Hatshepsut - Queen of Seba

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Hatshepsut - Queen of Seba

Unread post by Sithri » Sun Jan 27, 2019 7:58 am

Hatshepsut--The Queen of Seba-
This is the Ancient Hebrew meaning of her name, if we are to assume that Ancient Hebrew and Greek derived from Ancient Egyptian and Phoenician through the Exodus of the Jews and Ancient Egyptians:
Had (papyrus flower of Phragmites australis: the)-Sutekh (Loom)-ShLVSh (Three Lines: Thrice great)-(Leonine forefront with Sunrise: Age of Leo)-(Seated woman with Ox Goad: Queen)- Mem (water:of)- SBA ( Wine Pitcher: Wine/Sweetness)
Hence the name Queen of SBA, as S and Sh can be cofounded.
Note that this is a statue of her in a Sphinx statue with an alternate cartouche, and she is of Leonine form, which confirms the previous 'Age of Leo' transliteration.


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