Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by allynh » Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:04 pm

To a Civil Engineer, everything is a Fluid. Everything.

This is Fluid cavitation using steam. ... _joint.jpg

This is Fluid cavitation using plasma. ... -white.jpg

Each of these are Fluids undergoing cavitation.

Seeing Down Tunnels ... unnels.htm

The Cat's Eye Catspaw ... atseye.htm

Double Layer Detonation ... nation.htm

When Winds Collide ... ollide.htm

This is Fluids: ... lamp_2.jpg

Watch these videos and realize that you are watching Fluids in action.

Ultrasonic Cavitation (

Ultrasonic Levitation

Sound Waves

Chladni Patterns on a Square Plate

Vibration Creates Form

Now, hold in your mind the fact that understanding Fluid Mechanics is essential to understanding the Universe, then read these two TPODs and tell me there is a chance in hell that anyone in the EU group will ever bother to learn Fluid Mechanics.

Dark Matter Recreations Part One ... ations.htm

Dark Matter Recreations Part Two ... tions2.htm
The intracluster plasma is not fluid-like, it is a plasma.
The statement above is so deeply wrong.

Plasmas was first identified in a discharge tube (or Crookes tube), and so described by Sir William Crookes in 1879 (he called it "radiant matter")[5]. The nature of the Crookes tube "cathode ray" matter was subsequently identified by British physicist Sir J.J. Thomson in 1897[6], and dubbed "plasma" by Irving Langmuir in 1928 [7], perhaps because it reminded him of a blood plasma.[8] Langmuir wrote:
"Except near the electrodes, where there are sheaths containing very few electrons, the ionized gas contains ions and electrons in about equal numbers so that the resultant space charge is very small. We shall use the name plasma to describe this region containing balanced charges of ions and electrons."[7]
Ben Franklin moved the study of electricity forward because he focused the discussion in terms used by Fluid Mechanics: flow, current, resistance, etc... Prior to that, each person studying electricity made up their own words, and terms, so no one had a common basis for building the knowledge base. No one could understand, much less agree on, what those new terms even meant. Only by using terms that everyone could agree on--using Fluid Mechanics--were they able to move forward and turn Electricity from a parlor trick into Engineering.

The problem with the EU/Plasma cosmology people is that they are making the same mistake by using unfamiliar jargon rather than building on existing Fluids models the way Franklin did. They use jargon like: Birkeland currents, z-pinch, etc... The TPODs demonstrate that they have gone so far in leaving Fluid Mechanics behind--thus leaving Electricity's roots behind--that they have forgotten where the word "plasma" even came from.

In the latest TPOD, and many other essays, the gravity cosmology people are attacked by the EU group because of their using Fluid Mechanics to describe galactic events.

- Both the gravity cosmology group and the EU group are wrong, because neither side understands Fluid Mechanics.

Simply because both sides are misusing the term "Fluid Mechanics", doesn't mean the various models developed in Fluid Mechanics are invalid to understanding plasma cosmology. You just have to use the right model for the right plasma event.

Here is the latest edition of the book I used in college three decades ago.

Elementary Fluid Mechanics, 7th Edition ... ef=ed_oe_h

BTW, I paid less than $20 for my copy in the mid 70s, now it's $142, yikes!!

If you want to look at Wikipedia instead of buying the book, the Fluids pages are still valid. No one has gone through and censored them, yet. I will put a list of Tabs I have about Fluid Mechanics on Wikipedia in the next post.

When you look through these pages realize that we know so little about plasma, yet we know so much about Fluids. And understand, no matter what any EU dogma my say otherwise, Plasma = Fluids. Understand one, and you understand the other.

To a Civil Engineer, everything is a Fluid. Everything.

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Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by allynh » Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:29 pm

I'm gonna have to go Zen on you guys for a moment. Keep this image in mind as you go through the tabs listed below.
The Zen Garden is the Universe.
The Zen Garden is the Universe.
- The gravel represents the aether that fills the universe.

- The patterns in the gravel represent the plasma moving in the Birkeland currents.

- The rocks are the small amount of matter that is not ionized plasma.

Do not look at those rocks as being solid. From the aether on up, it's all electricity. Everything is Fluid, even the so called stable atoms and molecules are constantly transmuting into something else.

Go through the tabs at your own risk. If your mind is burned when you come out, don't blame me.

Electric Universe tabs

* Electric Gravity

Electric Gravity in an Electric Universe
Twinkle, twinkle electric star
Electric Galaxies
Physics Has Its Principles
Quantum Physics Gets "Spooky" -- Berardelli 2008 (813): 3 -- ScienceNOW
Dayton Miller's Ether-Drift Experiments
Einstein's Lonely Path | Einstein | DISCOVER Magazine
Gravity Magnetism and Light
[cond-mat/9701074v3] Weak gravitation shielding properties of composite bulk YBa_2Cu_3O_{7-x} superconductor below 70 K under e.m. field
General Relativity.
Mass–energy equivalence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Discover mag

Three Words That Could Overthrow Physics: “What Is Magnetism?” | Subatomic Particles | DISCOVER Magazine
Has the Einstein Revolution Gone Too Far? | Math | DISCOVER Magazine
The Most Baffling Scientific Mysteries of Our Time | Dark Matter | DISCOVER Magazine
The Extremely Long Odds Against the Destruction of Earth | Cosmology | DISCOVER Magazine
Nothingness of Space Could Illuminate the Theory of Everything | Subatomic Particles | DISCOVER Magazine
A Modest Proposal for Science: End It, Don’t Mend It | DISCOVER Magazine
Quasars Say Earth Is 1/2 a Pinkie Smaller | Earth Science | DISCOVER Magazine
Smacking Down Stephen Hawking | String Theory | DISCOVER Magazine
Max Tegmark | Cosmology | DISCOVER Magazine
Is the Universe Actually Made of Math? | Math | DISCOVER Magazine

* Aether as fluid

Thunderbolts Forum • View topic - Nuclear Decay Varies With Earth-Sun Distance
Luminiferous aether - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:AetherWind.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Japanese rock garden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Shitennoj_honbo_garden06s3200.jpg 3200√ó1800 pixels
Image:RyoanJi-Dry garden.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Plasma - (The Plasma Universe Wikipedia-like Encyclopedia)
Electricity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
History of electromagnetism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Soil mechanics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fluid mechanics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fluid statics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fluid dynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* History of electromagnetism

James Clerk Maxwell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maxwell's equations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Le Sage's theory of gravitation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aether theories - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aether drag hypothesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mechanical explanations of gravitation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oliver Joseph Lodge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mach's principle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mach principle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dayton Miller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Michelson–Morley experiment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Soil mechanics

Retaining wall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:Retaining Walll Type Function.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Retaining_Walll_Type_Function.jpg 2640√ó1000 pixels
Lateral earth pressure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Fluid Statics

Meniscus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Capillary action - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Buoyancy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cartesian diver - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tears of wine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Marangoni effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Liquid bubble - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Soap bubble - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Emulsion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cheerio effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Fluid Statics - Surface Tension w/images

Surface tension - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:UnstableLiquidSheet.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:SurfaceTension.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:Ggb in soap bubble 1.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:2006-01-15 coin on water.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:Dscn3156-daisy-water 1200x900.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:Wine legs shadow.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:Dew on a Equisetum fluviatile Luc Viatour.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:Surface Tension 01.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Fluid Static - Drop w/images

Drop (liquid) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:2006-02-13 Drop-impact.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:2006-01-28 drop-impact backjet.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:Water splashes 001.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:Post-splash with droplets.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:Water drop on a leaf.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:Water droplet backjet.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:Raindrop on a fern frond.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:2006-01-21 Detaching drop.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:Showerheadandwaterdroplets.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image:Asteraceae03.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jet stream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ocean current - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thermohaline circulation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rip current - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Slack water - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Fluid Dynamics - Fields of Study

Acoustic theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aerodynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aeroelasticity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aeronautics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Computational fluid dynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Flow measurement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hemodynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hydraulics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hydrology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fluid statics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fluid dynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Electrohydrodynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Magnetohydrodynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rheology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quantum hydrodynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Fluid Dynamics - Types of fluid flow

Cavitation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ultrasonic cleaning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Compressible flow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Couette flow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Free molecular flow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Incompressible flow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Inviscid flow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Laminar flow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Manning formula - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Potential flow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Secondary flow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stokes flow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Superfluid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fanno flow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Transient flow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Turbulence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Two-phase flow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hypersonic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Supersonic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Transonic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Choked flow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aerodynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Fluid Dynamics - Types of fluid flow - Cavitation

Supercavitation propeller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bubble fusion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sonoluminescence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Euler number (physics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ultrasonics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Erosion corrosion of copper water tubes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Water hammer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Fluid Dynamics - Fluid phenomena

Boundary layer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Coandă effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Convection cell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Squeeze mapping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Drag (physics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lift (force) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ocean surface wave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rossby wave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Shock wave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Soliton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stokes drift - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Turbulence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Venturi effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vortex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vorticity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wave drag - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Fluid Dynamics - Applications

Acoustics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aerodynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fluid power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Meteorology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Naval architecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oceanography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Plasma (physics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pneumatics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pump - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Fluid Dynamics - Fluid properties

Density - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Newtonian fluid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Non-Newtonian fluid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Viscosity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vapor pressure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Compressibility - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by seasmith » Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:32 pm

allynh wrote:
... everything is a Fluid ...
Hear, hear ...


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Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by allynh » Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:07 pm

I read through my first post, and these are the corrected links.
allynh wrote: This is Fluid cavitation using plasma. ... -white.jpg
The link above is broken. This is the image and link now.
333px-Aluminium-can-white.jpg ... -white.jpg

It is from this article.

Pinch ... nch_effect
The link above is broken. This is the image and link now.

It is from this article.

allynh wrote: Elementary Fluid Mechanics, 7th Edition ... ef=ed_oe_h

BTW, I paid less than $20 for my copy in the mid 70s, now it's $142, yikes!!
The 7th edition is now $160, double yikes!!!

In my big post with all of the links, only a few are broken, and their loss does not impact the thread.

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Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by mcrom901 » Fri Dec 17, 2010 3:08 pm

hi... since this was kinda related to the ufo phenomenon.... i thought of posting here.... sorry if its off topic, but i would appreciate if anybody could provide any info in regards to plasma related uap phenomenon like that of the hessdalen is there any data correlating consistency in other geographical areas? or could there be a common pattern re sightings at icbm sites? :?:

re plasma supercavitation.... has anybody seen this :arrow:


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Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by mcrom901 » Fri Dec 17, 2010 3:25 pm

could plasma super-cavitation stop sonic booms?
It may be possible to meet DARPA's target for the sonic boom by changing the shape of the aircraft, and without using exotic technologies such as plasmas. ... ft/qsp.htm
Supercavitation is the use of cavitation effects to create a large bubble of gas inside a liquid, allowing an object to travel at great speed through the liquid by being wholly enveloped by the bubble.[citation needed] The cavity (the bubble) reduces the drag on the object, since drag is normally about 1,000 times greater in liquid water than in a gas. Current applications are mainly limited to very fast torpedoes.
But the supercavitating torpedo—a rocket-propelled weapon that speeds through the water enveloped in a nearly frictionless air bubble—may render obsolete the old submarine strategy of sly maneuvering and silent running to evade the enemy. ... ng-torpedo

related data...

Deep, very narrow magnetic-field-aligned density depletions were observed by the Freja spacecraft during auroral oval crossings. These cavities have perpendicular width of the order of the electron skin depth c/ωpe and are associated with low-frequency electromagnetic perturbations and with discrete auroral structures. We demonstrate here that these cavities are likely produced by the ponderomotive force of inertial Alfvén waves.

Fine-scale cavitation of ionospheric plasma caused by inertial Alfvén wave ponderomotive force

Plasma density cavitation due to inertial Alfvén wave heating ... horized=no

Plasma cavitation and standing solitons due to stimulated Brillouin pulsations ... O4_021.pdf

Plasma formation and temperature measurement during single-bubble cavitation ... 03361.html

Plasma cavitation in ultraintense laser interactions with underdense helium plasmas

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Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by mcrom901 » Fri Dec 17, 2010 3:35 pm

from uk-mod ufo declassified files... ... ff6f3f.jpg



Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by lizzie » Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:04 pm

Torsion Field Effect and Zero-Point Energy in Electrical Discharge Systems ... /jiang.pdf
Abstract: Highly localized nuclear activation in electrochemical systems and other electrical discharge processes have been observed by many laboratories in world. There is an attempt to explain such anomalous phenomena by using torsion field theory and axion model in this report. Anisotopic behaviours of radiation products, burst charaster, “heat after death” of excess energy release in electrical discharge systems are considered to be interpreted by the torsion coherence of vortex dynamics with the zero-point energy induced by localized intense field emission of micro-protrusion of the cathode, and the dynamic Casimir effect of transient evolution of triple region of gas, liquid solution, and electrode protrusion. Axion model and Primakoff effect are proposed for explanation of nuclear transmutation without noticeable gamma radiation. Nuclear products with high concentration, unidentified tracks with highly collimated lines of low energy nuclear reactions in the electrochemical systems were recorded by CR-39 solid detectors and photo-films, and localized spots with chemical alterations were observed at our laboratory. It is suggested to carry out intensive study of vortex dynamic for explaining the anomalous in wide area of nature and laboratories. Analysis of vortex dynamics with wide range from pitting corrosion of electrochemical system, laboratory plasma, tornado, to quasar spiral model with extremely high energy cosmic rays in the center region, leads to a conclusion for that vortex dynamics creates torsion fields responding to the anomalous effects.

In an electrolytic cell, the electrolysis with high conductivity and the electrochemical double layer with large layer-capacitance lead to a typical structure of the cathode potential distribution similar to the cathode drop of glow discharge in low gas pressure. For a compact layer the thickness of the double layer is equal to one ionic layer, across which there is a linear fall of potential. Thus, high electric field exists in some regions on the surface of the cathode.

The local enhancement of the electric field on the cathode surface with the double layer is related to the protrusions and cracks similar to the tip discharge in air or in a vacuum. The current distribution depends strongly on the surface roughness and the work function of the electron emission. A high transient current density (> 108A/cm2) could be expected due to enhanced field.

On the cathode surface the high persistent electrical fields (>107V/cm) and large equivalent capacitance (>250μF/cm2) lead to a high energy concentration in the double layer [6]. The concentrated field on the tips of the protrusions or cracks after a long-loading period with deuterium on the palladium cathode surface creates a high transient electron flux because of the large distributed capacitance and the negligible inductance in a localized discharge mini-network. The experimental data show that the reactions take place only in some restricted areas that have specific properties. The idea of micro fusion due to the results of energy concentration and the high deuteron flux could be used to explain the nuclear transmutation.

Some behaviors of the torsion-field effect have been observed in the experiments of electrolysis regarding to so-called cold fusion, such as the gas bubble chains come out from the protrusions of the cathode surface for long time after switching off the electrolysis potential. The more surprising thing is the heat after death, which has been recorded by many labs. This phenomenon could be explained by the persistence effect of torsion-field produced by vortex dynamics of tip effect.

Some scientists of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in America reported their articles of bubbles experiments in Science. Experimental results show that the radiation lights of sonoluminescence possess three characters: short duration with picoseconds; wide continual spectrum; highly oriented thin beams. Based on those characters, vortex dynamics with axial acceleration of bubble collapse could be inferred. Nuclear reaction with abnormal gamma radiation was observed [11]. Dr. Claudia Eberlein describes her conclusion on sonoluminescence that only the ZPE spectrum matches the light emission spectrum, which must be a ZPE phenomena [12]. The effect of torsion field on nuclear reactions along the axis of vortex should be taken into consideration for the low ratio of the nuclear products of n/T due to spin polarization of reaction particles.

The axion model and Primakoff effect are proposed for explanation of nuclear transmutation without noticeable gamma radiation. Many laboratories in the world have been engaged in several experiments to search for axions, light neutral pseudoscalar particles yet to be discovered. The axion would be produced in the solar core through the Primakoff effect if its mass is a few electronvolts and could be detected in the laboratory.

Researchers of new energy study of “cold fusion” type should pay great attention to the general processes of electrolysis to find the key points, which could play major role in the transit form the electrochemical processes to processes of torsion and the nuclear processes. From the authors’ point of view, the evolution of double layers is of importance to understand the anomalous effect, typically on the protrusions of cathode. The change of space-time near the tips due to torsion field generated is expected to delivery the zero-point energy, and dynamic Casimir effect for the evolution of gas bubbles on the tips are expected to generate photons and excess heat [1]. The yields of transmutation products are related to the current distribution on the cathode surface. The cathodes of thin wire were benefit to the generation of nuclear reactions and excess heat for electrochemical systems. Careful examination of the evolution of electrochemical double layer will lead to a good understanding of pitting corrosion with electrochemical noise, and further to recognize the anomalous excess heat and nuclear reactions.

Heat after death was observed in many laboratories. It is believed that the persistence behaviors of torsion field could be used to explain such anomalous phenomena. The contact between beads coated with a thin metallic layer or multilayered film and palladium black particles could be regarded as point-contact similar to the tip-effect [13]. We may say that, it is expected to reveal the puzzles of the mechanisms of high-Tc superconductivity with pinning vortices by torsion field theory.

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Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by GaryN » Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:06 pm

Very interesting lizzie. Also, on vortices:
Vortex-Who Needs the Higgs?

So if the dual opposing vortices would seem to be a 'u-joint' in the 'real space' race -- a 'gnostic tunnel' from one existence to another -- where do we go from here? Well one could start by going outward -- from spinning scalars to orb like particles -- from flowform's to flowers, monochords to musical scores, from minor and major charkas to trout streams and tornados -- from planetary power spots to spiraling planet tracks -- Galactic schematics... it's all there.
In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. -Buckminster Fuller


Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by lizzie » Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:10 am

GaryN said: Very interesting lizzie. Also, on vortices

"These are pure waves of Spacetime, and they are oscillating curvatures of space-time itself."

"It appears, then, possible for man through harnessed energy of the medium and suitable agencies for starting and stopping ether whirls to cause matter to form and disappear."

As an analogy, a scalar is a system that is expanding or contracting on a sliding scale in multiple directions simultaneously - IE it's changing its magnitude. A vector translates directionally through space -- i.e. spatially. So a vector that scales is a vector that expands or contracts in multiple directions simultaneously while translating in a specific direction through space. There is only one method in nature to accomplish that seamlessly and that is to spiral.

In any case, common sense alone should tell us that if you're going to create a duality from an infinite source, then you need a device to transition somehow and the dual vortice is the path of least resistance for doing just that.

So the dual opposing vortice and/or chakra is the bridge between the real... the primal space and our world, and back! (the 'real space' race)

Yes... Always Three -- and they are positioned in perfect balance, exactly as the waveforms would be in its namesake coil just before they would collapse, thus revealing their precious 'information'. On and on... you name it... always Three. "Thus the Law of Three is manifested and the spiraling octave is writ large."
Very interesting GaryN. Also on vortices ;)

He has demonstrated that the subdivision of matter under different orders of progressive vibration evolves by such subdivisions entirely new and distinct elements, too multiple to enumerate. He has systematized the proper vibratory chords, progressively, from the introductory molecular to the interetheric, embracing seven distinct orders of triple subdivision.

Keely has discovered that all sympathetic streams, cerebellic, gravital, magnetic and electric, are composed of triple flows, this fact governing all terrestrial and celestial orders of positive and negative radiation. In gravity it would be more correct to speak of triple connective links, as there is no flow of gravity.

Keely attributes to the velocity of the triple subdivision at the point of dispersion, as each triple seeks its medium of affinity.

These same researches have enabled Keely to pronounce definitely as to the nature of gravity -- an ever-existing, eternal force, coexistent with the compound etheric or high luminous, entering into all forms of aggregated matter at their birth. Keely thinks that gravity is the source from which all visible matter springs, and that the sympathetic or neutral center of such aggregation have preceded it and to all that may succeed it, and that disturbance of equilibrium, like gravity, is an ever-existing force. ... 4bb#p39032
To quote from George's privately published book "Inner Space":

"The photon is not a constant but is energy based on DECAYING spinning wave resonance. Now when an energy exchange takes place between two electrons (or particles), the electron may move with a velocity.

When the particle has absorbed or attained enough energy, it may get rid of that energy by emitting it in a full or partially MUTILATED wave form.

But a second particle or electron may REABSORB THE SAME ENERGY, whereas BOTH will SPIN and RECOIL IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS.

The direction will be determined by the recoiling photons. The photon transfer will be responsible for the force set up between the pair of electrons. The photon is energy in wave form which acts as a force field.

This moving wave form can convert to current as the force field is being produced when the photon RECOILS WHILE IT IS SPINNING.
The Theory of Global Scaling assumes that matter resonates harmonically at its lowest level of energy. This lowest level global scaling theory is not merely designated the “physical vacuum”; however, the frequency spectrum of the natural oscillations of the vacuum comprises many orders of magnitude and is fractally developed, like a melody. This “melody of creation” is, according to the theory, the cause of the logarithmic-hyperbolic, scale invariant, fractal distribution of frequencies of most varied measure – from the elementary particles to the galaxies.
Schauberger found:

That "the three dimensional vortex called the logarithmic spiral is the shape of water going down a drain, a tornado, a hurricane, a rams horn which, when played as an instrument, has two basic notes separated by a fifth musical note, atomic centers and galactic nebulas, possibly the entire universe".

"Atoms are nothing more than vortical patterns of energy, where a vortex is a three dimensional spiral. Growth patterns of shells and horns are nearly always spiral or vortical in form, possibly growing along some natural energy pattern". (Note: The Fibonacci Series of Natural Growth).

"Synchrotron radiation occurs when electrons spiral into a magnetic field.

That "the logarithmic spiral is based on a cycloid curve and is the exact opposite of the pressure screw used on airplanes and ships".

He believed that there existed one universal energy that manifests as dual forces depending on its polarity-

Pressure or Radiation leads to centrifugal motion (from the center, explosive), heat, friction and gravity

Attraction or Suction leads to centripital motion (toward the center, implosive), cooling and levitation.

"The term diamagnetism was applied by Schauberger to the attractive or centripital force".

Energy set in motion in a vortex pattern is self-sustaining once it achieves its critical velocity, which may mean the same thing as becoming resonant with some current of force such as gravity".

"Implosion of the water stream occurred for the same reason; namely, the added energy current being drawn into the water vortex along its path was sufficient to 'push' the water away from the wall of the water guide and cause the pressure on the walls to drop to zero.

Why the water refused to rise in the flow return pipe after it became highly charged with etheric energy (diamagnetism) is still a mystery. It is possible that once the water atoms became purified and completely saturated with etheric energy they no longer offered any resistance to the flow of etheric energy through them. Thus, there was nothing for the polar flow to 'push' against and sustain the water flow. When the charged energy was drawn off by the collectors, the charge on the atoms remained below a certain threshold and they still offered sufficient resistance to the polar flow to sustain the vortex implosion motion".
Magnecrystallic Force

This force is neither + nor -. It is found in crystals when the cells attempt to align in the structure of the crystal as building blocks. From this amazing force we can see that it is not like any polarized force; therefore, it is higher than both, or perhaps more correctly, in the middle of both + and -. The only thing between + and - seems to be neutral. Therefore this force is neutral. Neutral is sometimes called the center, as the place where gravity's 'force' is found, according to Newton.

If Time is the information from the 1st dimension and Keely says time is gravity, then, gravity is the information from the Sun, not the 1st dimension, manifesting in the 3rd dimension. Gravity has ties to matter and that is different from the 1st dimensional characteristics of pure information.

Electromagnetism is "dead" force while the Sun feeds the earth with Life Force. That Total Life Force is earth's gravity. Some say the Sun is a living being like Mother Earth and was called Father and even worshipped, of course, this is correct. Father Sun gives to Mother Earth that which is Life. This is a good basis for a marriage of earth and Sun, woman and man. "Dead" electromagnetism and all other "dead" EM residual forces is what is left after all life is taken from the Life Force by the earth.

I learned that the Sun has what is called Ideo-rings (standing waves), upon which planets are set and revolve upon these ideas of the Sun.

The Ideo-rings (standing waves) are gravity, and it holds the total information to control all 'living' functions of earth. The Sun has no gravity or Ideo-ring affecting itself; they start with Mercury.

To give you an idea of the relationship, shape and generators of these Ideo-rings, see Buckminster Fuller's diagram "Tetrahedron as 4 dimensional Model".

This tetrahedral shape shows 3 radiative frequencies and 3 gravitic frequencies, the latter at 90 degrees to the former as follows:

Radiative from the apex- electron, positron, proton
Gravitic around the base- neutron, neutrino, anti-neutrino

If this is correct, I would think that gravity from the Sun's 19.5 areas (bases and apexes of 2 interlocking tetrahedrons or a Star of David inside the Sun), induct gravity into the earth's interlocking tetrahedra at the 19.5 areas, as Ideo-ring (standing waves) from the Sun.
Vortex technology applicable to biosolids
This paper relates to a technology applicable to biosolids processing. High speed photography has revealed reverse vortices within the apparatus. Disruption caused by the action within vortices and reverse vortices, in a cyclonic air-stream, together with the shearing action of an impeller’s blades may alter the chemical structure of water.

‘When subject to intense sound waves, liquids can be stretched until they break and gas bubbles appear’ [3]. During particle cavitation ionisation occurs, and certain electrons give up thousands of electron volts to produce heat. At this point, the apex of certain vortices are going faster, reducing frictional resistance, increasing the density, and reducing the temperature, therefore, the magnetic field strength will increase. An acoustic pressure amplifying oscillation and intensifying vibrational ultrasonic wave travelling through the ions produce an extremely large sound pressure level, increasing the temperature on a micro level by many thousands of degrees, but not more than 10 degrees overall. (This occurs in a ‘boundary envelope’, located in the ‘boundary cylinder’ - to be explained later.)

At this moment (of the ‘critical frequency combination of pulsed wave intensity’) of superposition between the ‘sub-critical harmonic particles combination intensity’ waves of phased and out of phase particles, either explosions and / or implosions [depending on the medium] take place together with an increase in heat. In this locality is situated a resonating two-dimensional (due to an ellipsoidal time harmonic function, relative to its dimension in space) convex complex pitch discharging ‘corona’ - hereafter referred to as the ‘corona’. This is not sonoluminescence, although there are similarities (with Chemiluminescence also).

The ‘corona’, whose nearby electric field is a time harmonic solution of Laplace’s equations in spherical co-ordinates which also interacts with a magnetic field, hermetically seals the high pressure sound level inside the ‘boundary envelope’.

Anyone familiar with homopolar generators will accept that the invention’s high speed rotor will emit an intensified voltage.[7] This voltage assists the process when its oscillation becomes synchronised with the input frequencies. The reverse vortex carries frequencies from the axis, and contains a concave based vortex standing columnar wave ‘boundary envelope’. This base is just below the ‘zone of vacuum polarisation’ produced by a plasma’s acoustic mode - located at the boundary layer of the two-dimensional ‘corona’, at a hyper-spacial intersection between non space-time and space-time. (This smaller ‘envelope’ has an apex angle equal to its angle of torsion vibration, from which a standing columnar wave is created.) Presumably this particular boundary layer has no additional fermionic quantum dimensions. The plasma may be produced by quantum vacuum radiation. (To suggest a ‘black hole’ is being generated would be a fanciful and ignorant remark, as it is more likely to generate ‘stars’ from the helium and hydrogen than a quantum chromodynamic holographic matrix.)

We should take note of Paramahamsa Tewari’s (Kaiga Atomic Power Project, Karwar, India) opening abstract from his paper ‘Phenomenon of electric charge generation by space rotation’: ‘The medium of space (absolute vacuum without matter) is defined as an incompressible, zero-mass, nonviscous, continuous and mobile entity which, in its rotation at the limiting speed of light as a submicro vortex, creates electrons. The property of electric charge of electron and its electrostatic field can be shown to be the effect of rotation of space around the electron’s centre. The mass property of electron is seen to be rising due to the creation of a spherical void (hole) at electron’s centre where space rotates at the limiting speed of light’. [9]

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Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by flyingcloud » Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:22 am

I can't ever get past fluid dynamics either
gas is fluid
liquid is fluid
solid is fluid
c;'mon now plasma isn't
it all is, I must concur

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Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by lizzie » Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:59 am

The relationship between Radiant Pressure and Plasma Cavitation ;) ... 250#p45250

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Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by allynh » Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:52 pm

In reading through The Virtue of Heresy by Hilton Ratcliffe I realized that the galactic red shift was proof of the aether.

Just as in a pond when you throw a rock and the ripples spread and fade, the frequency of light grows longer until it fades over distance. That spreading is so slow that you only notice it over intergalactic distance. That's why the light from the farthest galaxies have the greatest redshifts.

Tired light

None of the Wiki definitions of tired light work, because they ignore the aether. The Michelson–Morley experiment failed to show large changes because the aether is entrained near the Earth's surface as I talked about up thread.

When you look at things using Fluid Mechanics as a model, stuff starts to fall into place.

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Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by allynh » Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:45 pm

I'd forgotten this from High School Physics.

Group velocity
The group velocity of a wave is the velocity with which the overall shape of the wave's amplitudes — known as the modulation or envelope of the wave — propagates through space.

For example, imagine what happens if a stone is thrown into the middle of a very still pond. When the stone hits the surface of the water, a circular pattern of waves appears. It soon turns into a circular ring of waves with a quiescent center. The ever expanding ring of waves is the wave group, within which one can discern individual wavelets of differing wavelengths traveling at different speeds. The longer waves travel faster than the group as a whole, but they die out as they approach the leading edge. The shorter waves travel slower and they die out as they emerge from the trailing boundary of the group.
In the aether, you have gravity traveling instantly, and fading over distance. You have light traveling slower and dropping in frequency(red shift) over distance.

The implications of Slow Light is freaking me out; I need to work on that more.

Slow light

Slow light combined with Rayleigh scattering through the aether may explain a general background radiation 3 degree K. In effect, the 3 degree K glow is the color of the aether.

Rayleigh scattering

From this I think that it is possible to compute the size of an aether particle from the Rayleigh equations based on the 3 degree K glow; sadly I've lost my ability to do simple Math anymore. Ha!

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Re: Recovered: Plasma cavitation?

Unread post by allynh » Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:24 pm

This is an interesting link that kiwi found up in the Comet Elenin on anyone's radar yet? thread.

S03E06: The Cornhusker Vortex ... er-vortex/

I've mentioned before that Electricity would not have moved forward until Franklin phrased everything in Fluid terms. The post is a good description of that.
The Big Blog Theory
S03E06: The Cornhusker Vortex
By David Saltzberg

American readers of this blog can be forgiven for considering Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) primarily as a statesman. Admittedly he did some minor things along this line: helping draft the United States’ Declaration of Independence and serving as the ambassador to France where he secured support for the American War of Independence. Franklin was even the country’s Postmaster General at a time when the postal service was important, not delivering mostly junk-mail. But the show’s writers know what Sheldon knows, that Benjamin Franklin was a major physicist.
physicist_on_100_dollar_bill.jpg (16.95 KiB) Viewed 36900 times
PHYSICIST Benjamin Franklin on U.S. currency

Franklin’s interest in electricity began with electrocuting turkeys for his friends’ amusement, but after once shocking himself unconscious he concentrated on more scientific endeavors. In tonight’s episode, Sheldon enumerated three of Franklin’s inventions: Using the principles of thermodynamics, Franklin invented the “Franklin stove”, which transfers more warm air to a room than an ordinary fireplace, while still satisfying the important detail that the poisonous exhaust exit the chimney. Using the principles of optics, Franklin made “bifocal lenses”, which contain glass with its upper and lower parts ground with different curvatures so that they bend light at steeper or narrower angles. Such different focusing powers allow the wearer of spectacles to focus on either near or far work without changing glasses–while efficiently allowing us the rest of us to identify people over the age of 43. Franklin’s “flexible urinary catheter” is an invention best left to the websites that focus on such things specifically.

Electrocuted turkeys notwithstanding, Franklin’s most significant scientific work was in the field of electricity. In Franklin’s time, two distinct forms of electricity were known and identified as two separate fluids: vitreous and resinous, named after the material it came from. Vitreous electricity can be produced by rubbing glass with silk (“vitreum” being Latin for “glass”) and resinous electricity charge can be produced by amber resin with fur (“resin” being English for “resin”). Franklin noticed a conservation law between the two types of fluids whenever they were generated. He speculated that rather than creating two separate electrical fluids with rubbing, a single electrical fluid was in all material and merely redistributed by rubbing. He speculated that vitreous electricity was an excess of this single fluid and resinous its deficit. A one-fluid theory is correct for nearly all electricity we encounter. The so-called resinous electrical fluid turned out to be the flow electrons while the so-called vitreous fluid is just the remainder of the atoms left behind. For example, in the copper wires in your house, the fluid that flows is really electrons. But there was one “gotcha”. Franklin had a 50/50 chance to guess which fluid was the excess and which the deficit—and he got it wrong. Ever since, the sign physicists apply to the charge of an electron is negative. In a circuit, the flow of the electrons is exactly opposite what is labeled the electric current. That tricky minus sign survives to this day, allowing me and my colleagues to confuse a new set of physics students every year.

The speed of the fluid in copper, that is the speed of the electrons in a copper wire, is a remarkably slow quarter-inch per second. Yet when you turn on the light switch in a room, the lights appear immediately. So, how can a light switch work so fast? The analogy I give my students is turning on the hot water faucet in their shower. The water immediate flows because the pipes are full of water, but notice the water starts cold. It still takes up to a minute for the hot water, which has to flow from the hot water heater, to reach the shower. The same is true for electrons in your house wiring. The copper wires are filled with with electrons and the the power company’s generator is pushing on the electrons at its end of the wire. When the switch is closed (“turned on”), that push on the long line of electrons pushes on the electrons in your lightswitch, and in turn in the wire inside the lightbulb, producing light. The push is what matters. If it were direct current, the time for the electrons themselves to travel from the power company to your light would take about a year. (Since it is really alternating current the electrons just slosh back and forth 60 times per second–50 times for our friends abroad.)

Ultimately, the two-fluid model turned out not to be wrong. Modern experiments, such as those of Barry Kripke, Sheldon’s nemesis, produce materials called plasmas. Plasmas are created when you heat a material so high that the negative electrons break free of the positively charged atomic nucleus in each atom and even the atomic nuclei break free of each other. In a plasma, both the negatively charged electrons and the positively charged nuclei in a plasma move freely. Plasma physics experiments like Kripke’s manipulate both types of electrical fluids.
At the time, Franklin described his reaction to his discoveries as “Chagrin’d a little that we have hitherto been able to discover nothing in this way of use to mankind”. Given how important electricity is to modern life, his words remind us that the fruits of fundamental research to humanity are not always immediately apparent.

Wolowitz wraps up their Benjamin Franklin discussion with “To learn more about our founding fathers visit your local public library.” That was highly appropriate since Franklin founded the first lending library in America, the predecessor to our free public libraries. Franklin’s electrical work is honored to this day by the naming of the official unit of charge (in the centimeters-grams-seconds system) as the “franklin” (Fr). To learn more about electricity, visit your local public library.

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