Big Bang Energy out of Nothing, or a Compressed Rigid String

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Big Bang Energy out of Nothing, or a Compressed Rigid String

Unread postby leo vuyk » Mon Nov 05, 2018 7:25 am

Big Bang Energy out of Nothing, or a Compressed Rigid String Nucleus.
Quantum FFF ( Function Follows Form) theory is a Rigid String Theory which states, that all attraction forces are subjected to a dual repulsion process between the dark energy of the oscillating Axion Higgs string vacuum lattice and less repulsion force of graviton strings or monopole photon strings ( electric- magnetic) radiated by fermionic matter.
Black hole nuclei are assumed to be rigid stringy quantum knots highly compressed by the external attack of the oscillating vacuum particles, which mostly are added to the outside of the growing nucleus depending on the pressure difference between the vacuum and the internal black hole quantum knot.
As a consequence most black holes are growing by consuming vacuum strings and also by merging with other black holes of different sizes.
Black hole with equal sizes do not merge, but are supposed to pair up to a certain distance after which they recede from each other to become a Herbig Haro system with star formation in the middle .
The giant central black holes often present inside galaxies are also supposed to merge with other black holes to grow in size.
As the ultimate consequence, however, the universe will contract into a Big Crunch, (BC) by the growing black holes which constantly consume the vacuum lattice around us, which is also the origin of most of the long distance redshift, always interpretated as the accelerated expansion of the universe.
However the vacuum pressure at the BC nucleus will decrease in time and become in balance with the growing internal rigid string pressure between the rigid strings inside the BC nucleus, which is the moment of the start of the big bang into chunks of smaller black hole nuclei evaporating also gradually into a surrounding oscillating vacuum lattice. So, we seem to live inside one of the super symmetric “material” bubble universe created by the explosion of a black hole.
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