The Schumann Resonance

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Unread post by lizzie » Sat Feb 28, 2009 2:44 pm

Atomic Vortices
Back to the Anu, one vortex channels spin energy into matter and the other direction spins matter back to the spirit realms. It is easy to see the Toroidal nature of the Anu. Here I am reminded of the electron spin pairs (in quantum shells).

If you care to look up the ‘Odic periodic table of elements’ that depicts each element as spiralling in one of these four directions. The Odic periodic table when seen from a top down view is a toroid.

Looking back a step briefly to the 4 types of toroid; it would seem that a wave could be wrapped around a donut in CW or CCW direction. The wave could have varied or constant freq. &/or current.

There are 2 depictions of how science can create toroids (apart from smoke rings very unscientific) 1) With electrodes of an arc gun and 2) With two electron beams with magnets to give each beam their twist in opposite directions.

This next picture shows the evolution of a 2D waveform into a 3D toroid and back again. To me this implies that perhaps the pulse of manifestation has rests in the plane of ideas (Mental plane) then returns rhythmically. Photons move in straight lines and as waves. Is this a paradox or a toroid pulse?

Now I come to Maxwell’s train of Vortices cycle (in his example both toroids are moving in the same direction). Seeing a vortex go in through another I wondered if I could extend his theory with a personal twist. What if every second toroid travelled left whilst every other donut went right. As Maxwell suggests after a toroid emerges from inside another it grows and can swallow the next in the cycle. Can this possibly occur with the current flowing both directions?

After compression the Anu released rapidly expands & meets another Anu travelling in the opposite direction that is the same size but is already contracting. One atheric stream flows over whilst in the expansion phase and then inside the other aetheric stream in its contraction phase.

So I’ll review Charles Leadbeaters work on electric currents. He said that the Anu lined up in parallel lines, in an electric field male, female, M, F etc. The aetheric currents were said to flow through the centre of the Anu (He affectionately drew the Anu as ' heart shapes' on a string).

Walter Russell’s view also showed the flow of aetheric currents as 2 spiralling lines that come from opposite directions, both expand & contract in alternate cycles & spiralling waves. One spiral expands as the other contracts

With the chain of Anu as each is swallowed by another there is an attraction & the lines of spiralling force in the toroid ‘within’ will spin opposite the lines of spiralling force on the outer Anu. The Anu’s head ends seem to attract & the tail ends seem to repel. Are these crossing field lines creating Scalar fields that are switching on & off rapidly. These field lines cross at varying angles from acute to obtuse and would be strongest at (90 degrees).
Two different types of field strengths will be happening. When a yin Anu is within a yang Anu, both are empowered and augmented as a ‘yang’ inner yin surface will be in compression contact with the ‘yin’s’ outer yang surface. When a yin Anu has a yang Anu passing through, the contacting surface of the yang’s outer yang surface must be opposite the yin’s inner yin surface. So they may neutralise each other, balance each other or disturb and negate? None the less these 2 types of passage are very different.

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Unread post by kevin » Sat Feb 28, 2009 4:25 pm

Get the popcorn out, time for some flicks, enjoy.

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Unread post by bboyer » Sat Feb 28, 2009 5:18 pm

lizzie wrote:Ah, so that's it. My "field geometry" depends upon the frequency. I will "dissociate" from this "frequency domain" and reappear in another one.
lizzie wrote:
Gray Cloud said: Good luck. You can do it, but only if you 'Know Thyself'. You wont do it by manipulating the Earth's energy to fit in with your's, you will only do it by fitting in your energies with the Earth's. You gotta go with the flow. And while I'm in a generous mood I wll tell you that the answer lies within not without and technology is not required. Every individual is equipped with all the tools he or she needs
Ah but I quite agree with you. I said that facetiously. ....
Interesting. You were speaking facetiously in the top comment quoted here? :? I wasn't. That was one of the two viewpoints I was referring to as "wise [truly] beyond words." Guess I'll leave it at that. Perhaps it's one of those weird "for those who have ears to hear" ... dreamy resonance ... sorta things I've read about from time-to-time. ;)

Ah, well. Back to the fun and resonance with convoluted mystery and conspiratorial secret stuff. :P
There is something beyond our mind which abides in silence within our mind. It is the supreme mystery beyond thought. Let one's mind and one's subtle body rest upon that and not rest on anything else. [---][/---] Maitri Upanishad


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Unread post by lizzie » Sat Feb 28, 2009 7:02 pm

Kevin, thanks. That was fascinating! :D


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EARTH POWER SPECTRUM,Dokumentenarchi ... ECTRUM.pdf

As can be seen, we have a number of precedents for the possibility of utilizing the energy of the Earth and its fields; however, none have yet gained much popularity for public use.

In the past century certain inspired and creative scientists and engineers felt their thoughts and intuition flowing toward an energy source formed of the workings of the Universe itself—but what of now; what do scientists of today see? Are there new clues to guide this free energy path? First, from Stanford University, researchers beamed very low frequency (VLF) radio waves to the magnetosphere, the outer region where belts of charged particles stream toward the Earth’s magnetic poles. The signals followed the curves of the magnetic field back to Earth and were detected half-way around the World—amplified a thousand times in some cases. The radio signals were strengthened by gathering energy from electrons within the Van Allen radiation belts. Each time one of the world’s 50 or so VLF (3-30 KHz,) transmitters emits its signal, streams of excited particles cascade into the Earth’s atmosphere from the outermost regions of the magnetosphere. Even low frequency (LF) radio waves leak into the upper layers, causing this same phenomena. (Low Frequency: 30-300 KHz.)

The injection of small signals into the energy belts creates something like a super-transistor effect, altering the motion of free electrons thousands of miles out from the Earth’s surface. This Tesla Magnifying Resonance effect can control enormous energies by miniscule triggering signals. The Stanford physicists state, “We can amplify waves in the magnetosphere for a Global Communications at lower frequencies.”

Plasma wave electric field measurements with the solar-orbiting Helios spacecraft have shown that intense electron plasma oscillations occur in association with type III solar bursts. These radio bursts are produced by particles ejected from a solar flare and are characterized by an emission frequency which decreases with increasing time; this is attributed to the decreasing electron plasma frequency, fp, encountered by the solar flare particles as they move outward through the solar corona. The measured frequency range is between 30 KHz. And 200 KHz, with the highest amplitude signals from about 40 KHz.-100 KHz. These bursts seem to show both the fundamental and second harmonic structure at kilometric wavelength.(13)

The magnetosphere exhibits a number of important resonances at lower frequencies; such oscillations are thought to be associated with periodic phenomena such as transverse oscillations of individual field lines loaded with plasma and compressional oscillations of the entire magnetospheric cavity. The surface waves generated at the magnetopause by solar-wind pressure variations, or like the wind over the water phenomena, can propagate deep within the magnetosphere and therefore local field line resonances.
The term plasma waves characterizes all those waves that can propagate in a plasma or that have their wave characteristics significantly modified by the presence of a plasma. Plasma waves can be predominantly electromagnetic (having both electrical and magnetic produced fields of current fluctuations) or electrostatic (having only an electric field produced by fluctuations of electric charge). Regions with significant plasma-wave activity in the Earth’s magnetosphere are observed VLF emissions (10 Hz. to 30 KHz.) which have been attributed to amplification through the interaction between coherent particle beams and plasma waves.

Particle dynamics of the trapped radiation belts are determined by some of these waves. Kilometric radiations (50-500 KHz.) observed above the auroras appear to relate to the auroral particle acceleration and may be comparable to the radio emissions from other planets. Recent evidence suggests that strong electrical coupling exists between the ionosphere and the lower atmosphere. Large-scale horizontal electric fields of magnetospheric and ionospheric origin map down, with little attenuation, to an altitude of about 10 km. The total potential voltage drop across regions like the polar caps and the auroral ionosphere can be a significant fraction of the average ionospheric potential with respect to the Earth (240,000 V.)

To summarize: We see abundant possibility for the storage of energies within the Earth’s magnetosphere. We have a mechanism, confirming Tesla, for drawing this energy into the lower atmospheric cavity. We are able now to see how nature handles this influx of energy toward the Earth’s surface through the aurora oscillations. The Earth’s atmosphere vibrations are harmonically related, and therefore desirous of self-oscillation, as given by Keely. In the article referred to about the Hendershot device, the frequency of 14.3 KHz, if multiplied by 3, equals the frequency of 42.9 KHz., if multiplied by 6 equals 86 KHz., and by 9 equals 128 KHz., another observed frequency, or when multiplied by 12, equals almost the suggested frequency of Hans Coler. These inventors were clearly on the path to utilization of this abundant energy source, which surrounds us each minute. Humanity lives at the lower reaches of a vast ocean within the cosmicly stimulated bubble of the magnetosphere, and upon the twirling spherical generator of the Earth. What a masterpiece of Creation.

A final quote from Nikola Tesla: “Throughout space there is energy, it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of Nature….The knowledge that there is throbbing through the Earth, energy available everywhere, would exert a strong stimulus on students, mechanics and inventors of all countries. This would be productive of infinite good. Conditions such as never existed before would be brought about. It would enable Man to dispense with the necessity of mining, pumping, transporting and burning of fuels, and so do away with innumerable causes of waste! New frontiers might be opened, unlimited power for all the world, inexpensive power for the farmer to light and heat his home, to drive his tractor, to harvest his grain, to increase his food output, electric power for millions of homes, so economical that every appliance could be operated electrically. The real beginning of a ‘Golden Age of Civilization.”


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Unread post by lizzie » Sat Feb 28, 2009 9:38 pm

Earth's Time and Space Portals ... rtals.html
The biggest secret that the Earth possess is it's " Twelve Portals", but history tells us that they are not secrets at all, they are well known and documented. Many call these strange areas the "Devils Triangles" or the "Devils Graveyards", the most famous of these is the; "Bermuda Triangle".

These areas are actually time, space, and dimensional portals, they are part of a "Universal Transportation System". The system extends from; Planet-to-Planet, Solar System-to-Solar System, Galaxy-to-Galaxy, and Universe-to-Universe. If a planet can rotate and resonate, it has the capability to produce magnetism and gravity, the electromagnetic processes create these areas of distortion (kind of like "Transverse Waves") I call portals. A portal activates when its connecting "Lines of Electromagnetic Force" (Ley Lines) activate; this occurs every twelve and twenty four hours.

Extraterrestrials know this and they follow the lines to the portals, during the activation's, many U.F.O. sightings are around these lines. Once at the portal/s they guide the/their craft into it/them, sometimes this would appear to be flying into the earth. I believe that this is the explanation for the "Hollow-Earth-Theory". When a portal activates a vortex, cloud, or haze will appear, this is the portal entrance. People have reported these types of occurrences in the portal areas since the dawn of mankind on this earth. Scientist have tried to map the vortexes, clouds, and hazes with no success, because the portal areas are about 1,500 to 700 miles and the vortexes, clouds, and hazes appears randomly within these areas. The Bermuda Triangle is the one that is well known because of the traffic within its area. The Japanese has documented their portal disappearances as well, sometimes placing the area off limits to traffic.
Portal Maps

System of Transportation ... ation.html
The Electromagnetic Lines of Force (powered Ley Lines) and the Portals are an interlocking system of transportation and energy, between the Planets in the Universe.

The many angles of this "Ley System" are geometric and trigonometric patterns, which all contribute to, and fit into the mathematical constant of "PI". The very construction and layout of Earth's Great Pyramids are also based on PI, their locations are not random as many believe; they are part of a particular pattern,
the pattern of PI and the "Tetrahedron". Many ancient practices, such as; "Feng hui", "Chi", and other such rituals are also based on this universal and spiritual
system of Ley.

There are a number of particular alignments around the world that act as intersections for the world’s Ley Lines; these intersections were marked by ancient peoples many years ago (probably 10,500 years ago and earlier).

Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth
During the time it takes you to read this article, something will happen high overhead that until recently many scientists didn't believe in. A magnetic portal will open, linking Earth to the sun 93 million miles away. Tons of high-energy particles may flow through the opening before it closes again, around the time you reach the end of the page.

Indeed, today Sibeck is telling an international assembly of space physicists at the 2008 Plasma Workshop in Huntsville, Alabama, that FTEs are not just common, but possibly twice as common as anyone had ever imagined.


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Unread post by lizzie » Sun Mar 01, 2009 8:51 am

Arc-us said: Interesting. You were speaking facetiously in the top comment quoted here? I wasn't.
I think Kevin is correct; it does have to do with changing field geometry and frequency. I was being facetious about my own personal ability to change my “field geometry.” However, I believe that there are yoga masters and shamans who can do just that.

If you ask me what I think 2012 is all about, I would speculate that it has to do with a change in the Earth’s frequency; this would change its field geometry. I have no idea how such changes will impact humanity. There is also the question about whether "sunspot activity" will affect our DNA. I can't recall in any of my past lives if I have been through a precessionial year before. :D

By now we should be more than ready to have a full disclosure about the meaning and importance of Platonic Solid geometry in understanding the multi-dimensional properties of “consciousness units,” as we have seen on the Earth.


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Unread post by lizzie » Sun Mar 01, 2009 9:28 am

Transformational Tools ... d_geometry
Every thing in form is vibrating. How it vibrates stipulates much of its form. By isolating color as found in ColorCards and Mini ColorCards vibrations can be used to understand much about life.

When the vibration of color is combined with sacred geometry a new, more complex vibration is created. Layers and layers of meaning are combined to create a new context of experience. This is art. Art is an expression of life that contains meaning. The meaning is passed to another, not through words, but through the visual experience.

Crown (A vibration of the number 10)

Something to Consider

This is your time to be recognized. Will you boldly accept the crown of awakening? Not as one who stands above others, but as one who shares in the journey of becoming fully present and accepts responsibility for living a unique contribution!

A Reflection on Crown

It is time! The preparation is complete! Will you gratefully accept the crown! Its halo signifies your inner awakening. Its brilliance declares the Oneness of All. Step forward! Accept the Divine Intention to create in and through a world come of age.

A Message from Crown

With jewels of the universe bursting forth from infinity of light, I bring vision and wisdom for the journey home. Shared human seasons with fragile beginnings now yield to empowerment for the harvest. Wear my essence as a crown of glory, igniting the new way in cooperation with the All.

Questions You Might Ask

What does it mean for me to accept the crown!

Applying Crown to Your Life

In the world as we have known it, wearing a crown can be seen as standing above others. In a changing world, accepting the crown means taking your unique place, using your unique talents, responding to your individual abilities to serve the whole. Are you fully aware of how this applies to you? If no, ask to be made aware of its meaning Soak in what comes. Surrender your reluctance to a greater good.
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry is a PATHWAY TO UNDERSTANDING who we are, where we are from and where we are going. It is a blueprint of creation, an interface between the seen and the unseen, the manifest and the unmanifested, the finite and the infinite.


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Unread post by lizzie » Sun Mar 01, 2009 9:54 am

The Energy that Forms Crops Circles and UFO’s ... t4939.html
I believe I have identified the energy forming the crop circles to be what the Czechs call psychotronic energy, what the Russians call bioplasmic energy, and what the Chinese call Chi. I have also identified this as the energy used by UFOs, by comparing the effects produced by this energy with the effects produced by UFOs.

The effects produced by this energy include, magnetic, electrostatic, increase plant growth, heat. It is also a vibrational radiant energy that decreases with distance in a linear fashion according to 1/r; and inverse law. (Not an inverse squared law like the other energies.) This energy also lingers for a while. It also interferes with electrical equipment and can spin compasses. All of these are the effects in crop circles.

Psychotronic energy, probably from UFOs (either robot or occupied UFOs) is causing the crop circles.

Also, since many UFOs have lights circling them, the energy around the UFO is also circling the craft.

I have a post in the UFo/alien forum about psychotronic energy and ufos, If you want to read more about it.
Digitalna vizualizacija biopolja
Fröhlich proposed that collective modes of both electromechanical oscillations (phonons) and electromagnetic radiations (photons) extend over macroscopic distances within the organism and perhaps also outside the organism

Popp is one of the pioneers in detecting ultra-weak photon emission from living systems. He and many others since have found that all organisms emit light ('biophotons') at ultra-weak intensities, which are strongly correlated with the cell cycle and other functional states.

Dr. Victor Inyushin at Kazakh University in Russia suggests the existence of a so-called bioplasmic energy field composed of ions, free protons and free electrons.

His observations showed the bioplasmic particles are constantly renewed by chemical processes in the cells and are in constant motion. There appears to be a balance of positive and negative particles within the bioplasma that is relatively stable.

In spite of the normal stability of the bioplasma, Inyushin has found that a significant amount of this energy is radiated into space. According to him, clouds of bioplasmic particles, which have broken away from the organism, can be measured moving through the air.

Researchers in the field of biophotonics have discovered that an organism emits - internally and externally - ultraweak photons.

Inyushin has detected plasma particle clouds in the proximity of an organism. In accordance to these research approaches, from our experiments it can be inferred that the EEMF of the biological system influences, with some sort of a near-field effect, the environmental light particles.
Human energy field, subtle bodies ... ?id=123547
Jay Alfred: There have been many depictions of the human energy field and subtle bodies in the metaphysical and religious literature. The interesting observation in these depictions is the many signature features that can be associated with plasma. This suggests that the human energy field and the subtle body can be modeled as a bioplasma body.


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Unread post by lizzie » Sun Mar 01, 2009 11:51 am

Kevin said: If You take everything to be similar but to scale, then you, the planet, the galaxy, universe, will all be to scale, know one, know them all.
If everything of this planet is therefore operating to the same harmonic formulations, with regional variations thus causing slight alterations, Darwin’s theories are obsolete, and it is the specific inputs and outputs of the dual flows of aether that will determine the variants and alterations. The 720 degree on/off sequence will be time, and that time will be particular to all the variant aspects of universe, as will light and gravity. It may also explain why the earth apparently spins and is subject to precession, as every single atoms will turn on/off within the whorls specific to the Anu shape, all of which will be symbiotic to the UNIVERSAL lattice grid, not this earth grid that they keep waffling about; the grid is fractal, and will be specific to every part of the grid universally; therefore if one were to alter the geometry locally within a strong enough field to overcome the earth’s field, you would instantly be wherever the geometry matched in universe, You couldn't exist anywhere else, and the ability to maintain the field geometry about yourself will determine if you stay , if not you will instantly vanish and appear back at the geometric point matching your field geometry.
Yes. If you change the frequency (vibration), it will change the “field geometry” for everything and everyone throughout the entire Universe. We must turn our "toroidal geometric field" inside out. I think that is what Dan Winter is saying. If we open our hearts to unconditional love, they will "turn inside out?" This is the real "alchemical transformation". We change the "magnetic resonance" of our hearts. A new harmonic frequency will change our hearts from "lead" to "gold" because the heart's geometric shape is based on the torus. The torus is fractal and recursive and will unfold and enfold based on the Phi spiral. The heart will "implode" and turn inside out. DNA will "unzip" and "implode" and turn inside out. The Earth will implode and turn inside out. The Sun will implode and turn inside out; the solar system will implode and turn inside out; the entire Universe will implode and turn inside out; and then we will all go to the next level (dimension) and start a new Phi spiral journey at the next octave. :D

The “Universal Geometric field” – the Torus

Toroidal Space
A major branch of geometry is the study of geometrical structures on manifolds. A manifold is a curved space of some dimension. The surface of a sphere and the torus (the surface of a doughnut) are both 2-dimensional manifolds.

In particle physics, the doughnut shape is also known to provide the best environment within which to accelerate particles as it can hold and route the plasma formed by such machines in a more efficient manner. Toroidal geometry is attractive for space energy storage magnets because it results in small external magnetic fields.

The torus has also been used to illustrate certain concepts of the so-called "subtle energy" worlds. The toroidal form figures heavily into the esoteric study of sacred geometry. Since ancient times, "seers" have confirmed that the human aura appears as a series of nested spherical torus formations.

In one of the basic structures of physics, called the Tube Torus there is a study of vortex energy that describes Light and Language in its potential.

One of the energy patterns around the body is in the shape of a torus - or donut - with the energy flowing through the body and looping around to connect in at the feet and the head. It is as though we are in the middle position of the donut. The flow in through the head and feet is bidirectional. In the matrix of this flow are the wave and particle relationships that structure and govern the nurturing "cosmic" energy from which we are crystallized.

It has even been suggested that the torus can be used to define the workings of consciousness itself. In other words consciousness has a geometry! The geometric shape used to describe the self-reflexive nature of consciousness is the torus. The torus allows a vortex of energy to form which bends back along itself and re-enters itself. It 'inside-outs' and is continuously flowing back into itself. Thus the energy of a torus is continually refreshing itself, continually influencing itself. Some amazing work has been done over the years by Dan Winter who suggests with geometric diagrams that the only way self-reflexiveness can continue without breaking down is by using waveforms based on harmonics of the golden section. He claims our very DNA is a helix formed by 2 rotating geometric figures called icosahedrons and dodecahedrons. Stan Tenen (MERU Foundation) has also done some great work along these lines.

The torus enables vortexes to be formed. All torii create energy vortexes. Energy can funnel up or down through it; the rotating nature of a torus generates a flow of energy through the torus, depending upon the speed of rotation of the torus and the kind of torus it is (there are 3 kinds of standard torii). An examination of the torus shows that its very construction forms energy funnels, or vortexes.

The toroidal shape used in HRT is similar to a doughnut but rather than having an empty central "hole", the topology of a torus folds in upon itself and all points along its surface converve together into a zero-dimensional point at the center called the Vertex. This makes it the perfect environment within which to populate the automatous partials that make up the essence of any dynamic function such as a person's vibrational essence. Any input placed at the Vertex while the torus is "torsioned" (folded and rotated inward) is spread out and distributed over the entire surface of the toroid.
The Toroidal Shape of the Sun and the Planets

The Resonance Project
We have introduced torque and Coriolis forces in Einstein's field equation to form an expression for the spin driving forces that we observe in a vast variety of cosmological, classical, and quantum domain phenomenon. This approach appears to fit well with the spinor approach in the Dirac formalism in the quantum domain, that is, that the Lorentz conditions applied by Einstein in relativity may be the origin of the spinor and, hence, be the fundamental theory that yields the spinor formalism and the role of spin in physical phenomena.

The dual torus topology occupies a central role in the spinor, twistor and quaternionic formulation. This topology appears to be ubiquitous in astrophysical and cosmological phenomena and is predicted by the U4 bubble of the affine connection in the Haramein-Rauscher solution to Einstein’s field equations. The geometric structure of the complexified Minkowski space is associated with the twistor algebra, spinor calculus, and the SUn groups of the quaternionic formalism. Hence quantum theory and relativity are related mathematically through the dual torus topology.

We have demonstrated a unique relationship of the dual torus topology to the spinor calculus, twistor algebra and the quaternionic formalism. This topology appears to be ubiquitous in Nature and may result from spacetime torque and Coriolis forces generating spin/rotation at all scales, from galactic and stellar objects, supernovae, to the weather patterns in the Earth’s atmosphere, and may even be a key to defining an electron’s path. The tori form appears to also occupy a role in unification models through the group utilized in supersymmetry models.
Invariant Tori ... b/Tori.htm
At 10,000 Earth masses, Jupiter perturbs Earth's orbit into what looks like a doughnut. This is the key to the KAM proof of the stability of orbits under planetary perturbations.

The key to understanding the KAM theorem is the concept of an "invariant torus".

A torus is the surface of an inner tube, a bagel, or a doughnut. Any point on the torus can be labelled by two angles, one giving the angle around the hole in the middle and the other giving the angle around the tube cylinder.

You see that the Earth's trajectory looks rather like a torus; while Jupiter pushes and pulls on the Earth, and the distance to the sun depends on where Jupiter is, our trajectory is still confined on a bounded surface: our climate isn't nice, but it stays within certain extremes...

Why a torus? Think about the system in the "non-interacting planet approximation" where the masses of Earth and Jupiter are both set to zero. Earth and Jupiter both move in near-circular ellipses around the Sun. Jupiter's year is 11.862972 Earth years in this program. So, in the four dimensional space (x,y) for Earth and (X,Y) for Jupiter, the planets are approximately spiralling aroung the torus in the four dimensional configuration space (or, if you prefer, in the 18 dimensional phase space of positions and velocities of Earth, Sun, and Jupiter.)
The Toroidal Shape of the Solar (Hydrogen) Atom and the Human Heart
The Anu is a sun in miniature in its own universe of the inconceivably minute. Each of the seven whorls is connected with one of the Planetary Logoi, so that each Planetary Logos has a direct influence playing on the very matter of which all things are constructed. It may be supposed that the three conveying electricity, a differentiation of Fohat, are related to the Solar Logos.

Force pours into the heart-shaped depression at the top of the Anu, and issues from the point, and is changed in character by its passage; further, force rushes through every spiral and every spirilla, and the changing shades of colour that flash out from the rapidly revolving and vibrating Anu depend on the several activities of the spirals; sometimes one, sometimes another, is thrown into more energetic action, and with the change of activity from one spiral to another the colour changes.

The Anu has three proper motions, i.e., motions of its own, independent of any imposed upon it from outside. It turns incessantly upon its own axis, spinning like a top; it describes a small circle with its axis, as though the axis of the spinning top moved in a small circle; it has a regular pulsation, a contraction and expansion, like the pulsation of the heart. When a force is brought to bear upon it, it dances up and down, flings itself wildly from side to side, performs the most astonishing and rapid gyrations, but the three fundamental motions incessantly persist. If it be made to vibrate, as a whole, at the rate which gives any one of the seven colours, the whorl belonging to that colour glows out brilliantly.

An electric current brought to bear upon the Anu checks their proper motions, i.e., renders them slower; the Anu exposed to it arrange themselves in parallel lines, and in each line the heart-shaped depression receives the flow, which passes out through the apex into the depression of the next, and so on. The Anu always set themselves to the current. In all the diagrams the heart-shaped body, exaggerated to show the depression caused by the inflow and the point caused by the outflow, is a single Anu.
The Toroidal Shape of the Human Bio-energy Field

Human energy field, subtle bodies ... ?id=123547
Jay Alfred: There have been many depictions of the human energy field and subtle bodies in the metaphysical and religious literature. The interesting observation in these depictions is the many signature features that can be associated with plasma. This suggests that the human energy field and the subtle body can be modeled as a bioplasma body.
The Toroidal Shape of DNA

Electronic structure of DNA revealed ... 022808.php
The knowledge of the electronic properties of DNA is an important issue in many scientific areas from biochemistry to nanotechnology -- for example in the study of DNA damage by ultraviolet radiation that may cause the generation of free radicals and genetic mutations. In those cases, DNA repair occurs spontaneously via an electronic charge transfer along the DNA helix that restores the damaged molecular bonds.

In nano-bioelectronics, which is the advanced research field devoted to the study of biological molecules (to produce electrical nanocircuits, for example), it has been suggested that DNA, or its derivatives, may become used as possible conducting molecular wires in the realization of molecular computing networks which are smaller and more efficient than those produced today with silicon technology.

In their work, the researchers were able to decode the electronic structure of DNA and to understand how the electrons distribute into the various parts of the double helix, a result that has been pursued by scientists for many years, but was previously hindered by technical problems.
HEART OF THE MATTER ... erLink.htm
DNA is a four-dimensional dodecahedron, in the sense that adding one spin to three dimensions adds a harmonic and a nest for memory. (The pressure envelopes of the little bubbles of light which make up the matter of the gene are enfolded or enveloped with another harmonic, with each successive axis of spin, or symmetry.) The DNA double-helix keeps a set of wavelengths evenly spaced on a path through time and space; thus it conserves the wave shape.
Sacred Geometry and the Structure of the Torch of Life ... izedek.pdf
The structure of the Torch of Life is built on the principles of sacred geometry. It is comprised of lines and circles which are arranged according to the PHI ratio 1:1.618 approximation of the Fibonacci sequence. This ratio and its primary measurement, symbolic of the Sun Spot cycle, dictate its size. The active (masculine, linear) nature of the Galdrastafr is regulated by the passive (feminine, circular) form of the mandala. The raw creative power represented by the runes are contained and regulated by the compassion of the circles.
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Unread post by kevin » Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:29 pm

You are a star, a twinkling diamond cut star.
Have You ever wondered about the CUT faces of jewels, why they fill the crown of the QUEEN with such jewels?
Why the native Indians wear feathered head dress, Why loads of Egyptian symbols show varient head dress shapes, why ancient cultures world wide show strange helmet type head shapes?
It is ALL about FIELD.
The bee's to make a queen, simply rotate the geometric cone through ninty degrees, and increase it's size, the drones then become queens.
I check WHERE the bee's build their nests, if left to their natural devices, and the wasps, they take a BEE LINE, they sure do.
Alter the FIELD pattern /shape etc, alter the result.

Check out the man who created gothic architecture, abbot suger, You will find me chasing Him about, He built the cathedrals to geometry, threw in a little solfeggio, stirred up the pi with fibonacci , and scoured the globe for jewels, he put the colours in the geometric shaped and placed windows, He was rather clever was abbot suger.

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by kevin » Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:22 pm

Here's those littl hand bag things again, they are all over the globe?
I reckon they are showing here the hand bags altering the field centred upon the egg that the griffin is holding?
The crab underneath with be an interferance pattern created as per the nazca lines.,in my hobbit head anyway. ... -Eden.html

How can they mark garden of Eden, we have been TOLD different timings surely.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:22 pm

The Bermuda Triangle Stargate ... troduction
A German historian/scuba diver has recorded the exact location and value of deviations in magnetic fields off the Bahamas coast. Scientists to whom he has shown the figures do not dismiss the possibility that they are caused by micro-wormholes. His researches have also led him to wonder whether the American AUTEC naval base on Andros Island is not-perhaps on account of these same wormholes - an "Underwater Area 51 of the Caribbean." And he has reached some new conclusions concerning Atlantis and the Bahamas.

According to Wheeler, these wormholes may be only a giga-fraction of a square inch in size-the number one preceded by 33 zeroes, preceded by a decimal point. Wheeler says these mini-black holes, constantly blinking in and out of the geometry of space, are thought to be bits of "virtual matter;" that is, they can exist for a limited time only. Their counterparts- so-called mini-white holes - are virtual anti-matter. Whenever these two kinds of virtual matter build up to any extent, they immediately destroy themselves. Wheeler can offer no explanation as to why mini-holes appear, disappear, then reappear.

I have been told of conspiracy and suppression theories of a very dark nature which have been burgeoning around the subject of AUTEC as an "underwater Area 51," just as they have been around the subject of the real "Area 51."

Here is an example, passed along to me by an informant whom I interviewed in November, 1998, at NASA headquarters at Cape Kennedy, Florida.

I was told that highly respected and world-class British scuba diver Rob Palmer, who had been director of a "blue holes" research center in Bahamas for a number of years, had failed to surface after a dive in the Red Sea, in Israel, in mid-July, 1997, and was presumed dead. Blue holes are small underwater caves, apparently formed from within, which are found predominately in the area of the Bahamas archipelago. I think it possible that blue holes may, perhaps, have been formed by the popping in and out of existence of micro-wormholes.

Rob Palmer, apparently, had entertained a roughly analogous theory. In addition, he believed blue holes might be the transit points for UFOs arriving here from other dimensions, and his investigations were taking him closer and closer to the AUTEC base on Andros Island, where there is a very great proliferation of blue holes. My informant told me there was a rumor that Palmer might have been murdered by officials at AUTEC, probably because he knew too much, and possibly by a post-hypnotic suggestion which caused him to take his own life while he was under the waters of the Red Sea.

Many have long believed that Bimini is a remnant of Atlantis. The idea was first mooted by trance-medium Edgar Cayce, who claimed that many of the people to whom he gave readings had lived past lives on Atlantis. Using the latest technology, scientists from the British Government's Building Research Establishment have even discovered tiny amounts of coal and gold in apparently man-made stone found on the seabed at Bimini.

As a historian interested in primary rather than secondary sources, I decided to read the single text upon which all of the thousands of books on Atlantis are based: the dialogue called the Critias, by the Greek philosopher Plato.

Moreover, I decided to read the dialogue, not, as so many have, as myth or metaphor, but as historical fact. And I bypassed most of Plato's detailed account of the splendors of this ancient kingdom, concentrating instead on its dimensions as reported by Plato: What shape did Atlantis have? How long and wide was it?

I learned something intriguing: that if you were to take the present-day Bahamas archipelago and raise the entire land-mass by 300 feet - or, to put it another way, lower the water level surrounding Bahamas by 300 feet (its level during the last Ice Age) - you would end up with a country that closely matched, in shape and size, the ancient Atlantis of Plato: The philosopher wrote in the Critias that the continent was larger than Egypt (as it was then known); that the center of the island, not far from the sea, was formed by a plain surrounded by shallow mountains to a distance of six miles; and that these mountains themselves were located in a large plain, surrounded by high mountains to a distance of 200 miles.
The Weather in the Triangle ... 20Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle is supposedly a "gateway to other dimensions" (Carnegie), but it is not. The Bermuda Triangle stretches from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Bermuda, and then to Miami, Florida. It is 14,000 square miles (36,260 square kilometers). Some say that planes, boats, and people have "disappeared." In fact about 50 people have supposedly "disappeared." Although, most of this can be explained by waterspouts, extreme air turbulence, electromagnetic storms, and powerful ocean currents, there are two major occurrences that started the myth: the major one, Flight 19, and the minor one, Mary Celeste.

Some believe that the Bermuda Triangle Phenomena is caused by the Lost City of Atlantis, sunk thousands of feet below the water's surface. The advanced state of Atlantis at the time of its submersion relied on the power of energy crystals. It is possible that these crystals are still at the bottom of the ocean, in a somewhat altered state, sending out rays of energy that either confuses the instrumentation of vehicles, or disintegrates them all together.

Lastly, many believe the Bermuda Triangle to be a man-made energy field using Tesla based technologies. A VLF-Resonance transmitter (a technology many believe to be in use by the North American Air Defense Command, or NORAD) would have an antipode directly in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. This hypothetical system would be capable of recharging speculated secret electric-powered submarine classes, and would definitely provide enough interference to scramble signals that airplanes and boats rely upon.

Perhaps the most unusual dive site in the Bahamas, this natural blue hole extends about 100' across, drops to about 200', with its perimeter, dotted with isolated coral heads, starting at a depth of 40'. Most shops permit a maximum 80' depth.
The Atlantis Connection ... CONNECTION
In The 1960's a startling discovery was made in that same place. It was that of an ancient roadway built out of large stones which was under the ocean off the coast of Bimini. Could this be an ancient highway of Atlantis?

Before Du Val, Charles Berlitz had already given pictorial and radar – based evidence for submerged step pyramids, megalithic walls and walkways, as well as a fantastic – sized tower, which Hermann believes to be the Tower of Ilta that is referred to in the Edgar Cayce readings.

The ruins of temples dated at 12,000 years old have been found near Bimini, Bahamas. Preliminary analysis has revealed that the original structures, although smaller in size than the Great Pyramid of Giza, appear to have been more advanced. Casing stones have been measured which are of the same unique angle as those at the Great Pyramid.

The ruins are megalithic and bear a remarkable resemblance to ancient sites in Egypt. So called "quarry marks" found in the Aswan quarries and also on the Great Pyramid, itself, appear to be identical matches with those found on the Bimini temple stones. Other characteristics closely match features at megalithic sites in Peru, the Yucatan, Ireland and Scandinavia.

It appears that the most important or revered numbers associated with these ruins were the numbers five and nine. These numbers were also of great significance to the ancients of Egypt and Mesoamerica. Evidence indicates that a "checkerboard" calculator system was being used. Examples of this system were found on top of the Great Pyramid and were long used for numerical calculations in Mesoamerica. This same checkerboard pattern shows up on the lintel stones of temples built by Celts of Iberian origin. Also, according to some astronomers, this pattern served as a calendar regulator to measure the sunrise and sunset directions on solstices and equinoxes.

The major concern of the mysterious ancient civilization that produced these heavenly maps seems to have been Saturn and Jupiter -- with the oldest records reflecting an emphasis on Saturn.

Records which have been translated, so far, deal with prophecy, historical events, dimensional shifts in time, and the religion of Atlantis. It is estimated that a full translation of records found, to date, could take years to accomplish. But the fact that the very same information is found in both hemispheres can only be seen as a RESOUNDING VERIFICATION as to the authenticity and intention of these records.

According to the explorers, however, without the actual records which were discovered at the Scott Stones site, these current researchers stand little to no chance of being able to locate the Egyptian set of records which has proven so helpful. Also, they say that without the Egyptian set of records, it will be virtually impossible to locate the matching set of records in the Yucatan area.

The explorers explain that these three sets of records, though NOT identical, ARE intricately and indisputably linked; and they DO absolutely corroborate each other!! What's more, the explorers (although independent and having no connections whatsoever with the A.R.E.) are saying that:

"It cannot even be debated that the actual INFORMATION contained in these records DOES POSITIVELY CONFIRM things which Edgar Cayce supposedly saw, including: startling new information concerning a predicted RETURN!"
Atlantis Debunked ... 20Debunked
The island of Bimini in the Bahamas has long been a favorite hotspot in the search for Atlantis. Speculation has centered on the supposed "Bimini Road", a structure often said to have been paved on the ocean floor by Atlanteans, but which is actually a natural formation of limestone. There have also been unfounded reports of stone columns and giant pyramids in the island's waters.
Atlantis Mystery ... %20MYSTERY
Of all the world's unsolved mysteries, Atlantis is probably the biggest. Said to have been a huge island continent with an extraordinary civilization, situated in the Atlantic Ocean, it is reported to have vanished from the face of the earth in a day and a night. So complete was this devastation that Atlantis sank beneath the sea, taking with it every trace of its existence. Despite this colossal vanishing trick, the lost continent of Atlantis has exerted a mysterious influence over the human race for thousands of years. It is almost as though a primitive memory of the glorious days of Atlantis lingers on in the deepest recesses of the human mind.

Above all, why do the legends of people the world over tell the same story of an overwhelming natural disaster and the arrival of godlike beings who brought with them a new culture from a far? Could the catastrophe that sank Atlantis have sent tidal waves throughout the glove, causing terrible havoc and destruction?

And were the 'gods' the remnants of the Atlantean race - the few survivors who were not on or near the island continent when it was engulfed?
The Atlantis Mystery Deepens ... %20DEEPENS
In 1940 the American psychic healer and prophet Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantis would 'rise again' in 1968 or 19969. So, in 19968, when it seemed that the site of the world's most famous lost land had finally been located in the eastern Mediterranean, news that underwater vast building off the Bahamas shook Atlantist everywhere.

The question of Atlantis was reopened. Could this be Poseidia, described by Cayce as the 'western' section of Atlantis? Were Plato and the other Atlantists right after all when they placed their lost civilization way out in the Atlantic Ocean?

As early as 1883 Ignatius Donnelly suggested that the mid-Atlantic Ridge was a remnant of Atlantis. But most modern geologists and oceanographers consider that, far from being the relic of a continent that sank beneath the sea, the ridge was forced upward from the ocean floor, probably by volcanic activity.

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by seasmith » Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:50 pm

Hi Lizzie,

I notice that your author cited above, Jay Alfred / Human energy field, Subtle bodies, goes back to Barbara Brennan as a prime resource,[ whom i was asking Kevin and Mague if they familiar with].
That is a Plus, for your researches, imho....

Experimental metaphysicist Barbara Brennan has observed, as many other metaphysicists, vortexes within the human energy field or bioplasma body. Within each vortex, residing on the surface of the relatively dense body within the ovoid, there are also small rotating vortexes spinning at very high rates.
10. Super Fields
It has been observed and recorded in the metaphysical and religious literature that within the bioplasma body are both helical and straight currents (see #3 above) aligned with the longer axis of the bioplasma body. These are the "central currents". In addition, there also numerous filamentary currents interpenetrating the bioplasma body (see #7 above).

A complex network of currents enveloping the bioplasma body has been observed by Barbara Brennan who notes, "The main vertical power current induces other currents at right angles to it to form golden streamers that extend directly from the body. These in turn induce other currents that circle around the field, so that the entire auric field and all the levels below it are surrounded and held within a basket-like network." Moving charges generate magnetic fields which have been depicted often in the metaphysical literature. There are localized fields embedded within global fields.

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by mague » Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:54 am

seasmith wrote:~

Experimental metaphysicist Barbara Brennan has observed, as many other metaphysicists, vortexes within the human energy field or bioplasma body. Within each vortex, residing on the surface of the relatively dense body within the ovoid, there are also small rotating vortexes spinning at very high rates.
10. Super Fields
It has been observed and recorded in the metaphysical and religious literature that within the bioplasma body are both helical and straight currents (see #3 above) aligned with the longer axis of the bioplasma body. These are the "central currents". In addition, there also numerous filamentary currents interpenetrating the bioplasma body (see #7 above).

A complex network of currents enveloping the bioplasma body has been observed by Barbara Brennan who notes, "The main vertical power current induces other currents at right angles to it to form golden streamers that extend directly from the body. These in turn induce other currents that circle around the field, so that the entire auric field and all the levels below it are surrounded and held within a basket-like network." Moving charges generate magnetic fields which have been depicted often in the metaphysical literature. There are localized fields embedded within global fields.
the vortex'es are known. First know literature are the upanishads from 1200–900 BCE. It is well documented and practiced worldwide. Even western doctors use acupunture additionally to "scientific prooved" methods.

I wanted to add that there are different layers. From physical reality deeper into the different non-physical parts of the body. Take your shin for example. The front part where the bone is "open" and unprotected by muscles is a known energy line. At the same time we are able to scientifically measure a huge physical vector there. This is the closest layer to our physical reality. If we look further we see that this layer is aligned to physical forces iduced by gravity and the tensegrity of our skelleton and the tension or non-tension of the muscles. We are deepsea animals living on the ground of an oxigene ocean. Wrong posture while sitting on a chair in the office "deforms" us and gravity and the pressure of a miles high air column is trying to crush us then ;) We are designed for this habitat. Always sitting is killing us while walking and using the tensegrity is healthy. Some even say walking is recharging our battery. Personally i am convinced that we are connected to the Schumann Field as well.
On a deeper layer we may compare them to somatic energies, deeper the psychologic energies, then psychatric energies and probably the "lightworld" body.

The 2nd thing i wanted to tell is that votex is not equal to vortex. Some seem to be part of our natural existance, while others are rather disturbances in our energy body. An egg shaped hardening of a muscle could be the effect a disturbing vortex caused. The "healing hand" wants to smooth the disturbing turbulences and support the natural flows and swirls. Japanese ministry of health is regarding working on acupunture points and meridiens with the hands as precautional.


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