Free will

What is a human being? What is life? Can science give us reliable answers to such questions? The electricity of life. The meaning of human consciousness. Are we alone? Are the traditional contests between science and religion still relevant? Does the word "spirit" still hold meaning today?

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Re: Free will

Unread postby Sovereign Slave » Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:52 pm

No offense taken, quite the contrary. My moniker was chosen with intent, though your post has lent educated detail to the concept, the gist of which is that we are indeed both sovereign and slave. Global trends seem to be going toward enslavement of body and mind. Sovereignty, in spirit at least, I think requires a certain degree of transcendence of circumstances, labels, identity, etc, all of which can enslave our consciousness if we let them.
Sovereign Slave
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Re: Free will

Unread postby jtb » Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:01 am

Sovereign, I agree. We are born free and sovereign, but unknowingly or voluntarily become slaves to reap the benefits of slavery: unemployment and health insurance, welfare, pension, SS, the list goes on. I have a copy of a letter from NYS Senator DeAmato stating that we can not legally open a bank account or work for a corporation without a SSN. It's easy to be a slave; very difficult to remain sovereign.
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