vitrified forts

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Re: vitrified forts

Unread post by Grey Cloud » Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:19 pm

Grey Cloud wrote:I'm old enough to remember when this thread was about vitrified forts. :roll:
There again, I am quite old.
If I have the least bit of knowledge
I will follow the great Way alone
and fear nothing but being sidetracked.
The great Way is simple
but people delight in complexity.
Tao Te Ching, 53.

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Re: vitrified forts

Unread post by kevin » Wed Sep 24, 2008 3:05 am

Great links , as ever.
I love the name of this link, thank goodness I went fishing , instead of school.

The more I am reading of this procedure , the more connections in ever so many directions I am making.
This may well occur naturally, and may well have been common knowledge in the past, because we have not known of it, we will not recognise the clues left about it, even though they are there to see, what else don't we YET know.
Let's follow the yellow brick road (vitrified?) and go and see the wizard/ess


Re: vitrified forts

Unread post by lizzie » Wed Sep 24, 2008 7:22 am

Kevin said: This may well occur naturally, and may well have been common knowledge in the past, because we have not known of it, we will not recognise the clues left about it, even though they are there to see, what else don't we YET know.
It does occur in Nature; and only Nature’s resources are needed (the Sun, the Earth -- wood, stones, metals, lightning, etc.) :D The ancients knew all about scalar technology and white powder gold. I can’t help but wonder if all these “new discoveries” are really just different examples of the same scalar physics at work. :?

Quest for the Philosopher’s Stone
Two years ago, a unique mineral deposit was discovered near one of earth’s high-energy vortex sites in the Shasta Mountain matrix of northern California. Known as Etherium Gold, this natural mineral exhibits extraordinary properties that strengthen and stabilize the electromagnetic fields of the human body and has become the basis of research for scientists at Etherium Technology. Their findings may explain why the ancients used these sacred vortex sites for spiritual transformation and healing
Zero Point Technologies
He originated the term Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, ORMEs for short. The scientific research behind and explanations for what David Hudson discovered are complex. His patents cover ten transitional elements, including some of the more exotic such as ORME palladium, ORME iridium, ORME ruthenium and ORME osmium. ORMEs elements have been found to be present in most living cells.
David Hudson
Electrons are binary creatures. They spin on their axis, buzz all over the place — usually in well defined orbits when single — and are used as "feed stock" for natural transmutational processes — radio is one example. A radio tower is analogous to a flashing light bulb — flashing to (with) the beat of the music. Radio waves are a form of light (electro-magnetic energy) that we create from electrical power.

It is easy to view the electron's whole life style as one gigantic cosmic dance. The topic of superconductivity is very useful, if one cares to understand the nature of the dance floor, and the cosmic music, which makes these silver balls dance
Non-Metallic, Monoatomic Forms of Transitional Elements
This invention relates to the monoatomic forms of certain transition and noble metal elements, namely, gold, silver, copper, cobalt, nickel and the six platinum group elements. More particularly, this invention relates to the separation of the aforesaid transition and noble metal elements from naturally occurring materials in their orbitally rearranged monoatomic forms, and to the preparation of the aforesaid transition and noble metal elements in their orbitally rearranged monoatomic forms from their commercial metallic forms.

Sources for pure G-ORME
David Hudson, in the true tradition of alchemy left some steps out; enough information to get the patent, and indeed enough information for one to begin to proceed, but not enough for one to make something prematurely re: the final steps, charging etc., "high-spin".

Not unlike some ancient techniques of pranayam, causing the currents to cycle in an accelerated and more powerful way then natural breathing. A valid argument can be made that the term "high-spin" is not scientifically accurate. However by any term the difference in form and the function that always follows form, the effect is apparent to anyone taking the Ormes powder.

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Re: vitrified forts

Unread post by junglelord » Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:01 am

ORME's are cool. I agree with Dave Hudson, Electrons are indeed binary,and in fact are dual dipole entities of charged distributed geometry. The harmonic resonante dance of these dipole charged cloud geometries is locked into their geometry. That is the first clue that structure and function cannot be seperated. The geometry defines the dance. Spirograph and Zome are good examples of this in the real world, but representing the quantum and atomic. Superconducting states are the best example of this harmonic resonate dance.
If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.
— Nikola Tesla
Casting Out the Nines from PHI into Indigs reveals the Cosmic Harmonic Code.
— Junglelord.
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Re: vitrified forts

Unread post by lizzie » Wed Sep 24, 2008 4:56 pm

Junglelord said: ORME's are cool. That is the first clue that structure and function cannot be seperated.
I totally agree. They can only define the uniqueness of ORME in terms of its structure and function.


Re: vitrified forts

Unread post by lizzie » Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:54 pm

How could I have forgotten this? :D

The Round Towers of Ireland ... ashel.html
Callahan discusses research which indicates that the round towers may have been designed, constructed and utilized as huge resonant systems for collecting and storing meter-long wavelengths of magnetic and electromagnetic energy coming from the earth and skies. Based on fascinating studies of the forms of insect antenna and their capacity to resonate to micrometer-long electromagnetic waves, Professor Callahan suggests that the Irish round towers (and similarly shaped religious structures throughout the ancient world) were human-made antenna which collected subtle magnetic radiation from the sun and passed it on to monks meditating in the tower and plants growing around the tower's base. The round towers were able to function in this way because of their form and also because of their materials of construction. Of the sixty-five towers, twenty-five were built of limestone, thirteen of iron-rich, red sandstone, and the rest of basalt, clay slate or granite - all of these being minerals which have paramagnetic properties and can thus act as magnetic antenna and energy conductors. Callahan further states that the mysterious fact of various towers being filled with rubble for portions of their interiors was not random but rather may have been a method of "tuning" the tower antenna so that it more precisely resonated with various cosmic frequencies.

Equally intriguing, Callahan shows that the seemingly random geographical arrangement of the round towers throughout the Irish countryside actually mirrors the positions of the stars in the northern sky during the time of winter solstice. Archaeological excavations at the bases of the towers have revealed that many towers were erected upon the tops of much older graves and it is known that many of the tower sites were considered sacred places long before the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. These facts compel us to wonder if the ancient Irish, like the Egyptians, the Mayans and many other archaic cultures understood there to be an energetic resonance between specific terrestrial locations and different celestial bodies

I had long postulated that the towers were powerful amplifiers of radio resonance from the atmosphere generated by lightning flashes around the world.....The round towers proved to be powerful amplifiers in the alpha brain wave region, 2 to 24 Hz, in the electrical anesthesia region, 1000 to 3000 Hz, and the electronic induction heating region, 5000 Hz to 1000 KHz....It is fascinating that just above the surface of the ground to about 2 to 4 feet up there is a null of atmospheric frequencies that get stronger and stronger until at 9 to 15 feet above the surface they are extremely strong. The Irish monks were well aware of this for that is where they built their high doors. At every tower we measured there was a direct correlation between tower door height and the strongest waves.....That the highly amplified waves occur in the meditative and electrical anesthesia portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is of utmost significance. In 1963, G. Walter researched brain EEG waves from 0.5 to 3 Hz (Delta region) and found anti-infectious effects. There is an elegant but short list of research projects demonstrating the beneficial effects of low ELF wavelengths on sick people.


Re: vitrified forts

Unread post by lizzie » Thu Oct 02, 2008 6:57 pm

The Vril Power generator – Orgone Generator - Dorje
The Tibetan Shaman Vril Power Generator™ is an immensely powerful metaphysical tool hand crafted in the traditional way by Tibetan monks using specialist metals selected for their energy enhancement properties to produce a personal energy tool of unique physical and metaphysical effects

A major harmful influence is the electromagnetic fields (also referred to as EMF EMR ELF EMP) which constantly surround us. Aside from cosmic and telluric radiation we are constantly bombarded by artifical radiation from electrical appliances, emissions from our domestic electricity supply, cellphone towers, cellphones in our pockets and all manner of harmful frequencies.

The Tibetan Shaman Vril Power Generator™ acts as a shield against cosmic, telluric and artificial radiation of all kinds for example ELF (Extremely Low Frequency Radiation) and EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation) also referred to as EMR or EMP.

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Re: vitrified forts

Unread post by Bert Panik » Tue Feb 15, 2011 5:02 pm

Thanks to Thunderbolts, I found a very interesting link to vitrified forts. Checking the web, I came across a blog entry "Vitrified Forts - Has Jacques Vallee come up with a clue?". ... hp?p=99334 and contains an interesting quote, which must not be necessarily interpreted as proof of alien spaceships.
I'm reading Jacques Vallee's latest book 'Wonders in the Sky' (which is fantastic!) and he has found a report in Roman Literature which would have had an earlier source - from Hector Boece 'Historia Gentis Scotorum' (1527) which records...

"When the Roman Emperor Agricola was in Scotland (Caledonia), wondrous flames were seen in the skies over Caledon Wood, all one winter night. Everywhere the air burned, and on many nights, when the weather was serene, a ship was seen in the air moving fast."

"In Athol , shower of stones fell from the sky into one place, and a shower of paddocks (frogs) fell on one day from the sky. And high in the air, at night, there raged a burning fire, as if knights in armour and on foot or horse fought with great force."

It's a slim connection but at least it exists as something which could just possibly impact upon the phenomena of vitrified forts.
Of course, this is tell tale, but in the original text, ... c_djvu.txt the shown quotes and more can be found, althought it appears, that they were slightly twisted:
When the Roman Emperor Agricola was in Scotland (Caledonia), wondrous flames were seen in the skies over Caledon Wood, all one winter night.
Ane gret part of the wod of Calidon apperit birnand all nicht; howbeit na thing apperit thairof in the day.

Everywhere the air burned, and on many nights, when the weather was serene, a ship was seen in the air moving fast.
Mony birnand speris war sene fleand in the air. Ane flot of schippis was sene in the aire.

In Athol, shower of stones fell from the sky into one place, and a shower of paddocks (frogs) fell on one day from the sky.
Ane schoure of stanis was in Athole; sicHke, in Angus, ranit paddokis.

And high in the air, at night, there raged a burning fire, as if knights in armour and on foot or horse fought with great force.
In the nicht, apperit mony swerdis and wappinnis birnand in the air ; hot at last thay ran al togidder in ane gret bleis, and evanist out of sicht.

The waiter of Dune ran full of blude, and the brais of it schane all nicht, as it had bene full of ithand firis.

Mony small foulis fell out of the aire, in maner of ane schoure ; and incontinent come ane huge multitude of ravinnis, and devorit thaim all.
Could the described event have caused the vitrification?

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Re: vitrified forts

Unread post by GaryN » Wed Feb 16, 2011 1:40 pm

Hi Bert,
Those descriptions sound to me exactly as would be expected from
a plasma event, a proton storm, the vortices and electrical
instabilities, due to perhaps a weakened magnetic field, or
perhaps a close passing celestial object. The duration of the event
suggests more of magnetospheric weakness, but the falling stones
sound more like an approaching or passing object having fragmented.
I wouldn't like to place an exact cause on it, but I too doubt a
'ship' or aliens, as we know that bright plasmoids would be part of
the mixed bag of effects.
The fact that castles would mostly be built on the higher, rocky
and exposed locations, for defensive purposes, would make them
attractive to to any charged sheets, clouds or vortices looking to equalise.
The vitrification has also been seen on other structures globally,
and on natural outcrops. I think there probably have been many events of
many magnitudes throughout the ages, not just the larger catastrophic
events that the Thunderbolts site features.
In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. -Buckminster Fuller

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Re: vitrified forts

Unread post by kevin » Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:51 pm

I would recommend a visit to Matteu's ( electrobleme) site...everythingselectric, and his brilliant posts about malta, and the TRANSMUTATION that has caused the quartz veins there and lots lots more.
The so called Scottish forts will have been sited where previous henges were, and they are sited in geometric concentation areas where the opposite spin flows both inrush and emit from.
Thus if either spin flows overloads i consider transmutation will occur as the stones litterally change their crystaline structure under the tremendous local overload of one half of the duality of spin flows.
All is one, one substance that can and is all, just mixed into different geometries.


Re: vitrified forts

Unread post by lizzie » Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:40 pm

How could early/dark ages man turn rock to an almost glass like substance when it's agreed that the temperatures required to do so are those found in an atomic bomb.
Build a crystalline harmonic oscillator/magnifying transmitter (earth dome/orgone accumulator made with diamagnetic materials); then through the proper sound frequencies/harmonics, induce NMR and dissociate the nucleus and change sand to glass. The sound waves will alter (dissociate/rearrange) the geometric structure of "existing matter" to create "new matter." Mother Nature uses lightening.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
One of the most intriguing questions which plagued my early research on John E. Keely was how could Keely produce gravity effects and do various nuclear engineering feats using sound vibration. After several years of study on his amazing discoveries it finally sunk in. This paper discusses the theoretical aspects of my conclusions back then (late 5 0s). It seems appropriate now for those getting really interesting in anti-gravity, free energy, sonoluminesence, and cold fusion. You might ask "cold fusion" - well, they are using sound to enhance the production of energy in cold fusion experiments.

The wavelength of sound - Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) rattles the nucleus with microwaves, and lasers do it with light but these are all electromagnetic in nature and their wavelengths are on the order of nuclear particles.

So, how can sound shake the nucleus in other than as a mass aggregate mode (i.e., the entire block of material) as a sonic resonator? If one examines the wavelengths of sound in various substances one comes to the amazing conclusion that they can be on the order of the nuclear magnetic resonance wavelengths (NMR). NMR is based on the proton spin which produces a small magnetic moment. The thing which makes this so is the fact that the SPEED of sound is much slower that EM so a relatively low frequency (i.e., compared with microwaves or lightwaves) doesn't travel very far before it has gone through a complete cycle and that distance is on the order of the proton spin resonance frequency. Thus, it is easy to see that sound can also RESONATE with the atomic level in far as frequency is concerned.

Nucleus and sound; so now if you put these two little facts together and generate a sound wave which resonates with a particular nucleus then sound can theoretically rattle the nucleus. Generally, sound simply shakes all the nuclei so the whole mass shakes and we just have a whole lot of shakin goin on. However, if a standing wave is generated in the mass then we have a sound pressure built up in the mass and hence pressure on the nucleus (probably on the spin rate of the protons in the nucleus). Now this pressure squeezes all those little nuclei just ever so slightly and of course that changes the flow of aether into the nuclei that it is resonating with. So theoretically all the aether is also being stimulated with a standing wave in the vicinity of the mass being stimulated and voila, we have a standing wave in the aether around the mass. And that standing wave is now controlling the local aetheric field and its being done with sound.

Gravity control - The weight of a given mass, atom, or whatever is a function of the aether flowing into and out of the mass (more theory if your not a believer yet). If we change the local stress in the aether or we change the amount of aether fl owing into and out of the mass (i.e., the nuclei) then we can change the apparent weight of the mass. So theoretically, if we set up a standing wave in a given mass and by having its nuclei in resonance then super-gravity (heavier) or anti-gravity (l ighter) occurs. If the flow of aether is a function of the spin rate of the protons (and probably the neutrons since their almost identical) then changing the spin rate changes the aether flow rate into the nucleus.

Aetheralization - The conversion of mass back to pure aether is called aetheralization. Not disintegration as my father use claim when he argued with me when I knew it all back then as an 8 year old but aetheralization is what Keely did when he ge nerated aetheric vapor. Disintegration is simply the breaking up of the mass into smaller parts and the atomic structure is still intact. Back to theory - if we stop the flow of aether to a given nucleus what happens to it? Answer - it aetheralizes. It returns back to the great sea of energy from whence it came. Slowing down the proton and neutron spin enough will eventually disrupt the aetheric flow to the extent that the nuclear particles (they are really aetheric vortexes!) cannot be sustained.
The Dissociation of Water
"He (Keely) discovered that it is impossible to use the (A)ether in any way other that as a medium for other forces. These forces have to do with the polar stream of the earth and are tuned to by Keely's system of "sympathetic vibration" (i.e. by resonance of certain harmonic chords). In following a course of research in resonance phenomena, Keely achieved a very advanced understanding of the Universe"...

John Ernst Worrell Keely (September 3, 1827 - November 18, 1898) was a US inventor from Philadelphia who invented the "Keely Motor". In the timeline of invention, he developed an induction resonance motion motor which used "etheric technology". Keely was the discoverer of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics.

" is time that those interested in his schemes should make themselves acquainted with the fundamental laws and facts of accepted physics, and they will then find that what they consider mysteries of inscrutable power are in plain English nothing more nor less than interesting experiments in acoustics and mechanics."

— Russell Thayer, Lippincott magazine, 1887 - "Our Monthly Gossip", pages 602-603

All of Keely's system revolves around the introduction of a specific, pure, tightly controlled, complex waveform into a resonating cavity. That, believe it or not, is the be all and end all of Keely's technology.
Dual-Harmonic Oscillator for Quartz Crystal Resonator Sensors ... er=4300114
An oscillator circuit is proposed that simultaneously excites and tracks two harmonic resonances in a piezoelectric resonant sensor that, in particular, can be a quartz crystal resonator (QCR) sensor. By probing the resonator at two harmonic modes at the same time, enhanced sensing capabilities can be conveniently achieved because a larger set of parameters can be measured with a single sensor, thereby increasing the information content and accuracy. The principle and circuit architecture can be extended from QCRs to a larger class of piezoelectric microresonator sensors. The oscillator was tested with AT-cut crystals simultaneously operated at the fundamental and third harmonic, both in air and in contact with liquid. The results show an excellent agreement between the oscillator readings and reference measurements taken with an impedance analyzer.
Magnifying Transmitter ... ransmitter
The magnifying transmitter is an alternate version of a Tesla Coil. It is a high power harmonic oscillator that Nikola Tesla proposed for the wireless transmission of electrical energy. Tesla's apparatus is a high-voltage, air-core, multiple-resonant transformer that can generate very high voltages at high frequency. He originally termed it self-regenerative resonant transformer, a term that is no longer in general use.

On July 4, 1899, Tesla discovered terrestrial stationary waves within the earth. He demonstrated that the Earth behaves as a smooth polished conductor and possesses electrical vibrations. Tesla demonstrated that the Earth could respond at predescribed frequencies of electrical vibrations. Tesla conducted experiments contributing to the understanding of electromagnetic propagation and the Earth's resonance. He transmitted signals several kilometres and lit neon tubes conducting through the ground.

Tesla researched ways to transmit power and energy wirelessly over long distances (via transverse waves, to a lesser extent, and, more readily, longitudinal waves). He transmitted extremely low frequencies through the ground as well as between the earth's surface and the Kennelly-Heaviside layer. He received patents on wireless transceivers that developed standing waves by this method. In his experiments, he made mathematical calculations and computations based on his experiments and discovered that the resonant frequency of the Earth was approximately 8 Hertz (Hz). In the 1950s, researchers confirmed that the resonant frequency of the Earth's ionospheric cavity was in this range (later called the Schumann resonance).

The magnifying transmitter was the basis for Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower project. Although modern Tesla coils are designed to generate disruptive discharges, this system was designed for wireless communication and power transmission via longitudinal waves and telluric currents. In 1925, John B. Flowers advanced a proposal to test Tesla's system and to implement the system. H. L. Curtis, the chief of the Bureau of Standards Radio Laboratory in Washington D.C., and J. H. Dillinger, a physicist, reviewed the proposal but declined to implement the proposed plan. Flower's mechanical analogy test was successful, though.

Electromechanical oscillator

Tesla developed a reciprocating electromechanical oscillator as a source of frequency stable or isochronous alternating electric current used in conjunction with both wireless transmitting and receiving apparatus. This circuit element was applied in much the same manner as quartz timer crystals are now. He also proposed the use of this device for geophysical exploration - seismology—a technique that he called telegeodynamics.

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Re: vitrified forts

Unread post by Bert Panik » Fri Feb 18, 2011 2:34 pm

Hi GaryN,
I am glad, that I found someone who shares my assumtion, that the chronicle might describe a plasma event.

If you distinguish the effects of a proton storm and a close passing celestial object by their duration, then it was more likely the latter. The timeframe "all one winter night" appears only in the quote of the quote and I could not find it in the translation of Bellenden, although I spent some effort (but that does not prove anything;-).

Seemingly, there are also some vitrified forts in France and a very few in Germany. Is there anybody out there, who already performed the painstaking job to bookmark all vitrified forts in Google Earth and does it look like a track :?:

And, indeed, the altitude of the forts makes them perfect lightning rods, so to say. I agree that plasma events occur in a wide range of magnitudes, but I like the idea that the reported event left some traces. It was shurely centuries too late to have caused the well known fear of the Gauls, that the sky might fall onto their heads. But browsing through the other mostly quite esoteric explanations in this blog, and having Occam's razor on my mind, I prefer something simple.


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