ThunderTax of the Gods (Priests) - just some thoughts

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ThunderTax of the Gods (Priests) - just some thoughts

Unread post by Jarvamundo » Wed May 12, 2010 5:05 am
Dr Ratcliffe speaks out about politics, science and climate change.

Which got me thinking... in Australia, as with many countries, we are considering the introduction of a carbon exchange style system. Essentially it is a form of levy or tax on the 'carbon' component of goods and services. Australia being a large coal and resources exporter, our nations relative prosperity in recent times is due in no small part to either burning fossil fuels, or selling the fuels for other countries to burn. As it turns out, the exchange system variant our government is exploring heavily compensates these dominant components of our economy by handing carbon heavy companies free concessions, so they do not have to stop polluting as much as the 'people'. (yep we are not stoopid, we (AU) are not going to turn the money pipe off for the sake of environmental thingamajig),

Without getting into a scheme debate on specifics of C02... I don't think a component of this tax-system has been discussed... if we are to enter into a carbon exchange tax system (estimated at $15Trillion global market), on the basis of arguably weak scientific evidence of anthropological climate change.... and with a limited public exploration of the role of solar cycles and natural cycles.... why haven't we at least included 'withdrawal' mechanics in these tax schemes?

I have seen no debate on 'withdrawal of the carbon-tax-system'.... that is to say... if anthropogenic climate change turns out to be false, will we wind back the tax?

If the pro-tax science is so certain, surely you would not have any issue with dissolving the tax should natural cycles become dominant? Where are the facilities and mechanics for this wind back?

With a keen interest in ancient history, i can't help but notice that we are about to introduce a 'GOD TAX' like that of the priests of ancient civilizations.... that is to say.... if the climate "gods of natural systems", continue to move our climate... governments will already have setup the method to respond by increasing taxes...

"The cycle is changing.... quick... tax more" Yes i know it sounds sick, but i see this system under construction.

A weather tax trigger, with no firm public debate or understanding of the natural cycles, becomes a trigger for the priests to charge you more when the gods are angry.

I am not against environmental action... I certainly do not wish to stop from addressing pollution issues... but a smart policy maker, could put in a 'wind back trigger' for the scheme should the patterns vary away from the expected.... if the solar cycle 24 does not show up, and we cool..... then we should immediately dissolve the tax! Write this into it, at the very least.

If we are to actually go through with it... lets be careful about how we sign up to ThunderTax of the Gods, and how this tax policy is linked to the 'catastrophic science' that is being pedaled fiercely.

It we soon discover that natural cycles dominate.... I can't help but get visions of the priests up in their tower shouting "we don't understand why they are angry! send more!"

Will they then, admit their scientific errors and wind back the tax? or will hysteria be milked like the fat cow it is....

I personally have noticed a distinct lack of open and free public science debate in AU, Dr Ratcliffe discusses these points very well. This lack of open free debate in science of course permeates through the other Big Sciences, as we all know at TB. Group thought is a dangerous thing.... Group hysteria is lethal.

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Re: ThunderTax of the Gods (Preists) - just some thoughts

Unread post by larryduane100 » Wed May 12, 2010 7:16 am

yes, such laws should have a "sunset provision" as we call it in the states. That is a provision that a law goes void after a certain amount of years. The term "sunset" is PERFECT for this carbon tax example!


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