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Re: Ocean tides generate a magnetic field which affects ....

Unread postby seasmith » Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:02 pm

Maol wrote:..... Earth's magnetic field.

When salty ocean water flows through Earth's magnetic field, an electric current is generated, and this, in turn, induces a magnetic signal.

However, the field generated by tides is tiny and extremely difficult to measure – but Swarm has done just this in remarkable detail.

There is an interesting video in this which is an animation of the field strength variations over time.

Read more at: ... m.html#jCp

The fluctuation in Earth's overall magnetic field would have some effect on ionized matter entering Earth's field, slightly deflecting the path of ions as they enter the atmosphere, favoring some locations over others as the field fluctuations progress (as seen in the video in the link). This could affect the location of entry to the atmosphere of ionized O and H (ergo H2O) arriving with CMEs and the solar wind, therefor could affect terrestrial weather.

While the magnetic field is created largely by an ocean of superheated, swirling liquid iron in the planet's outer core, other factors, like magnetised rocks in the crust and the flow of the ocean, also affect the field.

Or is it the same causation generating both the magnetic field, and the "swirling liquid" ?
A charged mass generates its own magnetic field when it spins.

Good point about global reception being filtered, or enhanced by the field-modified atmospheres.
It's a constant interaction with the incoming radiations that ionized the atmospheres initially, but the thermionic radiation emitted by Earth probably plays a role in there somewhere as well.
Our satellites are just beginning to get a picture of just how dynamic of a system it all is.
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Re: Ocean tides generate a magnetic field which affects ....

Unread postby D_Archer » Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:20 am

What about a cosmic connection, there was a report about solar storms causing whale strandings, paper >
Original post GH forum:
The Earth's atmosphere and the Earth's magnetic field protects local life by shielding us against Solar particle flows, just like the sun's magnetic field deflects cosmic particle radiation. Generally, magnetic fields can affect terrestrial life such as migrating animals. Thus, terrestrial life is connected to astronomical interrelations between different magnetic fields, particle flows and radiation.

Whales’ magnetic sense may play an important role in orientation and migration, and strandings may thus be triggered by geomagnetic storms. This approach is supported by the following: (1) disruptions of the Earth's magnetic field by Solar storms can last about 1 day and lead to short-term magnetic latitude changes corresponding to shifts of up to 460 km; (2) many of these disruptions are of a similar magnitude to more permanent geomagnetic anomalies; (3) geomagnetic anomalies in the area north of the North Sea are 50–150 km in diameter; and (4) sperm whales swim about 100 km day−1, and may thus be unable to distinguish between these phenomena.

Link to article from news desk:


original post link:,1115942,1115942#msg-1115942
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Re: Ocean tides generate a magnetic field which affects ....

Unread postby seasmith » Sat Apr 21, 2018 8:44 pm


... .But with the Solar cycles, we had to track spins, since that was a magnetic effect. It already looks to me like Tides are a magnetic effect, so we will have to track spins. This is somewhat easier than it sounds, since we only have to give photons a plus/minus spin. We don't have to track spins in between. Basically, if Jupiter is on one side of the Sun and Saturn is on the other, one will be plus and the other will be minus. Direction matters. Photons moving left become antiphotons when they move right. You can then use the mechanics I spell out in my paper on Solar Cycles.

4) Since the Moon causes the primary tide, all other tides will have to be tracked relative to her. Her position sets the main line at each moment, or the line at 0 degrees.

5) The Solar tide—as carried by the Solar wind and its ions—is the secondary tide, and it will hit maxima at both 0 and 180, relative to the Moon. It will hit minima at 90 on both sides.

6) The big four planets also have to be tracked relative to the Moon, and they will hit maxima and minima in the same way. Planets on the far side of the Sun will continue to be part of the calculations, since they will add to the Solar charge, but their positions must be tracked from the position of the Sun at the time, since their charge must recycle through it.
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Re: Ocean tides generate a magnetic field which affects ....

Unread postby ja7tdo » Tue May 08, 2018 10:04 pm


I wrote some articles about Earth.
There is short text about magnetic field. ... tric-earth ... -electrons

Earth's magnetic field produced by electrons in near mantle from olivine.
The rotation, the magnetic field, the earthquake, the gravity etc. all relate to each other.
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Re: Ocean tides generate a magnetic field which affects ....

Unread postby Osmosis » Wed May 09, 2018 11:57 am

This magnetic effect can be observed by setting a total-field magnetometer near the water. Wave action will easily be seen.
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