Photosynthesis is a Quantum Process

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Photosynthesis is a Quantum Process

Unread postby junglelord » Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:31 pm

I was reading very interesting work about the quantum walk of photosynthesis. The 95% efficency seems like a phase conjugate system between light and the chlorsome. The way they describe electrons being in several places at once, is a time reveresed wave I believe.

From tunneling to entanglement, the special properties of the quantum realm allow events to unfold at speeds and efficiencies that would be unachievable with classical physics alone. Could quantum mechanisms be driving some of the most elegant and inexplicable processes of life? For years experts doubted it: Quantum phenomena typically reveal themselves only in lab settings, in vacuum chambers chilled to near absolute zero. Biological systems are warm and wet. Most researchers thought the thermal noise of life would drown out any quantum weirdness that might rear its head.

Yet new experiments keep finding quan­­tum processes at play in biological systems, says Christopher Altman, a researcher at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience in the Netherlands. With the advent of powerful new tools like femtosecond (10-15 second) lasers and nanoscale-precision positioning, life’s quantum dance is finally coming into view.

One of the most significant quantum observations in the life sciences comes from Fleming and his collaborators. Their study of photosynthesis in green sulfur bacteria, published in 2007 in Nature [subscription required], tracked the detailed chemical steps that allow plants to harness sunlight and use it to convert simple raw materials into the oxygen we breathe and the carbohydrates we eat. Specifically, the team examined the protein scaffold connecting the bacteria’s external solar collectors, called the chlorosome, to reaction centers deep inside the cells. Unlike electric power lines, which lose as much as 20 percent of energy in transmission, these bacteria transmit energy at a staggering efficiency rate of 95 percent or better.

The secret, Fleming and his colleagues found, is quantum physics.

To unearth the bacteria’s inner workings, the researchers zapped the connective proteins with multiple ultrafast laser pulses. Over a span of femto­seconds, they followed the light energy through the scaffolding to the cellular reaction centers where energy conversion takes place.

Then came the revelation: Instead of haphazardly moving from one connective channel to the next, as might be seen in classical physics, energy traveled in several directions at the same time. The researchers theorized that only when the energy had reached the end of the series of connections could an efficient pathway retroactively be found. At that point, the quantum process collapsed, and the electrons’ energy followed that single, most effective path.

Electrons moving through a leaf or a green sulfur bacterial bloom are effectively performing a quantum “random walk”—a sort of primitive quantum computation—to seek out the optimum transmission route for the solar energy they carry. “We have shown that this quantum random-walk stuff really exists,” Fleming says. “Have we absolutely demonstrated that it improves the efficiency? Not yet. But that’s our conjecture. And a lot of people agree with it.” ... r-thoughts
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Re: Photosynthesis is a Quantum Process

Unread postby jacmac » Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:26 pm

This description of the " quantum walk of photosynthesis" reminds me of lightning that sends out little feelers that seem to be looking for just the right path for the main event. Both involve light and electrons. Sort of big plasma and little plasma? Thanks for the post.
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Re: Photosynthesis is a Quantum Process

Unread postby danwinter » Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:05 am

evidence my equation

showing that

photosynthesis frequencies
are by equation precisely
phase conjugate to planck dimension

evidencing a negentropic phase conjugate model of photosynthesis?

ref ... thesis.gif

427 nm
691 nm

are precisely planck time x golden ratio ^ 136 , 137 power
this cannot be a coincidence

note the wave equations proving golden ratio optimizes phase conjugation:
discussion ... tropy.html

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