures and potentiating techniques that I have personally found profoundly useful are Holodynamics:

Living in a Conscious World

We live in a conscious universe where everything is connected and every situation is driven by potential.

Every person has a Full Potential Self, the "I" that is connected to hyperspace, and serves as the source of character and meaning to every experience.
Holodynamics is the study of the whole dynamic of life and includes every aspect of understanding life - including tools to transform your life, positively effect your relationships, your work, your love life, and in a larger sense the global environment.

What is Holodynamics and the tracking of holodynes and what can it do for your life transformation?

Holodynamics views reality as a coherent, dynamic, living, holographic information system whose structure, from micro (smallness) to macro (bigness) is intimately connected with human consciousness. Consciousness is considered a prime condition of the holodynamic universe. It is not limited to a single space-time continuum but emerges from parallel dimensions into a coherent potential for each individual (the fully potentialized self). This personal potential manifests as a quantum potential field within the microtubules of every living cell of the human body and underlies all bodily functions including mental and social functions. The way consciousness develops and maintains control over body and mind can be more clearly understood in terms of holodynes which appear as self organizing information systems created as virtual reality graphics among the water molecules within the microtubules.

An understanding of Holodynes and the relationship they play in your everyday actions and thoughts is necessary if you would like to transform your life NOW and have:

More Love
More prosperity
Better communication
Healthy relationships
Energizing and intimate sex
Satisfying work & play
The joy of living as fully potentialized self
And the work of Doreen Virtue:
Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person's guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life. Angel Therapy also helps you to more clearly receive Divine Guidance from the Creator and angels.

Everyone has guardian angels, and these angels perform God's will of peace for us all. When we open ourselves to hear our angels' messages, every aspect of our lives become more peaceful. Many of Doreen’s resources will provide you with more information on this subject, including her books Angel Therapy and Angel Medicine, and the Connecting with Your Angels Kit.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my ideas and I hope we can together create some truly generative conceptualizations that will lead to real action that can be helpful to all...

Truth is higher than everything but higher still is true living.

- Nanak

Complexity leads to perplexity and simplicity leads to Eternity.

- Kirpal Singh


Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

Unread post by lizzie » Sat May 31, 2008 1:57 pm

Oh, I see where you are coming from! The science of “energetics” Reich, Rife, Priore, etc. (http://www.cheniere.org/books/aids/priore.htm)

polarityparadox said:
I would maintain that the whole shift from group consciousness to individuality was not just a random chance direction in human evolution but the goal and purpose of it.
Yes, it was our “next step.”

polarityparadox said:
Rudolf Steiner was the best advocate of this concept. He described it as a polarity: the dominance of the pregnant, intangible "wisdom" forces unconsciously guiding humanity in the past balanced by the modern shift into precipitated forms of all kinds of different "knowledge" systems of subject/object perspective so as to facilitate the beginnings of self-reflection and self evolution
We started in an undifferentiated (unconscious) state with the “wisdom forces” (gods) unconsciously guiding an unconscious humanity.

The “modern shift” (cataclysm) precipitated a new “environment” that required the “precipitation” of new forms of knowledge by self-conscious beings.

We were meant to learn self-reflection and self-evolution. It’s the required “intermediary” stage between Unconsciousness and Cosmic Consciousness.

polarityparadox said:
Steiner maintained that the "gods" (forces, powers, energies; grounded physically in the actions of plasma) slowly receded and withdrew from intimate relationship with man so as to allow man the efflorescence of intellect that could construct concepts and ideas that were not intrinsically bound to the "sacred numerical canon" (Plato).
Yes, the Ancients said that the “gods” deserted them. The “old ways” were tied to the “sacred numerical canon” -- the ability to tap into the (plasma) “plenum.” The “gods” withdrew; the “plenum” dried up. Now humans had to learn how to create their own “divine energy” -- the shift from mechanic to engineer is a conscious process.

polarityparadox said:
Thus we have today the ability to think feel and do anything under the sun, generative OR destructive. Looking at the amazingly long lived civilizations of the past (thousands of years even!) you will see at their basis a type of synarchy (the reverse of anarchy)
We create a "new synarchy" that can develop only from fully conscious behavior. It is a synarchy that combines the "Ancient Wisdom" with "Modern Rational Thought."


Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

Unread post by lizzie » Thu Jun 05, 2008 8:32 am

Here are some more thoughts on the EM Plenum including some questions about ETs, gravity, time and immortality.

We were meant to “evolve” from unconsciousness to the specialized state of super-consciousness. In a highly complex technical world, people need to show both flexibility and creativity to adapt immediately to each novel situation. Such behavior is not possible in the unconscious state.

Humans act more creatively when the many think as one rather than when one thinks for many.

In the “Edenic” state each person was a genetic EM transmitter and receiver. The human body had an abundance of EM receptors that are defunct today. Perhaps our “junk DNA” are such remnants. During the Grand Cycle, a new EM “superwave” revitalizes and restores the atrophied genes in humans.

Does this mean that in this “dimension” we are “consciousness units” experiencing physicality. Our 3-D “reality” is just one of an infinite number of dimensions?

If we are “consciousness units”, then what are ETs? Do they come from a different dimension where they broadcast from the EM spectrum which is beyond our “bandwidth”?

I reread the following article and realized that I had more questions I wanted to ask.

Superspectrum Blues
Cells are rapidly oscillating semiconductors.
Therefore, all living creatures are semiconductors. Is the human mind a superconductor?
EM fields surrounding the body may be a form of 'bioinformation,' the organizing fields that tell cells in the body where to go and how to function.
If the ancients had more fully functioning EM receptors in their bodies, they would have been able to tap into this EM energy field in an unconsciousness manner. It would have been a perfectly normal genetic behavioral response to their environment
Organisms may use EM waves to transmit information
They communicate telepathically?
Certainly, the fact that ESP does not fall off in range like most other signals (the inverse square law) suggests it is not a 'standard' form of EM wave.
What are “non-standard” EM waves? Are they simply those we cannot measure because they are beyond our “bandwidth”?
Wilbert Penfield found that electrical stimulation of areas of the brain caused people to see images from their past as vividly as when they were "there."
EM waves allow us to “time travel?”
To the consternation of paranoids everywhere who claim people are 'beaming' their thoughts, Andrija Puharich has found that ELF waves may indeed have the ability to control behavior if they are at beta wave (5 - 8 Hz) frequencies, and that various agencies (CIA, etc.) have researched the possibility of behavioral control in this area.
So remote viewing is useful after all, just as Ingo Swan stated.
One thing that is notable about the Fortean "window areas" is a high degree of geomagnetic disturbance. The same EM fields causing the disturbances in electronic hardware may also be disrupting the 'wetware' of the brain. Nonetheless, some EM phenomena generated in these zones - in particular the so-called "Earthlights" - are very physical and real.
ETs could be primarily EM entities, or they present themselves to us as EM entities?
The very odd behavior of some Will-O-Wisps/Spook Lights/Ball Lightning has suggested to Vincent Gaddis and others that these may be forms of intelligence, "electro-animals," with purposive behavior.
Are intelligent “energy bodies” the same as the “consciousness units” defined by Dr. Davydov?

http://www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpB ... =660#p6407

Returning to the text in Superspectrum Blues
One simplistic explanation of the Fortean occurrences in these areas is that contact with these EM entities produces hallucinations, and causes the person to see whatever his belief system is likely to accept - a flying saucer, a hairy ape, a ghost, an angel, a talking tree, or whatever. An alternative explanation, advanced by Paul Devereux, is that these energy-balls are subject to psychokinetic molding, into whatever we want to see.
Do we project our own “belief system” upon these phenomena because we are unable to define them in any other way?
UFOs may be nothing more than just superspectrum entities: the fact that they often change coloration - from red to indigo to vanishing altogether - suggests to Keel that they are specters transiting through, and then leaving, our visible-light spectrum.
UFO’s could be nothing more than EM superspectrum entities – entities beyond our bandwidth. We use our own “belief system” to explain them because we cannot define them in any other way.
Some of the UFO's flagrant violations of the laws of physics - in particular, angular momentum - do suggest it is not a physical object. The physical effects of the UFO - stalling cars, strange electronic signals on radios and phones, 'eyeburn' and CNS effects - suggest that it has a powerful EM field associated with it, if it is not itself an "EM entity."
ETs themselves may not be EM entities, but they can present themselves to us only through the EM superspectrum. In other words, they are consciousness units who express themselves electromagnetically; it is not electromagnetism that makes them conscious.
If the brain is, as Ken Wilber and Itzhak Bentov suggest, a frequency analyzer, might it not under certain duress suddenly become open to a wider bandwidth than normal?
Under certain stressful circumstances we can alter immediately our brain’s bandwidth perception?
John Mitchell concludes that the propensity of UFOs to follow Aime Michel's straight lines - and the ley lines connecting ancient monuments - may be due to their geomagnetic origin, i.e. they are part of the World Grid.
The ETs follow the geomagnetic field lines (ley lines) of the planet – the “world grid”?
But UFOs may be more than just generated by the earth, like Earthquake Lights (EQLs) - they may simply be more able to visit our part of the superspectrum during times of abnormal EM activity in these "window zones." The gateway between our territory and their "Borderland" may be open during those times.
Do these “window zones” exist as dimensional portals? Are they a gateway between two realms?
During reported cases of UFO paralysis or missing time, Keel also observed, the victim often reported being hit by a bright beam of light. Keel connects this to the phenomenon of illumination - like the beam that zapped the Jewish tentmaker, Saul, and turned him into a prophet.... many of the UFO witnesses so 'zapped' experience paranormal healing, increases of intelligence or psychic ability, and begin receiving telepathic transmissions (from the superspectrum?)
Transmissions from the “superspectrum” cause “illumination”?

During the Great Year, we are supposed to undergo a “transformation” (illumination). Does this mean that we will encounter a “galactic EM superwave that will transform us physically and mentally? Do the portals from another dimension open up bathe us with EM waves from the entire EM superspectrum? Would this “illumination” trigger genetic changes? Would it “reinvigorate” our junk DNA and return us to complete resonance with the entire EM superspectrum?
The suggestion is that through the upper reaches of the EM spectrum - i.e. the Superspectrum - the entities, normally outside our perceptual reach, may be able to communicate.
ETs communicate with us through the “upper reaches” of the EM superspectrum?
Perhaps the human brain 'tunes in' to certain bandwidths, picking up the transmissions of the "Great Phonograph in the Sky," stuck in its weird prophetic/apocalyptic/mythopoetic grooves?
Are we just “players” (archetypes) who participate in the great cosmic drama – the unfolding of the Cycles of the Ages?
Perhaps the electromagnetic structure of the 'etheric' body - i.e. the purported 'Kirlian aura' - has special receptors for different types of transmission; might this be what the Hindus identify as chakras , the radar dishes for kundalini ?
Are ETs ‘etheric’ bodies?
Many of the UFO entities claim to come from "another time and another light." This may be a garbled way of explaining that they exist beyond the known (or knowable) EM spectrum.
Have ETs come from a dimension “beyond time”? Are they entities who have broken free from “linear time”?

Is there any "evidence" of the existence of such portals? What is this “astronomical anomaly" (Source X)?

http://www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpB ... =660#p6447

The Grand Cycle marks the “End of Time”. What would that mean?

What are gravitational waves? Do gravitational waves represent that “ripple in spacetime”? Do we get drawn into a cosmic vortex “singularity”?

http://www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpB ... t=15#p6572

Are gravitational waves the same as time waves?

http://www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpB ... t=15#p6574

And here:

Re-imagining Time & Space Warps
http://www.bermuda-triangle.org/html/vo ... nesis.html
Therefore, the difference between all matter must be the electromagnetic energy created by the different number of these charged particles, not in the basic make up of these particles as individuals.

Understanding the structure of all matter is fundamental to understand the limitless potential of manipulating or warping electromagnetism, since by doing so you are capable of affecting the very energy that creates all things.
If gravity is a type of electromagnetism, then gravity could be another part of the EM Superspectrum.

Gravity was much less during “Edenic” times. People could levitate. They lived incredibly long lives. They did not age and sicken as we do today.

The earth is like a spinning top. At the end of each Grand Cycle, the Earth winds down. Gravity exerts its maximum force. When the cycle is over, the Earth reverses itself and starts to spin at full speed. It spins very rapidly and the force of gravity is greatly reduced.

So that would bring us to the next to the Big Question: Life, death and immortality.
“Fulcanelli’s work involved alchemy, and alchemy is usually misunderstood as a primitive medieval precursor to the “real” science of chemistry. Or, somewhat closer to the mark, alchemical operations and procedures were interpreted by the Jungian school as symbols of the personality’s individuation toward wholeness; thus, the Philosopher’s Stone of the alchemical question was not intended to turn lead into gold but to forge a fully realized, immortal, and enlightened human being.” - John Major Jenkins, Galactic Alignment, pg. 61
What if people could live to be as old as 500 years or more? What if people remained in excellent health throughout their entire lives? What if they were able to recharge their minds and bodies by tapping into the EM Plenum? A dead battery is simply one that can no longer be recharged. What if death would be nothing more than falling asleep and not waking up? There would be no pain or suffering. If people wanted to speak with the deceased, they would communicate with him through the EM Superspectrum.

What is the quest for immortality? Does this have to do with the “immortality of the soul” -- a fully “enlightened soul” who no longer needs to reincarnate in a physical body? Or are we talking about a fully enlightened soul who wants to remain in an immortal physical body?

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Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

Unread post by moses » Thu Jun 05, 2008 5:44 pm

In the “Edenic” state each person was a genetic EM transmitter and receiver.
The human body had an abundance of EM receptors that are defunct today.
Perhaps our “junk DNA” are such remnants. During the Grand Cycle, a new EM
“superwave” revitalizes and restores the atrophied genes in humans. Lizzie

I now believe that the time when there was a great civilization
on Earth was before the age of mythology and hence pre-Edenic.
The bodies of these very ancient humans would have had a large
capacity for the flow of electricity as kundalini. This flow
facilitated abilities that present humans don't have. Increasing
this flow by reducing the resistance to the flow, as psychic
traumatic residue, or by increasing the plasma conditions
experienced by the body, will produce psychological effects and
healing. Ley lines and big stones, etc, were used by ancient
people for this increased flow of kundalini and it's effects.

So increased electrical inflow into the Solar System could result
in an increased kundalini flow in us with various psychological
and physical effects. This increased input could be due to an
electrical pulse or a wave. Take note that the effects of kundalini
are to release the memories of trauma we have experienced. Thus an
unpleasant experience, but a healing one. Temporary insanity should
be expected. Much wiser to raise the kundalini with the help of
someone who knows about it.



Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

Unread post by lizzie » Fri Jun 06, 2008 10:59 pm

The Stargate Conundrum

Carl Jung and the archetypes
Jung’s opinion was that our brain was indeed a radio, whereby we could pick up signals from somewhere else: “The psyche’s attachment to the brain, i.e., its space-time limitation, is not longer as self-evident and incontrovertible as we have hitherto been led to believe… It is not only permissible to doubt the absolute validity of space-time perception; it is, in view of the available facts, even imperative to do so.” From this, he went on to formulate the theory of the “collective unconscious”, in which each psyche was somehow linked to a “central repository” of knowledge, “interconnectiveness”. Each psyche – radio – could enter that pool, and connect with anyone from there, on a telepathic level, as every one of us, on an unconscious level, was connected to it.

Jung’s view on the mind was that “out there”, there was a Global Consciousness, operated by archetypes, and that this was a network of our brain. In this approach, there would be a quest to discover the physical interface between our brain and the matrix – the framework that would explain how the psychic phenomena work that had been noted in the various government projects – as well as private paranormal activities.

“In the 1960s, the Hertz (Hz) replaced Cycles Per Second. Since, everyone thinks that all electromagnetic waves are Hertzian. Only the upper portion of the spectrum before Infrared contains Hertzian waves. ELF and ULF are not; waves in biosystems and natural phenomena are not Hertzian in nature.” That’s the same ELF that Puharich was studying.

Talbot commented on remote viewing: “The idea that consciousness and life are ensembles enfolded throughout the universe has an equally dazzling flip side. Just as every portion of a hologram contains the image of the whole, every portion of the universe enfolds the whole.”

As early as 1965, Puharich had written about his “hunch” that there was a relation between psychic ability, and hence the mind, and gravity.

This in itself is a remarkable conclusion: that gravity had an effect on the mind and on our ability to have psychic abilities.

To quote Mitchell: “Religious and mystical experiences and all psychic effects are a result of the individual bringing nonlocal information to the level of conscious awareness.” This nonlocal information was the “Collective Unconscious”. Or the Matrix. That which the remote viewers had access to.

To put it quite simply – if not too simply: the difference between our Reality and that of the Matrix seems to be time. Our reality is bound by time, the Matrix is timeless.

Where is the “interface” between our normal and the “other” world? Is it a gland in our brain? Is it our brain? In the epilogue of The Stargate Conspiracy, its authors introduced the work of Jeremy Narby to a large audience that so far had largely not heard of this anthropologist’s findings. Narby focused a lot of his attention on DNA, specifically highlighting that 97% of our DNA had been labelled “junk DNA”, even though it was clear that it was not junk. It had been labelled “junk” only because scientists were unable to understand it.

Dunne also agreed with Immanuel Kant, a person Jung stated he identified himself with. It was Kant who stated that space and time were modes of human perception only; not attributes of the physical world, and therefore space and time was an invention of Mankind. This “opinion” is echoed by quantum physicists. Reality, Bohm suggested, is “non-local” and is “a holographic ordering of the universe, where each region of space-time contains information about every other point in space-time”, and hence every point in space is able to access all information available in another time.


Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

Unread post by lizzie » Sun Jun 08, 2008 2:47 pm

Subtle Connections: Psi, Grof, Jung, and the Quantum Vacuum
Are human beings entirely discrete individuals, their organism enclosed by the skin and their minds enclosed by the cranium housing the brain? Or are there effective, if subtle, interconnections between humans — and between humans and the world at large?

In many parts of the world ancient peoples combined chanting, breathing, drumming, rhythmic dancing, fasting, social and sensory isolation, even specific forms of physical pain to induce altered states.

Until the advent of Western industrial civilization, almost all cultures held such states in high esteem for the remarkable experiences they convey and the powers of personal healing and interpersonal contact and communication they render accessible.

Carl Jung, fascinated with this seemingly esoteric aspect of the human psyche, attempted an explanation in terms of a higher or deeper reality that would connect human minds with each other as well as with physical reality. He was led to his explanatory concept by a comparison of unconscious processes in individuals with the myths, legends and folktales of a variety of cultures at various periods of history. Jung found that the individual records and the collective material contain common themes. This prompted him to postulate the existence of a collective aspect of the pysche: the "collective unconscious."

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Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

Unread post by Grey Cloud » Sun Jun 08, 2008 4:26 pm

Nothing new there Lizzie,

Jung basically ripped-off Plato.

From Lizzies quote:
According to Grof the memories that surface in past incarnation experiences share with other transpersonal experiences the capacity to provide instant and direct extrasensory access to information about some aspect of the world. If so, all divisions and boundaries in the universe are illusory and arbitrary; in the last analysis it is only a cosmic consciousness that actually exists.
For the first sentence try googling 'amanesis' (one of Plato's themes). As for the second it says nothing that the Indians, for example, haven't been saying for thousands of years. These modern experts, so-called, never come up with anything new, they merely re-invent the wheel using an ever more complicated vocabularly. There is nothing new under the Sun.
If I have the least bit of knowledge
I will follow the great Way alone
and fear nothing but being sidetracked.
The great Way is simple
but people delight in complexity.
Tao Te Ching, 53.


Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

Unread post by lizzie » Mon Jun 09, 2008 4:21 am

There is nothing new under the Sun.
You are right, of course. There's nothing new under the Sun; It's reassuring for me to learn that we humans already know everything there is to know under the sun.

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Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

Unread post by nick c » Mon Jun 09, 2008 7:30 am

Grey Cloud wrote:
Jung basically ripped-off Plato.
These modern experts, so-called, never come up with anything new, they merely re-invent the wheel using an ever more complicated vocabularly. There is nothing new under the Sun.
In many ways, that is quite true! I think you are being a little hard on Carl Jung, a brilliant (right or wrong) free thinker, of the 20th C. Every new idea is based or built upon the idea of some great thinker who went before, and by rewording or saying in a different way we uncover a different perspective and a resulting new way of looking at an old idea. Of course, proper credit is not always given.
Copernicus originally gave credit to Aristarchus of Samos for the heliocentric view of the solar system, but did not mention him in the final version of his manuscript.
Galileo proved that objects fall at the same rate regardless of weight,
and that any differences were due to air resistence, but Lucretius said the same thing 1500 years before.
Newton refined the ideas of Plutarch.
Halley is credited with the discovery that comets return periodically, yet this was stated by Seneca, who cited the Pythagoreans.
Whiston, Donnelly, Cuvier and others were predecessors of Velikovsky and modern catastrophics.


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Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

Unread post by webolife » Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:32 pm

Lizzie quipped:
"You are right, of course. There's nothing new under the Sun; It's reassuring for me to learn that we humans already know everything there is to know under the sun."

I caught your tone, Lizzie, and appreciate it. :lol:
Solomon first said it, book of Ecclesiastes, and this is what I get from that...
...that history and philosophy do seem to have a way of repeating themselves...
Geocentrism and Egocentrism are identical twins who, separated at birth, nevertheless bear the same attitudes and worldviews.
We see what we want to see, and lust after it.
We see ourselves as sophisticated (evolved) slime, then become it.
We think of ourselves as the balancing of some randomizing equation, then prove it by solving the equation.
There is however something "new" for me under the Sun... the hope that the connectedness I see in the physical universe and the connectedness I feel with the universe are guiding principles to each other. Both suggest design, and that keeps leading me to learn and discover more and more, and keeps me on this forum. :D
Truth extends beyond the border of self-limiting science. Free discourse among opposing viewpoints draws the open-minded away from the darkness of inevitable bias and nearer to the light of universal reality.

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Re: Quantavolution,Solaria Binaria,Homo Schizoid,Bicameral Mind

Unread post by SciRPG » Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:53 pm

Thanks arc-us and contributors to this thread. I'm finding these PDF's fascinating. Still reading them over.
~~Richard K~~
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