Was Mars once a Moon?

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Was Mars once a Moon?

Unread postby bluedalek » Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:59 pm

Was Mars once a Moon?

or has it always been considered a planet?

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Re: Was Mars once a Moon?

Unread postby ja7tdo » Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:13 pm


I believe that Mars was once Jupiter's satellite.
Because Mars is still a new star and it is expanding now.
The surface of Mars has traces of inflation here and there.
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Re: Was Mars once a Moon?

Unread postby moses » Wed Mar 07, 2018 7:37 pm

Mars was a moon of Earth and one face of Mars always faced Earth's north pole.
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Re: Was Mars once a Moon?

Unread postby Younger Dryas » Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:03 pm

I've got him as a companion of Saturn 27,000 years ago.
No idea what he was up to previous to that, except possibly hanging out waiting to be picked up. Like us 15,000 years later.

Then a short lived companion to Jupiter some time in the mid to late 2nd Millennium B.C
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